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Plants pick the right ingredients in exactly the right amounts from the soil and places them in equal amount in all the fruits and vegetation. God creates them so skilled; no factory could outsmart them. No human could match the skills or precision of plants. God allows them to recognize every mineral, vitamin, and protein and choose these all in correct amounts.
Those who deny God will see scenes in Hell that will show what coincidences would really look like, what those claims would really lead to.
The Mahdi system brings life. Desiring Islamic Union brings momentum. When Muslims forget about them, they become lethargic and uncaring.
Many people lose their faith because of Darwinism. This is what the Islamic scholars should focus on; they should talk about true faith in God.
As Muslims are martyred en masse, some Muslims focus on trivial subjects. They discuss if eating pilaf is a Sunnah or using deodorants is lawful. But we will continue our intellectual efforts against the British deep state, hypocrites, Darwinism and atheism, and do it only for God’s pleasure.
Muslims and Christians should ally to defeat atheism intellectually. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi also emphasized the importance of this alliance.
Attempts to cover up the Mahdi movement is lulling Muslims into a kind of sleep. They become lethargic and indifferent.
The clash of civilizations is the British deep state’s invention. Depicting the crescent and the cross to be opposed to each other would be falling into that trap.
A Muslim cannot be averse to Christians. On the contrary, Muslims should ally with pious Christians. An anti-Christian attitude is wrong. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi also said that pious Christians and Muslims should ally. Christian and Muslim clashes should be avoided at all costs.
Islamic Union, the appearance of the Mahdi and the Jesus Messiah will be the real springtime for Muslims.
Some circles ask for a confrontation between Muslims and Christians. Everyone should avoid language that could set the stage for it.
The disaster today in Idlib and the situation in Syria is largely due to the Obama administration’s policies directed by the British deep state.
Despite all the pain and affliction on Muslims, the Islamic world is still unaware. Some wrongly say everything is fine; that the dajjal has not appeared yet.
If Muslims live by Islam according to the Holy Qur’an, all the troubles upon them will come to an end.
May God bless our martyrs. Glad tidings to them and to their parents. May God grant delightful perseverance to their families.

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Some Muslims are indifferent to seditions such as Darwinism, hypocrites or the British deep state. They selfishly worry about their own future. Some attain many worldly gains since they never dwell on topics that are the main causes of pressure on Muslims. They never bring the way of the Mahdi, Islamic Union or the British deep state on the agenda in order to not do any harm to their interests.
Some people don't have any love in their hearts. As a result, they live in a sea of hatred and jealousy, which only hurts them. Islamic morality removes jealousy and hatred. Those distant to religion are jealous of God’s blessings to believers, but that brings them only pain.
We don't want bloodshed in any part of the world. We are against all kinds of tyranny, oppression and violence.
It’s wrong to make money out of teaching religion. People shouldn't be paid for communicating Islam.
Islamic Union will be established and the morality of Islam will reign globally. This is how peace and brotherhood will spread throughout the world.
The British deep state has a sort of secret hold over the USA and its effect is visible on many US institutes.
We pray to God that the Prophet Jesus and Mahdi make their advent soon.
The real revolution will happen when the dajjal’s system ends intellectually and the beauty of Islamic morals spreads around the world by means of Mahdi.
We, the Turks, respect peaceful, democratic communists, but will not accept those that resort to violence.
Wherever we look, there is golden ratio, flawless color coordination and a dazzling order in nature. God’s artistry is glorious. Masha’Allah.
Every attack makes our people stronger, and further solidifies their solidarity and zeal.

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May God make me and all our brothers the students of the Mahdi and Jesus Messiah. May He make us see the global reign of the Islamic moral values.
My books are the only works that scientifically explain the invalidity of Darwinism. The movement of the dajjal cannot come close to those places where these books are present.
God is the One Who has all the power. God is the One Who will make the Mahdi instrumental for the global reign of the moral values of Islam.
In the beginning, we stood against the presidential system since it could give way to separatism. But we said that we would support a party affiliated presidential system that will not allow disintegration.
Mr. Bahçeli is a patriotic, rational person who is not after any rank or position and who loves his nation expecting nothing in return.

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By the leave of God, we will act in unity and solidarity and we will together defeat the dajjal with science and knowledge.
Mr. Bahçeli is a very esteemed person raised by Chieftain Türkeş. His statements are very wise and to the point.
Some sycophants of the British deep state are acting as spies in Turkey as well. Our government should be very cautious about them.
Hypocrites are the ones that devastated the Islamic world. British deep state uses the hypocrites; they fool sycophantic, ignoble people and make them serve their goals.
Irreligion is quite widespread in Europe, yet had they known the real Islam they would have been very much impressed. Because of the false, traditional narrations of Islam, they keep away from religion.
We are a one big family. This nation, this country, this state belongs to us. We won’t let anyone talk ill about our President. The British deep state should very well know that we won't give in to their evil plots. President Erdoğan is an honest, brave man. They are trying to intimidate him in vain. We would never leave our President alone.
The Existence of God means Heaven. God’s Existence cheers us up and means endless life; that is one of the most pleasing blessings.
There is no need for comprehensive explanations to prove the invalidity of Darwinism. A single example is enough to show the irrationality of the theory of evolution.
Darwinism is a hollow claim of those who do not want to be servants of God, who take it hard and try to explain everything with coincidences.

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A Muslim has common cause only with our Prophet (pbuh); not with communists who are hostile to Turkey and the Turkish nation.
For Muslims, it is our Prophet (pbuh) who sets an example for Muslims; not Che Guevara, Deniz Gezmiş or others.
In every community, there exists evil people but those who are good are always friends and brothers. According to the Qur’an, it’s not acceptable to curse the entire Jewish-Christian community.
We communicate the message of Islam and prevent the Darwinist philosophy from suffocating people in a world where many Muslims can’t preach Islam. Our anti-Darwinist works are instrumental in raising a faithful generation. Some bigoted circles don’t grasp the kind of scourge we prevent.
With his lifestyle and tone, President Erdoğan is a modern and enlightened person.
There are many signs showing that the British deep state has gone into action. God will foil all the plots they hatch against believers and Turkey.

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Those who try to promote the idea that there won't be any freedom in Turkey do so in vain. Turkey is a modern and free country, and it’ll remain so.
It is not right to advise 'not to remember God' at times when we have fun and enjoy ourselves. A religious person remembers God and speaks about God wherever he is or whatever he does.
They are trying to set up the government by giving the impression that people will not be free in Turkey.
Some people are trying to make the government look like it is against the freedom of people. They are working in vain.
Hatred has become the dominant culture in many countries of the world. We’ll replace hatred with love.

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It is God Who creates everything. We need to consider every issue by putting trust in God.
Women become beautiful when they groom themselves. Being hostile towards well-groomed women or considering them as a peril is a primitive and wrong outlook.
Mr. Erdoğan' meeting with cosmetologists shows his modern stance.
Turkey is a democratic country and this is not Turkey's first referendum. Under all circumstances, the outcome will be auspicious.
The subject of hypocrisy is very important for the Islamic world. We'll always dwell on this subject.

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Iran is our friend. We should avoid a language that can offend our centuries-old friend. We should have a kind, loving approach.
Radicals believe that violence is the best answer. They turn life into a living hell. Islam in the Quran will make the world a heaven-like place.
Radicals don't follow the Qur'an. Instead, they create dozens of new prohibitions, yet they don't follow those either and make life a living hell for themselves.
We should beware of plots to create a rift between Iran and Turkey. Iran is a very good Muslim country. It is wrong to accuse Iran of racism.
Radicals follow a false religion passed down from their ancestors and try to find it in the Qur'an. They can’t accept the fact that their false religion does not exist in the Qur'an.
God says that He explained everything in the Qur'an. Those who reject the Qur'an as a sufficient guide are defying God’s words. "We have sent the Book down to you to explain everything, and for guidance and mercy, and as good news for Muslims." Qur’an, 16: 89
The British deep state has troubled Turkey since Sultan Abdulhamid II’s era. Abdulhamid II was also a victim of the British deep state.
Trying to break up Turkey amounts to preventing the Islamic Union, which is impossible. We will never allow that.
Mr. Erdoğan drew attention to the British deep state by saying that there exist "Lawrences with cloaks." We congratulate his sincere stance. By saying, "I'm neither Sunni, nor Shia", President Erdoğan dealt a big blow to the British deep state's plot to destroy the Islamic world.
The Kurds are gorgeous people. We have been brothers with Kurds since the time of Prophet Adam (pbuh). No one can drive a wedge between the Kurds and us.

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The proponents of the traditionalist, orthodox system preach something they don't also practice. The life they describe is impossible.
According to the Qur'an, there can be no compulsion in religion. One cannot force anyone to be a Muslim, but he can only advise. Pressuring people would only produce hypocrites.
Iran and Turkey are friends. We want to have more friends from Iran to come to Turkey. Mutual visits should increase.
Radicals are so predisposed to hate the arts, music and happiness that they cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that Islam champions these blessings. Radical men believe that they deserve freedom and having fun, but cannot accept that women have the same rights as well.
The British deep state created both fascism and communism and then turned the whole world into a bloodbath by making the two sides fight.
The British deep state is behind Turkey's failed coup attempt of July 15. While trying to show a nice face to Turkey, they planned a coup behind closed doors.
Due to the radical mindset, people wrongly believe that if they become religious Muslims, they will have to give up on the joys of life. On the contrary when Muslims abide by the true Islam described in the Qur'an, they will find true happiness and will not have to give up on things that they love.
If a model of high-quality, refined, modern Muslims prevailed in Turkey, the whole world would love Turkey.
The blind hatred of Jews is diametrically opposed to the Qur'an. God would never curse an entire people.
Denying the sufficiency of Qur'an and adding fabricated hadiths and superstition to religion is one of the biggest mistakes ever made. God said in the Qur'an that the Qur'an is sufficient as a guide.
If people live Islam as explained in the Qur'an, the world will be a heaven-like place. The radical mentality is totally against the Qur'an. If radicals continue to impose their mentality, God forbid, people will be completely driven away from Islam. The only solution for this is the true Islam in the Qur'an.

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Back in his time, they did not take good care of the late Ataturk. They didn’t take care of his health. We wouldn’t have let that happen, if we were around at the time.
The unrest that appeared in Syria was foretold extensively in the hadiths as well. This unrest will go on until the appearance of the Mahdi.
The events that will take place in regions such as Damascus, Egypt and Iraq are explained extensively in the Torah. Deep powers act according to these narrations.
God damns persecutors. He would not damn an entire society without separating the inoffensive ones from the persecutors. Such damnation only exists in the pagan way of thinking.
Dabbat al-Ard is the promise of God at a time when faith will collapse altogether; that promise is in fact is the Internet technology that will help the Mahdi when he appears.
We love all innocent Christians and Jews. According to the Qur’an they are the People of the Book and are under the protection of Muslims.
When we study the hadith concerning Dabbat al-Ard, we see that they refer to the Internet and television technology of today.
Gog and Magog are the two big terrorist and anarchist powers that will appear after the time of Jesus the Messiah and the Mahdi.
Churchill, who destroyed the Ottomans and drew the map of the Middle East on paper, is not someone to be praised from the viewpoint of our nation.
The policy of the British deep state is founded on racism. The financial backers of the British deep state were the ones that nourished and fostered Hitler.
Churchill was a racist and a fascist. He regarded Turks, Kurds, black people, Arabs and Indians as inferior races that should be annihilated.
Churchill regarded the Anglo-Saxon race superior and other races as lower than animals. He caused tens of thousands of people’s deaths with artificial famine.
The British deep state is the founder of both fascism and communism. Consequently it is the British deep state that founded and nourished Nazism.

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The British deep state launched a full-fledged attack. Despite everything, our government is still strong; this is an important achievement.
Anti-Semitism is immoral behavior. It is a satanic approach. Being hostile to a community, be it Jews, Armenians etc, is a sin; it is a behavior that God would never approve of.
The dajjal [antichrist], the head of the British deep state, is targeting our President. Of course we will defend him using all legal means.
The dajjal [antichrist] is the head of the British deep state.
The belief of the Mahdi definitely exists on the subconscious level in every people.
Once a flower is picked in Paradise, it is immediately created again on its branch.
There's no rajm [stoning] punishment in the Qur'an. They present it as if it exists in order to spread Islamophobia, especially in Europe.

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The love between children and their pets is incredible; a very nice form of love that profoundly affects the souls.
If Turkey becomes very modern, where arts excel and women are free, the whole world will be friendlier towards Turkey.
Darwinist superstitions, coming to our day from the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, is threatening the future of the youth.
Our Prophet (pbuh) left his cardigan to the Mahdi (pbuh) as a beautiful gift. We will see the days when the Mahdi (pbuh) will wear it.
Patient, persistent and respectful intellectual efforts of believers against the dajjal [antichrist] movement is an important part of their tests.
It is only natural that there is opposition to sincere believers. It would be strange for believers if there were no hypocrites or dajjal [antichrist].
The world promised by the misogynists is like hell. However, the world becomes a place like heaven when the Qur'an is followed.
Today is the 57th anniversary of Said Nursi’s demise: May God shower him with His blessings. May God allow us to be brothers with Said Nursi forever in heaven insha’ Allah.

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The Mahdi will come to teach love and compassion. He will devote himself to God and seek God’s approval in everything he does.
The Qur'an's 75th verse of Surat an-Nisa signals that Muslims will go through very difficult times and that they should pray for the Mahdi during those days.
The Holy Qur'an tells us that the belief in the Mahdi (Moshiach) is in the Torah. When we look at the Torah as the Qur'an tells us to, we find the Mahdi system within the Torah.
The fact that the Mahdi faith also exists in the Torah and Psalms is proof that it is a belief in all divine religions and is a fact.
Turkey has a beautiful destiny. The destiny of every believer is beautiful. Destiny is one of the greatest arts of God.
Binali Yıldırım is a very kind and very decent person. His affectionate attitude towards Alawite brothers and sisters is very commendable.
There are religion experts who try to portray Muslims as a sort of threat. With their self-righteous attitude, they look down on Muslims. Some scholars of religion make money out of preaching religion and instead of helping people gain faith, they work to trouble Muslims. Such religion experts never say anything against Darwinism and materialism, but constantly try to trouble Muslims instead.
Some people display a greedy attitude when shown kindness. This attitude is both rude and wasteful. Wasting is unlawful.
We condemn the terror attack in London and extend our condolences to the British people. Terror and violence are products of the Darwinist, materialist ideology. We condemn all forms of terrorism.

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The kind of lifestyle depicted by the bigoted system is horrible; this lifestyle doesn't have anything to do with the Islam based on the Qur'an.
Beneath Europe’s stand against Islam lays the loveless, artless, intolerant and tactless mindset of bigotry.
It is a miracle that some fail to see the artistry of God after having a look at flowers, orchids, etc.
The fact that those criticizing the government voice their ideas freely demonstrates the strength of democracy in Turkey. There is no need to be disturbed by that.
Those who inflict violence on animals should certainly be divulged. Anyone cruel enough to inflict violence to animals would be very dangerous for our society.
Having a conscious mind is a miracle on its own. Seeing is a miracle and having a conscious mind to perceive that image is another miracle.
There are beautiful commands of God in the Gospel and the Torah. The Qur’an refers to the Gospels as ‘a source of light and guidance.’
May God make it possible for us to wage an intellectual struggle against the antichrist with our Christian brothers. Bediuzzaman says that the alliance between Muslims and Christians is very important. It is our wish to realize this as soon as possible.
Jesus the Messiah and the Mahdi will establish the Muslim-Christian brotherhood. We believe that both of them are on earth right now.
May God make Muslims, Jews and Christians brothers and make them all sincerely pious people who love Him very deeply.
When I was a child, it was a longing in me to find rational, reasonable, concise books based on the Qur’an. I have realized this longing, by the leave of God.
Since the narrations in my works are sincere, rational and scientific, they have a very positive impact on people, by the leave of God.
Everything will be much better in time; we believe that Jesus the Messiah is on earth and we will see him very soon.
Christians’ belief in God and their love for God are very important and are a beauty.
Some with bigoted mindsets regard being a Christian or a Jew as an offense and a transgression, but we will change this mistake of theirs with science by telling them the truth of it.
The existence of devout and religious Christians would make us happy.
The salvation of the Italian, French and the world’s youth and their becoming real Christians would make us happy.

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Muslims, Christians and Jews all agree that the Mahdi and Prophet Jesus will appear in this century.
Most Turkish people are also descendants of past immigrants. It’s an honor that Syrians trusted our compassion and came here. We’d be proud to make our Syrian guests Turkish citizens.
It would be great to make our Syrian guests Turkish citizens. It is heartless to be cold to three million people that had to run for their lives.
The Mahdi will end the wars and the bloodshed. All the weapons will be removed and not a single drop of blood will be shed in his time.
The sweetness and innocence of children is a special blessing that God creates for us to love them.
The fact that humane and compassionate ones - that is to say the moral values of Islam- will rule the world is foretold in the Gospels as well.
Mr. Erbakan raised Mr. Erdoğan as a very resolute and zealous person. The late Mr. Erbakan was also very determined.
The 31st verse of Surat an-Nur is about the freedom granted to women.
Some Muslims don't even mention the persecution carried out by the system of dajjal [antichrist]. They simply ignore cruelty in order to not have to mention the Mahdi.
The Mahdi movement is love, friendship, brotherhood and high-quality. It’s the manifestation of all beauties. No one can stop it.

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The hadiths that are not compliant with the Qur’an do not bespeak neither to that period nor to our time. They are merely fabricated, made-up, superstitious explanations.
God does not define any prophet other than Jesus the Messiah as the ‘Sign of the Hour’. That is one of the proofs of Jesus the Messiah’s second coming.
Muslims will be seeing the manifestation of God Himself in Heaven. That is the most beautiful blessing in Heaven.
The bigoted understanding makes life miserable. The life that bigoted understanding espouses has nothing to do with Islam. With that understanding they cause many people to stand against Islam.
The religion that claims women should be beaten, that art should be forbidden and that joy is unlawful is not the true Islam of the Qur’an.
If Turkey attains modernity, if women’s freedom, paintings, statutes, music, culture, high quality and classiness become the main stand of Turkey, no one could ever bring harm to us.
One needs to concentrate on faith most of all. A faithful country would not collapse. Sincere faith would keep that country standing strong.
The blessings God bestows on us, the artistry of God are very comprehensive. One needs to examine them and think on them one by one.
It is an amazing artistry that plants' roots, that have no eyes, no feet or hands, know what to take from the soil and form the harmony of colors seen on flowers with symmetry. Trees can produce many vitamins that cannot be attained synthetically and in a way that won’t be harmful to humans. The artistry of God is amazingly beautiful.
Every flower knows the amount of iron and zinc it needs to take from the muddy soil and the amount it will use. It knows what is needed for every color. This is a miracle of God.
It is important to contemplate the proofs of the existence of God one by one in detail. One needs to think about one topic at a time instead of being overwhelmed by hundreds of different topics.
The fact that the blessings and facts leading to faith are widely explored in the Qur’an show that contemplation is the real topic one should concentrate on.
We congratulate the blessed ranks of our martyrs who lost their lives serving our country. May God accept their martyrdom.

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Our Syrian guests are more than welcome here. They are the blessed muhajirun [emigrants], and they honor us by allowing us to be their ansar [helpers].
The Torah gives us extensive details about the Mahdi. God promised the Mahdi, a descendant of Jacob, the reign of Islamic moral values in the world.
We will see both the Mahdi (pbuh) and Prophet Jesus (pbuh) insha’ Allah. The people of the world are waiting for these two holy people.
Our Syrian guests are innocent people that need our help. Statements that target them would be nothing but cruelty.
There is no such thing as chance. God creates everything. Things happen only because they are in destiny.
Without love, there would be no point to anything. Flesh and bone wouldn’t have any effect on another soul. Beauty gains meaning with love.
I never compromised my principles. When I see a mistake, I openly criticize it. When I see that something is right, I support it.
When something happens, it is not humans; God does it. No one can help or harm another unless God wills it. Power belongs solely to God.
Our intellectual efforts provided an indestructible ideological basis for the right-wing government in Turkey.
All decisions belong to God. No one can do anything unless God wills it.
12,000 Turkish soldiers lost their legs at Gallipoli, because of those poisonous nails that British deep state threw on the ground.
The British deep state carried out a huge massacre in Gallipoli and they still refuse to take responsibility for what they did.
Female beauty has the strongest effect on the human soul. Despite this, ladies have always been undervalued. Ladies are an amazing gift.

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They want to follow the superstitious system of their ancestors, rather than God’s religion. This attitude brings disasters to Muslims.
God didn't leave anything out of the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an is clear and sufficient. "We have not omitted anything from the Book — then they will be gathered to their Lord." (Qur’an, 6:38)
The real source of the pain in the Islamic world is some Muslims’ rejection of the Qur'an as the sole and sufficient guide. The Islamic world is struggling with endless disasters because they’re trying to change God’s religion and find faults in it (May God forbid).
Every radical has his own set of rules with regards to Islam religion. We don't trust those people. We trust the words of God, that is, the Qur'an. These radicals make up their own rules that are against the Qur'an and drive millions of people away from Islam. They’re responsible for this.
May God honor me and my brothers and sisters to see and be students to the Mahdi and Prophet Jesus (pbuh).
It is impossible for people who don't trust or respect each other to truly love each other. When people don't love or fear God, they can’t trust or love each other. As a result, they constantly spy on each other. Without faith, they have no trust or love for each other. They think that they love each other, when the only thing they do is fight and accuse each other. Love and passion are only for believers.
The 31st verse of Surah an-Nur is about how God gives the utmost freedom to ladies in Islam.
Some people, because they don't really know about love or deep faith, lose touch with their humanity over time.
God gives the utmost liberty to women in the Qur'an. According to Qur'an, if she believes there is risk of harassment, she can choose to wear a hijab. Adultery is a sin, but being in the presence of women is not. Men can be in the same environment with women and they should show utmost respect to women.
Misogynists who seek to keep ladies from wearing modern clothes are oppressive not only towards them, but towards children as well.
Omer Halis Demir is a lion; a perfect example of a person with great love for God and fear of God.
A document in the British archives (no# CAB/23-35, 11 Jan. 1920) shows that there was a plan of the British deep state to make Istanbul a separate country.
Anti-Turkish and anti-Islamic sentiment grew in Europe because most Muslims choose to follow superstition and bigotry. The true Islam in the Qur'an will solve this once and for all.
There is a plan to push Muslims into radicalism, and then use radicalism as an excuse to kill Muslims and Christians in a horrific war. The only way to foil this plot is being very modern, enlightened and being friends with Christians.
As Muslims, let's not accept hostility between Christians and Muslims. Let’s keep saying Muslims and Christians are brothers and sisters.
The clash of civilizations is a British deep state project. People should beware of plots designed to help this project that is designed to make Muslims and Christians fight against each other.

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I always give priority to women. Women are very precious for me.
Prophet Solomon used perfection in architecture and arts while preaching the Message of God.
There is the utmost freedom, joy, vivacity and high-quality in Islam. Islam means festive, a life enjoying justice, wealth and safety everywhere.
There is no such punishment as ‘rajm' [stoning to death] in the Qur’an. That is the custom of idolaters and it has no place in Islam.
God commands how to take ablution with one verse in the Qur’an and it is very easy. The bigots on the other hand, come up with 600 pages of made-up rules about ablution that differs in each school of Islam. Looking at these made up rules, some people say that they won’t be able to take ablution and perform prayers. The understanding of religion that is outside the Qur’an causes people to remain distant to Islam.
Every aspect of the understanding of religion outside the Qur’an is horrible; laughing, dancing, painting, statues, music, women’s going out, children wearing shorts are all forbidden in their twisted minds. In some Islamic scholars perverse understanding, the penalty for shaving one’s beard or not performing daily prayers is death. None of those have any place in the Qur’an. The religion that they promote that has no place in the Qur’an and it turns this world into a living hell.
Regarding women as worthy of nothing more than a horrible life is a custom of the idolaters. They should not try to infiltrate that pagan belief into Islam.
In their perverse minds, some Muslims scholars look down on women and teach others how women should be beaten. There is no such license to beat women in the Qur’an. Women are held in high esteem in Islam.

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God does not tell Muslims to be hostile to Christians and Jews. On the contrary, God advises us to socialize and have good relations with them.
God explains in the Holy Qur’an that there are sincere believers among Jews and Christians.
Destiny is the infinitely long amount of time being created within an infinitely short amount of time.
If people resist the nature God has created for them, they will get erratic. Without love and fear for God, their bodies lose balance quickly.
The fact that the Mahdi is also in Israeli sources is proof that it is a truth from God. It has been in all religions since Prophet Adam.
The Mahdi movement exists in all books sent to the prophets. This is proof that the Mahdi system is a fact.
The Mahdi idea can be found in all ancient and divine religions. The Mahdi movement exists in all Books sent by God.
Overwhelming evidence proves the destructive practices of the British deep state. The Parliament can have a secret session to discuss it.
It is only natural that there are similarities between the People of the Book and Muslims; they are all divine religions. The Mahdi movement can be found in all divine religions.

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God explains the extensive freedom of ladies in the 31st verse of Surah an-Nur.
Some people thought Muslim ladies couldn't be beautiful or modern. We showed that Muslim ladies can be beautiful, smart, elegant and passionate.
They drove millions away from Islam by claiming that a person cannot be modern and religious at the same time. We foiled that plot.
Many people thought that there was no place in Islam for art, music, happiness, elegance and freedom for ladies. We proved them wrong.
For the first time in 150 years, an intellectual campaign has started against the British deep state. God allowed us to lead the effort.
These people are oddly trying to hide the hadiths about the End Times. Despite their efforts, the entire Turkish nation now knows about these signs.
The best response to the plots hatched against Turkey is promoting Islamic Unity. Russia, Iran, Israel and other Islamic countries must unite with love.
With a worldwide web of espionage, the British deep state orchestrates hypocrites and pursues the policy of pitting Muslims against one another.
Some Muslims waste their time by engaging in demagogy while ignoring some fundamental issues such as the unity of the Islamic world.
In his last speech, Mr.Bahceli made an in-depth analysis of the British deep state. He's a person who reflects the Ottoman spirit very well.

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God commands Muslims in the Holy Qur'an to pray for a spiritual leader at difficult times. Asking for the Mahdi is advised in the Holy Qur'an.
I said many times before. I don’t claim to be the Mahdi. I don't speak Arabic and I will never claim to be Mahdi.
God explained in the Qur'an that the Qur'an is sufficient. Those who prefer superstitions in truth don't trust God’s words (God is above such thoughts).
Many Islamic countries want the reign of superstitions to continue and that’s why they say ‘the Qur'an is insufficient’. The Qur'an is above such remarks.
The reason behind the suffering of the Islamic world is their refusal to regard Qur'an as sufficient. God says ‘The Qur'an is sufficient’ as a guide.
According to the Qur'an, the sole complaint of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) about Muslims is their abandoning the Qur'an (Qur'an, 25:30).
God explained that He will make the Mahdi the spiritual leader for Muslims. The reason for the Islamic world’s ordeal is their refusal to accept this.
It’s not about Holland only; the British deep state hides itself and uses various countries as a front. Turkey should be calm and act wisely.
Some Muslims are just beginning to realize that we are facing the dajjal [antichrist] system. The only solution is the Islamic Union.
The British deep state, in its bid to fuel Islamopobia, supports radicalism and urges Muslims to choose superstitions over the Qur'an.
God says that He took the promises of all prophets and human beings before He created the universe. This is the realm of souls.
Making sure Muslims follow superstitions and distance themselves from the Qur’an is the safest way for the British deep state to ruin the religion of Islam.
The British deep state is definitely against the Islam based on the Qur'an because it makes Muslims united and powerful.
Once an Islamic understanding that isn’t based on the Qur’an is adopted, superstitious radical movements backed by the British deep state appear.
The current dominant power in Europe is the British deep state. Many incidents occur under the influence of the British deep state.
God orders us to follow the Qur'an. Some people see it as perversion. The real perversion is to follow sources other than the Qur'an.
In the Qur'an, God relates that we'll be accountable by acting according to the Qur'an. Yet if we abide by sources other than Qur'an, superstitions arise.

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Against the fierce attacks of the movement of the dajjal [antichrist], Turkey needs to have the whole Islamic world at its side.
We will witness great incidents taking place in the coming days but no matter what they do, they can’t stop the global dominion of the moral values of Islam.
The Turkish nation is very compassionate. There are countless examples of their compassion.
It is the British deep state that manipulates the US as well. The US should call it as it is and take the necessary precautions accordingly.
Turkey and Russia are brothers and will always remain as brothers. Russians are very decent people.
Our Prophet (pbuh) foretold that the dajjal [antichrist] will appear when he is annoyed, meaning when he is revealed.
Victory of Kut al-Amara is a historical blow to the British deep state. The British deep state will suffer the same defeat in this century as well.
The British deep state is very snobbish and conceited. They believe in their racial superiority. They can do any kind of atrocity. Turkey needs to be very cautious.
Turkey is facing an attack of the movement of the dajjal. Turkey needs to act together with all the Islamic world, not alone.
It is neither Germany nor Holland that attacks Turkey; the real power behind them is the British deep state. We need to see the scale of the power we are up against and take rational precautions accordingly. First of all we need to be calm and appease the current problem. Later on we can take all the necessary, diplomatic, commercial, political measures.
The British deep state is a 300 year-old structure and it is the power ruling the world behind the scenes.
Turkey’s intellectual struggle against the movement of the dajjal [antichrist] can be effective with the union of Islamic countries. Right now Turkey needs to act wisely and moderately.
The attacks towards Turkey seem to be very fierce right now. First, we need to understand what is being planned and then we need to respond effectively and wisely.
Turkey can thwart the plots devised against it with a calm, soothing, loving attitude. Nurturing friendships among countries instead of tension is the right move.
The British deep state is trying to isolate Turkey. To thwart this plot, acting in a disarming fashion is crucially important before all else.
Turkey needs to have a calming, temperate and high-quality stand at all times. That is what suits the customs and moral values of Turkey. We need to be disarming.
Throughout Europe, a policy to alienate Turkey is being followed. To prevent this policy, Turkey needs to act in a dignified and temperate manner at all times.
Lately some people are presenting Che Guevara as a role model instead of presenting our Prophet (pbuh). A person who is determined to overthrow the state cannot be a role model.

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The concepts of time, that is before and after, exist for human beings. Time is a perception peculiar to man. God is beyond time.
The main reason why Muslims are so oppressed is the system of bigotry based on superstitions. The Islam based on the Qur’an is the only salvation.
Radicalism, due to its superstitions, offers a horrible world. It is completely against the true Islam in the Holy Qur'an.
Che Guevara enjoyed killing and watching people’s skulls getting blown up. He is not someone to be hailed.
Turkey is doing great by strengthening its ties with Russia. Russians are good people; they are decent and reliable.
It is a crime to show people like Che Guevara as role models, who was set on destroying his state with terror. It’s the same as defending Ocalan.
Che Guevara was a person who said people must be turned into cold killing machines. He is not a role model for youngsters.
It’s great that Mr. Erdogan is taking steps to make our alliance with Russia stronger. We should do the same with Iran.

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The followers of the Mahdi put themselves in for hardships and ordeals. They do not exult with those who join them and don’t feel bad for those who leave them.
I respect atheists and agnostics. They honestly declare that they cannot believe and do not act dishonestly.
We do not want a communist state at our border that acts as a servant to the British deep state and would be a barrier in front of Islamic Unity. Kurdish people on the other hand are very dear to us. If it conforms to international laws, our people would not be disturbed by a modern, enlightened state in Iraq and Syria founded by Barzani. If the states in the region agrees and the UN accepts it, and if it conforms to the international laws, it would be nice if Barzani and the Kurds could have a state in Syria and Iraq.
Sheikh Mehmet Effendi is entrusted to us by His Highness Sheikh Nazım Qubrusi. He is a very precious, estimable, immaculate person. We love him dearly.
Some scholars talk about many trivial issues, but never say anything about the invalidity of Darwinism and the facts leading to faith. They never talk about subjects that would be instrumental in people’s embracing faith.
There is no license to beat women in the Qur’an. Our Prophet (pbuh) held women in high esteem.
Listening to music, taking photos, dancing, art, science, beauty, having fun; none of those are unlawful by religion.
God demands us to abide by the Qur’an, not by the religion of our forefathers.

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All national, patriotic political parties are valuable for us. The CHP represents the enlightened face of Turkey. A tone alienating the CHP would not be right.
The fact that fruits take vitamin, minerals and proteins from soil is a great miracle on its own.
In the superstitious system advocated by the bigots, photography, listening to music and dancing are all unlawful. According to that perverted and bigoted system, those who shave their beards and drink alcohol are to be killed.
Islam is the religion of love, joy and peace. Islam complies with human nature.
The Prophet Jesus’ second coming to the world is explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an. God says that 'Jesus Messiah is the Sign of the Hour.’
When a religion that has no place in the Qur’an is put forth, it brings about a horrifying world. That horrible world is not caused by religion, but by the superstitions they came up with themselves.
For years we have been saying that our Kurdish brothers would never embrace the Marxist, Leninist, irreligious ideology of the PKK.
A joint meeting of the Chiefs of Staff of Russia, the US and Turkey will form a new world order against the British deep state.
This is the end of the movement of the dajjal [antichrist]. From now on, with knowledge and science, we will not let the British deep state breathe.
A person with a strong faith and an ability to think deep would have a very positive influence on others. People with strong faith bring auspiciousness to the environment they are in.
Women love reasonable and decent men who fear God and who are able to think profoundly. Women are the most beautiful beings of this world. I really am astounded to see that they are not appreciated as they deserve.
In an environment in which women are not free, life would be hellish and perversion would run rampant. Islam, as explained in the Qur’an is radiant; it is the light of life.
Some people regard the Islam in the Qur’an, living by the Book of God without the addition of any superstition as perversion.

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Fanatics resort to violence for everything. The salvation of the world lies in the Qur'anic Islam that we are preaching which is based on love and reason.
The fanatics’ misogyny results in a sick, twisted world and this wrong- thinking drives people away from the true Islam. The only way to get rid of the horrible world the fanatics try to create is clinging to the true Islam explained in the Holy Qur’an.
It’s crucial to make 'love' the official policy of state. Love and compassion must prevail instead of hatred and conflicts. Everyone should talk about love. Love is an important religious observation that terminates fights. Love is the reason why we are created.
Arms dealers wrongly consider Middle Easterners inferior; that’s why they pit them against each other, start wars and sell weapons.
Like radicals, Darwin also entertained misogynistic views. He even compared women to dogs (ladies are above such remarks).
It will be good for the Middle East if the British military bases in Cyprus are shut down.
There is no beating of women in the Qur'an. Misogyny is diametrically opposite to Qur'an.
The world the fanatics describe is an impossible one, where ladies are prohibited from doing everything including laughing. Fanatics build a sick world diametrically opposite to the Qur'an’s loving, reasonable, compassionate, elegant, free, enlightened and liberating world.
The level of women’s freedom in a country is one of the most important indicators of that country’s modernism.
It is crucial to show that ladies are free in their clothing choices, be it revealing or modest. It’s wrong to interfere with women’s decisions.
It is crucial that Turkey is modern, ladies are free and happy, arts and high-quality are championed. No coups will happen in a modern society.

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The Mahdi movement is the most advanced form of democracy. The world hasn't witnessed true democracy yet. The Mahdi movement will teach the world true democracy.

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Constant inculcation and steadfast discourses are very important. When surrounded with divine inculcation, irreligious people might become faithful. 

Education should be given the first priority. Raising a faithful generation should be given priority. Fossil exhibitions should be held and facts leading to faith should be explained everywhere.
Bediuzzaman says that the greatest service to religion is to turn imitated faith into sincere and verified faith. The real issue is raising a faithful youth.
Bediuzzaman says that the Mahdi will have three great tasks. The first of those is to intellectually annihilate Darwinism and materialism. Bediuzzaman says that the second task of the Mahdi will be turning the Islamic world towards the Qur’an and ensuring the Unity of Islam.
Bediuzzaman suffered a lot throughout his life but he has never complained or repined.
Bediuzzaman says that the hadiths about the End Times would not be understood with superficial thinking and that deep thinking and sincerity is required to grasp them.
The movement of the dajjal [antichrist] suffers a blow with every book that communicates the true message of Islam. Books bring auspiciousness and relief to Muslims and deal a blow to the system of the dajjal.
The mentality in Islam that claims men and women cannot dine together, even if they are related, is a perverse one. Men and women perform their acts of worship together during pilgrimage.
The CHP should become a political party that advocates modern religiousness and position itself on the rightest range of left wing in the political spectrum. Our people would then hold them in high esteem.
A Muslim’s character is reflected in his face. The purity of a Muslim's morality is instantly understood from his radiance and cleanliness.
Both those who vote ‘yes’ and those who vote ‘no’ in the referendum should be respected. It is not right to call any of the sides a traitor.

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The secret knowledge (ilm al-Ladun) is the strategy of protecting believers against extraordinary incidents. The master of the secret knowledge (ilm al-Ladun) is the Mahdi.
Surat al-Kahf gives an account of the system of the Mahdi from beginning to end. A small group of young people seeking refuge in a cave is the account of the system of the Mahdi.
A Muslim lives and serves to earn God’s consent; not to attain any worldy gain.
A Muslim never pursues his personal interests; he gives for God’s approval.
Some people think the pious should be detached from life. According to this mindset they can enjoy life while the devout must be withdrawn.
People who lack love in their hearts and are distant to a quality lifestyle feel jealous of the beautiful lives of the devout.
People visualize the time of our Prophet (pbuh) according to the tales of bigots and superstitions.
The mindset that considers man as a being acting with instincts is a disaster. Man is a wise and conscientious being. He has volition of his own.
Bigotry does great harm to Islam. It is almost in conflict with Islam.
The claim that Trump was wiretapped during the time of Obama is probably true. Trump must launch a very inclusive investigation into it.
Kurds and the PKK are totally different. Kurds are our brothers.
The Ottoman economy fell under the domain of British deep state during Sultan Abdulhamid II period. Repercussions of this control still exist today.
In the Qur'an, the provision regarding the covering of women is verse 59 of Surat al-Ahzab. In the verse 59 of Surat al-Ahzab, God commands women to wear hijab covering all her body when she feels at risk or under threat.
In the time of Sultan Abdulhamid II, the state was almost entirely under the sway of the British deep state. Then disintegration of the Empire followed.
According to the hadith, the Day of Judgment is very close. Some scholars, on the other hand, almost make believers fall sleep and never mention this fact.
Mr. Erdoğan becomes a target because he doesn't cave in to the ambitions of the British deep state. This also holds true for Trump and Putin. Their alliance is very important.
Human beauty is a sign leading to faith. A beautiful person makes us admire God; it deepens one’s longing for paradise.
Women can live as free as they like and wear whatever they wish. This is the right of every human being.

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People are surprised because they don't know the beautiful world Islam offers. By the grace of God, they will see its beauty more in the future.
The British deep state supports Rumi’s philosophy. Muslims cannot support a philosophy that says ‘there is no Islam in our path’.
Trump and his family are good models for American people with their elegance, high-quality and classiness. Some gay-supporting Westerners are jealous of them.
A reasonable person cannot forget God, not even for one second.
Some so-called scholars try to lull Muslims to sleep. They stubbornly avoid talking about Mahdi’s signs, all of which came true.
Let’s expose all the plots of the British deep state against Russia. Let’s not leave Russia alone.
At the time of the Mahdi, ladies will be very free. No one will interfere with them or try to oppress or disturb them.
All young people should read Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s books. The spirit and sincerity in those books is astonishing; they deeply affect the reader.
Ivanka Trump shouldn't worry about the remarks of jealous people. She is very beautiful, elegant and classy.
Turkey should always support Barzani. He is a reliable, pious person. We’ll be glad that he has a state in line with international laws.
Ladies seek intelligence, depth, passion, reliability and kindness. Ladies seek love for God, friendship and love.
I want to be the Mahdi’s student. May God honor me and my friends by making us the Mahdi’s students.
It’s great that Pakistan, Turkey and Iran showed their friendship. The friendship that Mr. Erdogan showed to Iran is great.
Time will make love stronger because it reveals loyalty, patience, faithfulness, and selflessness. Age will not impair love.
Love will not diminish over time. On the contrary, loyalty will make love stronger as time passes.
It’s a Turkish tradition to protect and defend everyone who demands help. Our Syrian guests are very dear to us.
Turkish nation disavows all remarks that target our Syrian brothers, who came here trusting our compassion and help.
Our Syrian guests are very dear to us. It would be very cruel to indiscriminately accuse them of crimes.
Ladies are perfectly capable of deciding what to wear, how to act and know if they are safe or not. They don't need instructions.
Real science, art should be strongly encouraged. When that happens, national culture will get stronger. Education should be saved from Darwinist imposition so that the real arts and science can reveal themselves.
Darwinism is not science; it is a pagan religion. It seeks to explain everything through coincidences.

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Destroying the beauty of a woman is -in a sense- like killing her. It is a blessing to appreciate women’s beauty. A woman’s beauty should be appreciated by showing respect to her honor and modesty.
It is important to compliment a woman’s beauty by showing the utmost care and respect to her gentleness and quality. Women desire that the people addressing them have high quality and intelligence.
When they see women, some ignoble types only think about how they can upset them and take advantage of them. Women deserve the utmost respect and reverence. Some people act aggressively with the frustration and jealousy they feel in their inability to reach women’s beauty. Women would be treated with the respect they truly deserve, if people receive the right kind of education.
In highly cultured and well-educated societies, women are able to wear as they like and go to wherever they like. Women should be treated with the respect they truly deserve.
Making even stronger explanations about the amendments to the constitution and emphasizing that there is no risk for federalism would be great.
Muslims aim the good pleasure of God when choosing the person they will marry. In marriage, Muslims make their choices considering the other person’s morality and piety, not occupation and income level.
At the time of the Mahdi, religion will be lived as it was at the time of our Prophet (pbuh). Some scholars will remain distant from the Mahdi because he will disrupt their system.
When the Mahdi appears, the first ones to stand against him will be some so-called scholars. They will accuse the Mahdi with changing their religion.
God creates hardships, illnesses and weaknesses to make people reflect deeply and love Him.
Throughout my intellectual struggle, all those who have set traps for me and cast slanders about me have withered away, but my friends and I continue on our path even more strongly and fervently.
What really disturbs those loveless people and causes their jealousy is not the way my friends dress, but the profound love and loyalty they have for me.
For men of understanding, the increase seen in the number of earthquakes that took place after the 1980’s just as the Prophet (saas) foretold is a wondrous phenomenon.
There is a regular increase in the number of earthquakes since 1980’s. Our Prophet (pbuh) foretold that the increase in earthquakes is a portent of the appearance of the Mahdi.
Those whose houses are destroyed in the earthquake earn good deeds as if they have given alms and those who are injured in the earthquake earn good deeds as if they are ghazis (veterans). May God give long lives to all the sufferers of the Adıyaman and Urfa earthquakes.

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Atheists do not conceal their opinions; they honestly reveal what they think. It would be wrong to approach them mercilessly.
One needs to be ambitious to get rid of getting accustomed to the things around him and failing to see the marvels in them. One should think profoundly, not superficially.
All my friends perform their daily prayers five times every day and are very meticulous about their prayers.
Alewites are immaculate people. It is not right to make generalizations claiming that they don’t go to mosques. Among every sect and community, there are those who go to mosques and those who don’t.
Women are marvelous creatures. One cannot get enough of looking at them and loving them. I am surprised to see that some people fail to appreciate the value of women.
Eternity is one of the greatest evidences of God’s Power and Might.
The movement of the dajjal [antichrist] is talking about rage and hatred every day and we are turning that evil wibe into a divine sentiment by talking about love every single day.
We do not want a Godless, irreligious communist structure at the borders of Turkey. But we are proud of our religious and pure Kurdish brothers.
In the 31st verse of Surat An-Nur, God informed us about the broad freedom He bestowed upon women.
Islamic Unity and the dominance of the moral values of the Qur’an constitute the basis of Islam. Sincere Muslims should constantly keep these matters on the agenda.
The existence of even a single flower is sufficient to believe in God.
Supporting the PYD, a communist Stalinist organization, is not a policy that befits the US. They should abandon such an attitude.
Trump can only get results with Iran by explaining the compassionate and merciful aspects of the Mahdi movement. It is not possible to attain results with weapons. The US will be able to resolve the disputes they have with Iran by acting jointly with Russia. They should not fall into the British deep state’s trap that forces them into a conflict.
Among Muslim countries, only in Turkey there is a definitive stand against Darwinism. We, as a nation, do not accept this pagan religion.
Palaeontology is a branch of science, yet Darwinism is a superstition. Darwinism would come to an end if fossils are taught in schools. There is not a single evidence to prove Darwinism. Darwinism is not science. They cannot make Darwinism accepted through demagoguery. Darwinism is a superstition that constitutes the foundation of communism and is a pagan belief.
Darwinism is a pagan belief that exists for the denial of God. Geology, physics, chemistry are branches of science, but Darwinism is not science. It is a pagan religion.
Some Muslim countries that act with the imposition of the British deep state propagate Darwinism in children's school curriculum.
God is the One Who heals. It is very wrong to believe that one might find health in something else. It would be idolizing that object.
Ensuring the restful serenity of animals is important; it would be instrumental for people’s peaceful serenity.
In many verses of the Qur’an, God mentions the existence of various realms. "Say: ´My prayer and my rites, my living and my dying, are for God alone, the Lord of all the worlds.” Qur'an, 1:162
Allah created beauty and cuteness in animals just so we love them.
A person who has parents cannot be Jesus. Jesus will not have any relatives in this world. He will speak Aramaic and have belongings from that time. Jesus the Messiah will know the Qur’an, the Old and New Testament by heart. He doesn’t forget anything he reads once. He has a very smart and sharp face expression. Jesus the Messiah has golden chestnut colored hair and green-gray eyes. He has an athletic body.
The best answer to delusions whispered by satan is not to take them into consideration. There is no reason for worry if satan whispers something.
Those who have not done a slightest portion of the service that Ataturk has done for our country do not have the right to criticize him. Modernity that he brought is very precious.
No one should attempt to pity our soldiers against our people. The Turkish army and the Turkish people are hand in hand.

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Mr. Trump is telling the truth when he said Obama is behind the street demonstrations. And the British deep state is behind Obama.
The Mahdi’s disappearance twice mentioned in the hadiths probably refers to his imprisonment twice.
The Mahdi will come at a time when people start to love themselves instead of loving God. He will teach people to love God and to abide by the Qur’an.
The communist YPG and the PKK cannot be the allies of religious America. Turkey would not let a communist state be formed on her borders.
The harmony of colors and symmetry in living beings render the claims of evolution theory invalid. Why would animals be so fancy like works of art? Coincidences cannot bring about symmetry.
Protecting the rights of women and ensuring their freedom is very important. God would not give relief if half of God’s servants suffer torment.
The surest way to prevent the threat of a coup is ensuring modernity and freedom for women.
Our Prophet (saas) foretold that the trials in the end times would be very fierce. Every incident is created to make people think.
Defense is important for the USm but if they become friends with Russia and sign a non-aggression treaty, both countries could spend for the welfare of their people instead of weapons.
In order to avoid a repeat of the scourge of the British deep state, the term of Abdulhamid should be examined thoroughly and precautions should be taken accordingly.
The time of Sultan Abdulhamid was one of the toughest times in which the Ottomans were subjected to Darwinist propaganda and wine sales reached to the highest levels.
What is the point of life without love, high quality and cleanliness? They live without reading the Book of God even for once. They should not see this normal.
Living narrow-mindedly simply to eat and reproduce, using uniform lexical bundles, knowing nothing about cleanliness, kindness or love isn't life.
Satan casted a spell of lovelessness in the world to set people against one another. We will break this spell by talking diligently about God and love.
The creation of numerous newspapers, television channels and the Internet is a great blessing to communicate the message of religion. These means have been created specifically for the system of the Mahdi.

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Hulusi Akar Pasha can rest easy. Our people love and trust him greatly.
At the time when Mahdi is in this world, he will be the source of all love, enlightenment and true guidance.
The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) taught his disciples to be patient in the face of hardships they would face and not to worry about ‘what they will do.'
Special precautions must be taken especially against poisoning in case that the British deep state targets Russian politicians.
When Mahdi first begins his intellectual struggle, he will face many in opposition. Then the number of his supporters will increase slowly.
Our Prophet (saas) said that those who come to Mahdi will be chosen. Only the loyal and truehearted ones with good morals will remain.
Haters do not have anyone or any country they love. Loving and embracing everyone is the right thing according to the Qur’an.
Encouraging violence against women is a crime and one of the worst aspects of bigotry. Bigots can’t stand the very existence of women. In bigotry, there’s great hatred and enmity of women. Claiming that women are of half-religion or half-mind is one of the worst aspects of bigotry.
Companions of the Prophet (saas) were very curious about the Mahdi, asking questions to our Prophet (saas) who explained Mahdi in great detail.
At the time of Sultan Abdulhamid, most of the Ottoman lands were lost. The inner circle of the Sultan Abdulhamid was under British deep state’s influence.
Showing hospitality for Barzani in Turkey is very nice. Turkey will always be a supporter of our religious Kurdish brothers and sisters.
The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım is a sincere, honest, fatherly, sociable and humorous person. Turkish people love him very much.
The Greater Middle East Project that foresaw the separation of Syria, Iraq and the disintegration of the Middle East was a British deep state plan. This plan of the British deep state has collapsed completely.
After Russia developed an attitude against the British deep state, a series of murders began. These murders must be examined. President Putin must be protected.
Prayer and its answer is created at the same time. Prayer exists so that we can love God more.
I am surprised at how women are not appreciated and how people don’t realize their beauty as blessings.
The Mahdi will not be a political leader. The Mahdi will be a leader who teaches love and ensures justice.
They will see in Hell how mutations make beings ugly and defective. Everything will look bad as if they were subject to mutations.
They made religion impracticable via countless superstitions. There is religion everywhere including places of entertainment and where music is performed. God is remembered everywhere.
Che Guevara had one of the walls of his study room demolished to be able to see the massacres he ordered while he was working.
The students of the Mahdi are people who have given their promise to God that they would submit to Mahdi in the spiritual realm before time and space were created. The loyalty and friendship of Muslims come from the spiritual realm where they know and love one another.
All prophets made a covenant with God in the spiritual realm before time and space were created that they would help Mahdi. The help of the Prophet (saas) to Mahdi has been through his hadiths that give an explanation of him to people.
Putin admires our Prophet (saas) and is loyal to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). He is religious. Even if he does mistakes, he is open to criticism.
Let’s not fall into the traps of those who seek to destroy Iran-Turkey relations. An Iran-Turkey friendship would bring peace to the region.
Barzani is a very decent, religious and honest person. His inner circle is so as well. No one should say displeasing things against him.
We will not allow the dajjal system to put Muslims to sleep using some arrogant scholars who have weakness in their faith. There’ll be an awakening.
Turkey will pass through big incidents and hardships. The cruelty and oppression of the dajjal will end and humanity will wake up.

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Each person was first created in the spiritual realm, then came from there to this world. Parents are just a means for people to come into existence. Spiritual realm is proof that all human beings were created before the Universe was created and that there is no gradual evolution in creation.
The Prophet Adam (pbuh) was created in the spiritual realm with all mankind before the universe was created. Then he was created in Heaven and sent to this world.
We’ve been instrumental in the prevalence of modern enlightened Muslim view in 99% of Turkey. Everyone saw that bigoted system isn't livable.
Some people post their revealing photos with the verses of the Qur’an next to them. This is not something I approve of.
Ataturkism is the name of this nation’s enlightened spirit. Ataturk revealed the values inherent in this nation.
Any place where women aren’t free will be visited with troubles. God doesn’t grant blessings on countries that don’t let His servants be free.
God creates affection, love and loyalty. If one doesn’t have love for God –may God forbid- then He will not create those who have love for you. If one forgets God, then He forgets him, too.
There is no barrier before love once one abides by the Qur’an. Qur’an teaches love of God and love of all beings for pleasing God.
Barzani is welcome. He is a devout, well-mannered person. I condemn the ugly language used against him.
Some people want to draw Turkish people into an environment removed from quality, joy and arts like Syria, Iraq. For them it’s all about remaining alive, they want to live like an organism. This is not the life God wants for us. Love, beauty, quality and joy are essential in life.
I’m in love with beauty for the love of God. Beauty is good for the soul and heart. It’s food for my soul. It’s the main feature of Heaven.
We’ll not let Turkey be turned into another Syria or Iraq. Youth and women will be modern and free, arts and quality will prevail.
As I said it thousands of times before, I never had and will never make any claims of being the Mahdi, or a hodja.
Many practices that are not in the Qur’an are invented to keep people away from prayer. They are used as a barrier before religion. Millions are prevented from practicing faith by means of invented practices that have no place in the Qur’an.
A tattoo is not unlawful in Islam. It doesn’t prevent ghusl or ablution since it’s under the skin.
The door we opened by exposing the British deep state’s schemes led many intellectuals to wage the required intellectual struggle.
God reveals that He created all human beings in a spiritual realm and then the Universe. There is no gradual creation through evolution in the Qur’an.
It’s impossible for Muslims to have common ground with the theory of evolution claiming that everything came to be out of muddy water by chance.
Hypocrites aren't of a single type. They have different classes and styles; seeing the difference is advantageous in terms of diagnosis.
One of the biggest mistakes of Muslims is to see hypocrites as an out-of-focus issue. It’s why hypocrites destroyed the Islamic world.

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When asked, hypocrites say that they are devout believers, even more devout than most Muslims, but in truth they hate Muslims.
Hypocrites are snobs and conceited. They are arrogant and assume themselves to be clever only.
May God grant His mercy on Hacı Mestan Hodja Effendi. We hope that he is in Heaven together with Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani.
Qualified hypocrites are in a relationship with the deep state. For this reason they are one of the significant weapons of unbelievers against Muslims.
Hypocrites are like a sort of submarine. They flow under water invisibly, so they are not seen. They are full of hatred against Muslims. Hypocrites are respectful and careful towards unbelievers. They are attentive not to offend them, but get ugly and aggressive towards Muslims.
One of the ugly attitudes of hypocrites is that they stay distant from Islam but keep on giving advice to Muslims. They deem themselves very superior.
Hypocrites defame Muslims. They live a dirty life, but make slanders on the life and morality of Muslim women.
While there are some hypocrites who are aggressive and quarrelsome, there are also others who act quietly, invisibly and deeply. We should be on alert.
Hypocrites are very impertinent, but at the same time very ignorant. They try to cover up their ignorance by making a fuss.
I am very surprised at loveless people. If there is no love, compassion, no caring for each other, what is the meaning of life then?
Muslims cannot be criticized with inadequate information. Criticism should be done by using the appropriate verses of the Qur’an and saying that a certain behavior is wrong according to that verse.
The bigoted mindset tries to make women appear like potential criminals, as people who are dangerous and who should walk around in sloppy style. Pressuring women so much and trying to take away their beauty causes homosexuality to spread. It is not abnormal to have like for women and admire their beauty. This is what befits human nature. When the nature is corrupted, perversion is spread. What God has deemed unlawful is illegitimate relationship, not that women are well groomed and attractive.
Since they regard being well -cared for and attractive almost as a crime, human nature is being distorted. Some women are being hardened both physically and spiritually.
Women are blessings of Heaven. Love for women are created specially in destiny. There’s nothing like ‘let me go out and find love’.
Every school of Islam has different lawful and unlawful practices. This will be set straight by the Mahdi movement.
Islam was presented as an introverted, loveless model to youth. We showed them the true religion of the Qur’an in which they can enjoy their lives. The bigoted mindset was about to ruin Islam with their loveless, joyless attitude devoid of arts. We showed a high quality way of life, joy and modernism exist in religion.
Proving the invalidity of Darwinism and removing the bigoted understanding of religion broke the arm of the dajjal system plotting against Turkey.
They used to show Muslims as tasteless, joyless people with crude understanding. We nullified those lies with our existence.
We have been the means to intellectually remove all obstacles before religion by way of our works that preach the religion of Islam in the most wise and rational way.
Love is light from God. It is a blessing specially created for believers.
There were no schools of law in Islam at the Prophet Muhammad (saas)’s time. Now there are four different schools with four different unlawful and lawful rules. They’ve created four different religions.
Most people do not realize that our intellectual works and modern understanding of Islam have set a barrier against Islamophobia. We abolished the tasteless Muslim model that is in enmity against people, his own community or himself even and showed them the pure and enlightened understanding of Islam according to the Qur’an.
The British deep state should not ever imagine setting plots on Trump. We will not leave him alone.
Many people run after worldly desires only, while my friends strive in the way of God’s will day and night.

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The movement called the British Shia wants to generate conflict of sects. The error of a handful of people among the Shia can’t do harm to our friendship. Nobody should be deceived by the plots of the British deep state that wants to cause conflict between Turkey and Iran.
The Shia and Sunni are brothers. Iran and Turkey must come together at once and embrace one another against those who want to stir up sedition.
Iran and Turkey are two friendly nations. The British deep state excitedly awaits the disruption of this friendship. Let’s not do anything to harm this.
We congratulate our martyrs of al-Bab. They have attained a blessed position in the Sight of God. May God bless their martyrdom.
In the roots of traditionalist Islam there lies misinterpretation of the verses open to interpretation. The clear judgments in the Qur'an prescribe the decrees.
By implication, one can’t derive decrees from the Qur'an. God reveals the lawful and unlawful deeds by means of precise verses.
There is no verse in the Qur'an that decrees music to be unlawful. The Qur’an is very clear and precise; there is no room in the Qur’an for implications.
Handling something with anger while there’s the option to settle it with reason is something that humiliates a person.
Once we disclosed the British deep state, people better grasped how it influenced and tyrannized people all over world.
When there is something wrong, this must be spoken of using a pleasant language. Using a challenging language and talking pedantically is wrong. It is important to explain errors by giving solid examples. But using a tone of challenge would do more harm than good.

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Passion is a very beautiful feeling pertaining to people of faith. Passion for one another flows through the eyes of those with profound faith. 

People who have never been included in high quality environments, who have never experienced love feel ruthless anger and jealousy towards high quality people.
God would not give relief and plentitude to those societies in which women are oppressed and persecuted. God does not consent to persecution.
Some people persistently want women to remain uncared for and sloppy. It is impossible to understand the logic behind this misogyny. Let both men and women be beautiful and well-groomed. Dread and tension is observed in all those countries in which people are neglected and where there is no beauty or quality left behind. God does not want such unhappiness.
Imam Rabbani states that guidance will spread throughout the world by means of the Mahdi.
Imam Rabbani says that such a jewel (Mahdi) will come after a very long time, after ages and the darkened world will be enlightened with his coming.
In the verses there is reference to the spiritual realm before time and space were created, to the stages of the world and the Hereafter, as well as spiritual ranks. (Surah Al-Inshiqaq, 19: And you will mount up stage by stage!
Mahdi possesses the characteristics of all Prophets. He will resemble the Prophet Moses (pbuh) in terms of the pressure he will be subjected to and after the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) in terms of the ordeals he will suffer through.
God grants sincere love and passion to Muslims. God would not bestow beauty, love and passion to those who keep away from Him.
They created a religion far removed from the Qur’an. When we explain the religion in the Qur’an, they feel bewildered seeing that it contradicts their religion. The Qur’an is the only real source of religion.
Our beloved Prophet (saas), Hz. Hassan (ra) and Hz. Husain (ra) have all appreciated the value of women and loved them dearly. The hypocrites of the time were jealous of their love for women.
Jews have been devout people, loyal to the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and God for 3,500 years. What a beautiful blessing for them. We are all children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh).
Safety precautions must be taken against attacks to synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in America and Europe. These attacks should not become common.
Let’s grant Turkish citizenship to our entire Syrian refugee brothers, except for the ones with legal limitations. They are our heart.
Unjust treatment towards the people via false accusations is a trap against the President Erdoğan and the government. We must be very careful about this.
When we intellectually eradicated Darwinism in full, this caused the defeat of the leftist ideology and the right coming to power.
Those who attempt to set traps using slanders and false accusations against us can try all they can. They will get their answer legally.
Some who claim that music and low-cut dresses are illegal according to religion in fact make music themselves, and live with women wearing décolleté. This is insincere.
Let’s be united as the CHP, the AK Party, the MHP and all other political parties should come together in brotherhood. Let’s break the games of the coup-supporters with the help of the law.
Ms Selin Sayek Böke’s family has both Christian and Muslim heritage. This is an honor and beauty. It is immoral to threaten an innocent woman.
After we emphasized that “no-sayers” are also our brothers, there was a sudden softening of the tone used for the referendum. Thanks to God.

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It is the British deep state that installed Qaddafi in Libya, and then eliminated him, threw Libya into turmoil and dismembered the country.
Being lenient and modest, humaneness and sympathy are the tones of the prophets. It’s becoming to be lenient to all Muslims.
Anyone who is lenient and talks graciously earns merits. Believers earn merits for state administration for they also do it as an act of worship.
Some people are jealous of me and my friends because of the love and joy we take in God’s blessings.
Some people are being insincere and jealous when they enjoy a lifestyle not conforming to Islamic morality while criticizing others for it.
The envious statements of some people who have lost their joy of living and spirit of love only harm themselves.
People should talk about the perversion of Rumism, the invalidity of Darwinism and the signs leading to faith instead of targeting Muslims.
The real friends of Muslims are the Messenger of God (saas) and sincere believers.
The envious world of those who are jealous and full of hatred harm only themselves. It beautifies the world of Muslims and makes them even more joyful.
The wife of Mr. Aliyev is a decent, religious, modern and elegant lady. We wish her success in her new occupation. May God grant beauties for her. May God fortify Azerbaijan, protect her from her enemies, give her abundance and make her unite with Turkey.
It is a great honor for me that people with bad morals regard me as a target. Assaults of such types increase my vigor and joy.
God protects the good people. When others try to take the blessings away from the good ones, God increases them even more.

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A person who is in connection with God day and night would have very strong morality, personality and comprehension.
The Turkish people are solid. Our people's spiritual strength and faith are unshakable. They will never let our country be separated.
The British deep state was too late in their attack against me. We deciphered all of their dark games. We proved the invalidity of Darwinism. They could try all they want with their slanders, yet they will never be able to keep me away from my intellectual struggle in the way of God.
Let's remove tension from Turkey. Let's unite and become brothers. Then there would be no risk of a military coup and economy would boost.
Our Prophet (saas) gave a struggle on the Path of God surrounded by hardships. Though his companions became veterans in the way of God, they continued their struggle with love as well
The Mahdi is a man of spirituality. His profession is ensuring love, compassion and social justice. Mahdi does not engage in politics.
It makes me even more enthusiastic when I face with obstacles and slanders when I carry out intellectual struggle in the way of God.
Meticulous attention must be paid to the protection of President Erdoğan everywhere he goes.
It's not normal that Russian diplomats are dying due to cardiac disease. This must be investigated on suspicion of assassination.
People are created in a way that shows and receives love. Only then people can become normal. When one remains distant to love, one's nature gets locked. Giving a cold answer to love causes disruption in the soul and this is how lovelessness spreads.

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God created all the structures that would make the virus resistant to different circumstances. This does not turn a virus into another being. That is not evolution.
We will rebuild the Masjid of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) by the will of God. We will pray in the Masjid with Muslims, Jews and Christians all together.
There will be more turmoil in the world, we will go through a beautiful testing and hence be trained. Then we will see the advent of Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and the Mahdi.
God grants President Erdoğan the honor of advocating for the Islamic Union unreservedly.
Both in Judaic resources and in the Torah it is stated that Moshiach/Mahdi’s soul is created before the creation of the Universe.
Hadiths tell that dajjal will die spiritually at the feet of Mahdi. Mahdi will abolish satan’s mischief.
The Torah elucidates that there will many ordeals and troubles that Moshiach/Mahdi will go through and he will come to recognize himself from the fact that he is not shaken in the face of these trials. The Torah explains in detail about the dajjal’s movement which organizes evil against Moshiach-Mahdi in the end times.
Since there will be abundance in all aspects at time of Mahdi, envy will cease.
It is not right to complain about the PKK’s ideology while not making any intellectual effort against it. Terror will end only when the Darwinist-materialist philosophy behind it is eradicated.
Our Syrian guests are dear to us; they are God’s blessing for us. Those who don’t like them are the ones who lack compassion.
The hadiths describe the physical characteristics of Mahdi in great detail. He is one with a beautiful smile, a prominent forehead, and broad abdomen.
Some Muslims do not ponder over matters of faith sufficiently. Faith in destiny, the angels, and the Hereafter all should be reflected on deeply.
In order to enjoy love sincerely, fear of God is essential. There would be no sincere love without fearing God.
The existence of satan and events that seem unfavorable are essential for believers to develop their wisdom and character.
Hadiths tell that before the advent of Mahdi, his positive influence will be seen and felt in the entire world.
The Ark of the Covenant will be found at time of Mahdi. The Ark of the Covenant will bear a spiritual effect that gives peace and tranquility to people.
Claims that life occurred through coincidence is total superstition; it is the worst explanation for our existence. Evolution is a pagan idea that explains everything by chance, not science.
We will see Jesus Messiah (pbuh), the Mahdi, the Ark of the Covenant and all the holy relics preserved in it by the will of God. All are marvelous.
May God save the aggrieved ones by the hands of the Mahdi and Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and let the two personages appear in soonest time.
Love is the subject that satan opposes the most. It aims to destroy love and beauty. Films that incite hatred and violence serve satan without people’s knowing.
Islam provides a vast opportunity for love to flourish. Islam forms the basis for love, encourages it and opens the way for it to develop.
There are people who have been raised distant to love and compassion. We will persistently teach them about the spirit of the love in the Qur’an.
The innocence, pureness and cleanliness of children is like an instance from the life of Heaven.
We will live in Cyprus as brothers. But it is out of question for us to give away any land.
It is a historical fact that Darwinist ideology was most prevalent during Sultan Abdulhamid II’s rule during the Ottoman Empire, and the greatest loss of land was at that time.
The sudden revival of the staff of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and that the bird shaped by the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) became alive at once is evidence that there is no evolution in Creation.
God created every structure in the virus so that it can show resistance to different circumstances. This doesn't turn a virus into another being.
Our people are moving towards a good target. Our nation's struggle in the way of the Mahdi is driving dajjal’s system crazy.
Mockery shows the lack of character and immorality of the irreligious. This is an honor and beauty for believers.
Ms Melania Trump began her speech with a prayer. It's very good that she pays no attention to the mockery of irreligious circles.
Evolution is a pagan religion, which has no connection with science and explains everything through coincidences.
It is not right to be fixated on an idea. If there is goodness in one thing, then it would be right to go towards it.
Those who claim there is evolution in the Qur'an avoid that all people were created in a spiritual realm before time and space were created.

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In the hadiths it has been stated that Mahdi will appear from within the Turkish nation. Turkey will be the homeland of the movement of the Mahdi.
The Mahdi is from the line of our Prophet (saas). The victory of Mahdi will be the victory of of our Prophet (saas).
The increase in the number of the earthquakes is one of the portents of Mahdi’s appearance.
Kurdish people are noble and decent people. We would never leave our Kurdish sisters and mothers to the hands of those irreligious, Godless communists. They should forget about that.
The British deep state is almost camped in Ankara. Our Assembly and government should be very cautious.
No one should dare to cast aspersions against Bediuzzaman in vain. He is a scholar very much loved all over the world. We love him dearly as well.

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A Hypocrite's character is very dangerous. We see a severe hypocritical attack against the government. We must be united as a nation against this.
Iranian people are full of love and compassion like Anatolian people. We will strive to make America and Iran friends.
One who is patient, forgiving, merciful, honest, modest, and sacrificing will find love.
Love and respect are two magnificent forces that connect. Without respect there is no love, without love there is no respect.
The purpose of our existence is love. We will love God and God's creations. Where there is sincere love, there is no hatred, grudge or envy. Love would solve all problems.
In the Gospel, there are many verses emphasising that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is not the son of God –may God forbid– that he sleeps and eats and he is a human being.
Turkey must avoid classical political opposition for now. We are passing through a difficult period of British deep state pressure.
Michael Flynn is an honest man of high quality. He should not be bothered with the slanders and pressure. He should feel at ease.
Let's better Turkey with art, aesthetics and quality. Let's build a Turkey where no one is under tension or fear. Let's be united with no regard to one another's political party or school of thought. Let's abolish all fear and worries.
Using a positive and compassionate tone at the referendum speeches would break the games of those who aim to separate Turkey.
Most who think that they are contacting jinn are actually falling under the influence of satan. Our brothers should not give credit to this.
May God grant long life to the President Erdoğan. It is the responsibility of Muslims to protect a believer if there is a dajjal attack against him. We will always protect the President Erdoğan.
It would be good had Muslim Brothers adopted a new perspective embracing art, love and quality, meaning the Mahdi's system.
An increase in the number of earthquakes is a warning to people reminding them that they are in an important era.
In the hadiths, it is revealed that there will be portents of Mahdi's coming. One of these is an increase in the number of earthquakes.
Turkey is going through a very fragile state. It is not right to leave President Erdoğan alone at such times. Erdoğan has a clear conscience.
Books are the most reasonable and permanent way of preaching religion.

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Turkey’s aspiration to be a modern civilization actually corresponds to surpassing countries in which arts, aesthetics and high quality way of living is prevalent.
Our nation is determined to watch over President Erdoğan. We will not abandon fellow brother of our nation into the hands of the British deep state.
If the constitution is being altered to protect the President, that is in fact a measure taken to protect the state. Protecting the leader is right, it is a lawful effort.
We have got only one motherland. We will never abandon it. We will break those hands that will extend in vile to our nation through legal means.
The British deep state is behind the terror attacks perpetrated in Iraq. Their main goal is to stir up a Shiite -Sunni conflict.
Pakistan is one of the places where British deep state is very much influential. Terror attacks are a tactic they use to slaughter Muslims.
Turkey should act in unity. This period we are going through necessitates the government and opposition parties to act as one.
We should refrain from any statement that would isolate Turkey. It is important to always act with love and friendship.
President Erdoğan should continue to consistently call Islamic countries to unite. Some of them are in a deep oblivion; they will wake up if he persistently carries on calling.
The Ark of the Covenant, which will be found at time of Mahdi, will include Aaron’s staff also. Aaron’s staff is a sprouted and blossomed staff.
The undistorted parts of the Torah and the Gospel are valid for believers. Many verses of the Qur’an refer to the Torah and Gospel.
The world’s most compassionate army is the Turkish army. They are the most heedful and conscientious ones. They are very much attentive not to hurt civilians in al-Bab.
The world is getting ready for the great rendezvous with great events since Islamic morality will prevail for the last time and Jesus Messiah and the Mahdi will emerge.
We will see that greater events will occur. There is no need for any concern. Everyone should have his trust in God, what is preordained in destiny takes place.

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Mr. Trump’s words regarding Israel and Palestine stating that he likes the solution that both parties like are great. That loving language is very important.
The siege perpetrated by the British deep state against President Trump seems to be very cruel and compelling. He would show necessary determination if he is fully supported.
Communism tries to create social justice by force. In Islam, people give away their wealth with joy and happiness. Social justice is attained perfectly in Islam.
God created the system of the world on the principle of the strong helping the weak, the rich helping the poor. A system of protective guardianship should be taken as basis in defining relations between people. According to the Qur’an, it is a religious obligation for people to protect and watch over one another within the system of protective guardianship. If people abide by this religious obligation and live within the system of protective guardianship, there will be no poverty or desolation.
God created man to live with compassion, benevolence and companionship. Hatred and grudges would destroy people’s zest for life.
This world would only be beautiful with love. People started to choose cynicism, rivalry and dropping innuendos over love. With lack of love, most of the people have turned their worlds into a living hell. The movement of the Mahdi is the light that will put out this fire of hell. The movement of the Mahdi will turn this negative aura of the movement of the dajjal that engulfed the world into a loving, positive aura. The world will become a place like Heaven.
According to the Torah, the Mahdi/Moshiach will be swift in doing what is right.
God will grant Islamic moral values to reign over the world and an amazing advancement in arts, wealth and beauty to the Mahdi.
Muslims would never have understanding of religion outside the Qur’an. Muslims would not have a mind of their own while defining moral values and measures. Muslims act according to the Qur’an.
Lack of quality can be observed on large masses. The downfall observed in the understanding of quality and art would be stopped at the time of the Mahdi and there will be an amazing advancement.
I do care for and feel compassion for our atheist brothers as well. They can come see me whenever they like and ask questions.
The tension between Israel and Iran, between Iran and the US are all artificial. We will mend all fences between Turkey and Iran, Israel and Iran, Iran and the US.
Actually it is easy to fix things between people and countries but a determined person does not come up and try. God willing, we will make Iran friends with Turkey.
It would be great if President Trump continues to support Michael Flynn against the extensions of the British deep state among the media.
Conscientious people are very different than others. People acting on their good conscience would immediately be recognized.
The nationalist, idealist community trained by Mr. Bahçeli and the Chieftain Türkeş are brave, determined and valiant people loyal to the state who are ready to give their lives for our people and our homeland.
Mr. Bahçeli is a very precious national idealist who’s been through great struggles and great ordeals. He is a real statesman.
It is very nice that after we made the hypocrites a current issue, politicians also started to emphasize the immorality of the hypocritical character.
Our President Mr. Erdoğan is a man of the people who bravely stands against the British deep state. Our people love him dearly because of his stance. When a brother of ours is under an attack, it is the requisite of the morality of the Qur’an to protect him. We will protect the President Mr. Erdoğan altogether as a nation.
Iran should make very friendly statements about Turkey. Iran’s friendship with Turkey would bring relief to the region. Our President desires Turkey to be friends with Iran. It would be great if Iran enthusiastically embraces this hand of friendship.
President Erdoğan is a zestful, driven person with an ardent love to serve Turkey. We should lay the way open for Mr. Erdoğan and let him be instrumental in attaining welfare for Turkey as he likes.
Mahdi is the only spiritual leader both Shia and Sunni will embrace. Islamic world will only unite around the Mahdi.
Only with the movement of Mahdi it will be possible to put an end to sectarian and ethnic conflicts. Separatist instigation will only be obviated with the system of Mahdi.

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God reveals in the Qur’an, “Do not say about what your lying tongues describe: ‘This is lawful and this is unlawful’” (Surat an-Nahl, 116) Wearing tattoos is not unlawful.
The British deep state’s Syrian policy has totally collapsed. They were planning to break up Turkey after Syria, but their plots have got in their way.
May God strengthen Muslims’ love for one another. Those who are loveless and have fallen into a pit of hate are envious of love of Muslims.
The British deep state has plans for occupying Turkey. The Turkish State has due right in taking measures against this.
There are many structures, big or small, used by the British deep state. The reason they are very much alike is their being directed from one center.
Evolution may be on the school curricula as part of a course teaching pagan beliefs from time of the ancient Sumerians. It is an example of pagan worship.
The walls between the states will be removed at the time of the Mahdi-Moshiach by God’s leave.
God’s existence, guardianship, love and trial are very beautiful
God creates amazing beauties. It is important to remember and be thankful for all these blessings all the time.
Buddhism is a corrupt version of true religion. Acts of worship like prayer, fasting and giving alms exist in Buddhism, though in a changed form.
Performing prayers is a very old form of worship. All tribes throughout history prayed throughout history. This is also seen on cave paintings.
There are beings created as anti-Mahdi. The system of the dajjal (anti-Christ) in that sense helps the system of Mahdi.
People's cruelty and ungratefulness is something God dislikes. Ungratefulness is an awful immorality. We always have to remember God’s blessings. Muslims need to remember the blessings God grants them and have profound love for God.
The patterns that form by planets revolving around their orbits are an amazing manifestation of God’s art of geometry.
God creates all the hospital equipment and medicine, their effectiveness in treatment and all diseases. While tumors are God’s creation, the medication that cures them is also.
Some women are so fixated on marriage for material reasons that they turn mad. They don't give importance to God –may God forbid- as they attach to marriage.
Flowers have very thin roots underneath soil. With these roots they take potassium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals but leave the rest. Plants carry the metals they take via their roots using water. They know which matter to use for which color in which amount. Plants don't have any eyes but they paint their flowers like an oil painting. The borders of every color is pre-defined by the plant.
Have a look at human embryo. Everyone from presidents to butchers were like this in the beginning. Arrogance is in vain.
God is an eternally beautiful being. He is the One Who must be loved the most and cherished the most. Majority of people are very ungrateful. It is surprising how they have become so ungrateful. It is an unscrupulous misconduct that people do no appreciate God.
It is not possible to understand that people do not remember God although they are aware of the system in vision, hearing and touch. That is great unawareness.
It is a breathtaking miracle to hear the atoms and electricity that enter into the ear in the form of speech and music with treble and bass arrangements made. Normally we would perceive the electricity that comes from the ears only as a humming sound. But we are capable of hearing it in the form of music, distinguishing the direction of sound and differences in treble and bass.
The capacity of ‘vision’ has nothing to do with the eyes. The eye is only a transmitter of electrical stimuli. There is 'someone' who sees the images inside the brain. The electricity that comes to the brain for the image to form is very weak. It is a miracle that this subtle electricity is perceived as a clear three-dimensional image.
Not remembering God when He has created so much detailed blessings is the worst ingratitude and immorality.
The pharmacies are full of medicine. Hospitals are full of equipment. God creates amazing details everywhere. Forgetting God is a desperate situation.
We look at bees and birds and we see that God's artistry is everywhere. Some people live without ever contemplating on this but seek ways for quarrel and fight.
God is Almighty, All-Powerful. It is very shocking that some people live without thinking about God. It is impossible to understand this.
Structure of atoms alone is amazing. Atoms have been constantly moving without losing energy or colliding for 15 billion years.
It is surprising that some people live without thinking about God. Young people assume they will never die and this leads them to a state of heedlessness.
God creates the world with a very detailed artistry. Most people are very ungrateful. God is All-Merciful in the face of this ingratitude.
Light and color are amazing. Darwinists do not want to think about who is seeing the world in a colorful way inside their dark brains. Hearing sound and having consciousness that perceives sound is amazing. Who feels, hears and smells? This is a great miracle.

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Turkey should attain a high level of quality. It is crucially important for us to attain high quality in addressing people, in the way we dress, in our homes and streets, in every sphere of life. There is no such threat of military coups in Europe since they attach importance to arts and quality. Everyone wants to go to Europe because there is a yearning in everyone for arts and quality.
Those who give a hard time to President Trump about the issue of refugees do not even mention the fact that 2 million refugees were deported from the US during Obama’s term.
It was the British deep state that brought Hitler to power. The Rockefeller family was one of Hitler’s most important financial backers.
An enlightened, educated, rational, reasonable attitude while addressing people and thinking broadly is what befits Muslims.
Attaining high quality is crucial for Muslims. Arguing for a matter in a childish manner away from rationality would be beneath Muslims.
God wants us to approach people with compassion not with cruelty. Using a loveless approach towards our Syrian brothers is unacceptable.
We would be happy to see Syrians in peace and delight in our country. A tone that is troubled with their happiness would be atrocious. A great majority of Turkish people are immigrants anyway. We should confer citizenship to our Syrian guests as well. No one should hold back fearing the reaction of loveless people.
We are a good model in Turkey in terms of women’s freedom, freedom of thought and freedom of expression. Our works were instrumental in collapsing Darwinism, raising an enthusiastic faithful youth and removing the philosophical basis of the left.
My woman friends who prefer décolleté in the show are very important in terms of women's rights. I have many friends I've known for 30 years.
My richness is my trust and submission in God. I don't have anything in my ownership. My wealth is from God. I haven't had a single day of vacation for 40 years. I am here whether it is hot or cold outside. I use every means I have in order to spread religion.
All people love President Erdoğan. We will protect him as our own son. He should feel at ease.
The most effective solution to a military coup is a political attitude embracing people from all segments of thought without excluding anyone.
It is important to trust people's common sense. Our people are wise. They accept the right thing when they see not through fear.
High attendance in referendum and freedom of expression is important. It's risky to give the impression that people said 'yes' due to fear.
It is wrong to take a stand against large masses completely. A patronizing attitude would push them to the opposite side. This should not happen.
Those who assume they can harm Muslims using hypocrites are wrong. All hypocrites are under God’s control. They can't harm Muslims.
The sycophants of the British deep state are demon-like hypocrites who are always after treachery and ugliness.
The first thing that the British deep state is going to do is to stop their 300-year-old operation against Turkey and the Islamic world. We will see this happen.
The British deep state is in shock as they realize they are about to come to an end. They will be terminated through intellectual struggle and law.
It is great blessing to mention the Islamic Union in the end times. President Erdoğan must carry out this religious duty at every opportunity.
It is an honor that the President Erdoğan is the only leader who mentions the Islamic Union as almost none of the leaders in the Islamic world do so. Most Islamic countries are only concerned with selling oil, covering airplanes with gold, etc. They don't strive for the unity of the Islamic world.
Even if there were only a few sincere Muslims, this would be enough to make Islam prevail throughout the world.
We will witness great incidents one after the other. But no worries, nothing will happen to Turkey. It will end in goodness by God’s leave.

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Only in remembrance of God and in submission to God can the heart find peace.
Affection is a very beautiful blessing. A very heartfelt love for God, a very sincere fear of God and a deep faith is necessary to attain affection.
Some people never experience sincere love in their lives although they possess everything life can offer them. That is why they feel an insane jealousy when they see the love we have and that jealousy gives them a great pain.
The trees draw water from the soil and carry it to the highest branches. They choose the minerals that will give them their colors like an artist. The cells of the plants posses the wisdom to chose the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins for the fruit from the soil and to add the right amount to each fruit.
Life is as good as over without arts and high quality. That is crucially important.
When there is lack of artistic quality in clothes, buildings and streets, people lose their zest for life and an inward anger grows that in a sense leads the society to collapse.
Instead of building cement towers and painting everywhere in a weird green color, one can use available sources to create artistic and high quality works.
The beauty of women brings life to the whole world. When women are oppressed the joy of the world would be lost. Without the beauty of women, life would be as dull as the grave.
A country in which women are oppressed cannot be affluent. Women should be free everywhere and should be able to go out in a chador or in revealing clothes, as they like. Women should be held in high esteem wherever they go.
Quality is a very important issue. A lack of quality is very destructive for a country. A country lacking quality would collapse.
The philosophy presented under the name of ‘humanitarianism’ is also a philosophy the British deep state learnt from the time of the Pharaoh. A Muslim lives for God not for the religion of ‘humanitarianism.’ Every moment of one’s life is for God, not for the religion of ‘humanitarianism’.
The philosophy of the British deep state is the same with the philosophy of the Pharaoh. ‘Divide and conquer’ is a philosophy the British deep state learned from the Pharaoh.
Religion, piety is for God only. Everything about a Muslim, his whole life is for God.
We have nothing bad to say about the person of Sultan Abdulhamid. He is an aggrieved person persecuted under the pressure of the British deep state. But it is wrong to attribute holiness to his time of rule.
The reign of Sultan Abdulhamid is the time Ottoman’s lost lands the most, Darwinism settled in the education system and the British settled in Cyprus.
The British deep state is striving in vain. They won’t be able to do any harm to Turkey.
Also in Russia, there is a secret deep state structure working against Putin and they are acting under the control of the British deep state.
It is possible to smooth things over between Iran and the USA. An unnecessary and artificial pride has been formed in between them. It is possible to get over that and ensure the peace.
It is seen that the British deep state and its extensions are intent on removing our President Erdoğan one way or another. Protecting our President against the plots of the British deep state is a matter of top priority for our people.

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Some circles might be setting a trap to polarize and divide Turkey. That is why we should avoid any language that might cause tension or division.
A referendum is a system for asking people’s choice. It would be wrong to use a language that would intimidate them if they vote in a certain way.
The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) makes a bird-like form and it becomes a real living bird when he breathes into it. This is explicit proof that creation is not through evolution.
It is detestable that Britain made Israeli PM Netahyahu wait at the door. They've shown an attitude that could never be exercised for a statesman.
It is our obligation to help our Syrian brothers. God gave us opportunity to be like ‘Ansar’ (inhabitants of Medina who helped Muslims when they emigrated from Mecca).
All of our Syrian guests are welcome in Turkey. Everything that we have is lawful to them. This is their country also. We love them. Our Syrian brothers will live in Turkey in prosperity. No one should pay attention to the cruel attitude of some people.
Those who claim there is evolution in the Qur'an hide the fact that all people were created in the spiritual realm before time and space were created. There is no creation through evolution in the Qur'an.
Humans and chimpanzees don't have common ancestors. There must be millions of fossils showing the change from chimpanzee to man. There's none.
The theory of evolution is a pagan superstition from the Sumerians and ancient Egypt. It's unscientific. Darwinists panic as they realize this fact. Protein's structure is very complex like lace. Other proteins are needed for a protein to be formed. This can't happen by coincidence.
According to the Torah, seven things were created before the world was created. One of these is the 'Moshiach', that is the Mahdi.
Being intelligent and knowledgeable does not equal being wise. Wisdom is a blessing that comes with faith.
In the spiritual realm (before time and space were created), the Prophet Adam (pbuh) and all the prophets existed as complete human beings and they make a covenant with God. The Prophet Adam (pbuh) and Eve existed in the realm of souls, then in Heaven and later are sent to this world. There's no gradual evolution in the world. Those who claim there's evolution in the Qur'an avoid the fact that people existed in the spiritual realm before the Big Bang. They should not be insincere.
We declared that we would give 10 billion Turkish Liras to anyone who could bring a fossil proving evolution. Not a single person came forward.
The theory of evolution is scientifically over. Darwinism is dead. They should not struggle in vain, they cannot raise the dead.
There is no attack towards the theory of evolution. We are showing the irrationality of a superstitious theory that has no scientific basis.
700 million fossils prove the invalidity of evolution. There is not a single fossil proving evolution. It is impossible for proteins to form by chance.

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Satan always wants to derail people. Hypocrites want to disintegrate believers and bring detriment and failure to their efforts.
It is very crucial to keep the hypocritical character on the agenda. Hypocrites reveal their darkness and hatred on their fake accounts. Hypocrites pretend they have no relations to unbelievers amongst Muslims, but back what is unlawful and irreligious in their fake accounts.
It would not befit a Muslim to be distant to other Muslims outside his community. Love, compassion and friendship should always prevail.
That Mahdi will come at the beginning of the century does not mean that he will be recognized right at the beginning of the century. Barzanji has explained this, saying that Mahdi's coming at the beginning of the century doesn't mean he will be recognized right away, at the same time.
It is possible to win the hearts of all people when approached with friendship and cordiality.
The Süleymanlı community is carrying out auspicious efforts. There is no need to be disturbed of their activities.
Being offended fast is another habit of unbelievers. God wants believers to leave this vileness behind after embracing Islam.
We have the obligation to pray to God asking, "Almighty Lord, grant me wisdom." Wisdom belongs only to God.
All spiritually dead creatures are against God and Muslims. They only listen to the satan. Satan surrounds them like a shell.
Believers will be like newborn. They will leave all the dirt of disbelief behind. Grievance and belligerency are such obscenity that they must not carry.
Some people do not abandon the culture of unbelievers when they enter into Islam. It is important to leave the ugly burdens of disbelief completely. Making insinuations, needling people and quick demoralization are ugly burdens of unbelief. These must be abandoned when one enters into Islam.
Many people do not show their true faces. For instance, they appear as gullible. But when they enter into Islam they should not carry any one of these masks.
Lacking trust in God, demoralization and being obsessed with things are burdens of unbelief. Trust in God is the strongest antidepressant.
The good thing about President Erdoğan is that he does not yield to the British deep state. We'd never surrender him, the son of our nation, into the hands of the British deep state.
God first gives hypocrites vast opportunity but then He destroys them. The means that they possess cause them to get more evil.
Having a strong opposition shows that Turkey has democracy. Therefore our brothers should not be bothered with opposition.
Societies where women can't be free, laugh, go outside and be happy are condemned to collapse. God would not let oppression of His servants. Women should laugh as they want. It is wrong to consider fun as men's right and not of women's. Women know right and wrong via their conscience.
God gives time to unbelievers and hypocrites in this world. This should not mislead Muslims. Leaving it to the last moment for retribution is one of God’s sunnah.
The most beautiful being and blessing in Heaven is the manifestation of the Almighty God.
Unbelievers and hypocrites in hell assume that they are somehow under a spell and can change their situation. All their efforts end in failure.
Among people there are so many zombie- like beings with no soul but have the appearance of human beings. God reveals this in the Qur'an. These spiritually dead people who are coded with hatred and have no understanding of love and beauty are created specially.
In some Catholic churches, homosexuality is supposedly legitimized and Darwinism is promoted. This is the work of the British deep state.
Hypocrites strive for Muslims to be unsuccessful and it is like a mental disease for them. They try to prevent the efforts of believers, but not of unbelievers.
God describes the immorality and games of hypocrites in detail in the Qur'an. A hypocrite is a devilish and marginal creature. The logic used by the hypocrite is the same as the logic used by satan.
It would be beneficial for Turkey to establish a Ministry of Quality and Arts.
It's very good that President Erdoğan is focusing on arts and quality. May God surround him, our people and the world with His blessing. Whoever dominates arts and culture would conquer the world. Without arts and culture there's only defeat. President Erdoğan is aware of this fact.
President Erdogan said that we are from the 'family of Abraham.' This is a statement in the Qur'an and Turkish people are also in this family.

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All power and might belongs to God. No one could ever be able to do anything unless God wills so.
Satan drags people into marginality. Croesus, for instance was marginal; so was Samiri. That is a common attribute for the hypocrites. Their logic works defectively.
People are created anew along with their memories every moment. In a sense, it is as if they are reborn every moment.
Children are starving and are being martyred in Yemen. Muslims should think about the responsibility on them very thoroughly.
Rohingya Muslims are ruthlessly persecuted. They are forced into a tight corner everywhere. All Muslims should protect and look out for them.
Some people take everything for granted when it comes to men while they regard everything forbidden for women merely based on their own logic. They insist on keeping women ugly and neglected. They use violence against women and even martyr them, then claim that they did so out of love. It is a grave cruelty to compel a woman to lead a life she doesn’t want.
We will patiently educate those loveless, ruthless types who are unable to weigh their words, take no joy from beauty and are hostile to everything in their dark worlds.
There will be a swift regression following the passing away of Jesus Messiah (pbuh). Then, terrifying days in which unbelievers go fiercely rabid will come, followed by the Last Day.
Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will become the leader of Muslims after the passing away of Mahdi. While the Mahdi is alive, Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will be his vizier.
Kurdish people have a very nice politeness and morality in their nature. Most people fail to appreciate their value.
Mrs. Melania Trump is an immaculate and beautiful person. No one pays attention to those slanders cast upon her. She should be at ease.
May Almighty God let us see Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and Imam Mahdi as soon as possible.
We, as a nation, love and support President Erdoğan. He has many guardians; there are those he sees and is aware of, and those he doesn’t see and is not aware of.
Evolution is a pagan belief passed down from the Sumerians. It is not a subject matter that could be taught in biology or science courses, but may be explained as part of superstitious religions in ancient cultures.
The Prophet Adam (pbuh) was sent to this world as a complete human being. There is no such thing as gradual development through evolutionary processes in the Qur’an.
The fact that people already existed in the spiritual realm even before the Universe was created, renders claims of evolution in the Qur’an completely null and void.
With scientific evidence we have put forth the fact that Darwinism is not science. People clearly came to realize that evolution is mere superstition.
They were teaching Darwinism under the pretense of science to people through indoctrination. Being unaware, many thought they would oppose science if they refute Darwinism.
It is very important to know how to implement the Qur’an in one’s life. For instance, being in sorrow, living in worry and unease, anger against someone is not compliant with the Qur’an.

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Being against the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and the movement of Mahdi would only take away blessings from people.
We love both the British people and the American people dearly. Our intellectual struggle is against the British deep state.
In the Torah it is stated that the Mahdi - Moshiach will fear God so profoundly and face very difficult trials.
Some TV shows highlight a materialistic, aggressive, quarrelsome role model for women. In fact, such lovelessness is a kind of a scourge, a disaster.
Love based on material things is not love, it is not convincing. It would be very humiliating for a woman, if she gives her love in exchange for a house or a car.
True love is very important. God emphasizes the importance of true love, that’s why there is a trial with sufferings and ordeals in this world.
Some young people behave as if they will live to be 100. Actually youth passes away very rapidly. A 20-year old person would grow old in only two decades.
Rohingya Muslims are ruthlessly persecuted. Their sufferings alone should be enough for the Islamic world to awake them from their heedlessness.
Women should predominate in the parliaments of all countries. God bestows richness and blessings to places where women are appreciated.
It would be great if Russia and America would make a nonaggression pact and cut their military spending in half. Then, they may spend what they save for the welfare of their people.
President Trump should not be concerned of the campaigns carried out against him. No one would ever give credit to defamation; we don’t either. He should keep his heart at ease.
There is not even a single sentence in my works that might cause confusion. All my works remove all doubts and suspicions with the verses of the Qur’an and strengthen people’s faith.
Never before, in the 1,400 years of Islamic history, have people ever said, “Mahdi will not come!” this much. This is one of the portents of Mahdi’s appearance.
The bigoted minds at the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) were insanely jealous about the dashing beauty of his wives, and their being spruce.
The Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) palace was very glorious and his wives were very beautiful. Bigoted minds are unable to appreciate the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) love for beauty.
Bediuzzaman says that the first duty of Mahdi is to bring about the collapse of Darwinism and materialism. His second duty is to form the Islamic Union.
Those who lose their lives in earthquakes are considered as martyrs. Those who are injured are considered as ghazis and the properties lost are rewarded as alms by God’s leave.
By the leave of God, there will not be a major earthquake in Istanbul until Hijri 1506.
Heaven will be a place in which we will pet and love animals to our hearts’ content. There are always weaknesses and deficiencies in this world, but there is only perfection and impeccability in Heaven.
A sincere, devout Muslim would never forget performing prayers. Performing daily prayers is an amazing act of worship with which we show our love to God. It is a blessing for us.
Some people want to deprive religion of arts and beauty, then they go and try to seek refuge in Europe where these values prevail. That is insincerity.
Everyone wants and looks for beauty. Islam is everything that is beautiful. Arts, quality way of living, decency, joy, happiness, all are embedded in Islam. Misrepresenting Islam as if it stands off from beauties is outright insincerity.
Our exposing the British deep state caused the greatest defeat they have had in history. We will also see their intellectual annihilation.
The attempt to present evolution theory -which is actually a pagan belief- as if it is scientific is the greatest logical fallacy in history. Evolution is not science. Science testifies the fact of God’s Creation.
All people ever existed were present in the Realm of Souls at time of ‘Qalu Bala’. All their physical characteristics were complete and perfect. This renders claims of creation through evolution invalid.

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Before the creation of the Universe, everyone spoke out his or her promise with proper articulation. They were fully developed human beings with the ability to talk. So there is no such thing as gradual creation though evolutionary processes.
Before God created the universe, He got a promise out of every person, ever created while they were still in the spiritual realm before the creation of the Universe. That means all people existed even before the creation of the Universe and there is no place for an evolutionary process.
God’s wisdom is amazingly superior but people may only think and comprehend a very small portion of that superiority. God is the Supremely Great Power.
Muslims wouldn't worry thinking ‘what would we do if this and this happens?’ because they know that everything is in God's control. Every electron, every neutron, every atom is acting under the control and knowledge of God.
Our President is a well-intentioned, right-minded person. Our Prime Minister is well-intentioned and sincere as well. They both want to do good for Turkey.
While thinking about an issue, one should always keep in mind that God is the One Who creates everything. God would demean those who arrogantly say ‘I did this.’
Muslims are one another’s brothers and guardians. Muslims do not approach one another with a quibbling manner.
Many religious Freemasons worked in the building of the Masjid of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). These freemasons worked very meticulously.
Mr. Trump says that they will accept those, who respect their values and those who love them, to their country. That is a justified demand. He is against radicalism, not Islam.
They try to present Mr. Trump as if he is an aggressive warmonger. That is a misrepresentation. Mr. Trump is against radicalism, not Muslims.
We explained the machinations of the British deep state in the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in great detail. We have raised awareness among our people regarding this issue.
An incriminating attitude regarding people’s vote in the referendum is unbecoming. Both those voting “yes” and “no” are treasured citizens of our country.
The meteorites have clustered around the world like clouds but many people regard this inconsequential. This nonchalance is not normal.
The British deep state can put many different structures to use. But the real way to render this ineffective is to announce the real power behind, namely the deep state.
Books are one of the most beautiful means for preaching religion and they too are living. They speak in various languages and make great impact on people.
Certain circles must stop their threats towards President Trump. They'll not succeed with a coup. They can't stop America from being more religious.
Books are alive. They have a different language with which they speak to the people who read them. Books change people's minds.
It's not complicated to correct the relations between America and Russia. Love and friendship are not complicated. It's easy to be friends in brotherhood.
President Trump could consider organizing meetings with religious communities on a regular basis. In these religious gatherings organized by the President Trump, 7 muezzins could sing the Islamic call to prayer, 7 shofars could be played and 7 church bells could be rang. It would be wise to decrease military expenses as well.
For the first time in American history a US President has faced so much aberrant reaction. Trump's precautions are only temporary, and it would be good for him to continue his support for the Islamic world.
All scientific data shows that there has been a rapid increase in the number of earthquakes since 1980. This is one of the portents of Mahdi.

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The British deep state is targeting the President Mr. Erdoğan. In the face of this, it is very important to provide wide public support to him.
The best precaution to be taken against the coup is an approach that embraces the opposition and receives wide public support.
At the night of July 15th coup attempt, I was the first one to announce without any hesitations that the coup attempt was null & void.
There should be systems ready to be used by the President and the Prime Minister to make statements on TV at times of a possible coup attempt.
The spirit of the Qur’an, the moral values of the Qur’an should prevail everywhere, in every sphere of life.
The same respect should be shown both to those who vote ‘no’ and ‘yes’ in the referendum for the constitutional amendments. That is a requisite of democracy.
Temperance would be good for politics as tension is not benevolence. It brings inauspiciousness.
It isn't right to bring someone to account for one's choice in a constitution referendum. It could be dangerous to form sides in this matter.
In a referendum one must show respect to both those who say 'yes' and 'no'. This is what democracy stands for.

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It is important to spread the loving, compassionate tone of the Mahdi movement around the world. Fighting and quarrel can’t solve anything.
Classic political rhetoric, provocative language reminiscent of WWII, should no longer be used. We should make peace between Iran and USA.
Everything Trump does to make America religious again would bring blessings to the USA.
A book that tells about the existence of God and the beauty of the Qur’an is a blessing to believers and a great irritation to satan.
Countries should act on the basis of friendship and brotherhood. The US and Iran may also always adopt a friendly tone, free from any tension.
It would be a mistake for USA to consider fighting Iran, because it would mean fighting Russia as well. It’s important to be on the side of peace at all times.
Turkey should be a very civilized, modern country famous for her art visible in every aspect of life.
No one can target or plot against Turkey as long as she is modern, civilized, democratic and champions women’s rights.
We should be friends with Greece and even lift visas. Crises, wars of words, should be a thing of the past. We may live in beautiful relations together.
The traitors that tried to stage a coup on the night of the coup attempt were preparing for a massacre. Our nation foiled their plots.
Cruelty, a lack of sympathy and compassion, a lack of understanding is a big threat and must be addressed effectively regardless of political orientation.
Our people are very brave, very selfless. They prevented lots of disasters on the night of the coup attempt.
Evolution can be taught as ‘a pagan religion that attributes everything to coincidences’. But evolution cannot be instructed as science. Science refutes evolution.
No one should be criticized for making her/his own choice based on good conscience. People should choose freely in a democratic atmosphere.
Laws should be based on a combination of reason and conscience. Purely technical laws with no room for conscience cannot ensure justice.
President Trump's invitation of representatives of all divine faiths on the National Day of Prayer is an auspicious and benevolent practice.
The reason why the West supports the YPG/PKK is their false assumption that they are a modern structure, which would stand against bigotry in the region. If Turkey becomes highly modern, reinforces women's rights, arts and science; that would abolish any claims against our country.
When Turkey becomes an ultramodern country that would neutralize the fierce weapon those desire to use for their attempts to divide Turkey. If Turkey makes arts and science prevail by holding women's rights superior, we would overcome plots that are hatched against our country.
The disintegration of Turkey is the 200-year plan of the British deep state. They attempt to implement the map they drew up 200 years ago.
People in hell think that they are under a spell that disrupts the perception of time; therefore, they don’t comprehend the eternal torment.
It is told in the hadiths that the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and Mahdi (pbuh) have great resemblance.
Sheikh Shamil had historical bravery and grandeur. Russians also admired his courage and determination.
Putin is an honest man. Turkey and Russia should have a stronger relationship.
Turkey and Russia could act as a guarantor for Crimea to turn the peninsula into a center of peace. Crimea is a sacred region. Let us revive Crimea under the guarantee of Turkey and Russia. Let us strengthen our friendship with Ukraine.
The Jewish scripture informs us that the Mahdi will go through great sufferings and he will be patient in face of all troubles with love of God.
Right after we exposed the British deep state, they began their efforts to try to earn sympathy from Turkey.
lt would be great if President Trump considered decreasing military expenses and transferred those funds to help increase the propsperity of the American people.
President Trump must turn his meetings with religious communities into a custom. He should get together with Jews, Christians and Muslims every month. Church bells, shofar (Jewish prayer horn) and adhan (Islamic call to prayer) could be played at these meetings.
Muslim countries must continue supporting President Trump. Even though there were mistakes in his first action, we must keep our support.

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Even greater incidents will take place in the coming days, but eventually humanity and the world will ride out the storm. Peace and beauty will prevail in the world.
Both Sunnis and Shias are radiant Muslims. The war between Yavuz Sultan Selim and Shah Ismail was not a Shia-Sunni war. It was a war fought for dominance in East Anatolia.
Spirituality and piety is what the US needs right now. President Trump should frequently meet with Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious figures.
Our President Mr. Erdoğan sacrificed himself on the Path of God, for the sake of God. It is everyone’s duty to protect him in the face of the sufferings he endured.
Alawites are very dear to us. Love, friendship and affection constitute the foundation of the Alawism. Alawites should take no account of those who don't appreciate such values.
Women are one of the most beautiful ornaments and blessings of this world.
The hadiths state that the Mahdi will appear young even when he will be advanced in age. Even when he is 70-80, he will appear to be 40 years old.
Being the Mahdi is not a rank one would attain merely by striving, working hard or demanding. It is a rank God grants on the person He chooses.
It won’t be possible to correct people or wrong manners simply by using a criticizing language. It is easy to attain results with a positive, rational, moderate language.
As Turkey we need to use a loving language that constantly encourages the right way of behaving. It won’t be possible to attain good results with a language that constantly disagrees and criticizes.
The Torah states that the Mahdi will teach peace and love to all nations and everyone will pledge allegiance to him.
It was very nice that our President Mr. Erdoğan reacted to the use of the word ‘Islamic terror’ during the meeting with Angela Merkel. Our President's sense of religious patronage is a good example for everyone.

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People who have gone through afflictions turn out to be perfect artists. That’s why gypsies are amazing artists. It’s an honor to be a gypsy.
The Jews who raise money to rebuild the burned-down Texas mosque have displayed moral perfection.
Acting together with loveless people who take a stance against Muslims would cause harm both to President Trump and the US. Mr. Trump must side with love.
Only because of a statement I made, I was detained in the mental asylum being chained to my bed. It has truly been an honor for me.
After being kept in mental asylum for nine months and in prison for ten months, the same prosecutor that convicted me confessed that I was innocent and he acquitted me of all charges.
President Trump must make an effort to make America pious again and increase the welfare of his nation rather than investing in arms.
Prophet Job (pbuh) persevered in the face of the trials God made him go through. His trial was very precious; he was always on the side of God.
President Trump’s policy is a “Pious America” against a “Communist America.” With this aspect, Mr. Trump’s policy is precious and important.
In Cyprus, we don’t have any land to give. No one should present giving land as normal.
Friendship always brings blessings. We need to approach all issues with compassion and love.
Evolution is not science. Evolution is a pagan belief that tries to explain everything by chance. Science speaks with evidence. Evolution has no evidence.
It’s important to convince people by explaining every aspect of an issue, not by winning them through mass psychology.
Some people remain under the influence of mass psychology. Many people are led by a single person’s opinion. Free opinion is rare and precious.
People often side with people they consider to be strong. This must not be the criterion to adopt an opinion.

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It is very disturbing that sometimes people forget about artists of the past. An artist should never be forgotten.
Loveless people are usually surrounded by other loveless people and they treat each other very rudely.
Piety can be seen on the face. Believers have holy light on their faces due to their strong faith in God.
Attacking places of worships is one of the most evil methods of the dajjal [antichrist]. It is savagery to attack mosques, churches and synagogues.
There are more than 700 fossils and all of them prove creation. On the other hand, there is not even a single fossil proving evolution. Evolutionists, instead of engaging in demagogy, should offer scientific proof for evolution. But they cannot, because there is none.
Any country getting close to Turkey is targeted with international plots, including Israel, Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran.
It would be great if President Trump had a liaison office in Turkey. We could help him build the right policies.
The armored vehicles given to the PKK/YPG terror organization must be a natural continuation of Obama's policies. Such irrational practices will soon come to an end.
Trump's wearing down would be a high risk for the US and the world. It is of benefit for him to refrain from policies that fall into disfavor.

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They might be trying to get Mr. Trump into trouble by letting him follow a wrong policy. Against such attempts, we should help him set the records straight.
Mr. Trump should give priority to spirituality. He should carry out activities to strengthen the religiousness of the US. He should convene with Muslim religious scholars.
It is important to provide true information to Mr. Trump and to lead him correctly. The recent law about the visa-ban would cause unnecessary problems; he should change that law.
Criticisms brought to a Muslim should be with the Qur’an. Instead of talking according to one’s own mentality, it is important to cricitize by saying ‘this is the case according to this verse of the Qur’an’.
What we experienced on the night of July 15th attempted coup is unforgettable. We need to keep it on the agenda. Especially the precautions that should be taken should always be on the agenda.
Women can dress as they like in a place they are appreciated and respected. Environments in which respect to women is not known would be very dangerous for women.
The treachery of July 15th has revealed the debased mentality of the hypocrites in all its aspects.
The like of the treachery we have witnessed on July 15th attempted coup is very rarely seen in history. They have pointed the guns bought with our people’s money to our people.
It is love that beautifies a person. Beauty is not skin, nor is it with merely flesh and bones.
The Prophet Adam (pbuh) existed in the spiritual realm even before the Earth was created and was put in Heaven and then to the Earth. There is no such thing as creation by evolution.
More than 700 million fossils have been found so far and not even one of them suggests evolution. The concept of evolution has no scientific value.
Just like it was with the followers of the Prophet Moses and the People of the Cave, it is stated that the students of the Mahdi would be in a state of spiritual dormancy.

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It is definitely unacceptable to give away land in Cyprus or for Turkish troops in Cyprus to withdraw. If any troops in Cyprus are to withdraw, it should be the British troops first, followed by the closing of the British bases. Turkish troops are in Cyprus protect both sides. It is inexplicable to be uncomfortable with the presence of Turkish troops.
When the time of death comes for believers, their life will be taken very smoothly, without any difficulty for them.
In the Hereafter, when people are asked ‘How long did you stay in the world’, they will be convinced that it had been only ‘a day or less’.
All humans were first created in the spiritual realm [Qalu Bala], before being created in this world. They weren’t created through evolution.
Death is like waking up from a lucid dream. Once awake, the person is in the Hereafter and there will be no coming back.
Women are under a lot of pressure from those that wish to dictate them what to do. Women are perfectly capable of making the right choices.
Book is the silent teacher at home. It keeps on teaching religion day and night without ever stopping and educates an entire neighborhood. Communicating religion with books is the best method.
People have a wrong understanding of religion. They assume pious people become introverted and lose their joy. That is not being religious. One becomes lively and joyful with religion and faith in God. Believers are extraverted and full of life.
No new genetic information could be generated through coincidences. Genetics is a branch of science that is anti-evolutionist.
Evolution is anti-science, a pagan superstition from the time of the Sumerians that attempts to explain the origin of the universe through coincidences.
Evolution is a superstition coming to our time from the era of the Sumerians. Creation is science. We don't accept pagan superstitions against facts of science. Evolutionists have no fossils that prove evolution. They only have imaginary drawings and fairy tales in their hands.
We proved through millions of fossils that there is no evolution. Evolutionists can't provide a single evidence for their argument. They only engage in demagoguery.
There is no place for evolution in the Qur'an. Science also proved that there is no evolution. There is no stage-by-stage progress; there is only creation at an instant.
Those who support the fallacy that there is evolution in the Qur'an can't explain creation of Heaven, angels, jinn, plants and the mansions in Heaven.
Before God created the universe, He created all people in the Realm of Souls where there is no time and place, and took their promise. God created Prophet Adam (pbuh) in heaven. There is no evolution in any of their creation.

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Those who say that they are against Western civilization, art and music send their children to the West for education. It is a great dilemma that some Muslims are against the civilization of the West and desire to live in the West at the same time.
In Heaven, people are not created through evolution. People existed in Qalu Bala before they were sent to this world. They did not evolve.
There is no creation by evolution in the Qur'an. God revealed that all humanity was created before the universe and He took a promise from them.
The entirety of the Qur'an is valid till the Day of Judgment. There is no verse that is abolished in the Qur'an.
Reminding people of love is the best answer to the enmity satan is trying to inflict on people every day.
Every society where women are oppressed is destroyed. It is against good conscience to think that men have the right to all freedoms. It is a disaster not to know the value of women. It is an affliction for a person not to realise that women are such beautiful blessings.
Bigots' life away from art, quality, entertainment and beauty causes Muslims to be oppressed even though they don't realise it.
Love, entertainment, beauty, friendship exist in Islam in its best form.
There is a false understanding that after becoming religious, a person needs to lose his joy of life, become dull and quiescent. Religion gives a person liveliness and vitality. A person becomes ten or a thousand times livelier than before with religion.
A person may have done many mistakes before he practices religion. It is not right to suffer due to these mistakes according to the Qur'an.
Before one becomes religious, commandments of the religion are known only in a blurred way. There is no sharpness of mind and consciousness.
Most people who support the theory of evolution support the theory without knowing anything about evolution, fossils or protein formation.

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We are put on a beautiful trial. According to the portents of the hadith, bigger incidents will follow but they will all end up with goodness insha’Allah.
ISIS must withdraw from the Turkish border and never think of carrying out terror acts in Turkey.
The Qur’an is valid until the Day of Judgment. There is no verse which was annulled later.
God created human beings before this world was created. Man’s gradual coming into existence by evolution is out of the question.
God’s infinite wisdom is formidable. Only the creation of God is a spectacular artistry on its own.
This world is somewhere between heaven and hell. God makes believers live in a world dominated with iddylic attributes. This’s a great blessing.
There are difficulties in the world because love flourishes with difficulties. In the absence of love, everything loses its meaning. For profound love and passion to come into existence, one needs to go through pain and afflictions. Otherwise a person can’t attain profundity.
The provisions of the Qur'an are valid until the Day of Judgment. Those who allege that the verses about mercy and compassion have been annulled commit a great persecution. Claiming that the verses about love and mercy had been annulled, some bigots ban approaching Christians with compassion. None of the verses the Qur'an had been annulled. God decrees us to approach the People of the Book with compassion and mercy.
While deciding in state issues, making this with consultation brings blessings. It’s important to counsel with reasonable people.
Watching the drowning refugee from a distance is an important sign of how the Darwinist materialist education leads people to villainy.
Homosexuality is an obscenity banned by God. Imposing something people loathe because of their faith is a great persecution. Consequently, forcing priests to wed homosexuals in churches is a cruelty which is against the faith of priests.
The bust of Churchill that exists between Trump and May during their meeting is the symbol the British Deep State between the two states.

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Our Prophet has given great details about the End Times and the movement of the Mahdi. All the portents our Prophet foretold about the End Times have all been realized one by one showing us that we are living in a wondrous time.
The history of world has been shaped according to the system of the Mahdi. The system of the Mahdi lies beneath the foundation of the UN. This can be understood from the passages of the Torah engraved on the walls of the UN building.
Jesus the Messiah has a medium stature and is athletically built. His face is purely beautiful and radiant. His face is impeccably beautiful.
According to the hadiths, Jesus has a sharp gaze, his eyes are green-like hazel, and his hair is golden chestnut.
No state could ever be succesful on its own against the movement of the dajjal [antichrist]. The absolute defeat of the movement of the dajjal will be through the movement of the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. The movement of the dajjal could never prevail against the system of the Mahdi and Jesus Messiah. That is metaphysical. The movement of the dajjal will definitely be defeated by the movement of the Mahdi.
By the will of God, we all will see Jesus the Messiah. This generation will be blessed with the sight of a Prophet.
The good deeds our disabled brothers and sisters attain are immense. Just like ghazis, disabled people attain great good deeds as well.
Our brothers should be very cautious against self-seeking people. Expecting expedience is unacceptable while preaching religion, one only acts for the good pleasure of God.
Nimrod is one of the famous Freemasons in history. Symbols of Freemasonry are clearly seen in archeological findings.
Atheists are honest and openly declare that they do not believe. Hypocrites, on the other hand, are perfidious, treacherous and ignominous. They try to corrode Muslims from the inside out.
99% of mutations are harmful and 1% are ineffective. It is scientifically explained that even those 1% ineffective mutations are proved to be harmful in the long term.
Evolutionists confess that the probability of a useful mutation is like shooting at the motor of a car and expecting it to work better.
Mutations are detriments that occur in the genes of the living beings. Mutations cannot bring about a new species or cause one to evolve into another.
Bediuzzaman explicitly states that the Mahdi will appear as a person and that he will appear in Istanbul and will start his mission in 1979.
In the Treatise of Light, Bediuzzaman openly and clearly states that the Mahdi will start his mission in Hijri 1400, meaning 1979.
Federalism was a 200 year-old plan of the British Deep State for Turkey. They want to separate Istanbul and Izmir and leave Turks confined to Central Anatolia. Maps in British archives show Istanbul as a separate state in the 1920’s. Their goal was to break our lands into small pieces.
There are more than 700 million fossils and not even one display an evolutionary process. Living beings are not evolving gradually in the fossil records.
Mr. Trump and his team are open to criticism. Claims about their being against Muslims are not realistic. Their reaction is about radicalism.

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During the presidency of Obama, America has experienced the greatest spiritual collapse of its history. Trump can rebuild the American Dream.
There is nothing wrong with Trump mentioning radical Islam. He means an understanding of Islam away from the Qur'an.
Some bigots still want to live in Europe even though they hate art, music, beauty, courtesy and they cannot cope with it.
It is not realistic to say that there is no radical Islam. Radical Islam is based on false hadiths, not the Qur'an and defends violence.
TV shows that push aside quality and place importance on self-interest and encourage a culture of conflict for free food are very ruinous.
Every street and village of Turkey must be very clean, beautiful and of quality. One needs to have taste for this. This'll be by way of education.
The dajjal [antichrist] has many supporters, yes-men and informants. They offer a false heaven to their supporters and turn the life of their opposers to hell.
Let us fill all the streets with fruit trees so to supply the people with fruit. Let's do agriculture in all the empty lands and encourage agriculture.
Opposition from inside or outside would always bring prosperity to a political party as long as it is national and local.
The TV series that show the British Deep State as strong are material for propaganda. It is very important to be on alert for this propaganda.

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Churchill clearly describes how the British Deep State operates. He says there is a detailed plan in world events and they are in service.
The presence of Churchill's bust in the White House is the mark of the British Deep State's message saying, "We are everywhere."
The Mahdi's emergence is very close, insha'Allah. Presidents Putin, Trump and Erdogan will have very good duties in this period.
Trump is acting honestly. If he does something wrong, the people would warn him. It's not fair to be mercilessly against him.
Evidences of modern science destroy evolution. These evidences must be taught at schools. We must answer superstitions with science. Evolutionists have hidden the Cambrian fossils for 70 years. They are trying to sustain a Sumerian pagan belief by hiding science from people. Evolution can be taught at schools as a Sumerian superstition but how a protein is formed and fossils must be taught to children.
Evolution is a superstition that explains everything with coincidences. Trying to deceive Muslims by 'Qur’anic evolution' is a void pursuit.
None of the 'evolutionary mechanisms' evolutionists rely on could form a new species. They don't turn a being into another being.
The antibiotic resistance of bacteria is not evolution. Bacteria were created as bacteria. They did not turn into another being.
All people, Adam and Eve, were first created before this world and then they were sent to this world.
Evolution has no place in the Qur'an. Allah created all people in the beginning at the Realm of Souls [Qalu Bala] and took their promise. There is no creation through evolution.
They are not investing with a Muslim who doesn't support evolution. So some defeatists are trying to gain benefit by supporting evolution.
They're trying to explain antibiotic resistance of bacteria with evolution but in truth it is a system God created inside bacteria from the very first moment.

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Hypocrites are extremely evil. They do their biggest attacks on believers following the biggest kindness of believers to them.
Hypocrites are ungrateful and can never appreciate anything. Ignoring a thousand favors, they see one problem and throw a tantrum.
When hypocrites are prevented at one point, they’ll find another excuse to cause trouble. They find a way to vent out their filth.
Hypocrites are shameless in this world and in hell. They make demands both in this world and in hell.
When hypocrites wish to gain something, they resort to trickery. The way they try to take the possessions of believers is similar to looting.
Our Prophet (pbuh) told about the signs that would give hypocrites away. One sign is that their greeting will be fake.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that, even if it is the last day before the end of the world, God would extend that day for the appearance of Mahdi.
The Mahdi won’t have any worldly goals. No one will be treated badly during his time.
Hypocrites will try to exploit believers. Believers should always be careful about that.
Sectarian divisions caused Muslims to fight each other in Syria, Iraq and in many other places.
It is important to gather around the Holy Qur’an and the person that will do that is the Mahdi.
There were no sects at time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). There was only one religion. Mahdi’s time will be like the time of our Prophet.
Islam is one religion with explicit haram and helals in Qur’an. Though sects have rules contradicting each other. God accepts the religion in Qur’an.
US Presidents having to pose with a bust of Churchill’s is a sign of the pressure of the British Deep State.
What is explained in the Qur’an as legal and illegal is all there is about it. Four Islamic sects having different sets of rules, is wrong.
Trump’s Syrian policy should be based on protecting Syria’s territorial integrity. It wouldn't befit Trump to support a communist terror group. If the new US administration supports the terrorist PKK, as the Obama administration did, they’ll bring an American nightmare, not the American Dream.
It’s significant to support the legal government and democracy in Iraq. That should be the policy of the US also.
It is great that Netanyahu called for friendship with Iranians. But real peace and friendship will be possible with the Mahdi (Moshiach).
It is very easy for the people of the world to be siblings. It is surprising that people resist love despite the fact that fights, wars, hostility are difficult. Some people make peace deliberately seem to be difficult. They make friendship, help, union of Muslims look difficult. But peace and friendship are easy.
Some people, knowingly or unknowingly, drive people away from religion by introducing non-existent bans and restrictions. People should be wary of methods designed to drive people away from Islam.
If Turkey acts together with Iran, Israel, Russia, China and the USA, the British Deep State will lose its influence.
Mr. Trump is open to criticism. He corrected his past wrong remarks after it was explained to him why they were wrong.
It is crucial that democratic principles are upheld in every decision and practice, and that courts have the sole say.
Muslims should be dignified and sensible and shouldn't follow non-Qur’anic trends. Instead they should be an example to others with their integrity.
Books are very effective methods of spreading God’s beautiful message. They teach wherever they go.
May God reward with Heaven all our brothers and sisters that work for God’s good pleasure.
We will rebuild the Temple of Prophet Solomon (pbuh) together. The Mahdi (Moshiach) will be instrumental to end all wars.

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All power belongs to God. The movement of the dajjal [antichrist] has no impact on those with sincere faith and it will never affect them.
Russia and Turkey should not leave Trump alone against the pressure of the British Deep State. If he were backed up strongly, he would act bravely and righteously.
One of the characteristics of the movement of the Mahdi is that the majority of people would resist it in the beginning. Our Prophet (pbuh) knew that people would adopt a negative attitude about the Mahdi. That is why he explained the movement of the Mahdi very comprehensively. Those against the system of the Mahdi should be able to say, “None of the signs pertaining to the Mahdi have been realized”. But they can’t because they have all been realized.
One of the dishonest methods they use in their twisted minds to render the movement of the Mahdi ineffective is to claim that there is still 100 or 200 years for the Mahdi to appear.
Those who are sincere about the Mahdi's system must tell the portents about his coming told in the hadiths. They should not hide these hadiths from people.
Trump keenly wants to serve America. It is not right to hold him off before he even takes a step forward. It is important to give him an opportunity.
Saying Russia is the mastermind behind the violent events are merely an effort in vain to distract attention from the British Deep State. This structure is very influential among the Russian bureaucracy as well. Putin is well aware of the fact that he is encircled by the agents of the British Deep State and is giving a strong struggle against this threat.
Let us come to a solution regarding the Syria issue as soon as possible. Let us ensure the territorial integrity of Syria. Turkey should strengthen ties with Iraq and Israel in the region.
The reason why many circles promote the evolution theory is merely ideological. They do not even know what the theory really is about.
It is unacceptable to impose a superstition such as evolution that have no scientific basis and that call everything coincidence as science.
Physics, chemistry, biology are all branches of science. But the evolution theory is reminiscent from an ancient Sumerian religion; it is a pagan belief that explains the universe completely with coincidences.
Those protesting the election of Trump should learn to respect the choices of the American people. It is unacceptable to pour into the streets when one’s demands are not met. Saying ‘it is not important what the people wants, I am the one that is necessary, my way is the only way’ is not compliant with democracy.

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The British Deep State is ruling over American institutions. The pressure of the British Deep State is crushing the American people.
Chastity and faith are blessings that make a woman very beautiful. The light of faith is a completely different piquancy.
Darwinists may be embarrassed because they were deceived for so many years. They should not be. Evolution is a superstition, not a science.
God reveals in the Qur'an that He created all people before the beginning of time in Qalu Bala [Realm of Souls]. Humans were not created in stages.
According to the claim of the theory of evolution, there must be millions of transitional fossils of half-creatures. There isn't a single one.
There is no evolutionary creation in the Qur'an. God revealed that He created human beings with the command 'Be'. There is no creation through evolution.
Angels, jinn are created suddenly and without evolution. Creation in the Hereafter will be without evolution. Human beings are not created through evolution. There's no scientific evidence or a verse in Qur'an backing it. There's no existence by evolution in the Qur'an.
It is a silly attempt to associate the unscientific superstition of evolution dating from the Sumerian period with the Qur'an.
The theory of evolution is the greatest and the most irrational superstition imposed on people throughout the world.
The theory of evolution is unscientific. Those who support an irrational, pagan theory like evolution will feel very ashamed in the future. The cell is more complex than a city. Saying that such a complex structure came into existence by coincidence is humiliating.
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