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The soul dies in cruelty, people feel an intense pain in cruelty. No matter how much wealth one lives in, such a person would feel an intense pain in every moment of his life. Success in not in the wealth attained. Living in happiness and joy is success. And that is only possible with faith.

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The lie people say the most is, “We had so much fun.” Most of the time, none of them sincerely have fun or enjoy true happiness.
Sincerity is the best way to make someone happy.

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It's abnormal if people do not look for happiness. Happiness can only be obtained when one submits completely to All-Knowing, All-Merciful God.

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A person with strong faith who loves God very much is never unhappy. When there is a lack of faith, there is unhappiness and distress.

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The only way money could bring happiness is when one helps those in need, serves Islam and makes other people happy with it. But of course having faith is the only possible way to be truly happy.

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My only expectation from life is to earn the good pleasure of God. If I could earn this, I would be the happiest person in the world.

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People can be happy only with love, altruism and compassion.

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Our happiness stems from our love for God.

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Women enjoy being appreciated and being admired. But well-groomed, happy, content ladies are very hard to come by.

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Some people are so much used to assuming that happiness can only come through drinking alcohol and the like that they cannot grasp the joy and happiness of believers who do not drink alcohol.

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Loveless people lose everything they have, including their physical and spiritual beauty and happiness.

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Wealth alone does not make a person happy, it leads to distress. Even a person living in a palace commits suicide, may God forbid: A person can only find true happiness through faith.

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Behind everything that is beautiful lies the fear of God. In the absence of the fear of God emerges an entirely different system, one in which people will find no happiness.

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On account of their trust in God, Muslims are joyful in their lives. They are joyous when they are struggling for the sake of God or when they are martyred. They never lose their inner sense of happiness, joyfulness. However, those who are faint of faith becomes paralyzed; they feel at a loss, they panic, they cry and lead their lives in a state of unhappiness and fear.

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People far removed from God can never be happy. People who do not resign themselves to God can never find abundance and relief.
Knowing the artistry of God, recognizing the Greatness of God, brings about plentitude from God; that takes away troubles, brings about relief. When God is forgotten somehow, pain and sufferings never let people in peace.

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The origin of happiness is faith. A person becomes happy with faith. Because he gives his thanks to God, he submits to God under any circumstances and looks for goodness in everything. In the spirit of unbelief, people look for bad things in everything. In the spirit of unbelief, people look for evil, dissension and commotion.

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We feel happy with Allah, we feel happy with religion. In the system of the Mahdi, both religious people and people that are against religion will be able to live happily and peacefully. The system of the Mahdi shows regard to all of them.

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God gave the concise formula for happiness: Mahdi and the Jesus Messiah. That is all. Have them lead you and be happy says God. If you resist I will hurt you, He says. Yet some people say that they will resist. Then you'll be hurt. If you give up you will feel relieved.

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Human body is poisoned in the absence of happiness.

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People can only be happy in the true sense of the word with faith and with the love of Allah.
People can only be happy in the true sense of the word with faith and love for Allah.

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Allah wants us to be happy and to smile.

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In the Qur’an, in the Gospels and the Torah Allah wants His servants to be happy. Allah does not want them to be hurt and suffer. Since Allah created the Heaven, He wants us to be happy.

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The minds of unhappy people become damaged. Faithlessness leads to unhappiness, unhappiness leads to faithlessness. This is an interlocked system. Unhappiness attracts faithlessness. Actually Allah wants Muslims to be happy. Allah approves happiness. Bigots on the other hand constantly encourage crying

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Some say; "We can be happy without Allah." No my brother, that would never be the case. Allah would give scourges on you and exhaust your means. How could something like that happen? In that case, there will be no meaning to life.

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Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will make people happy and will give relief to their hearts.

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The world is in a comatose state at the moment. No one is able to cheer up, people are unable to laugh. Without the love of Allah, Allah does not give joy to people. But with the appearance of the Mahdi, a festive air will enwrap everyone insha'Allah.

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Woman or man, anyone who abides by the Qur'an would be happy. Anyone who aims to win the good pleasure of Allah would lead a happy and honorable life.

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Allah created us in a way to be cheerful.

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We are celebrating our faith and Allah's creating us as servants every single day. I mean there is a celebration every single day. Every single day we celebrate the joy we have for being Muslims, for being from the Ummah of our Prophet (saas).

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Our brothers have the feast of faith in their hearts, masha'Allah
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