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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (2 November 2015)



Our Prophet (saas) says that in the End Times there will be a country named Ameriq. The accounts also state; “It will connect fifty cities." That means fifty states. "Mahdi will land on the Ameriq region from above the clouds. Mahdi will have a light among the darkness. Like the moon and the stars." That is also very significant; as you know, the moon and a star are the symbols seen in the Turkish flag. 



New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (31 October, 2015)



Recounted from Ibn Sirin; They ask our Prophet (saas) if Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would be superior than Abu Bakr and Omar. He tells them, "My son, he is superior than Abu Bakr and Omar".

They asked Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra): "It is said that he, Mahdi, will be superior than Abu Bakr and Omar, what do say you to that? and he answers them, "He will even be superior than some of the prophets." Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a very significant person.


Our Prophet (saas) says, "I have good news to those who meets Qaim Mahdi, one of the people of my house, who is an ally to his allies," -in other words, his friends- "and who is an enemy to his enemies before my son Mahdi's appearance, while he is in disguise. Those are my friends, my beloved ones and they are the noblest of my people -people of Islam." He heralds them. Pay attention here, he says,  "I have good news for those who meet Qaim, who is an ally of his allies, who is against those that are against him. Those are my friends." In other words, "I am pleased with them and they are pleased with me," says Our Prophet (saas)


Bediuzzaman says that there will be a grand reform in Hijri 1506. That is probably the beginning of Gog and Magog. He tells of a second grand reform in 1543 and a third one in 1545. But this grand reform will be the last one and it will be dreadful. During this, God destroys the Earth.

Bediuzzaman says that some oppressed people, some uneducated communities, some "Manchurian and Mongolian tribes" will attack and leave the world in shambles, as has happened in history from time to time, such as the Hulagu sedition. He says, "They preserve their original characteristics." 

He says that just like  locusts that come in its season and leave after its season passes, these Manchurian and Mongolian tribes will come in the End Times, when it is convenient, with a grudge against all of humanity. Thus he says, "You will see them descend over the hills." Their invasion of the Earth is in question.

By that time, religion would not be practiced for a long time; maybe this will include China. He says that they will attack Europe, America, everywhere. The second grand reform is the counter-movement which will take place about Hijri 1543.  By 1545, the last grand reform will take place; he says that this will coincide with the last times of a grand community about Hijri 1506. In other words, 1506 is the last times of the community of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), when his disciples will be old and are only able to carry on with the task until 1506. 


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (27 October, 2015)


The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) says: "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you." That is because he is an example, a role model, in love. He has an enthusiastic love. So he says, "love each other as I have loved you."

He tells his disciples to take off their socks. He grabs a bowl, brings hot water and begins washing their feet. This surprises his disciples. And he says  "Take me as an example, be humble with each other, love and protect each other". This is why the Pope washes the feet of people. This is a commandment of the Holy Bible. Jesus (pbuh) did not do that out of the blue. He washed the feet of his disciples one by one, all of them. Look at the modesty an Ulu'l Azm Prophet (Prophet of Determination) shows. "No need to make it a matter of pride," he says.

Our Prophet (saas) tells us that "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will read the uncorrupted chapters from Torah, Psalms and Gospel to the People of the Book".

"After that he (Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh))…. will recite the scriptures of the Taurat, Injeel and Zabur. The people of Taurat, Injeel and Zabur will say: Indeed, these are the scriptures of Prophet Nuh and Ibrahim and from which omissions and interpolations are made. By God, this is the complete Taurat, Injeel and Zabur, and it is better than whatever we used to recite so far. " Bihar al-Anwar Volume 51,52,53. This is a-thousand-year-old work. 51, 52 and 53.

"When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears and comes forth", in other words when he becomes apparent, "he will discuss the issues with the Jewish people, taking the Torah as a basis." It says that he will tell them that he is right according to the Torah as well and he will discuss this with the Jews. "And he will give them the proof. As a result, a majority of the Jews will embrace Islam."

The Qur'an also points to this. But when will Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) discuss this? When he becomes apparent. He tells the Jews that it is fine to practice Torah, but shows them the parts that are corrupted and the parts that are true. He talks about these issues with the Rabbis and persuades them with proof.

He makes them accept the explicit provisions of Torah and abandon the false parts. The majority of them embrace Islam by then. What do they say? "La Ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad ar-Rasul Allah, Isa ar-Rasul Allah, Musa ar-Rasul Allah.". This means that they will also recognize the prophet Jesus (pbuh). But as a prophet, never as God or the son of God, may God forbid. So, the Christian world will also say "Jesus is the Messenger of God", insha'Allah.

Because this is the right way. In the Gospel, Jesus himself says "The Lord, our God is One. " How can you claim anything else? How can you call him a God – may God forbid? How can you declare him a deity? How can you claim that Jesus is God? He says, "I pray and beg to God and so should you". He says "God is One". Yet still, what do you claim? That Jesus is God (May God forbid). No way is that possible.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (26 October, 2015)



Our Prophet (saas), Ibn Abi Al-Hadid conveys in this way. Prophet (saas), when passing by a dancing group, commanded, "Continue doing this until Jews and Christians realize that there is freedom in our religion." They are dancing, having fun and our Prophet (saas) tells them to keep doing it. He doesn't say stop. (Najh al-Balagha, book 6, page 331.) He tells them to continue on until everyone realizes that there is freedom in our religion.


"The most important one," answered Jesus, "is this: 'Hear, O Israel," he addresses the people of Israel, ".. the Lord our God, the Lord is One."  (Mark 12:28) God is One, he says. This is from the Gospel. And then you are talking about the creed of the Trinity, do not do that! You are reading the Gospel as well. What kind of conscience is this? You are all adult people, grown people, sane people. He is speaking very clearly "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One." God is One, he says. And what are you saying? You come up and say "There!" Why are you doing this? Why are you ruining generations? Why do you leave the young in suffering, in pain? The youth is in suffering. The people who used to come to religion in crowds in the past are now abandoning religion.

In the Qur'an, God says; "… and you have seen people entering God's religion in droves." Now because of the bigots, people are leaving God's religion in droves. With Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) they will enter religion in masses again. But of course that will a really fast flood. Those droves will take place close to the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). People will enter Islam in droves, in masses.

"Love the Lord, your God with all your heart…" See, not a part of your heart "…with all your heart and with all your life and with all your mind and with all your strength." This the love God expects. This right here is, the true commandment of God, uncorrupted. This is a commandment that God revealed to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). This is true. (Mark 12:29-33)

But, of course, his disciples are conveying these but it can be seen that it is the true command of God. "Love the Lord, your God with all your heart, with all your life, with all your mind", meaning whatever your brain is capable of, to the end of your ability, to the end of your might. The most important one is this, he says. Look "This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' "  This here is the origin of Islam as it was at the time of the companions of our Prophet(saas). Look "love your neighbor as yourself." What do you buy for yourself? You buy a villa, buy one  for your neighbor too. You buy yourself a car. Isn't it clear? The passage reads,  ..."love as yourself." A car too, you will buy one for your neighbor too. You have found a job for yourself, you will find one for your brother. You buy furniture for your house, buy for your neighbor too. You got kebab delivered, food delivered, get some for your brother too. Just like yourself. The commandment is clear. This is not a covert commandment. If real Christianity was practiced it would become exactly like the Islamic community. It was exactly like this at the time of the Companions of our Prophet (saas). "Love your neighbor like yourself." Some people imagine that this is merely an advice. Actually this is commandment, the commandment of God.  "Second biggest commandment," Jesus says in the Gospel  "Love your neighbor like yourself." Your neighbor is cold in the street, are you cold? No? Then there is an abnormality. You didn't do it. Invite them to your house. The companions were doing exactly this, giving half of their house, half of their wealth. They loved their neighbors like they love themselves. The practice of Islam, the verses in the Qur'an are exactly the same. God says, "You are protective friends to one another." The expression in the Qur'an is different than that of the Gospel, but the meaning is the same. For example one says come from the right and the other says come from the left but in the end they both want you to come to the same spot.

"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us." Look, here the disciples say that they have seen the love God has for them in the Gospel and that they rely on that. "God is love." This is from the Gospels; "God is love. Whoever lives [for God's sake] in love lives in God... " (1 John 4:16)

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves... knows God.  Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love...  Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. " (1 John 4:7-11)

Whoever doesn't know how to love, doesn't know God. Because God is love. Love is living by the commandments of God. What does God say? Love your neighbor like you love yourself; this here is the command of God. God says love is living by the commandments of God.

So this is exactly what a Christian should do. God says "your neighbor", He does not discriminate. This is how it should be for Christians. Neighbor is the one who is next to you, by you, whomever he or she is. This is from the first letter from Saint Paul to Corinthians. These people made a great effort during those times. But how did it come to this? I am really  astonished. "You are the sons of God" a statement in the Torah dragged them along to a false deduction. That statement is made to signify  love. They tell children "God the Father will give you this or that" to make them love God, for instance. "You are the sons of God" is a delightful statement meant to make people love God. Almighty God gives you lots of blessings, lots of beauty, just to make you love Him. But it is not "Father" in the literal sense. God does not have a wife, nor does He need a woman. So He does not have a "child" in  a literal sense. God is the absolute One and Only.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

"Love is patient." What is patience necessary for? It is necessary for love. Do you see how the Gospel explains the commandments of Quran and vice versa. "Love is patient…" What does this mean? Love requires patience. "Love is kind." What is true love? True love is the love that is protective mixed with compassion and kindness. "It does not envy." If there is jealousy, there can be no love. For instance, some of the ladies have it. "I am very jealous" they say. If so, you will not be loved too. If you are jealous, then you are throwing the love away. Why do they get jealous? Because they want the love only for themselves. But when you are jealous, love goes away. But if you do not get jealous, love will come to you in abundance. They imagine that love will be divided. Love comes from God, so why would it be divided? Actually, you will be receiving much more of the love than that you are afraid of dividing. But if you get jealous, love will actually be divided. Your fear will come true. It will become divided so much so that you will only be left with one percent of it when you are jealous. But if you are not, then it will come back to you a thousand fold. "It does not boast." When you brag, boast, you will be seen like a madman; this is a repulsive and you won't be loved. "It is not proud."  When you boast or make it a point of pride, again you will become an unlovable person. What are you bragging about, why are you flaunting? You are doing it so you will be loved right? But it has an adverse effect and love will leave you. "It is not rude." If you are rude, love will leave you, but if you are kind, polite, love will find you. "It is not self-seeking." If a person is an egoist, love will instantly leave him; otherwise, love will return and it will return in abundance. "It is not easily angered." One can only get angry for God. But if the anger, the grudge is for unnecessary reasons, it is not acceptable because such an anger will take love away. But if it is felt for the good pleasure of God, then love would grow more and more. "It keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth." Love cannot be found in lies, it is in everything that is honest and sincere. Fake love, fake behaviors, fake friendships do not bring love.  Real friendships, genuine love brings love. "It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." Pain, hardships, poverty and everything. Love is patient in illness and suffering, it perseveres.  "Love never fails." Because it is the love of God; because it stems from God, Who has eternal power. Loves goes on after death, in the Hereafter, and it goes on forever.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (22 October, 2015)



You know that Our Prophet (saas) sent Hazrat Ali (ra) to Yemen as a kadi [a Muslim judge] despite his being young.  He sweetly says to our Prophet (saas) "O  Messenger of God, I don't know how to do a kadi's job". Our Prophet (saas) places his large hand on the chest of Hazrat Ali (ra) - he had a large palm- and says " O Lord, grant this one's hearth the truth and may he always tell the truth". He was a perfect Kadi after this, he judged swiftly and without hesitation.

Our Prophet (saas) says "No doubt that God condemns men who uses pompous language turning words over and over in his mouth like a cattle does while eating grass". These are the types that use "umm" while speaking. The tone of our Prophet (saas) is fantastic. This is from At-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood.

"People who ramble on just to be told that they speak beautifully, who speak puffing out their cheeks just to sell their words, who uses pompous language just to seem smart are the ones I dislike the most and they will be far away from me on the Day of Judgment" says our Prophet (saas). He detests it. And there are many people like this. He wants them to be sincere. It is really wonderful that our Prophet (saas) makes a statement about this.

Masha'Allah. One more step is needed to break the idols inside the Kaa'ba. Hazrat Ali (ra) bends down and says "O the Messenger of God, step on my back so that you can go up from there". And our Prophet (saas) says, "You cannot carry the weight of a Prophet's grandeur, o Ali". Then he says, "You step on my back", masha'Allah. Every memory of Him is beautiful, masha'Allah.

When our Prophet (saas) passed away, people felt a great sadness. When the Messenger of God (saas) died they say that, "Hazrat Omar (ra) was overwhelmed". He said, "No one should dare to tell me that he passed away. You know what will happen should they tell me." They say that he went mad out of his love for him. He roams the street saying, "No one should dare to tell me something like this!" He was so sweet, masha'Allah. For this reason, Our Prophet (saas) had their places prepared for them to be buried beside him, one for Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) on his right and one for Hazrat Omar (ra) on his left. But he also spared a large space for the Prophet Jesus Messiah to be buried there.

The angel of death, Azrael comes and asks our Prophet (saas), "Live a little longer if you want. Live a rich and prosperous life and let me take your life later, if you like by the leave of God. Or if you like, I will take you to God." Our Prophet (saas) says, "I want to go right away". Azrael says, "You can live on if you want," for he is 63 years old. But he says that he wants to go right away. That is because there is nothing fancy about this world. He tells this to Abu Uveyhib, one of his companions. Our Prophet (saas) told Abu Uvayhib about his conversation with Azrael and then Abu Uvayhib told  it to the other companions.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (18 October, 2015)



"Anyone who thinks that God will not help him in this world and the Next World should stretch a device(tool) up to the heavens and then hang himself. Let him see whether his stratagem gets rid of what enrages him!" (Surat Al-Haj;15)  commanded Almighty God. In this verse what is meant by ..."stretch a device to the heavens and then hang himself" could be referring to the Hubble Space Telescope. That is because this statement could be indicating to an image, a photo obtained by modifying a variety of data. Look, "a device". What is the Hubble Space Telescope? It is a device. The word device fits perfectly. I mean not wood or glass or this or that, the word "device" is used in this verse. Then those images are cut and put together aren't they? The images of the space are put together, they are cut and put together so they create a full image. At this stage, meaning in the image one sees, there occurs something marvelous, a divine marvel, but that doesn't extinguish his anger. His anger towards religion, Islam and the Qur'an remains. Whereas when he sees that wonder, that magnificence, he should be highly impressed, when he sees that inconceivable beauty, that magnificence of the sky he should be impressed. God says "nevertheless he won't be impressed ". What is meant by the word  "device" is clear, the images are cut and put together; that is also explained in the Qur'an but the man is still not impressed and cannot get over what enrages him, whomever he is. The related person is addressed here. 

"Ruin to the hands of Abu Lahab and ruin to him! His wealth has not helped him, nor anything he has earned. He will burn in a Flaming Fire. And so his wife, the firewood carrier, with a rope of twisted fibre around her neck" (Surat Al-Masad, 1-5)

In the first sentence of the first verse; Abu Lahab [Ebu Leheb in source language] E-B-L; Ebola. Ebola too results in two hands rotting when infected with the virus it rots both hands of the people. There is a photo but it is disturbing so I won't show it. Look, E-B-L Ebola at the start of the first verse. A disease that rots both hands. Bones rot and the flesh falls off and rots. The abjad calculation of this verse gives the year 2011. "His wealth will has not helped him, nor anything he has earned."(Surat Al-Masad, 2) Meaning even if he calls a doctor, buys medicine, whichever treatment he receives, he can't get rid of the disease. Yes, that is the most fatal disease.

"And the sky and what erected it. And the earth and what extended it." (Surat Ash-Shams, 5-6)

In this verse, God draws attention to the magnificence of the skies.


Abu Saeed Khudri says: Said the Messenger of God (saas), “After a great passage of time and the appearance of mischief there will be a man called Mahdi. His grants will be so much very pleasurable.” Majlisi Bihar’ul Anwar Beirut 1404, book 51, page 92.


Our Prophet (saas) appointed one of his companions, a woman named Umm Waraqah Bint Abdallah, as the imam of her clan, which was significant and large enough to have its own muezzin. He used to frequently go to this lady's house for religious conversations together with his companions. Some say that a woman can't be an imam but our Prophet (saas) himself appointed Umm Waraqah Bint Abdallah as the imam of her clan.


Have a look at the beauty of Imam Rabbani, masha'Allah. He says "Insomuch that I have seen the manifestations of God in every furniture, especially in woman's guise". "Such that I have melted like water in the hands of these women, melted and drained." Imam Rabbani says. Way to go, my beloved grandfather, look at this beauty! Actually, this is something that would make the bigoted minds go mad. "Neither among the humane sensations, nor among the amazing beauties, have I ever seen this. Never has such an appearance ever occurred among any of the places of manifestation. Precisely, I have melted like water; I have melted and poured at the hands of these women," he says. Masha'Allah.



New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 October, 2015)



The archangel Gabriel (pbuh) performed a two-rakat prayer (salat). It lasted four thousand days of the afterlife. "Oh my Lord, since the creation of the universe, has there ever been any other of your subjects who has prayed so?" he said. God answered, "One of my subjects who will come at the Day of Judgment. He will be from the Ummah of Muhammad, My beloved." This is Imam Mahdi, insha'Allah. "He will perform a two-rakat prayer.  Full of mistakes, accidents, all kinds of thoughts", a lot of things will run through his mind, it is  said. "And he won't even know the number of thoughts, the number of rakats". In other words, even though his mind will be bemused by the severity of events,  the depravity of the people of Dajjal, he will still perform his prayers. "The two-rakat prayers (salat) he performed will be more acceptable than the one you did in four thousand days," God says. He says that although he will be distracted by the severity of  events, his prayers will be more acceptable than the one you did in four thousand years.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 October 2015)



"During his final days, before his death, our Prophet caught an inflammatory disease and a headache emerged. A hand on the shoulder of Hazrat Abbas, another on Hazrat Ali's, he entered the house of Hazrat Aisha shuffling his feet", meaning he had a hard time walking.

Masha'Allah, look at the revelation our Prophet (s.a.a.s.) received: "God let one of his subjects choose whether he wants earthly blessings" in other words, blessings of this world such as his marriages, his beautiful house, his entourage, his loved ones, "or blessings in the Sight of God" meaning in God's Own Presence, " blessings in the Sight of God and he chose to be with God."

See that he says this in a subtle way, and only Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a.) understood what he means. Azrael (a.s.) came to our Prophet (s.a.a.s) and told him " if you prefer, I can take your life or you can stay with your Ummah a little longer. Whichever you want."

And our Prophet (s.a.a.s) said, "I prefer being by God's side". But Azrael (a.s.) asks this in a kind way. He says, "I can take your life if you prefer it." He says this in a subtle way. Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a) figured what he meant and shouted, "May our fathers and mothers be sacrificed in your name!" Our Prophet (s.a.a.s) calmed him down saying, " Calm down, o Abu Bakr!" He realized that Hazrat Abu Bakr figured this from Hazrat Abu Bakr's excitement.



"O people," says our Prophet (s.a.a.s), "for me the most trustworthy one is Abu Bakr with his property and friendship." He gave all his possessions. Their friendship is great. "If I had taken anyone as my closest, I would have surely taken Abu Bakr."

Our Prophet (s.a.a.s) saw him as his closest. "But we are brothers of Islam. I am ahead of you all and I will wait for you. I can already see the Pond Of Abundance." This is from Muslim's collection. This is a blessing Almighty God bestowed upon our Prophet (s.a.a.s). But of course he sees it with the eye of his hearth, it is not possible for him to see otherwise.

"I will wait for you," he says. It is a great blessing for his companions of course, it is really very important to see a prophet. That is why, it would be nice if we have a conversation about the lives of the Companions. It would be as if we've seen the Prophet himself, since historical information is the correct information.

Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a) told our Prophet (s.a.a.s.) that "O Messenger of God, wherever I look, I see you". He loves the Prophet. "Wherever I look I see you", he says, masha'Allah. He says "you" in a formal way of course.

When our Prophet (s.a.a.s.) passed away, Abu Bakr (r.a.) slowly lifted the cover and kissed his biceps. Our Prophet (s.a.a.s) was very strong. He kissed his forehead again and again, saying "O the pure one, O friend". These are historical facts, these are important.

Do you see that? "If we had the option, we would sacrifice our lives for your sake," he says on our Prophet's death. He says this beside the sacred body of the Messenger of God (s.a.a.s). "If you hadn't forbidden us to do so, we would shed rivers from our eyes." Was there any mourning? There wasn't. If anyone were to cry, it would have been Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a.), his most beloved. See that he says, "We don't because you forbade us to do so".



The sacred body of our Prophet (s.a.a.w.) was bathed and enshrouded on Tuesday. "Hazrat Ali (r.a), Hazrat Abbas (r.a) and his sons Fazl and Kusem helped bathing the deceased. "

But mostly, it was Hazrat Ali (r.a.) and Hazrat Abbas (r.a). " Osama and Shukran (r.a.) poured water onto him." "They did not take the shirt of our Prophet (s.a.a.w) off." The clothes of prophets are not taken off. They are not undressed completely. That is valid only for the prophets. "He was bathed and enshrouded thrice." Hazrat Ali (r.a.), Hazrat Fadl Osama and Abdurrahman bin Avf put his sacred body into the grave. On the Day of Judgment, first our Prophet (s.a.a.w.) rises and then Hazrat Jesus (pbuh), insha'Allah.



Our Prophet (s.a.a.s.) had large black eyes. The white of his eyes were the whitest and the black of his eyes, the blackest. No man had the power to look into his eyes. He makes a lot of jokes and cheered people up. They could barely look into his eyes this way, for a few seconds. He had a penetrating, really clever gaze. But it is a characteristic only specific to prophets. Hazrat Abraham (pbuh) also has it.

But the wording in some accounts is at fault; they say, "He was neither short, nor tall." Why don't you just say, "he was of average height"? They say, "He was neither fat nor thin." Why don't you say "he had a normal stature"? You could say he had a vibrant, athletic, well-built body. Those who related those accounts used a faulty wording. Such a wording is not acceptable. Write that he was handsome, beautiful, charming, why do you ramble on? "He is neither short nor tall." What does it mean? Is this how you say it? That would be offending for the one who hears you say it. This is a prophet you are talking about, a beautiful being, a sacred man. You might say his height was proportional, average and that's it.

Our Prophet (saas) combed his hair and beard whenever he addressed his community. His hair and beard were bright. He spoke clearly. "He was really handsome and attractive," the accounts state. Charming. He was charming. Every women who saw our Prophet (s.a.a.s.) fell in love with him. There were people who got divorced to marry him.

They won't talk about this because it does not serve their purposes. Our Prophet (s.a.a.s.) was a bit taller than the average, his height was not exactly average. "His head was large." Our Prophet (s.a.a.s) had a majestic head. Prophets have large heads. Hazrat Abraham's (pbuh) head was also large. Also was Hazrat Noah's (pbuh). "His hair was wavy." Slightly wavy. Hazrat Jesus' (pbuh) hair is also like this. "He had a broad, white forehead."

His nose was beautiful. "He had a small nose resembling a falcon's beak." There was a slight protrusion on his nose, like a falcon's. He had a small gentle nose. "He had big eyes, plain cheeks." Not curved. "He had a large mouth." Our Prophet (s.a.a.s.) had plump lower and upper lips.

"His teeth were really white". Very shapely. "They shone like pearls." They were radiant. "His neck was very white, like silver." His neck was also shining, it was really beautiful. His whole body is proportional, in harmony. "He had broad shoulders." His arms, his biceps were also strong. His hands were largish, his fingers long.

His wrists were long and thick. He had a steady and balanced manner of walking, a demure way of walking. When he walked, he did so without any difficulty, as if he walked downhill. When he was happy, a brightness appeared on his face. When he was furious, a vein popped in the middle of his forehead, such as during wars, etc.

Our Prophet (s.a.a.s) established a secret intelligence agency back then, resembling our MIT [Turkish Intelligence Organization]. He sent his men everywhere. There were quite a number of Muslim intelligence agents. Information flowed steadily from all around. This is what they mean when they say that "He is an ear." for our Prophet (s.a.a.s).


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (14 October 2015)



“Qaim [Hazrat Mahdi] is from my progeny. His name is my name, his patronymic my patronymic, his appearance my appearance, and his conduct my conduct. He will lead the people on my path and my law, and will call them to the Book of God, the Exalted. Whoever obeys him, obeys me and whoever disobeys him, disobeys me. Whoever rejects him during his occultation has rejected me; and whoever belies him, belies me. Whoever affirms his truth, affirms my truth. I complain to God from my beliers in his affair and rejecters of my word with regard to him and the ones who will lead my Ummah astray from his path. And soon the oppressors will know to what final place of turning they shall turn back.” Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 51, Page 73.

Another Hadith from our beloved Prophet (saas). "Whoever of my progeny rejects Mahdi, he rejects me." Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 51.

It is impossible to reject Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) but the knowledge of his identity is only in the presence of God.

Gaybet-i Tusi Fazıl, Ismail Bin Mahran, Eyman Bin Muhaz, Rufai Bin Musa, Muaviye Bin Vahab,  Ebu Abdullah Sadık, all tells us of this Hadith: "How fortunate are those People of my Family who have the opportunity to live in time of Qaim Mahdi." says Our Prophet (saas). "Blessed are those who believe in Mahdi before His coming, who love the friends of Mahdi, who avoid the enemies of Mahdi. These people are of my kin. They will be my friends in the day of reckoning."

According to a Hadith from Rifa'i, "For me, they will be the most esteemed creatures of God" says Our Prophet (saas)

"Emir of the believers, Ali (r.a) said in one of his sermon: Beware, facility, convenience is a fortune. Your Imam, Mahdi, knows what is good and what is bad for you. Mahdi will take away from you those who commands with malice." In other words, he will take away the ill, wrongful judgment. "He will end your troubles." In other words, there will be no more troubles. He says that Mahdi will end terrorists attacks, Darwinism-Materialism, etc. "He will depose those who rule with injustice." He means that those who rule will injustice will rule no more. "And he will purge the earth of the imposters, the insincere with wisdom and knowledge." Nahj al-Balaga, page 155.

A recount from Hazrat Ali (r.a.): "I give you the good news of a swift victory and a new beginning. With a just Imam - the Mahdi, God will open your eyes and rid you of your sorrows." No more sadness. "By the virtue of God, that Mahdi will separate the allies and enemies of God."


The hadith of our Prophet (saas) is really surprising, it is the first time you will hear this. This is recounted from Hazrat Ali (ra) - this is told by him: "Mahdi will land on the realm of Americ from over the clouds." A realm called Americ, it will exist in the End Times. What does this mean? Mahdi will land in America by plane.

"On some domes of daylight, he, Mahdi, shines with divine light in darkness." He says that Mahdi shines with divine light even in darkness, that he has an impact. "Like the moon and the stars." This is really meaningful. Our Prophet (saas) gives us a sign, an inference. "God will destroy the realm of Americ." There may be riots, wars; anything is possible.

"And He will raze their lands to the ground." In other words, buildings, houses will collapse. "Depths of the earth will be consumed." These will all happen in the realm of Americ. "And His waves will consume countries and people." It means that sea will surge because of storms, tornados, and the waves will consume thereabouts.

"Their leaders will be the children of Isaac and Israel." They will be Jewish, from the line of the Prophet Isaac (pbuh). That refers to their real leaders, shadow governments. The realm of Americ will complete the sedition. "When their prosperity rises, when the world has given them pleasure, when the Adversary walks among their cities, on their roads, the religion of the Adversary will emerge from amongst them. They will drown in their lust, pride, thirst for earthly life and comfort. They will take pleasure from the wellness of the daily life and will be content with their wisdom. They are the rulers at the end of the world." They are the rulers of the world.

Hazrat Ali (ra) talks about this in a long hadith: "They know everything that happens in the world. They have eyes that will pry from behind the clouds." He refers to their radars, satellites or internet they use to monitor everything. He says that "They will be like flags on the sea." Don't they have fleets with American flags all around the world?

"They will have things to keep the fire inside in the form of dust." Gunpowder inside those cannons is in the form of dust and cotton holds the gunpowder, fire inside and it has a fuse under it and thousands of shrapnel. When they touch the fuse, fire comes out. Also, gunpowder is in the form of dust.

"He", the Americ, "rages at the oppressed non-Muslims and true Muslims. God will render his Hujjat upon the realm of Americ." He will send Mahdi (pbuh). "He will curse them with the very thing they have committed a sin and rebel against. Hazrat Mahdi will land on the realm of Americ from over the clouds." You can find it in the book of Hazrat Ali (ra) called Cefr-ül Cami-üd Dünya Vel-Ahire. This book is 1,300 years old.

It is called Bilad Americ in Arabic. Americ that consists of towns. In other words, America, which consists of States. He says that it will consist of 50 pieces. America consists of 50 States. Regarding the book of Ali (r.a.), Imam al-Ghazali states this: "Hazrat Ali (r.a.) wrote a book called Cefr-ül Cami-üd Dünya Vel-Ahire. All the knowledge, obvious truths, secrets, knowledge about the unseen (ghaib), the nature of objects, forces of universe, significance of names and numbers are all written in this book." It is written as "Bilad-ı Amerik" (cities, states of Amerik) that is the United States of America. The hadith also refers to the Jewish lobby, which is very powerful in America. It states that the Jewish lobby will have  command in America.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (3 October 2015)



"People would come to Mahdi the Imam (pbuh) and ask him to 'accept their allegiance'." In other words, they say, 'We accept you as our leader, we submit to you; accept our allegiance.' 'Let us be your subjects.' And Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would not accept this." (Bihar al-Anwar, English Translation, Volume 53, Page 155). He will respond that, "I cannot bear the responsibility of all these people, all these millions of them."

Because if he makes a mistake, it is at his own peril. They tell him, "If you do not take the lead, you will be beheaded." So this means that organizations such as ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaida will hold tremendous power. In a word, it will all come to this because, that is what is understood from the Hadiths. They will clearly threaten to cut his head off. So, as Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not be able to enter a conflict with them, he will be forced to accept it under obligation.

They say, "The blood of all these people will be on your neck. But if you do not accept it despite this, we will strike off your neck." Cutting, as you all know, is a characteristic most peculiar to them. However, there is a bright side to this and it is that it all ends with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). In other words, all these murderous, butchering groups will suddenly become as meek as a lamb with their allegiance to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

But it will be known that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a man of love, a man of compassion, a man of kindness, a man of wisdom, a man of friendship, a man of grace, a man of art and aesthetics. Europe will accept him, America will accept him, the whole world will accept, Masonry will accept with pleasure, all the Knight Templars, the Rosicrucians  and the deep states of the whole world will accept him. This is the reason Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will become the imam of the whole world.


"Imam Qaim Muhammad Mahdi (pbuh) would prepare three armies. He would send one of them to Constantinople and Almighty God would grant it victory".  It means that he will conquer Istanbul spiritually. "He would send another army to China". The people of the country are practitioners of Maoist and Stalinist thinking, in a sense. He will send his army to the heart of the communism of the world. "And Almighty God will grant it victory". This means that he will also conquer China spiritually. "And his third battalion to the Mountains of Dailam", to the area where the PKK [a terrorist organization] is settled. Dailam is the name of the region where the PKK resides in Iran. "He would send them to Mountains of Dailam. It would also be victorious." Allamah Muhammad Baqir Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 13, Hadith no 206, Volume 51-52-53.


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