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In these pictures it is seen that Abdul Qadeer Molla was chained from his hands and feet with thick chains and was made to lie face down before he was martyred” Adnan Oktar:“If Mushttp://harunyahya.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/177355/“their-chaining-of-abdul-qadeerhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/177355/“their-chaining-of-abdul-qadeerhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/104-adnan-oktar-dan-gunluk-yorumlar/17102012_2200_adnan_oktar.jpgThu, 26 Dec 2013 21:13:28 +0200Universehttp://harunyahya.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/175800/universehttp://harunyahya.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/175800/universehttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/50-kisa-filmler-mutlaka-izleyin/universe.jpgWed, 11 Dec 2013 22:43:18 +0200The mystery is solved: How can spiders fly for miles? In 1830, during his well -known journey on the ship HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin encountered flying spiders, even though he was 60 miles away from the coasts of Argentina. He mentioned this in his diary as follows: “I repeatedly observed the same kind of small spider, either when placed or having crawled on some little eminhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/172979/the-mystery-is-solved-howhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/172979/the-mystery-is-solved-howFri, 15 Nov 2013 12:28:53 +0200One needs to look and admire the rich details in God's creating. Then the love one feels for God would increase even further. When love increases so does the fear of God. When fear of God increases, so does your submission to God. When your submission to God increases, it would be as if your nerves are taken. Your mind would be at ease and you would be very much relieved. You would feel a sense of relief, a sense of contentment and ease insha'Allah. (A9 TV; November 2nd, 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/172437/one-needs-to-look-andhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/172437/one-needs-to-look-andSat, 09 Nov 2013 16:23:53 +0200A person would not feel tired of God's artistry. One studies artistry with love. Cell is also God's work of art one should study with love just like one would study a flower, a cat, a beautiful child with love, just like one would love them.(A9 TV; November 2nd, 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/172436/a-person-would-not-feelhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/172436/a-person-would-not-feelSat, 09 Nov 2013 16:23:09 +0200People examine cells, chromosomes, vacuoles and cytoplasm. They need to examine them tirelessly and carefully that is because God created them for us to enjoy and see His artistry in them. (A9 TV; November 2nd, 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/172435/people-examine-cells-chromosomes-vacuoleshttp://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/172435/people-examine-cells-chromosomes-vacuolesSat, 09 Nov 2013 16:22:30 +0200Live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (11.10. 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/171326/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/171326/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/58-diger-sohbet-programlari/11102012_2100_ayse_koc.jpgSat, 19 Oct 2013 22:39:39 +0300The Flawless Harmony Between Eyes and EarsThe vision system that we have is immensurably superior than the display technologies designed by experts in several techniques. This system has a characteristic which advanced technology cannot imitate; even if we turn our head very fast, the clarity and the quality doesn’t change. Under normal circumstances, every timehttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/171313/the-flawless-harmony-between-eyeshttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/171313/the-flawless-harmony-between-eyesSat, 19 Oct 2013 22:25:26 +0300Youth should be educated with science, facts leading to faith and with the miracles of the Qur'an. (A9 TV; September 12th, 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/169629/youth-should-be-educated-withhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/169629/youth-should-be-educated-withMon, 16 Sep 2013 15:40:49 +0300"Heavens and earth..." Animals, plants, microbes, bacteria, everything on earth should be analyzed. And everything should be analyzed in the Heavens, including meteors. The structure of the crust of the earth should be analyzed. God ordained this upon Muslims. We understand in hundreds of verses that science has been ordained on people. (A9 TV; September 11th, 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/169593/heavens-and-earth-animals-plantshttp://harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/169593/heavens-and-earth-animals-plantsMon, 16 Sep 2013 02:18:59 +0300The Miracle Of Coordination: A System That Functions Flawlessly in Our Bodies What is the first condition for the immaculate coordination in our bodies? What processes take place in our bodies when we see someone we know or as we walk? What kind of co-ordination is there between nerve cells and the brain? What processes are taking place in your body as you read this? The flash of a camerahttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/165733/the-miracle-of-coordination-ahttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/165733/the-miracle-of-coordination-aThu, 18 Jul 2013 09:53:28 +0300How The Hormone Thyroxin Renews Cells · By what stages is thyroxin released? · What disease does insufficient thyroxin production lead to? · How is the level of production of the hormone thyroxin determined? · Why is the collaboration between this hormone and growth hormone important? The cells of the eyes that enable you to read thttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/165677/how-the-hormone-thyroxin-renewshttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/165677/how-the-hormone-thyroxin-renewsTue, 16 Jul 2013 12:06:54 +0300Science news: The 110 million year old trash collector lacewing larvaehttp://harunyahya.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/165616/science-news-the-110-millionhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/165616/science-news-the-110-millionhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/50-kisa-filmler-mutlaka-izleyin/EN_science-news_dantel_kanatli_tsh.jpgSun, 14 Jul 2013 19:41:45 +0300The Intelligent Defense Operatives in the Blood: Complement Molecules There is a system inside the body almost identical to social life among human beings. The only difference is that the heroes of the social life on the outside are human beings, while those in the body are cells. Nonetheless, the methods employed, the tactics used and the precautions taken are highly similar. Like conscious humanhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/165068/the-intelligent-defense-operatives-inhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/165068/the-intelligent-defense-operatives-inFri, 05 Jul 2013 21:30:19 +0300Science News: the world's most brightly colored living thing berry pollia condensatehttp://harunyahya.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/164950/science-news-the-worlds-mosthttp://harunyahya.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/164950/science-news-the-worlds-mosthttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/50-kisa-filmler-mutlaka-izleyin/mermerbogurtleni.jpgMon, 01 Jul 2013 17:23:37 +0300The Moment by Moment Creation of Matter is One of The Greatest Signs of Our Lord It has been shown by the existing physical laws and scientific research that our Lord created matter moment by moment. The flawlessness, perfect balance and detailed arrangements in the creation of the universe are one of the proofs of our Lord’s omniscience and matchless Creation. The Big Bang theory clearly reveals thathttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/164439/the-moment-by-moment-creationhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/164439/the-moment-by-moment-creationThu, 20 Jun 2013 22:13:04 +0300Live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (May. 22, 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/163175/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/163175/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/58-arkadaslarimizin-sohbet-programlari/22052013_2130_yasemin.jpgSun, 26 May 2013 15:35:43 +0300Live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (May. 20, 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/163120/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/163120/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/58-arkadaslarimizin-sohbet-programlari/20052013_2200_gulgun.jpgSat, 25 May 2013 17:36:06 +0300Live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (May. 19, 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/163119/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/163119/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/67-adnan-oktar-in-sohbet-programlari/04052013_yasemin.jpgSat, 25 May 2013 17:07:30 +0300Live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (May. 18, 2013)http://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/163118/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/163118/live-talk-on-a9-tvhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/58-arkadaslarimizin-sohbet-programlari/18052013_2200_ceylan.jpgSat, 25 May 2013 14:10:58 +0300