New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (12 August 2014)


Surat Al-Buruj; Verse 1

By Heaven with its Houses of the Zodiac,

God draws attention to the Houses of the Zodiac. They are going along with us wherever we go. They do not break out of their positions. They are the ornaments of the sky. 

Surat Al-Buruj; Verse 2

and the Promised Day,

God says that there is Promised Day, there is the Last Day. Many scientists do not regard it possible; they will all understand that the Qur'an is the Truth, when what God said will be realized. What the Qur'an informs us of is the Truth. Actually, this is also the truth from the scientific aspect as well. It is the truth in many aspects. 

Surat Al-Buruj; Verse 3

and the witness and the witnessed,

We both see and we are being seen by God. 

Surat Al-Buruj; Verses 4-5-6-7

cursed be the Companions of the Pit —the fire well stocked with fuel —when they were seated right beside it witnessing what they did to the Muslims.

Witnessing what they did to the Muslims. That is a verse that directly refers to the End Times. People are watching what they did to the Muslims on the television right now as well. "...when they were seated right beside it (Pit)". Right beside what are they sitting next to right now? They are sitting right beside the television. And they are watching what they did to the Muslims. Some of them are being shot at with machine guns, some are having bombs thrown  at them; all those children, babies, women, young girls. 

Surat Al-Buruj; Verse 8

The only reason they punished them was because they had faith in God, the Almighty, the All-Praiseworthy 

That is a wonder; that is a miracle of Almighty God; there is a rage in the hearts of people towards those who believe. For instance these people -people of this type- behave respectfully when they are talking to a person in disbelief and they talk to them in an appreciative tone. But when talking with a Muslim they feel a weird, evil anger inside. That is something astonishing. That is a miracle. Their attitude changes. For instance you can see that very frequently when you look out, if a person is in disbelief they treat him with the utmost respect- that can even be observed among Muslims as well. They treat those in disbelief much more respectfully. But when one is a Muslim, they do not take him seriously. But if he is a foreigner they venerate him; that is an evil instinct. That is an instinct one should seek refuge from in God. But of course that is something in favor of a Muslim: It is crucial in respect of raising his rank in the Sight of God. A Muslim's rank would not be raised out of the blue. 

Surat Al-Buruj; Verse 9

Him to whom the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs. God is Witness of all things.

To Whom the Kingdom of heavens and the earth belong? To God. We ask the man. And he says, "Mine!" God says they belong to Him. "God is Witness of all things." What does this mean? He listens to our conversation right now as well. When one does something somewhere, God sees that as well. When one walks about in the streets, He sees him too. For instance this conversation of ours is known by God from the beginning till the end; even before we were born from our mother, what we will be talking here is known in our destiny. 

Surat Al-Buruj; Verse 9

Those who persecute men and women of the Muslims, and then do not repent, will have the punishment of Hell, will have the punishment of the Burning.

Right now, Muslim men and Muslim women are being tortured throughout the world. There is a large scale persecution going on. 

Surat Al-Buruj; Verse 11

But those who have faith and do right actions will have Gardens with rivers flowing under them. That is the Great Victory.

But those who have faith and do right actions...  One should have faith but he should also be sincere. He should do sincere right actions, do sincere religious services. "But those who have faith and do right actions will have Gardens with rivers flowing under them. That is the Great Victory." Heaven is very explicitly described in the Qur'an. In the Torah, for instance, is not described as explicitly as it is described in the Qur'an. Thanks be to God, Almighty God explained Heaven in great details in the Qur'an; the pots and pans, the food, the view, everything has been described in great details. Hell has been described in great detail as well. 

Islam is a very clear religion, thanks be to God. For instance, Hell can be seen in the Torah only when carefully studied; Heaven can only be seen when carefully studied; the life after death can only be seen when studied carefully in the Torah. But these concepts are very clearly explained in the Qur'an. The Qur'an is a very pleasant, a very refreshing Book in this respect as well. Masha'Allah, Alhamdulillah. 

Surat Al-Baqarah; Verse 13

When they are told, ´Have faith in the way that the people have faith,´ they say, ´What! Are we to have faith in the way that fools have faith?´ No indeed! They are the fools, but they do not know it.

This actually is a grave dissension, a grave trouble. Even Muslims do that sometimes to other Muslims. One should strictly avoid doing that. For instance they admire Americans. You should see them around a European for instance, they admire them and that can be seen from all their attitudes, from the way they talk. Or for instance if they come across someone who mocks religion - I see that in many religious people - they feel greater respect. They behave much more carefully and much more respectfully when with them. But some of them can behave very reckless and unlabored towards Muslims. Actually they should behave much more lovingly and respectfully towards Muslims. You simply feel compassion for those who are in disbelief with the aim of saving them. Satan makes that easier for people. That is actually something very much in favor of Muslims. That allows Muslims to constantly gain good deeds. Every moment, ever hour they gain good deeds doing nothing out of the blue.  

Surat An-Nisa; Verse 139

Do those who take the disbelievers as protectors, rather than the Muslims, hope to find power and strength with them? Power and strength belong entirely to God.

Look here this verse shows that perfectly. They think that such people are honorable and the power and strength they attribute to them lies beneath their admiration towards them. I mean they think that they are honorable. What does seeing them as honorable and hoping to find power and strength with them mean? That means they respect them, they value them and hold them in awe, hold them in high esteem and heed their words and pay attention to their attitudes. They consider them to be honorable. They imagine that Muslims are weak. They imagine that Muslims are dreamers. They say, "They perform their religious observances, they are dreamers and they believe in Heaven and Hell." But they consider the others to be realistic, those others in disbelief, and because they see them as strong and powerful, their admiration grows in that respect as well. But they do not consider Muslims to be strong. "There is disbelief standing against Muslims, they can do anything any moment, they can crush them, they can disband them. They have no power," they say. "They believe in the Hereafter. They believe in the Unseen. Disbelievers on the other hand believe in tangible things. They are interconnected with each other," these people think. They find the disbelievers to be more reasonable. Subconsciously, they feel deep respect for them. As these people do that, Muslims gain good deeds while those others sin by doing this.  They sin as they do this. That lack of abundance,  that filth fills their heart and soul. Actually they should have look for power and honor in the Truth. 

Surat Al-Munafiqun; Verse 8

They say, ´If we return to Medina, the mightier will drive out the inferior.´ But all might belongs to God and to His Messenger and Muslims. But the hypocrites do not know this.

They say; " If we return to Medina, the mightier will drive out the inferior."  See, they are obsessed with the unbelievers. They believe that Muslims are inferior. They believe that they are not honorable. But in the minds of hypocrites, of sick people, there is a tendency to believe that "unbelievers are always strong." That is why hypocrites sooner or later go join unbelievers. They can never be freed from that unbelieving mindset. They subconsciously believe that " honor is always with the unbelievers, they are to be respected, they are strong and powerful. Consequently Muslims do not have power or honor." This is what lies in their subconscious. That is why they only hang on to Muslims by their eyelids. They are always tense and uneasy, because they do not see them strong enough, that sets in their hearts as an instinctive perversion. But in their minds, hypocrites pine for gaining power and honor in disbelief. Yet when they go join them, their profanity burns them out and devastates them. They dive into that profanity as they burn, and they burn even stronger as they dive deeper into profanity. That constitutes a system that constantly competes with itself and it swallows them and devastates them until they end up in the middle of hell.  

But all might belongs to God and to His Messenger and Muslims.   It is actually Muslims that they should look for to find honor; they are the ones that should be respected and held in high esteem, not the disbelievers. 

Surat At-Taubah; Verse 50

If good happens to you it galls them. If a mishap occurs to you, they say, ´We made our preparations in advance,´ and they turn away rejoicing.

Hypocrites assume that remaining aloof from Muslims is a wise move. And because they always are determined to keep away from them, they live in that spirit, constantly standing up to Muslims, constantly rebuffing and acting obstinately towards Muslims. They never bend towards Muslims.  That is because they always assume that power is outside the circle of Muslims. Yet if they could even see a part of their strength, they would start admiring them. That is why our Prophet (saas) always showed strength to them and then the hypocrites came to heel; that is the characteristic of Muslims. Almighty God tells Muslims to show their impeccable strength. He tells them to appear strong and powerful, and not to appear in weakness and frailty. When unbelievers see weakness, they become fierce; that is also what Bediuzzaman says. Bediuzzaman says, "Even animals get aggressive when they see weakness, so you should always show them that you are powerful."

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