New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (25 May 2015)


Those who are disbelievers will suffer a harsh punishment. But those who have faith and do right actions will receive forgiveness and an immense reward. [Surah Fatir, 7]

God always creates prosperity, beauty and goodness for Muslims.  Muslims do not encounter troublesome people. But God threatens unbelievers severely in the Qur’an, it is 70 or 80 percent threatening. It is because of the vehemence of the unbelievers. Indeed, God says they are cruel and ignorant. Angels ask God, “Why put on it one who will cause corruption on it and shed blood?“ Since a majority of people are like that, God uses threats heavily in the Qur’an. Whichever page you turn, there is always a threat. You will go to hell, you will be tormented; believe in God, believe in the afterlife, look at the signs, you should see signs of God. Look at the mountains, the seas, the plants, the animals. See my signs. Do not deny me. Don’t be unconscientious. Do not try to repudiate Me in spite of your own certainty, otherwise I will take revenge, says God. People say, “No way, God would not do that”, they say “God is merciful”. God takes revenge and then you see it. He destroyed the whole of Syria, He has destroyed Iraq, He destroyed Afghanistan, He destroyed Libya. God takes revenge; it is not that God does not take revenge. There is a bloodbath everywhere. When people associate partners with God, both innocent and ruthless people are involved in it, and they all suffer.



After he misguided the people of Hell, ‘I had no authority over you’ satan says to them, ‘except that I called you and you responded to me. I see what you do not see. Truly, I fear God’ he says.

What does ‘I fear God’ means? In other words, he says ‘I am a friend, I love God. But he expresses his love in a maniacal way. Satan is a typical maniac. There are such men; they say they love and they go and kill the people they love. Or sometimes they act crazily and attempt to commit suicide. Satan is representative of a maniac's mentality, he is representative of mania. Indeed, his every act is crazy. His speaks crazily. “I just called you” he says, you called him and you got him into trouble. Yes, you have no authority over people but you got them into trouble. He brags about it. He says he was not the only one, look they do it too. He does that vileness just to say so actually. You know there are people who say ‘Am I the only guilty person?” It is his (Satan's) mentality.

2015-10-17 15:46:07

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