America’s policies that are harming itself

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 13th, 2014

America fails to see the wickedness and psychopathic nature of the PKK. It is intent of breaking Turkey up. It has this senseless idea of breaking Turkey up, without really knowing why. The reason behind that idea is not clear. They say they will be ‘friends with the PKK.’ The PKK is a communist organization, so why should it be friends with you? America is Christian. The PKK does not believe in God or a Divine Book. America’s greatest mistake is that they make a false diagnosis at the beginning, but then stick with it right to the end.

We are against America’s traditional conception of killing. America has no intention of using peaceful methods such as education, convincing the other side, talking, love, affection and compassion. America uses the language of ‘bombs.’ Wherever it looks, it seeks to resolve problems with bombs and bullets. America has suffered great harm as a result of that policy. It has become isolated in the world. It is regarded as a murderer.

My apologies to the American people and government for saying this. I am referring to the U.S. secret state. I am not referring to the American people. I love the American people. They are delightful people. But there is this secret state within the U.S. administration. That is my target. I know many people from the CFR. They are our friends and come here as our guests. I am speaking about people who spread evil. 

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2014-10-22 15:50:15

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