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  • How do spider webs prevent computers from overheating?
  • How is violin string made from spider web?
  • How do spider webs hold water?

Spider webs are truly a wonder of architecture and engineering, as well as their qualities such as strength, flexibility and use advantages.

It is known by virtually everyone that spiders use the silky threads produced in their own bodies to set a web. However, the production phases of this silk and its general characteristics are not so well- known. This silk thread, which spiders produce and the diameter of which is less than  one millimeter, is five times stronger than steel of the same thickness. Also it can flex four times its own length.

Another striking characteristic of the silk is that it is very lightweight. We can explain this with an example. The weight of a silk thread that will circle the earth would weigh only 320 grams. Scientists are resuming their research to technologically benefit from these characteristics of the spider thread.

Spider Silk  Prevents Computers From Overheating

Researchers have concluded that spider silk can conduct heat 800 times better than all other organic materials in the world. However, whereas spider silk can conduct heat with a rate of 416 W/m-K (watt/meter Kelvin), the same rate is 401 W/m-K in copper. Human skin can conduct electricity by only 0.6 W/m-K. While spider silk is ahead of copper, which is one of the materials that conduct heat the best, when it is compared to silicone aluminum and pure iron, it is again superior. This superiority of the spider silk only falls behind when compared to silver and diamond.

The secret behind the conductivity of spider silk is the molecular structure of the silk Allah created specially for these beings. Spider silk is formed by a combination of hard, crystal pieces that self-generate as well as dynamic and elastic pieces.

Scientists think that they can better understand its conductivity by examining the spider silk’s characteristics of creation. They note that these organic materials can be used in computers, which are made of substances that conduct heat by using this feature of the web, and that spider silk can be used in many fields from electronics to summer clothing.

The physical features of spiders and their behaviors clearly prove that these beings were created by Allah. Allah, the Lord of all worlds, reveals this truth to the people with the verse; "He said, ‘The Lord of the East and the West and everything between them if you used your intellect.’…" (Surat ash-Shu‘ara’, 28)

Violin String From Spider Web

When researchers who made a type of thread by spinning approximately five thousand silk strings taken from 300 female “Nephila macukala” spiders, which are known for their complex webs, in the same direction, and then made violin strings by spinning three of these threads in the opposite direction, and measuring th pull force of the string, they found that the string can endure less tension than the string traditionally made by using intestines and more tension than modern nylon string covered with aluminum. In addition, when violin strings made in this way are studied under a scanning electron microscope, it was found that they are perfectly round and since they fit together perfectly, a very nice and soft resonance was obtained.

Spiders could not have learned to knitspin this web, which works with perfect planning, on its own as a result of the so-called evolutionary process. Spiders act with the command of Allah like all other beings on earth. Almighty Allah reveals this with the verse; “... when everything in the heavens and earth, willingly or unwillingly, submits to Him and to Him you will be returned?" (Surah Al ‘Imran, 83)

Spider Web Example in Covering Large Sites

Webs built by dew spiders are both aesthetic and amazing in terms of engineering. These spiders build their webs on a horizontal plane to appear like a sheet lying on grass. They use vertical grasses as girders and ensure that the weight on the grass is evenly distributed on this grass.

This method was reproduced by people in order to cover large sites. The Munich Olympics Stadium and JeddahAirport, which are shown as examples of today’s modern architecture works, were built by imitating the webs of these spider species. As in this example, every being people take as an example, and every system they possess are a verse (evidence) of Allah for people. This truth is revealed in Surat al-Jathiyya as such:

And in your creation and all the creatures He has spread about there are Signs for people with certainty. (Surat al-Jathiyya, 4)

Artificial Spider Webs That Hold Water

The capacity of spider web to hold water is very high. Researchers have copied the characteristics of spider web, which hold water drops effectively, and developed a synthetic thread that can be used in holding the water in the atmosphere. Scientists who examined web fibers of uloborus walckenaerius spiders under the microscope found that the water particles that move along the fiber change the web’s structure when they intensify to form drops. In the study, it was understood that the thread made by the substance secreted by this spider forms four times thicker knots in sections that water droplets gather.

Another less known characteristic of spider web is its capacity to collect water from moist air. Scientists who are inspired by this characteristic developed artificial fibers that copy the silk’s structure, and they pointed out the ability of these artificial fibers to collect water. It is considered that these artificial fibers can be used to collect water in the air or to filter chemical products in industrial production.

Spider Web Will Inspire the Internet

In the research conducted on araneus diadematus , a common garden spider that lives in Europe, using computer modeling, it was found that spider webs react differently to different tension levels. As it is known, spider web has a unique quality that softens when needed and then turns back to its original hardness. In the research, it was understood that spider web softens in mild wind and does not show a disruption in general structure, and when a stronger force is applied to a specific point, the web loses its flexibility in this region of the web and breaks off. However, this situation strengthens the general structure and wholeness of the web even more. Research showed that when fibers in different regions break, the web can carry three to twenty percent more weight than it normally does.

Researchers think that with the deciphering of these secrets of the spider web, complex networks like the Internet can be built in a stronger way against disruptions in the future. New visual networks that can be formed like this will not lose their mechanical quality, despite enduring much damage, and no matter which part of the system is attacked, the network will collapse only at a certain point. Thus in many areas from electrical networks and the internet to the textile industry, great leaps will be achieved based on the spider web in future.

During the research conducted to uncover the chemistry of spider threads, threads are taken from  spiders with special machines. In this way, 320 meters (almost three milligrams) of silk can be gathered per animal. Another field that spider threads are used to serve human beings is medicine. Pharmacologists at the University of Wyoming in the USA are using the threads of a spider species called “Nephile” in lieu of catgut in very sensitive operations like tendon and joint operations.

With the acceptance of the superiority of created features, no doubt, evolutionists have experienced a new disappointment and a new sense of hopelessness.  The invalidity of evolutionists’ unscientific claims that beings are in a state of development from the simple to the more complex over time and that their characteristics have formed by coincidence, were once again proved. Allah, the Lord of all worlds, is the One Who creates flawless and unique systems. Allah is the One Who creates all things flawlessly. Those who do not want to accept this will live an unending regret in the hereafter.

He Who created the seven heavens in layers.You will not find any flaw in the creation of the All-Merciful.Look again – do you see any gaps? Then look again and again. Your sight will return to you dazzled and exhausted! Surat al-Mulk, 3-4)

Allah Created Spider Threads in the Best Shape For Its Purpose

It is generally not known that spiders use more than one thread type while making their webs. However, spiders produce different threads in their bodies for different purposes. When one thinks about the life of spiders, it is immediately understood how important this feature is, because the specialty of the thread the spider walks on and the threads it used to catch its prey or to wrap it tightly have to be different from one another. For example, if the thread a spider walks on were adhesive like the thread it uses to catch the prey, the spider would stick on the web and thus it would cause its own death.

These silk threads have different qualities in terms of both flexibility and strength, and they  also have different qualities for thickness and adhesiveness. For example, the hanging thread, which plays a big role in the spider’s life, has a flexible and strong structure even though it is not adhesive. It can carry two to three times the spider’s weight easily. The spider, which also carries its prey together,  can move up and down safely thanks to these ropes.

As it is seen, the spider needs to make very different threads and moreover it must use these different threads in the right places. Even the lack of one of these threads is potentially deadly for the spider. None of the qualities spiders have could have emerged phase by phase as the theory of evolution suggests.  Sine the first spiders on earth, all spiders have  existed in their complete form. All of these point to the evidences that they emerged all of a sudden and that Allah created them. Allah shows us His infinite power and matchless knowledge with the superior miracle of creation in spiders. Allah reveals this truth in one verse:

Everything in the heavens and the earth glorifies Allah. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to Him.He gives life and causes to die.He has power over all things.(Surat al-Hadid, 1-2)

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