The Persecution in Burma Stems, Not from Buddhists, but from the Darwinist Mindset

The struggle between believers and non-believers has persisted throughout the course of history. All the conflict and ideological differences in the world are based on the intellectual and ideological struggle between these two poles. Those who espouse the true religion and say, “Allah is One,” and who seek to install the fine moral values brought with them by the true faiths have always been faced by a diametrically opposed force. If there is violence and savagery somewhere this comes from these anti-forces’ intolerance of the supporters of the true faith. However, there is one very important detail that needs to be noted here.

Depicting believers as in favor of violence is a cunning ploy

These forces of opposition sometimes appear in the guise of adherents of a religion. But this is a deception. No adherent of a true faith can ever support savagery and barbarity. If someone spreads savagery, hates everything or carries out terrorist actions and killings, then he is literally irreligious. The fact it says he is Muslim, Christian or Jewish on his ID papers does not mean he is at all religious. One therefore needs to analyze events from that perspective when there is oppression, disorder or terror. Certain cunning forces are trying to have all conflicts, sufferings and acts of terror laid at the door of believers. In particular, by using certain parts of the press and various publications they spread scenarios intended to incite conflict between Muslims and Christians, Shiites and Sunnis or Jews and Muslims. The aim here is to prevent unity and union among those who believe in Allah. The forces in question are well aware that if believers are united then they will represent a major force against all false ideologies and cannot be defeated. Since they regard that union as a threat they have developed these policies of artificial hatred in order to eliminate any alliance among believers.

While believers fight among themselves, proponents of the Darwinist, communist and Marxist mindset continue to support one another, grow stronger and find the ideal environment for spreading their own perverse ideologies. The forces in question use this method in some Arab countries, the Middle East and places such as Burma.

Darwinist ideology is the cause of the instances of oppression in the world

There are countries all over the world where Muslims are a minority. Millions of Muslims are living under pressure in minorities in Burma, the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand, and these conflicts are generally fed by strife or differences of opinion among believers.

The conflict in Syria is portrayed as one between Shiites and Sunnis, and the press always reflects that idea. But this is a deception. There is actually a struggle going on in Syria between God-fearing people and Darwinists and communists. The events taking place in Syria are a rebellion against socialist, communist ideology that has been around since the time of Hafez Assad and has never ceased to exist.

In the same way, the terrifying persecution that has been going on in Burma since the 1990s is depicted as an assault by Buddhists on Muslims. But the people perpetrating the attack there are actually part of the junta that espouses Darwinist ideology, even if they appear to be Buddhists. (Today Buddhism is a pagan religion but it is probably a corrupted form of a true faith. There is no aggression or oppression in the teachings of Buddhism that have been left over from the true faith.) It is impossible for people who resort to violence to come out for religion. If they do this in the name of religion, then they are either deceiving people, or else know nothing about religion, or else are themselves deceived. No religion permits persecution, killing, terror or genocide. No true believer can persecute anyone else, be a terrorist, or deprive others of their rights. Religion brings with it love, affection and solidarity. Advocates of true religion have always brought love to the world.

But Darwinist ideology and ideologies based on it, such as Marxism, Leninism, communism and fascism, oppress others, terrorize communities, commit terrorist actions, engage in genocide, perpetrate mass slaughter and mercilessly kill women and children, young and old. If there is terror or strife somewhere, then the presence of such perverse ideologies in the region can immediately be seen. Communist ideology that espouses the dialectics of society by adopting Darwinist ideology, which espouses the dialectics of nature, makes a precondition out of conflict. It irrationally maintains that there can be no progress without conflict. It is these perverse ideologies that poison societies with hatred.

Let us unite in order to put an end to the oppression stemming from the corruption of Darwinism

If we want an end to the strife on Earth, the sole precondition is the scientific elimination of Darwinism, the intellectual idea behind these perverse ideologies. And the way to intellectually eradicate Darwinism is to discuss and show the scientific proofs revealing the invalidity of the theory of evolution everywhere possible. Activities such as handing out books, opening exhibitions, writing articles, opening web sites, holding conferences and radio and television programs are highly important in terms of giving people this information. Indeed, the positive effects of such activities are already spreading very rapidly and people have begun to accept the fact that evolution is the worst scientific fraud of all time.

To issue one final reminder, the whole Islamic world has a responsibility to ensure that all mankind achieves peace and security. The Islamic world has an obligation to be united in order to rescue those people living in pain and suffering in East Turkestan, Burma, Pathani, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and many other places, and to bring about a permanent solution. A Turkish-Islamic world that is united and acts as brothers in a spirit of solidarity will never face any such problems. It will guarantee that not just Muslims, but also Christians, Jews, Buddhists and even the irreligious and atheist can live in security, wealth, peace and joy. 

2012-08-29 23:37:29

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