RAMADAN 2009 - The 16th Day

Satan Tries To Influence People By Debasing Human Nature

Allah, the only ruler of everything on Earth, knows His creatures very well and the way of life that suits them best. Allah has created human beings to be happy and content, but only if they believe and practice the moral teachings of the Qur'an. "... Only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace." (Surat ar-Ra'd: 28)

This truth is written in the Qur'an and applies to all human beings without exception. A person can live a good life in this world only if he draws near to the Lord Who created him and lives a life to gain His love and approval. Allah tells us in the Qur'an to use as our guide the nature He has created in us:

So set your face firmly towards the religion, as a pure natural believer, Allah's natural pattern on which He made humanity... (Surat ar-Rum: 30)

If they do not live their lives according to their nature and do not adopt this moral understanding, people will lead lives of anxious discontent. They won't be able to derive pleasure from the countless blessings that Allah has bestowed on humanity and will not be aware of the beauty surrounding them. As the Qur'an says, they will lead lives filled with difficulties: "But if anyone turns away from My reminder, his life will be a dark and narrow one and on the Day of Resurrection We will gather him blind." (Surah Ta-Ha: 124) They will be easily overcome by sadness, uneasiness, hopelessness and pessimism, and can find no solution to the problems they live with. Yet when they realize the situation they're in, they cannot find the source of the anxiety that dominates their lives nor how to find a remedy for it. The basis of this difficulty confronting individuals is the work of satan, the basic source of all evil. One of the methods he uses against human beings is to debase themselves, because satan knows that humans can be happy only if they live according to their human nature. So, by making them adopt a moral understanding and lifestyle contrary to their nature, he can bar them from happiness. Again, his own insidious methods lead people into error and prevent them from escaping from the traps they have fallen into. By calling them to practice a morality contrary to their nature, he makes false promises of happiness. According to the Qur'an, satan boasts that:

I will lead them astray and fill them with false hopes. I will command them and they will cut off cattle's ears. I will command them and they will change Allah's creation." Anyone who takes satan as his protector in place of Allah has clearly lost everything. (Surat an-Nisa': 119)

All these truths that Allah reveals in the Qur'an make it clear that human beings can be happy only if they live according to the moral teachings of the Qur'an and return to the nature that Allah has created in them. Otherwise, satan will draw a person not only into unhappiness in this world, but into suffering that will last for eternity.

Creatures Of The Micro World: Plankton 

Plankton is one of the most important, most crucial links in the undersea chain of life. The size of these creatures is not more than a couple of micrometers-micrometers, not millimeters. Considering that a micrometer is only one-millionth of a meter, obviously these creatures are far too small to be seen by the naked eye. But what characteristics of these creatures, which are so very small, make them this important and necessary for the continuity of life?

The essential nutritional component of most creatures living under the sea is, in fact, the microscopic and seemingly insignificant plankton. For this reason, a decrease in the plankton population would pose a bona fide danger for a wide swath of sea animals, from whales to tiny sea creatures. The importance of these microscopic creatures is not limited to this. Plankton are divided into two categories: vegetal and animal. The vegetal plankton are especially an essential factor for maintaining various balances on Earth.

Phytoplankton are vegetal plankton, and they are basically the single-cell microscopic organisms that are carried by sea currents. The phytoplankton collectively constitute the first essential link of the nutrient chain in the seas. Furthermore, they perform photosynthesis, like other land plants, using the sun as an energy source and producing their own nutrition. So, the vegetal plankton, which is the main organic substance source of the oceans, also plays a balancing role in the oxygen cycle.

During the process of photosynthesis performed by phytoplankton, carbon dioxide present in the air is absorbed and a great amount of oxygen is released in turn. A full 70% of the 110 billion tons of oxygen released annually by plants on Earth is obtained this way.

Animal plankton (zoo plankton) are also composed, generally, of single-celled organisms. Yet, there might be multi-cellular organisms in this group as well. Almost all sea creature groups have their plankton forms. When invertebrate animals are still larvae, for example, or when fish are in the first phases of their development, they constitute temporary plankton.

There are many different kinds of plankton and every kind has unique characteristics. As can be seen in the limited examples mentioned here, a perfection prevails in these microscopic creatures, both in terms of their appearance and in their general structure. These creatures help to maintain a great many balances on Earth. The power of Allah is endless and He creates what He wishes as He wishes. Allah has power over all things.


Celal Sengor claimed that mutations have miraculous effects, and imagined he could convince viewers of the program he appeared in as a guest with the claim in question. His statement that “Even Einstein can be produced with mutations” is totally incorrect in scientific terms. It is a scientific fact by now known to the whole world that mutations only harm the living organism, that they can never endow living things with any new information and that, on the contrary, they destroy information that already exists. The claim that mutations have an evolutionary effect, the most important subject to which Darwinists have now pinned their hopes, has been totally discredited with the scientific understanding of the facts in question. The evidence is as follows:
·   Mutations are breaks or displacements in a living thing’s genetic code, or DNA, as a result of radiation or chemical effects. Therefore they ONLY DAMAGE DNA.

·   99% of mutations are harmful and 1% have no effect. The changes caused by mutations can only be of the kind suffered by people at Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Chernobyl; in other words, death, deformation and disease.

·   Mutations are random effects. As a result of mutations the parts making up the genetic code are torn out and destroyed, damaged or moved to different parts of the DNA. But mutations never add any new information to DNA. Therefore, mutations can never bestow new information on an organism. All speculation to such effect is mere deception.

·   For the same reasons, the claim that living things undergo changes caused by mutations and turned into different life forms with completely different physiologies is also totally deceptive. As well as having harmful effects, mutations have no ability to add a life form any new information that does not already exist.

·   Darwinists have for years been raising and performing mutation experiments on fruit flies to try and prove their claims that mutations cause evolution. They have subjected these creatures to all kinds of mutations for many years. But NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE USEFUL MUTATION HAS EVER BEEN OBSERVED.
The Darwinist Gordon Rattray Taylor makes the following admission on the subject:
It is a striking, but not much mentioned fact that, though geneticists have been breeding fruit-flies for sixty years or more in labs all around the world—flies which produce a new generation every eleven days—THEY HAVE NEVER YET SEEN THE EMERGENCE OF A NEW SPECIES OR EVEN A NEW ENZYME.[i]
· The fruit fly that Darwinists attempt to depict as evidence of useful mutation has an extra pair of wings due to being subjected to mutation, BUT IT HAS ENTIRELY LOST THE ABILITY TO FLY; in other words, it is deformed. No new data transfer has taken place in the animal, which has lost the power of flight. Structures already existing in it have merely been repeated, but these have damaged its flight muscles as they emerged, thus leaving the animal functionless.
The biologist Michael Pitman expresses the failure of the experiments on fruit flies thus:
Many geneticists have subjected generations of fruit flies to extreme conditions of heat, cold, light, dark, and treatment by chemicals and radiation. All sorts of mutations, practically all trivial or positively deleterious, have been produced. Man-made evolution? Not really: Few of the geneticists’ monsters could have survived outside the bottles they were bred in. In practice, mutants die or are sterile. [ii]
·   Cases described as “examples of mutation” in medical text books consist of diseases such as mongolism, Down’s syndrome, albinism, dwarfism, cancer etc.
Prof. Walter L. Starkey from the Ohio State University describes the invalidity of the claims about mutations as follows:
Do you think it would be wise for you to spend hours near X-ray machine, or inside of a nuclear power plant? Would it be wise for you to go to Chernobyl, in Russia, where a nuclear power plant exploded? Should we actively try to destroy the ozone layer that shields us from radiation? If such radiations are likely to cause you to evolve, and develop new beneficial futures, then you should seek to be bombarded as much as possible by these sources of radiation. Maybe you could get a new eye in the back of your head. In reality, if you are smart, you will avoid such radiations, because they are much more likely to damage you than to improve you. [iii]

[i] Gordon R. Taylor, The Great Evolution Mystery, New York: Harper & Row, 1983, p.48
[ii] Michael Pitman, Adam and Evolution, London: River Publishing, 1984, p. 70
[iii] Walter L. Starkey, The Cambrian Explosion, p. 157

Creationists in Europe Are Increasingly Making Their Voices Heard - 25.02.2009
Germany/Spiegel Online

Spiegel Online, a leading German news portal attracting more than 90 million visits a month, raised the matter of belief in Creation in the words "Europe has its own hardcore creationists ... too. Increasingly, they are making their voices heard..." The report, titled "European Creationists Take On Darwin," described how the theory of evolution is increasingly losing support, even in Britain, the theory’s homeland, saying, "the majority of British have their doubts about evolution."

The report also noted how the Council of Europe regarded Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation and its presence in schools as a threat.  Of course the Atlas of Creation is a threat to the Darwinist education system that had deceived Europe for a century and a half. Because the Atlas of Creation has been sufficient all by itself to reveal that evolution is a hoax and to bring the true facts into the light of day. Anyone reading the Atlas of Creation or just browsing a few pages can see the manifest evidence of Creation and immediately understand the truth. That is why Darwinists are right to fear the Atlas of Creation, although the book is spreading in unstoppable waves. One can see this effect with every passing day in Europe, in the rising numbers of believers in Allah and Creation. 

A young American becomes a Muslim / Turkiye / 01.01.2009

A young American became a Muslim

He was given English-language books

A young American serving as a technician at the Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey, converted to Islam at a ceremony held in the local Registry Office and changed his name to Ahmet.

According to a written statement from the Adana Registry Office, Timothy Wright (25), a Christian U.S. citizen serving as an electrical technician at the Incirlik Air Base, was influenced by the life styles of the Muslims in the area and decided to convert. 

Timothy Wright said that he learned about Islam by reading English translation of the Noble Qur’an. He had several Muslim friends on the air base. He learned about Islam by reading about it. As he himself stated, he saw that the laws of Islam are closely bound to life and anyone who reads the Qur’an and appreciates its meaning can see that. He said that he really liked the lives of the Muslims at Incirlik, pointing out that family life is excellent under Islam, they help anyone who is in trouble and live in close contact with one another. He went on to say that he was very happy to be a Muslim. 



Age: 144 to 65 million years

Period: Cretaceous

Location: Cannonball Formation, North Dakota, USA

Sequoias presently growing in North America can reach more than 100 meters in height; there are countless fossil specimens showing that these trees' foliage has remained the same for tens of millions of years. The fossil in the picture is around 140 million years old. These specimens once again condemn evolutionists, who cannot explain scientifically how plants first emerged and why there is such a variety of them, to a profound silence.

It is clear that each species of plant which appears suddenly in the fossil record, together with its own unique features and which has survived completely unchanged for millions of years, has been created by Almighty God.


He Who Makes His Servant's Path Easier in Goodness and Wickedness; He Who Places No Unbearable Burden on Anyone

Allah desires ease for you ; He does not desire difficulty for you. You should complete the number of days and proclaim Allah's greatness for the guidance He has given you, so that hopefully you will be thankful. ( Surat al-Baqara, 185)

Allah always directs us toward ease. At the base of Islam, the religion with which He is pleased, always lies this ease. The Qur'an reveals this profound truth, as follows:

Strive for Allah with the effort due to Him. He has selected you and has not placed any constraint upon you in religion—the religion of your forefather Ibrahim... ( Surat al-Hajj, 22:78)

Allah has made the Qur'an easy for those who are willing to take heed, and its commands make human life easy. For instance, He does not hold the blind, the lame, or the sick responsible, and shows ways that lessen His servants' burden during times of hardship and travel. He also states that He will forgive people, whatever their sins may be, provided that they repent sincerely. One verse reads:

We have made the Qur'an easy to remember. But is there any rememberer there? ( Surat al-Qamar, 54:17)

Meanwhile, Allah calls attention to the fact that believers can easily attain all forms of success:

We will ease you to the Easy Way . ( Surat al-A‘la, 8)

Every ease that we feel or see is from Allah, for they all come from His glory. He is the Most Compassionate of the compassionate, and He does not desire difficulty for His servants:

Allah desires to make things lighter for you. Man was created weak. ( Surat an-Nisa', 28)

Allah knows what we can and cannot do, and thus does not desire any difficulty for us. This is also related in “Allah desires ease for you; He does not desire difficulty for you” ( Surat al-Baqara, 185). Even under the severest conditions, He makes our tasks easy and shows us a way out. Allah reminds His servants of this blessings in the following verses:

Did We not expand your breast for you and remove your load from you, which weighed down your back? Did We not raise your renown high? For truly with hardship comes ease; truly with hardship comes ease. ( Surat al-Inshirah, 1-6)

Allah makes the ways of attaining His good pleasure and mercy easy for believers. On the other hand, He informs us that He will pave the way to difficulty for unbelievers:

But as for him who is stingy, self-satisfied, and denies the Good, We will pave his way to difficulty. ( Surat al-Layl, 8-10)


What He Said

Erzincan Can TV, July 14-2008

Adnan Oktar: The European Union is a very good and a very necessary union. Turkey must join it, but not in this state. [It must join] As the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world. IT MUST JOIN AS A SUPER-STATE ACTING AS A BRIDGE TO EUROPE. THE EU WILL THEN BE A THOUSAND TIMES GREATER THAN IT IS NOW. America will be twice what it is now. It will grow enormously. Russia and China will both be relieved. Neighbors and everyone will be relieved. Israel will prosper. The Middle East will be like Paradise for them. THEY WILL BE AT GREAT EASE. The Turkish nation will bring about the finest peace, security and love. That is how it was in Ottoman times, and that is how it is now. Allah has bestowed this task on this nation, insha’Allah.
Newspaper announcements based on the works of Adnan Oktar dealt with the subject as follows:

The religious devotion in Anatolia [Turkey], the love, friendship and conception of altruism, the affection for all that is good, the hospitality, traditional humanity, in essence all forms of human, moral and spiritual beauty are the ideal conception of life and life style for the whole world. The whole world, AND EUROPE IN PARTICULAR, DESPERATELY NEEDS THIS CONCEPTION AND THESE HUMANE MORAL VALUES. A European Union in which a Darwinist, materialist and atheist conception prevails is condemned, sooner or later, to collapse. But an EU that adopts the superior moral virtues of the Turkish nation, that takes its moral virtues as a life style, will attain the most perfect form. In order for that to happen, it is essential that Turkey should join the EU as a major state and the leader of the Turkic and Islamic world and to assimilate them into its own spiritual template. The anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist, religious, patriotic and enlightened Turkish Nation will successfully discharge this historic duty.

What Happened

Daily Türkiye, December 7-2008

“EU: We can be a global force with Turkey”

“The European Union summit stated that its weakness in the field of defense and security would come to an end with Turkish membership.”

Daily Yeni Şafak, November 29-2008
“The EU needs Turkey”

“Sir Martin Sorrell, the CEO of WPP, one of the world’s largest communications companies, said that an aging Western Europe had to admit Turkey, with its youthful population.

Adnan Oktar's more than 250 works translated into 54 languages to date, and the articles, CDs, web sites, radio and television programs, documentary films, interactive presentations, audio tapes and conferences based on these works are leading people all over the world to faith and are causing those who already believe to bind themselves together with even greater enthusiasm.

Some bird species have a talent rarely found in any other creature except man. The best example of this are parrots, which can imitate, in addition to human speech, a wide range of sounds that even humans can’t duplicate convincingly—for example, as the creaking of a door, the cap being removed from a bottle, a ringing telephone, or a tune being whistled. This talent to imitate, observable in parrots and some other bird species, is not an ability that can be acquired by coincidence. All the wondrous characteristics of birds that can imitate sounds are just part of the evidence God shows to man so we may witness the magnificence of His creation. In this book you will discover that talking birds use a frequency modulation (FM) system, the working system of the AM radios found in nearly all homes, that birds’ sound recognition capacity is some 10 times greater than that of humans, that birds can distinguish 10 different notes and many other astonishing facts. You will see that the way these creatures are equipped with the ability to speak and imitate sounds is one of the countless miracles of creation, and at the same time witness how that ability completely undermines the theory of evolution.

It Is Utterly Impossible for Proteins to Form by Chance

It is mathematically impossible for proteins, the building blocks of life, to have formed by chance. For example, the odds of an average-sized protein molecule, which consists of 288 amino acids, emerging by chance is 1 in 10300. (This is an astronomical figure of 1 followed by 300 zeros.) In practical terms, it is impossible for this to happen. (In mathematics, chances smaller than 1 in 1050 are regarded as having zero probability.) The theory of evolution, which is unable to account for the formation of even a single protein in terms of chance, can never explain how the cell and even more complex structures came into being.

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