The Alevis are our brothers

The Alevis Are Our Brothers

Interview with Adnan Oktar on Alhurra TV (Istanbul, April 2008)

Adnan Oktar: The Alevi creed is not a system which can be ignored or opposed. It is also an Islamic school (madh'hab). For example, within a neighbourhood, an Alevi should be greeted with respect. He should be treated with respect. But this is not a favor, it shouldn’t be done as a favor, it should be done because they deserve it. The freedom of Alevi citizens, their freedom of worship, their freedom of life should be supported, as well as respected. If this is done, then no problem will arise for any Alevi.

Interview with Adnan Oktar on Sivas Sipas TV (Istanbul, August 2008)

Adnan Oktar:
I love Jaffaris, I love Alevis, I also love Bektashis, I also love Wahhabis. They are all my brothers, each has their own particular form of piety. They are all committed in love to Allah, to religion. We have always lived together in harmony within the confines of the Ottoman Empire. We have always been living closely connected with Alevis, Bektashis, Jaffaris. We are all members of the same nation, we are all a part of the nation of Islam, we are all Turks, thanks to Allah. This is why it is not right to consider us as apart, all should be appreciated in love. Because we all worship the one and only Allah, we have the same book, and we turn to the same Qiblah [direction be faced praying during Salah]. What more could we want?

Interview with Adnan Oktar on Kutahya Destan TV (Istanbul, 5 August 2008)

Adnan Oktar:
Let’s strengthen our brotherly ties. We are all brothers, whether rightist, leftist, Alevi, or Sunni. We are children of this fatherland. Allah has granted everyone of us different traits and different thoughts, it is a creation of Allah. This does not require us to be against one another. Let’s live in this beautiful homeland of ours, united in love, peace, and brotherhood. We are in possession of the most beautiful country in the world and of fertile and beautiful grounds. Allah has blessed us with it, Alhamdulillah [Praise be to Allah].

There Is No Alevi-Sunni Disunity

Interview with Adnan Oktar on Cem TV (Istanbul, July 2008)

Adnan Oktar:
The people of Turkey are all full of love. They enjoy love, friendship, brotherhood in a deep manner. But a kind of lovelessness has taken root, as if some people adopted spirit of litigiousness, incredulity, gloating over. Let’s pull our selves together at once. We are brothers, we live in a very very beautiful country. That is, it is exquisitely beautiful, let’s get attached to each other with love and friendship. It does not matter whether someone is rightist or leftists. Especially the Alevi-Sunni disunity is inglorious. It is not possible to define the hatred and anger which ensues from this disunity. Because our Allah is the same, our book is the same, our prophet is the same, our Qiblah [direction be faced praying during Salah] is the same. It is unbelievable.

Live Interview with Adnan Oktar, on Mavi Karadeniz and Kral Karadeniz (Istanbul, April 2008)

Adnan Oktar:
They can no longer achieve an Alevi-Sunni disunity, we gave all the necessary answers. 

Interview with Adnan Oktar on Alhurra TV (Istanbul, April 2008)

Adnan Oktar:
Let them [Alevis] have assembly houses, places of worship; let them live like they please, let them read [the Holy Book] like they please. Oppression does not go with respect to humanity. Let the people open assembly houses, they remember Allah in these houses, it is very nice, they talk about the love of Hazrat Ali in these houses, they engage in conversations together, it is not as if they are talking about atheism or having no faith. They talk about Allah, religion, faith, Prophet (saas), line of our Prophet (saas), the 12 imams.  The 12 imams are our soul, they are very dear to us. They talk about them, they have made pictures of them and placed them all around. These are nice things, there is nothing to become uneasy about, nothing to be done but to embrace them, this issue can be solved with a friendly attitude and approach.

The Alevi Creed Aims at Being a Mature, Virtuous, and Wise Person

Interview with Adnan Oktar on Cem TV (Istanbul, July 2008)

Presenter: What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Alevi’?

Adnan Oktar:
Let me first of all say that I belong to the progeny of Hazrat Ali, I am his spiritual child. I am his grandchild, I pertain to the arm of Hazrat Hassan, going back to Hazrat Ali, I am a sayyid. For that reason I am Alevi. I am an Alevi in that sense, but I know the Alevis well, my brother-in-laws were Alevi. I went to Hajji Bektsh Wali, I stayed there for about a week. I stayed in an Alevi home, I know Alevis. As far as I know, the Alevi Creed aims at being a mature, virtuous, and wise person.

Perfect [person].

Adnan Oktar:
Yes perfect person, not ostentatious, it is a nice point of view which values depth. That is, it is a nice interpretation of Islam, an interpretation of the Quran. There are many interpretations of Quran, which are more beautiful than the other. This is one of those very beautiful interpretations. Truly, when talking to Alevis, particularly people above middle-age, what I saw there was that their maturity, depth, humane beauty, spiritual beauty are all amazing. They are compassionate, mature .

Their sense of mercy is high.

Adnan Oktar:
Yes, their sense of mercy is high, they consider events in a moderate way, they are far removed from extremism, they possess an amazing moral beauty, that’s what I saw.

Presenter: Closely tied to love.

Adnan Oktar:
That is, for instance, also very surprising, love for animals, such a grace, I mean such a grace from the heart. Indeed, very beautiful in this sense. 

Alevis’ Love of Allah

Live Interview with Adnan Oktar on Ekin TV (5 January 2008)

When are we, Alevi brothers and Sunni brothers, going to act together? What are the reasons for this disunity, what do you think?

Adnan Oktar:
We are already together. One should take no notice of anybody who says such things. Alevis are the lions of Allah, they are our soul brothers whom we love very much. Alevis are very brave and strong. They are patient, they are trustworthy, like all of our people. [People talking against them] should not be taken seriously, it is not important when 3 or 5 people appear saying such things. These are anyhow people who have no tie with religion, with Islam. Alevis are pious in the utmost, they love Allah very much, they love our Prophet and feel a deep affection for the Ahlul-Bayt. They have great love for Ahlul-Bayt, for Hazrat Ali, for  Imam Hassan and Imam Hussayin.


Adnan Oktar: They are beautiful people living in that enthusiasm, who feel love for the Mahdi, are passionately waiting for his coming, they are our soul brothers. There is no problem at all, our Alevi brothers are a boon for Turkey, a boon for the Islamic world. There is no problem at all, don’t take notice of these people [who are against Alevis], Insha'Allah.

Adnan Oktar: Alevis are admirers of Hazrat Ali, they are our lions, admirers of the Rasulallah and they are brave and strong. And they are pure Turks, MashaAllah. They are people who live the spirit of Turkishness, the character of Turkishness, which they obtained from Islam. I mean, it is an important weapon to be able not to allot importance to something. Every impertinent action should be countered with love.

Reporter: Yes, Sir, here we have another message from our Alevi brothers. It says that “I visited  your website (alevisareourbrothers). It’s been prepared very nicely.”

Adnan Oktar: MasaAllah.

Reporter: He says that only you can establish brotherhood between Alevis and Sunnis. There is such a wish.

Adnan Oktar:
Insha'Allah, I will be one those who will conduce to that brotherhood, Insha'Allah.

He asks what your advice would be to Alevis, what can they do?

Adnan Oktar: Alevis should increase their love and enthusiasm they have for Hazrat Ali, and for the Prophet of Allah. We know that they already have deep affection for our Prophet, they have strong love for our Prophet and his Companions. Let them continue on this path, with this love Insha'Allah. Let them pray Allah for the appearance of the Mahdi (as), for the coming of Jesus (as), Insha'Allah, they will see the realization of their prayers. Insha’Allah.

Live Interview with Adnan Oktar on Ekin TV (12 January 2009)

First of all, the Alevi creed is committed to Hazrat Ali And Hazrat Muhammad with love. They are the lovers of Allah. They turn with the love of Allah. They play the Saz [traditional stringed instrument] with the love of Allah. They sing with the love of Allah. Some people want to destroy that love, and then talks about the Alevi creed. If there is no love, there can be no Alevi creed. The Alevi creed means love, love means the Alevi creed.

The Separation of Madh'habs Cannot be Allowed Amongst Muslims

Live Interview with Adnan Oktar on Ekin TV (19 January 2009)

Our nation is very good-natured, our nation is easygoing, modest, our people do not like commotion. The Turkish nation has lived Islam in a perfect way since the Ottoman times. Turkish nation is very noble, very reasonable. You mentioned the Alevi-Sunni disunity. Let Alevis imagine there are many Hazrat Alis, many Hazrat Abu Bakrs around themselves. Let Sunnis imagine that there are many Hazrat Abu Bakrs and Hazrat Alis. Was there a conflict between Alevis and Sunnis in the days of Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Ali? There are many Hazrat Abu Bakrs and Hazrat Alis every where. We embrace each other, we are brothers. In no way is there such a problem. Let them [the ones who try to separate Alevis and Sunnis] do whatever they can. They cannot do anything. Alevis are brave, they are men of integrity. They are all like lions. These people are the cement of Turkey, they are pure blood Turkish, let me tell you this as an extra information about them. Alevis are very strong and upright. Our Sunni brothers are like that too, they are very fastidious, as are the Alevis. There is no disunity between us, it is not even necessary to reply to such words, let everyone say what they want.

Alevi’s Love for the Mahdi

Live Interview with Adnan Oktar, on Mavi Karadeniz and Kral Karadeniz (3 May 2009)

Alevis are wonderful people. They have great love for Allah, for the Prophet Muhammad (saas) and Hazrat Ali. In the time of the Mahdi, all madh'habs will be abolished and an understanding of religion will be established as it was in the time of the companions  and it will be purely compatible with Quran again. But the Mahdi is not going to enforce this, he will bring it as a model and people will conform willingly.

All madh'habs are beautiful. When I was a child, disagreeable things were said about the Alevis. But they are perfect, noble people. The Jaferis, as well as the Alevis are marvelous people. This is a game of the devil, which the Mahdi will obliterate from the root.

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