Be humble for blessings

Some people never consider the great blessings they enjoy in their lives. Yet starting the day in good health every morning, being able to breathe and see, being able to enjoy scents and food and all beautiful things and being able to appreciate love, respect and friendship, are all great blessings.

In addition, possessing the judgment with which to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong or beauty and ugliness is another great blessing bestowed by Allah because that judgment enables one to avoid wickedness and the evil whisperings of one’s earthly desires and to choose goodness and beauty instead. 

What one needs to do in return is properly appreciate our Lord, to give proper thanks to Him and for one’s heart to be full of love and fear of Him at all times.

One’s heart being with Allah at all times does not mean withdrawing from all the preoccupations of the life of this world. “The heart being with Allah at all times” means:

• Being aware of the greatness, might and power of our Lord at all times,

• Knowing that He sees, hears and watches oneself and all the other entities one sees, and that He encompasses the entire universe,

• Being aware that Allah is the sole judge and sole Lord of all things, and that He is mighty enough to do what He wants when He wants,

• And knowing that everything that happens in the life of this world, whether it appears to be good or bad, is actually the functioning of the destiny ordained by Allah.

A person whose heart is always full of remembrance of Allah has a clear mind and awareness.

It is easy to recognise the clarity of mind of someone whose heart is always full of remembrance of Allah from his face and behaviour because there is a great difference between the face of someone who believes and knows that Allah sees him at all times and someone who is heedless. No matter how attractive the face of someone who has forgotten Allah, it will never reflect any spiritual beauty or an expression full of love and meaning, humanity, humility and intelligence. In contrast, the luminosity, beauty, intelligence and nobility bestowed by faith and clarity of mind are striking in someone whose heart is with Allah. 

In the Quran, Allah notes these features of those who sincerely believe and exhibit an unsullied devotion to Him and reveals it is easy to recognise them by “...the traces of prostration” on their faces:

“Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are fierce to the unbelievers, merciful to one another. You see them bowing and prostrating, seeking Allah’s good favour and His pleasure. Their mark is on their faces, the traces of prostration. That is their likeness in the Torah. And their likeness in the Gospel is that of a seed which puts up a shoot and makes it strong so that it thickens and grows up straight upon its stalk,” (Surat Al Fath: 29)

Adnan Oktar's piece on The Gulf Today:

2014-03-14 16:00:03

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