Don't look far for the reason for unhappiness: The cause is hearts turning aside from Allah

Recent messages on social networking sites about the increasing loneliness and unhappiness are actually silent cries expressing people’s deep depression.

“I am so alone that even loneliness has abandoned me.”

“Loneliness is a disease with no cure.”

“This is life’s little joke, if you expect more happiness you cannot smile. “

Just these few examples are enough to show and for us to understand how people are in a profound void and are deeply troubled.

It is not one or two people, but almost the entire world is silently sobbing, “We are alone, we are unhappy.” This may not attract much attention because it is not considered objectively or because people have become familiar with the cries they hear. Yet these are actually the signs of an insidious sickness affecting the world like cancer.

Let us look at the world; major technological advances are being made almost every month. There is a wide range of employment, entertainment and holiday opportunities. One’s surroundings are pleasant and elegant. Everything is designed to please people and soothe the eye. All kinds of opportunities for people’s physical and mental comfort are available wherever they live.

Yet despite all these facilities, people are still in a state of deep loneliness from an inability to find the happiness they seek. Their bodies and souls are not comfortable. No material comfort responds to the loneliness in their souls and their deep unhappiness. Some people think; “If people have more material means available to them they will never be lonely or unhappy. It all comes down to money.” They convince themselves that money is what is essential.

Let us look at the lives of the very wealthy. Many have serious family problems. They have problems with their children. Almost none have real friends they can trust, share their secrets with and confide in. Most of them do not even trust their spouses. They wear expensive clothes, but these do not make them happy. The profound loneliness and unhappiness they suffer manifests itself through the dullness in their eyes and their pained smiles. These people have money, but they can only go to the same places as everyone else. Like everyone else, they can only eat one dinner. Their homes may have 15 rooms, but most of them prefer to spend their days, not in gold-plated armchairs upholstered with the most decorative fabrics, but in small rooms with ordinary but comfy furniture. If they eat more than others because of all their money, they will first put on weight and then suffer health problems. If they go somewhere to relax, they are still subjected to the same world conditions and deficiencies. If they want to jet off to the far corners of the world, since we are all bound by time, they will still have to spend hours in a plane under uncomfortable conditions. Their money does not make time go any faster. Yet most people naively assume that their lives are easy and comfortable, like in the movies, that they flow smoothly, that evening never falls for them, and that money is the answer to everything.

Yet this is the world. And this world is full of flaws and weaknesses. People are also full of weaknesses. Moreover, no matter how financially powerful they may be, money has no power to overcome these weaknesses and deficiencies. Because everyone has to sleep when he is tired and eat when he is hungry. There is no difference between a rich man and a poor man in terms of that hardship and painful time when they fall ill. The rich man will also feel the difficulties, weight and severity of that sickness in exactly the same way.

In other words, all these explanations of the causes of unhappiness are artificial; they are superficial ways of thinking. Because ‘material things’ are not the true cause of unhappiness or loneliness. The real cause of unhappiness and loneliness is people’s hearts turning aside from Allah.

This is a fact that Allah reveals in the Qur’an. In Surat ar-Rad our Lord says:

Only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace. (Surat Ar-Rad, 28)

In other words, people can find peace and happiness only by remembering Allah, being aware of and speaking of the details in His creation of the universe and being aware that the destiny appointed by Allah operates in all that they do.

However, many people today are reluctant to abide by these words of Allah. Using false and devilish ideas such as “Faith is between Allah and His servant. It cannot be spoken of or manifested,” they give the impression that it is wrong to remember and speak of one’s love of Allah, and the beauties of His creation.

As a result, people develop a cautious and chilly language in respect of Allah. Their hearts and souls are therefore isolated, and they therefore feel unhappy and alone.

Allah is the only source of happiness, joy, peace and tranquility. We can only be happy and at peace if Allah so desires. Yet if Allah so desires we can also delight in good things. But it is impossible for us to attain that by any other means than faith in Allah. It is Allah who created the universe with all its laws, and He will only open the doors to these blessings when He is in their hearts and words. People’s hearts and souls can only be eased through that path. Otherwise, no matter what means a person possesses, they will never give him peace and happiness. He will always feel in his heart the sorrow of being alone and distant from Allah. Allah reveals this in another verse:

If Allah helps you, no one can vanquish you. If He forsakes you, who can help you after that? So the believers should put their trust in Allah. (Surat Al-‘Imran, 160)

As it is clearly seen; the heart of someone who has turned aside from Allah will be lonely and friendless. Turning one’s heart and tongue away from one’s truest Friend in this life is equivalent to imprisoning oneself in unhappiness and loneliness. Turning to Allah and seeking true happiness in love of Him is the only way of escaping this great trouble that afflicts the world.

Adnan Oktar's piece on Blitz:

2015-01-20 20:58:56

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