Turkey left to face terror

When terrorism strikes a country, the worst hit are the people and the government of that particular country. No neighboring country, no allies, and no friendly state could really understand the gravity of the situation.
Regrettably politicians of the world seem to have accepted the dangerous materialist idea of the “Clash of Civilizations,” which is primarily based on conflicts and selfishness, because it suits their interests. 

That explains the world’s inaction over huge crimes currently being committed against humanity in various parts of the world. 

If a person reads international headlines about the recent developments in Turkey, he will probably evaluate the situation regarding the origin of that certain newspaper. He will most probably believe those reports and that the Turkish government broke cease-fire agreement with the PKK, or that the Turkish state is slaughtering the so-called “Kurdish fighters.” 

An average reader won’t understand and probably won’t care about the massive scale of terrorism Turkey is currently facing. 

Let us explain: Last week, in yet another cowardly ambush, PKK martyred 16 soldiers one day, and martyred 13 police officers the next day. Within two months, since the end of the cease-fire between the government and the PKK, terrorists have martyred more than 100 Turkish soldiers and police officers. They blocked roads, raided hospitals, kidnapped patients, set public and private properties on fire and recruited thousands of children as soldiers. To counter the situation, a curfew has been imposed in some parts of southeastern Turkey. Yet, it is not very easy to locate the ammunition stored in houses and mosques in the cities by PKK. 

Our readers will recall, since the onset of the cease-fire process in Turkey, we have warned repeatedly that this would eventually happen. We had warned: PKK is a Leninist organization that seeks to snatch parts of Turkey and will not give up terrorist activities until it achieves that goal. It will never lay down its weapons. It will look peaceful, penetrate cities, gain a foothold and build a mafia-like state and work to gain control of the region from within… cease-fire is only a break to get new weapons, to recover and to get more recruits. This is so because a communist organization will never give up on communism until it takes the lands it wants and attains its goal of building a state.

Although we never wanted those results, time has proven us right. We’ve also been explaining for a very long time that a real solution is possible only with a massive educational campaign that scientifically refutes communism. We hope that this time there won’t be any need to wait this long to apply this method, which is the only thing that hasn’t been tried so far. 

While some international media outlets reduced the incident “to the struggle of freedom fighters” and strangely continuing their campaign of accusing Turkey, the following questions inevitably come to the mind: Had another NATO member been faced with terrorism on such a wide scale, how would the world have reacted? 

Does it work differently when it is Turkey, the only Muslim and Middle Eastern member of the NATO?

As the coalition forces were helping YPG found a state in Syria, along the borders of Turkey, we also said: YPG is a terrorist organization and is a branch of PKK. It is controlled by the same center, loyal to the same leader, subscribes to the same ideology, which is diagonally opposite to the existence policies of the coalition countries. However, since those warnings were not heeded, PKK is currently targeting our soldiers and police officers in cowardly terrorist attacks, while getting the logistic support they need from this YPG-controlled region in Syria. In the same way, they get all their ammunition from the same source. Needless to say, the coalition forces provided those weapons to YPG to be used against Daesh. Therefore, we can conveniently say that PKK is carrying out terrorist attacks on Turkish lands using the weapons provided by coalition forces. In other words, NATO weapons are now being used against one of its members. 

Then what should Turkey do? Turkey is in a state of war. Therefore, a state of mobilization should be declared immediately. Turkish army has approximately 700,000 soldiers and in a case of emergency, it can draft 4 million soldiers within 72 hours. We, of course, do not want any bloodshed but having a deterrent force is very much required. It is very important to deploy forces in sensitive areas in southeastern Anatolia. It is clear that such a move will halt the cowardly PKK attacks targeting children, doctors, regular people, police and soldiers and also impair its control in the region. 

It is a known fact that Turkish tanks are currently stationed along the Syrian border to ensure safety of the borders. To completely prevent any spilling of PKK militants to Turkey from those parts of Syria under YPG control, we need to increase the number of troops and the ammunition in the border, regardless of any opposition from the coalition forces. 

At this point, Turkey no longer has to heed the suggestions of certain NATO members asking Turkey to make concessions to the terrorists. They have left Turkey alone without ensuring its protection against terrorism. The integrity of Turkey is at stake and this is the most sensitive issue for Turkish people. The current scenes on Turkish streets show that Turkish people have now reached the tipping point. Throughout history no terrorist organization could overcome and no superpower could surpass the determination of Turkish people. Putting that to test one more time would be nothing but a fool’s errand. May God bless our martyrs, and heal our veterans.

Adnan Oktar's piece on Arab News & Pakistan Observer:



2015-09-14 00:57:08

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