Attaining God’s approval

Throughout history, man has always been on a search. Their expectations, wishes and needs in the course of their lives are inexhaustible. They incessantly pursue the things they long for. This incessant search goes on for a lifetime.
In fact, man is never weary of making demands. His wishes and needs are so important for him that he wouldn’t even want to imagine living without them. And once he attains them, he starts running after new wishes. In short, man lives at the behest of his whims and desires. His wishes and dreams are the elements that define his future.
No matter from which part of the world he is from, every person has some wishes and goals that he aspires to. Some want to have a more beautiful house, a flashier car and others want to have a better job; all their struggle is to attain those desires. Some want to live near the sea, some in a charming chalet in the mountains. They spend all they have, all their time and a great deal of their energy to attain these wishes. To obtain a great education, a great job, a great marriage for their children is the greatest aim of some.
Others spend all their life in the cause of an ideal. Their worldly demands and wishes are innumerable. Besides those who seek a comfortable livelihood, material possessions, ranks and posts or fame, there are also those whose only search is for faith, love and passion.
Undoubtedly it is not possible to replace faith, guidance and love of God with anything else. Let it be the richest man or the most beautiful person in the world, let it be someone who has strived all his life and attained all his dreams, if one does not have the will or is not in pursuit of reaching his Creator, God, he would be leaving t his world as a person who did not grasp the secret behind the life of this world, a person that has never found real happiness.
It should be known that the most lofty, most precious aspiration in this world is to draw closer to God, He Who created everything, Who manifests an infinite wisdom and glory, a matchless beauty and grace, and to gain His approval and to be worthy of His love.
There are some people who live their lives within the lines of this aspiration; all they aim for is to deepen their faith in God and to attain the highest level of belief, the deepest love and fear of God. These people don’t even care if no one on Earth attaches any importance to them or if no one is pleased with them; all they want is to be worthy in the Sight of God and to attain His good pleasure.
Although they also might be engaged in many worldly matters during the daily hassle, the hearts of such exceptional people are always with God. They see God everywhere they look, turn towards Him in everything they do and want everything they want solely from God.
They know that God is the Sole Ruler over all things and they never forget that God is the One Who helps, Who saves them from troubles and hardships, Who cures them, Who gives them peace and happiness. While some appeal to others, hoping for help and expecting them to be the ones helping them and making them good, there are those who hope for goodness and blessings solely from God.
Wanting everything from God, calling on Him and praying to Him is an act that pleases God, one that He approves of.
Indeed, in the 77th verse of Surah Furqan, God says, “Say; What has My Lord to do with you if you do not call on Him?”. As can be understood from this verse, people being precious in the Sight of God, their being loved, protected and forgiven by God are directly proportionate with their call to God. Prayers constitute the foundation of the bond of love between God and people.
Prayers are the easiest path to reach God; it is like a secret key to reach the truth. God, Who is nearer to us than even our jugular vein, sees everything, knows the call of every caller and hears the wishes in every heartfelt call: Reaching God is as easy as that.
Calling on God wholeheartedly, revealing one’s distresses to Him, talking about one’s problems and joys to Him, asking for His help and thanking Him are the most important steps to draw closer to God. One who prays to God would be performing an act that God appreciates the most and turns over all the events during the course of his life to God, Who is the Creator of and the Sole Ruler over everything. They bare their hearts only to their Lord that they love with all their hearts knowing that every good comes from Him and because they only share their grief and happiness to Him, they would undoubtedly not be devoid of His acceptance.
Turning one’s attention completely to God, always remembering and thinking about God and never forgetting Him is very important; that is because God never forgets us. No matter what we are doing, no matter where we are, God is always with us. He sees and watches over us while we are eating, sleeping, watching television, having fun and while we are dealing with our daily mundane tasks. He is the One Who creates the Earth that is beneath our feet and the skies above our heads. He protects us, loves us and shows mercy towards us. He makes us breathe and gives us health, strength and power. In return, we should never forget God and turn towards Him with a great love and exuberance; we should be asking everything we want from Him and above all, we should aim to attain His approval.

Adnan Oktar's piece on New Straits Times:

2015-10-30 22:27:49

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