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Ramadan in Bahrain is a good time to reflect on what being a Muslim means. Sadly, when the word ‘Muslim’ is mentioned, many in the world picture poor people with dishevelled appearances and backward attitudes. Even though this picture reflects truth in some parts of the Islamic world, it definitely doesn’t reflect the truth about Islam. 

On the contrary, it goes directly against the very essence of Islam. This is because God commands Muslims to be the most elegant, sophisticated, refined, polite and cleanest people of all. In other words, it is a religious obligation for Muslims to be well-groomed, kind, generous, gentle and well-mannered at all times. So how is it that the current situation in the Muslim world is the complete opposite? 

It is because currently, majority of Muslims have abandoned the Quran and instead adopted countless superstitions and regional traditions that have almost replaced Islam entirely. This new religion, which usually varies in practice depending on region, history and traditions, is as far from Islam as it can be. However, many people in the world – and that includes most Muslims too – knowingly or unknowingly think that it is true Islam. It should be noted that not only the backward appearance, but also radicalism and its associated perils are a direct result of the abandonment of the Quran

Let’s study one aspect of the situation and see how Muslim society would have looked in terms of outer appearance had they been following the true Islam in the Quran:

If Muslims abided by the Quran, they would have been dashing, sophisticated and refined, just like the Prophet Mohammed and his companions were. It is because our lord is beautiful, loves beauty and wants his servants to live beautiful, clean and peaceful lives. In numerous verses of the Quran, our lord commands Muslims to pay great attention to their cleanliness and clothing, and orders them to be well-groomed, immaculate and polite at all times. 

Especially when they are about to attend a gathering to remember and praise God, they are required to look their best and wear best clothing. Our lord explains that only idolaters will be dirty and therefore believers should pay extra attention to their cleanliness and how they groom themselves. 

Our Prophet and his companions were great examples of this elegant demeanour. Despite unforgiving desert conditions and  dominant tribal culture, the Prophet was known for his calm, gentle and reliable personality and his unwavering immaculate looks and cleanliness. His clothes reflected the best of the fashion of his time. For instance, he would wear Byzantine-made cloaks that were of the highest quality and most expensive for the period. It is clear that if he were alive today, he would wear the highest fashion of today.

We also understand from the descriptions in the Quran that in heaven, fashion will not be anything like we know in this world. In this life, there is a limit to fashion like everything else, as there are only so many ways that an outfit can be unique before it comes unwearable. 

In heaven, there will be new colours that we never knew in this world, in addition to completely new patterns and fabrics. There won’t be any need to purchase anything, as just imagining and wanting it will be enough to wear it. Furthermore, no outfit will ever get old or dirty. 

Our Prophet even explained that it will be possible to wear 70 different outfits at the same time. They will be visible one by one, as if we have 70 different bodies and each is dressed differently. 

All of these things make it clear that adopting a backward,  uncivilised manner and appearance not only contradicts our religion but also inflicts damage on it. Once Muslims of the world return to the Quran and live according to its commandments and moral values just like the Prophet Mohammed did, everything will change very quickly for the best.

Adnan Oktar's piece Gulf Daily News: 

2016-06-29 15:10:29

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