Love is the only cure

Ramadan has ended and Muslims around the world have celebrated an entire month of worship during Eid Al Fitr. 

It is a time to forgive others and make peace, to reunite with relatives you have lost contact with, for those living away from home to return and share cherished moments with loved ones.

The elderly get excited because their children and grandchildren visit them and spend the holiday with them. 

Meanwhile, children are happy because adults treat them with gifts and allowances. 

Among all this the poor are not forgotten and charitable Muslims pay alms, helping others meet their needs and in turn benefit from spiritual relief.  

However, we must also remember the ordeals that Muslims in different parts of the Islamic world go through. 

It is true that Eid Al Fitr is a time of joy, but many Muslims are unable to experience it fully because of the political and social hardships they are facing.

Much of this stems from divisions and separation among Muslims. 

Yet Allah orders Muslims to be united as one and to love one another. 

This is a provision in the Quran that Muslims must abide by. 

By failing to do so, Allah warns us that there will be upheaval and trouble in the world. 

There is currently another kind of spirit that prevails around the world, which is definitely contrary to the Eid spirit. 

The world is suffering tremendously from hate campaigns, brutal policies, violence and harsh discrimination. 

Nevertheless, there is a way to put an end to this ongoing upheaval.

Once people understand the importance of love, our world will change for once and for all. 

That is because love is the only reason for our existence in this world. 

Allah created humans, animals, plants – the universe – only for love. 

Once people make an effort to love, our world will find its true meaning and it will begin to change for the better. 

Once we sincerely love Allah, our perception of people will also change. 

We will realise that no matter what a person’s nation, race or religion might be, we will start loving everyone and melt the hatred and anger in our hearts. 

Love is the only cure for resentment, vengeful thoughts, anger, hate and any other negative thoughts we may find in our hearts. 

This life is short and transitory. Trillions of people have already gone through such emotions, but are all gone now. 

All they have to show for their life are their good deeds. 

If they chose to forgive instead of getting into conflicts, they will hopefully be forgiven for their misdeeds and are now rejoicing in eternal Heaven. 

Once people start to experience real love and peace in their hearts, we will see the rewards of Allah being manifested in an escalation of love and peace all around the world. 

Our Eids will be more joyful and more lively and, as in the time of our beloved Prophet, every day of our lives will be a feast and each and every Eid Al Fitr will be experienced in the way that it deserves. 

Adnan Oktar's piece in Gulf Daily News:

2016-07-13 15:15:40

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