The dark philosophy of atheist freemasonry

Atheist Freemasons state “peace, fraternity and love among human beings” to be the tenets of their mission. However under these concepts, albeit seemingly positive at first sight, lies the atheist Masonic philosophy’s  enmity to religion.

Atheist Masonry has been one of the major topics about which people have been curious and bewildered. That is because the organisation’s activities are kept confidential and thus its real philosophy and objections are subject to much controversy. In their public disclosures, atheist freemasons extensively refer to “human love, tolerance, universal fraternity, the way to science and wisdom...”, concepts with an instant appeal to heart. However, atheist freemasonry is a dark organization with its atheist and even anti-religious features.

The most interesting aspect is that the concepts referred by atheist freemasons in their public disclosures and the accusations against them regarding being “irreligious” do not have much difference in essence. At this stage, one might raise the question “Why?” After all, none of these concepts seem adverse; love, tolerance and other similar “Humanist” concepts do not seem to be anti-religious at first sight. Moreover, many people think these concepts are among the moral teachings religions that religion teaches.

However what truly matters is the content attributed to these concepts.

What “Love For Human” means for Atheist Freemasonry

Atheist Freemasons often speak about fraternity, tolerance and universal peace.  They resort to the rhetoric that men are responsible for others. These are actually words rendering consolidation among people and thus there is nothing wrong with them. However, what about a person’s responsibilities towards Allah?

This question discloses the actual face of the atheist Masonic philosophy. That is because, the “love for human”, as referred by atheist Masonic philosophy, is not the love sourced from the fact that human beings are the creations of Allah, as also approved by Yunus Emre in his words “to love the created because of the Creator.” On the contrary, atheist freemasons hold that all human beings came into existence as an end of an evolutionary process. This is, however, an ultimate expression of denial of Allah.

In brief, the philosophy defined as “humanism”, which is the backbone of atheist freemasonry, solely foresees the love shown to people and not to Allah. This distorted philosophy is expressed in the official reports of atheist Turkish Freemasonry lodges which was published in 1923:

“We no longer accept Allah as the purpose of our lives. We have created our own purpose. That purpose will serve humanity and no longer Allah.” 

“Underdeveloped societies are impotent.  To cover their incapability, they mostly deify the forces and happenings which surround them.  Masonry deifies humans.” (Selamet Mahfili- Third conference, page 51)

The definition of humanism, which lays the basis of atheist freemasonry, indicates that this philosophy is of an anti-religious nature. Julian Huxley, the leader of the humanist movement in the 20th century founded a new religion, “Evolutionary Humanism” in guidance of Darwin’s evolution theory. He stated the meaning rendered by this new religion as follows:

“When I use the word “humanist”, I mean that a human being is a natural creature such as a plant or an animal.  In other words, the human body, mind and soul have not been created by a supernatural power but created as a result of the evolution.  Therefore, the human being should not believe in the control nor the guide of a supernatural power but his sole existence and sole power.” (American Humanist Association Brochure)

John Dewey published a “Humanist Manifesto” in 1933. The manifesto underscored the idea that it was high time to eliminate divine religions and replace them with a new age of scientific improvement and social cooperation.

The second Manifesto published in 1973 explained all the threats against human kind. In this Manifesto, an outline is given regarding how this philosophy denies the existence of Allah;

“There is no Deity who will save us.  We should save ourselves.”

Atheist Masonic ideology is also based on the same Humanistic principles.  All the warming words used in the ideology are of a deceptive nature when one truly looks into their meanings.  Once detached from the existence of Allah, words such as love, fraternity and peace will be meaningless. The sole existence of mankind is to worship Allah, as Allah states in the following verse:

“I created the jinn and mankind only that they might worship Me.” (Surat adh-Dhariyat: 56).

If mankind will deny this duty and rebel against Allah, He might never attain salvation.

One could never truly love another unless he has faith in Allah.  This is why the term “human love”, which is frequently used in the atheist Masonic ideology is entirely divorced from reality; all ideologies based on denial will strengthen the wicked side in people and will therefore give rise to bloodshed and torture. During the 20th century, due to the existence of irreligious ideologies such as communism and fascism, hundreds of millions of people suffered from genocide while billions were subjected to torture and pressure.  It is also important to remember that The French Revolution, a Freemason-supported movement, derived its strength from the motto  “Freedom, Equality and Fraternity” but ended up with tens of thousands of dead executed under guillotine.

The Meaning of  “The Scientific Path and Reason”

As with the case of the concepts of “human love” interpreted within the framework of Humanism, “science” and “rationalism” are also taken up in anti-religious contexts by atheist Freemasons.

For a Muslim, science is the tool to observe the universe Allah created and to understand the secrets underlying the way it functions.  Rational thinking, on the other hand, is a way of worship Allah commands in the Qur'an and a sign of faith. However, in the atheist Masonic terminology, these concepts are used with totally different connotations. According to atheist Masonic thinking, science is not a tool used to analyze the beings created by Allah. On the contrary, having faith in science is being associated with being an atheist. Under the guise of science, hoaxes such as Darwinism are indoctrinated to societies. Atheist Masonic teaching wages a war against religion by means of the hoax of Darwinism, which is actually refuted by the science itself. In a journal published by atheist Turkish Freemasons, the responsibility of atheist Freemasons is to make the propagation of non-religiousness under the mask of “science” is stated as follows:

 Believing that this is the best and single way in terms of evolution, our main Masonic duty is not to deviate from positive sciences and wisdom, to propagate this belief among people and to raise the public in the guidance of sciences. The following words of Ernest Renan is significant:

“The vain goals of religion will collapse by itself, only when the public is trained and enlightened by science and reason.”

The following statements of Lessing also support the same argument: “Through the enlightenment of man by science and wisdom, man will no longer feel the need of religion one day.”

This is the atheist Masonic approach to religion. 



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