RAMADAN 2008 - THE 10th DAY



The "fingerprint" which is formed on the tip of the finger by the visible pattern the skin takes is absolutely unique to its owner. Every person living on the earth has a different set of fingerprints. All the people who have lived throughout history also had different fingerprints. These prints remain unchanged throughout one's lifetime unless a great injury occurs.

That is why the fingerprint is accepted as a very important identity card and used for this purpose around the world.
However, two centuries ago, the fingerprint was not so important, because it was only discovered in the late 19th century that all fingerprints are different from one another.

In 1880, an English scientist named Henry Faulds stated in an article published in Nature that the fingerprints of people did not change throughout their lives, and that su spects could be convicted by the fingerprints they left on surfaces such as glass.32 In 1884, for the first time a murder was solved by means of identifying fingerprints. Since then, fingerprints have become an important method of identification. Before the 19th century, however, people most probably had never thought that the wavy shapes on their fingertips had any meaning or considered them worthy of note.

In the 7th century, the Qur'an pointed out that the fingertips of human beings bore an important characteristic:

Does man think that We cannot assemble his bones? Yes, We are able to put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers. (Surat al-Qiyama, 3-4)


Eagles can fly at altitudes of thousands of meters high, and they are equipped with eyes which help them see a wealth of details on the ground far below.

An eagle's eye has a 572 F vision, when needed, it can enlarge an object six to eight times larger than it first appeared.

While flying at an altitude of 14 108 feet, they can scan an area some 30,000 hectares around them.

From 4921 feet up, they can notice the smallest movement or difference of color so as to locate their prey.

The eagle owes this superior eyesight to the large number of light-sensitive cone cells present in the retina of his eyes.

These cells gather up light and send the information to the brain.

The number of cone cells in the human eye, by contrast, is much less than the eagle's. The difference between the two is what gives the eagle its keen eyesight.

Using it, eagles can easily spot their prey. But it isn't the eagle that's behind this good eyesight.

Rather, it is God Who designed this perfect system.

God reveals this truth in one of His verses:

... There is no creature He does not hold by the forelock... (Surah Hud, 56)


The theory of evolution, first proposed under the primitive conditions of the 19th century, has been disproved by advances in science and technology. It has been recognized that Darwin's claims are totally unrealistic: Natural selection and mutations, cited as the mechanisms that drive the process of evolution, have no effects of the kind envisaged by Darwinists. In short, it is impossible for them to give rise to new species.

The final death blow to Darwinism was dealt by the fossil record. Darwin claimed that all the millions of different life forms had come into being through descent from a supposed single common ancestor. In order for his claim to be verified, there should be traces in the fossil record—an irrefutable document of natural history—of this supposed primitive ancestor and of the various life forms that developed from it. For example, if all mammals were descended from reptiles, as evolutionists maintain, then there would have to be fossil remains of a series of half-mammalian, half-reptilian life forms. To date, millions of fossils, belonging to a great many species, have been unearthed during excavations. Yet not a single one showing a transition between species has ever been found. Every fossil ever found shows that each living thing emerged suddenly, with all its characteristics complete. In other words, every species of plant and animal was created.

Crocodiles are one example of living fossils. They appeared with all their physical structures fully formed and have survived down to the present day without undergoing any change at all over a period of around 100 million years (there are crocodile fossils dating back 140 million years). The fact that there is no difference between the 100-million-year-old fossil crocodile in the picture and those alive today once again emphasizes this fact.

Confronted by this fact, evolutionists have resorted to various falsehoods. They have produced hoaxes—counterfeit, artificial fossils that have come to be regarded as disgraces to paleontology. They have tried to deceive the lay public by tampering with genuine fossils of extinct life forms and inventing a series of imaginary scenarios.

One of the best known of them is the so-called "evolution of the horse." Fossils belonging to entirely different species that once lived in India, South America, North America and Europe were arranged in order of size—from small to large—in the light of evolutionist imaginations. So far, different researchers have come up with more than 20 different equine evolution scenarios.


There is no agreement among them regarding all these completely different family trees. The one point they commonly agree upon is their belief that a dog-like creature known as Eohippus (or Hyracotherium) that lived in the Eocene epoch (54 to 37 million years ago) was the very first ancestor of today's horses. However, Eohippus—portrayed as the ancestor of the horse and that became extinct millions of years ago—is almost identical to the present-day animal known as the hyrax, which looks nothing like a horse and is totally unrelated to that species. 1

Using the skulls of extinct apes and various races of humans that once lived in the past, evolutionists seek to establish an imaginary family tree. However, the scientific evidence denies them the opportunity.

Moreover, it has been established that breeds of horse living today have also been discovered in the same rock strata as Eohippus. 2

This means that the horse and its supposed ancestor were both living at the same time, which proves that the horse never underwent any such process as evolution.

The invalidity of the "equine series" proposed by evolutionists also applies to birds, fish, reptiles and mammals, in short, to all living things, to their supposedly common ancestors and supposed family trees. It has been determined that every fossil species suggested as being the ancestor of some other living thing either belongs to an independent extinct life form or is the result of evolutionists tampering with fossils of the species in question.

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Darwinists Fear They Will Be Unable to Teach Evolution to the Next Generation - 20.05.2008 USA/Current Biology

The 20 May, 2008, issue of Current Biology, a biology journal published in the USA, noted the rise in creationist belief in Turkey. The activities of the Science Research Foundation were depicted as the main reason for this change in Turkey in the journal, widely read by academic circles. The article in question described the alarm felt at the defeat of the theory of evolution, and went on to say:

 …Turkish biologists have much to be worried about; the drift to Islamism is creeping ahead in the perception of many academics… Ankara is now the centre of the battle against the rise of creationism in Turkey.

…Turkey seems to be becoming a major centre of creationism not just in the Middle East. The Science Research Foundation (BAV), a secretive that has led a challenge to evolutionary theory in Turkey for 15 years boasts: “Not just the Middle East, the world.”

Headed by Adnan Oktar, BAV made headlines internationally in February last year when it mailed copies of a weighty and lavishly illustrated Atlas of Creation to teachers and researchers both in Turkey and worldwide…
When the teachers are surveyed (in Turkey) rejection of evolution because of the conflict with their religious views was higher among the young teachers, researchers say…

If this trend continues, researchers fear that they will not be able to teach science and evolution to the coming generations.”

The evolutionists also state their concerns about the future of evolutionary studies in the country.


As in the rest of the world, Islam is in the midst of a rapid growth in Europe. This development has been attracting more attention in recent years, as evidenced by the many theses, reports, and articles published on "the place of Muslims in Europe" and "dialogue between European society and Muslims." Along with these academic reports, the media has carried frequent reports about Islam and Muslims. The root of this interest lies in the continual growth of Muslim population figures in Europe, and that this increase cannot be ascribed solely to immigration. While immigration certainly has had a significant effect on the Muslim population's growth, so many researchers have addressed this matter for quite another reason: high conversion rates.

The Roman Catholic Church, headquartered in Vatican City, is one of the institutions that follows conversion trends. One of the main topics during the October 1999 meeting of the European synod, which was attended by almost all of the Catholic clergy, was the Church's position in the new millennium. The conference's main theme was the rapid growth of Islam in Europe. The National Catholic Reporter reported that some radical individuals stated that the only way to prevent Muslims' gaining power in Europe was to stop tolerating Muslims and Islam; other more objective and rational individuals underscored the fact that since the two religions believe in one God, there should be no room for any conflict or struggle between them. In one session, Archbishop Karl Lehmann of Germany stressed that there is more internal pluralism within Islam than many Christians perceive, and that the radicals' claims about Islam had no basis in truth.1

Considering the position of Muslims when elucidating the Church's position in the new millennium was quite proper, for a 1999 United Nations' survey showed that between 1989 and 1998, Europe's Muslim population grew by more than 100 percent.62 Today, about 13 million Muslims live in Western Europe: 3.9 million in Germany, 3.3 million in Britain, 7.5 million in France, and the rest in other countries.2

Relevant research also has revealed that while the number of Muslims in Europe continues to grow, there is a deepening of religious awareness among Muslims. According to a survey conducted by the French newspaper Le Monde in October 2001, compared to data collected in 1994, many Muslims continue to perform their prayers, go to the mosque, and fast. This awareness is seen much more among university students.3

In an Aktuel magazine article, which was based on reports in the foreign press, Western researchers said that Europe would become one of the most important centers for the dissemination of Islam about 50 years later.4

Along with this sociological and demographic research, we also must not forget that Europe has not become acquainted with Islam only recently, but that Islam is actually an inseparable part of Europe.

(Above) The Economist commented on the state of Muslims living in Europe after 9/11, and reported on the current and historical relations between Europe and Islam.(Middle) This is London magazine reported on the Muslim converts living in England in its article "The New Face of Islam." Some interesting information about the increasing number of Muslims is that great majority of converts are women. (Below) In a New York Times article entitled "Islam is Part of the West, Too," Wolfgang Petritsch, High Representative of the Bosnia-Herzegovina International Community, said it is not possible to separate Islam and the West from each other. According to him, Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of the best examples of the blending of Western and Islamic cultures.
Europe streams to Islam, Islam is Europe's second religion, In the West interest in Islam is increasing, Islam settles in Europe, Europe wams to Islam, Islamic life gains stregnth in Europe.

About 12 million Muslims live in Europe, which makes Islam its second largest religion. One of the clearest indications of Islam's rising influence there is the Muslim community's constant growth.

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Age: 95 million years

Period: Cretaceous

Location: en-Nammoura, Lebanon

If Darwinists’ claims that living things descended from one another were true, then we should encounter a large number of fossil specimens bearing the characteristics of two different life forms (such as a half-needlefish and half-herring, or a half-whale and half-shark, or a half-trout and half-crocodile). But no such fossil has ever been found. In fact, Darwin saw that this absence of proof posed a major dilemma for him even when he first launched his theory. For that reason, he wrote the following in the chapter "Difficulties on Theory" in his book The Origin of Species:

"Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined? . . . But, as by this theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?" (Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, New York: Oxford University Press, 1998, pp. 140, 141)

Some 150 years after Darwin’s time, the problem facing evolutionists is exactly the same. Although millions of fossils have been unearthed to date, why has not one intermediate-form fossil been found? The answer is obvious for anyone who does not think along the lines of Darwinist preconceptions: because no "intermediate forms" ever existed! Life forms did not come into being by descent from one another. Almighty God has created all living things, together with the magnificent characteristics they possess.them in the following manner:

AL-GHANI, (The Self-Sufficient, The Rich Beyond Need)

O mankind! You are the poor ones in need of Allah, whereas Allah is the Rich Beyond Need , the Praiseworthy. (Surah Fatir, 15)

Throughout history, insolent and arrogant people have displayed one common characteristic: their power and wealth. These people grew arrogant toward Allah, due to the blessings He granted to them, and turned their faces away from Him. Forgetting that Allah is the real owner of everything, they attempted to claim ownership over what He granted them out of His great kindness. They grew rebellious, directed pressure and violence against believers, and met His Messengers with great hostility. Ultimately, Allah seized them with an unbearable torment. For example, He caused some of them to be swallowed up by an earthquake and showed others that He is Rich Beyond
Need. In one verse, Allah relates the situation of such nations, as follows:

That is because their Messengers brought them the Clear Signs, but they said: “Are human beings going to guide us?” So they were unbelievers and turned away. But Allah is completely independent of them. Allah is Rich Beyond Need, Praiseworthy. (Surat at-Taghabun, 6)

These arrogant and unbelieving people fail to remember or grasp that only Allah, the sole Owner, actually owns all that exists. Allah informs us of this fact, as follows:
Whatever is in the heavens and in the earth belongs to Allah. We have instructed those given the Book before you, and you yourselves, to have fear [and awareness] of Allah. But if you are unbelievers, what is in the heavens and in the earth belongs to Allah. Allah is Rich Beyond Need, Praiseworthy. (Surat an-Nisa', 131)

The Qur'an informs us that these people, because they were well-off, had grown arrogant and thus had turned away from worshipping Allah and adhering to His
Messengers. Prophet Musa (as) responded to them in the following manner:

Musa said: “If you were to be ungrateful, you and everyone on Earth, Allah is Rich Beyond Need, Praiseworthy.” (Surah Ibrahim, 8)
As Allah informs us in many other verses, He is the real Owner of power and wealth. He is Rich Beyond Need of any being, but everything and everyone is in need of Him, as the Qur'an reveals below:
Have they not traveled in the land and seen the final fate of those before them? They were far greater than them in strength. Allah cannot be withstood in any way, either in the heavens or on Earth. He is All-Knowing, All-Powerful. (Surah Fatir, 44)


In this interview, Mr. Adnan Oktar had expounded various important topics; he depicted the enlightened future awaiting the Islamic world; the destructive effect that The Atlas of Creation had in France; the fatal blow the fossils had on Darwinism; and he stated that Turkey will be the super state of the future.
Mr. Adnan Oktar stressed on the importance of preaching the Qur’an and the sunnah of our Prophet (as),  of living with the moral values of the Qur’an, of learning and communicating the facts leading to faith and of the importance of Muslims avoiding dissociation and approaching each other with understanding and love. Mr.Adnan Oktar had also gave the good news of a great unity in the Turkic world. 

Darwinists in a Pinch
Believers in evolution fall under the spell of the Latin terminology and pompous language employed by evolutionist scientists, saying, "whatever they say must be true," and do not think about the real meaning of what they are told. One of the most effective ways of getting these people to think is to explain what the theory of evolution actually maintains in a very clear and simple manner, and thus to remove the spell under which they have fallen.


Just as all are responsible for that which they choose to believe, and for every act they do, so, too, will they be held responsible for every word they speak, and receive their due recompense on the Day of Judgment.

Surely, it is those who arrive at a full understanding of the importance of these matters, also living by it, who are true believers. That is because believers are those who, being always mindful of Allah, live as Muslims in this world, and therefore, also speak as Muslims.

In this book, we will seek to encourage all to use the power of their speech in such a way as to be pleasing to Allah, by exploring the importance of Muslim way of speaking as outlined in the Qur'an. By establishing the ideal of a Muslim's manner of speaking, as well as the apparent differences between it and that used by those who live according to a type of spirituality distant from Allah's true religion, we call upon all people to speak in a manner that is in compliance with the morality taught in the Qur'an.


1-Darwinists never realize that it is totally impossible for albatrosses that fly for 15,000 on one month-long journeys without ever landing on the ground, for swallows that fly around the world on their migrations, for locusts capable of traveling 3,000 kilometers, and for eels that set off on a 6,000 kilometer journey shortly after they are born to have found the methods of doing so all by themselves.

2-Darwinists never realize how ants, devoid of any intelligence or consciousness, use the direction of the Sun to find their way.

3-Darwinists never realize that once it was realized that the famous fossil Archaeopteryx was a flying, real bird and that there was no reptile capable of being proposed as its ancestor, they were left with not a single piece of evidence to support their claims that birds evolved from reptiles.

4-Darwinists never realize that there are an average of 100 billion neurons in the human brain, that if we wanted to count these one by one, at a rate of one every second, the process would take 3,171 years, and that if we were to lay out these 100 billion 10 micron neurons end to end they would stretch for 1,000 kilometers.

5-Darwinists never realize how in building their combs honey bees employ two angles of exactly 109 degrees 28 minutes and 70 degrees 32 minutes, that there is never the slightest deviation from these, that the ends of the combs are built by raising them by 13 degrees, thus preventing honey from running out of them, that all the honey bees in the world know these calculations and that they implement them to a perfect accuracy.

6-Darwinists never realize that a single square millimeter of leaf contains 500 chlorophyll molecules; to put it another way, that there are millions of this glorious molecule, which is essential for photosynthesis and cannot by obtained in any laboratory, in every leaf.

7-Darwinists never realize that the fly has an eye consisting of 8,000 cells, divided into 4,000 each on the right and left sides of its head, that each cell contains a lens perceiving an image from a slightly different angle, and that it is impossible for this to have come about by chance.

8-Darwinists never realize that the fly has an eye consisting of 8,000 cells, divided into 4,000 each on the right and left sides of its head, that each cell contains a lens perceiving an image from a slightly different angle, and that it is impossible for this to have come about by chance.

9-Darwinists never realize that, in contrast to all other known liquids, water unexpectedly begins to expand at temperatures below + 4°C, thus enabling ice to float, and that this was specially created in order to support the life of numerous creatures living in the depths of seas.

10-Darwinists never realize that carbon-based compounds form very different organic structures, from the cell membrane to tree bark, from the lens in the eye to deer antlers, and from egg white to snake venom, and that carbon makes life possible on Earth and gives rise to exceedingly diverse substances by combining with hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen atoms in different three-dimensional shapes and sequences.
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