New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (11 September 2016)


Masonry is an ancient order. Its influence seems to have reached its peak at the era of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). We see that all the Masonic symbols are related to the Mahdi movement and Islam and their reign in the world. For example, the knot and untying it; the intertwined A letters and the letter O between them; the Alpha and Omega. As you know, the Alpha and Omega are mentioned in the Bible as well. It is understood that Masonry, with its irreligious, atheist members, is an organization that is used to establish the reign of Islam in the world. Masonry held full sway over the state during Abdulhamid's reign. It literally controlled the state. The majority of the Ottoman pashas -I can individually name them- were Masons. There were Masons among the Ottoman sultans as well. There were also many Masons among the Islamic scholars carrying the title 'shaykh al-Islam'. All the information is well-documented.



The Sun represents the light of the Mahdi movement; that hand represents the hand of the Mahdi movement, which will improve, reconstruct the world through an impeccable architecture. Divider and the letter A are also Masonic symbols. The Sun, the moon and the comet. These are symbols mentioned in the Qur'an. The comet refers to the sign of the appearance of the Mahdi movement. The signs that will occur on the Sun and the moon also refer to this. Its having an eye shape refers to the fact that God is all-seeing.

The columns of Jachin and Boaz depict the Temple of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). What they indicate is that the Temple will be rebuilt through a splendid artistry. One of the grand goals of the Mahdi movement is to rebuild the Temple of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). This is also one the major goals of the Masonry. The reconstruction of the Temple of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh).

Beehive. And bees. They refer to the fact that the Mahdi movement will work like a hive of bees, which is also mentioned in the hadiths as you know. Our Prophet (saas) says, "They will assemble like bees assemble around the hive queen." This refers to the students which will be at the service of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and that they will be very active, hardworking.

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