Creatures and colors

There are so many beautiful and colorful creatures in nature. It is almost as if they are aware of it. Just look how they show off to one another. It’s obvious that they are proud of their colors. But let’s think for a minute!  How did these colors come to be?  Where did this harmony of colors on living things’ bodies, with hues as beautiful as any master artist could ever paint, come from?

These colors cannot have come into being by chance, as the supporters of the theory of evolution claim. Let’s consider this with an example. Colors cannot do anything by themselves, can they?  If you look at the colors around you, you see that they are really lively and beautiful. Now let us wait for these colors to come together and form a beautiful painting. We will probably have to wait for some time. In fact, there is no need to wait at all. And I am sure that you think the same way. These colors could never come together by chance and produce such a painting. It is clear that there is an artist who uses these colors which you see and who produces the painting. Whenever you see a painting, you know that it has been painted by an artist.

Just as a lifeless picture painted on a piece of paper cannot come into existence by chance, surely the wonderful colors of animals cannot have been produced by chance either. All these colors and designs are proofs that Allah has created these creatures with great care. Let’s look at a few examples to see how intelligently planned these colors and designs are.
The creation in an elephant’s foot

The largest land animal on our planet is the elephant, which weighs about five tons. In order for such a heavy creature to be able to walk, it needs a special design. Elephants have to walk long distances to find water, and are equipped for the task with legs that are wonders of engineering. If their legs were a bit thinner, they would not be able to hold the elephant up. But there is an even more interesting design feature in the foot of the elephant. Under the toe bones there is a thick, elastic fatty cushion. The wide sole covered with this fatty cushion distributes the pressure, and the elephant’s weight is spread out evenly over its feet. Because of this, elephants are able to tread very lightly despite their weight. The pressure that an elephant’s foot exerts on the ground is less than that exerted by a woman wearing high-heeled shoes. In short, this is a special shock absorber system designed for elephants.

The fact that the sole of the elephant’s foot has been equipped with a cushioning system shows the existence of a plan. The system was designed how the animal would best be able to walk. And this shows us that there is a Creator Who created this system. This is the creative artistry of Almighty Allah.


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