Love: A blessing bestowed by Allah for believers

Love is a feeling, which finds its real meaning when people think according to the morals of Qur’an. Most people claim that they experience true love. They say that they love and care about the people around them. However, when we take a look at their lives, it would be seen that the love, which they thought would last for as long as they lived, has ended in a very short time and that they don’t love one another as they used to. This situation applies to all bilateral relations between friends, relatives and colleagues.

This is because people look for love in physical and material concepts but not its real place, the soul. Love loses its real meaning once concepts like physical appearance, monetary means, social environment, common culture and occupation step in, and gives its place to a union or friendship based on self-interest. This so-called feeling of love based on self-interest is always temporary.

True love, which a majority of people would like to experience but could never find, can only be experienced when Qur’an’s morality and Allah’s good pleasure are considered. A person cannot find true love without experiencing love of Allah. This is because the only true love is that of Allah. Love for the Creation and manifestation of Allah is a reflection of the love felt for Him. Love felt for a person, a flower or living or non-living beings, is meaningful only if it is based on love of Allah. Love felt for a Muslim is actually love felt for Allah. We love Muslims because of the nice traits of their souls and the superior level of their moral values. And the traits we see in them are a manifestation of Allah. Therefore, when we love them, we actually experience an enthusiastic love for Allah. A Muslim’s love for Allah increases when he thinks about Allah’s eternal power in His Creation; that Allah is the one and true Owner of all beauties; that compassion, mercy, forgiveness manifests in the morality of Allah; that Allah has unlimited intelligence; that He creates everything with perfect wisdom; that He creates the destiny of the whole world and living beings in a perfect manner and that He has eternal mercy and grace, and loves Allah as a servant with love and enthusiasm. He feels a deep love for the Almighty Allah Who created him, gave him countless blessings and beauties. There is no limit for a Muslim’s love for Allah; he loves Allah with an ever-increasing love and excitement.

Allah creates opportunities for people to gain His good pleasure. Our Lord gives believers faith, an understanding to live their lives with consciousness, a mind to understand the Qur’an and power of love. These traits are ways to deepen one’s love of Allah, to appreciate Allah’s superior morality clearly and scrupulously. Love of Allah is a love that includes all loves and the basis of all types of love. It is a love, which gives the biggest pleasure and happiness to the soul. The only way to love Muslims, beautiful creatures and all other beauties, created by Allah, is the unrequited love felt for Allah. One who does not feel a deep love for Allah, cannot love Allah’s manifestations.


2010-04-10 20:15:02

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