Mr. Claudio Alessio, "How I became a Muslim by means of Harun Yahya books"


Reporter: Hi Claudio, welcome to Istanbul.


Claudio: MashAllah.


Reporter: What urged you to find the truth?


Claudio: Certainly everything happened by the Will of Allah. This might seem to be a simple answer, but it is Allah Who chooses His servants and Who lead them in the straight path. In this regard I would like to quote a Quranic verse: "By which Allah guides those who pursue His pleasure to the ways of peace and brings them out from darknesses into the light, by His permission, and guides them to a straight path." (Sura Al-Maidah: 16).  It is He who brings people to His path, the path of Truth.


Reporter: Can you tell us how did you get to know Mr. Adnan Oktar?


Claudio: I got to know Adnan Oktar through his websites and his wonderful works. In his 120  websites, if I am not mistaken, and 300 books written, you can really find the evidence of the existence of Allah, the Creator. These books are clear and simple to understand. In them the truth is revealed, the truth of our Immense Creator Who sent Adnan Oktar to pass down the truth and draw us from darkness to light.


Reporter: What was the key element that made you believe that this is the truth?


Claudio: The comparison between science and Qur'an and the Qur'an itself, with Its extraordinary verses and Suras, a Book that is undoubtedly the Word of Our Wonderful Creator, the Word of Allah.


Reporter: What do you think about Mr. Adnan Oktar's work against evolution?


Claudio: Adnan Oktar has done and is still doing an incredible job in this respect, by trying to eliminate the falsehood that have been inculcated in the minds of the people and all the lies that have been told, and by showing the truth and demonstrating the existence of Allah, the Creator.


Reporter: Therefore, we can affirm then Darwin's theory has no scientific evidence.


Claudio: Darwin's theory is just a lie, a theory that has nothing to do with the truth.


Reporter: Why do you think is Darwin's theory taught in an aggressive way in the West, and why is any opinion against it firmly refused?


Claudio: In history, evil and good have always existed; clearly the evil removes the truth and love for Allah, therefore only lies remain, and these lies spread to all people. The result is that people do not recognize the truth, do not recognize the Creator and stick to earthly life.

Reporter: Can we then affirm that in the West there is a kind of ideology or religion called Darwinism?
2017-05-02 22:47:57

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