Davutoglu: We will carry this flag everywhere

Afghanistan Ayna TV, August 8- 2008

Adnan Oktar: The attribute of the Turkish Nation is thus: The Turkish Nation is a devout nation with good morality. It is the right of such a nation to become a leader. This nation fulfills the duty of leadership in a beautiful way. In this sense it is out of question to say that its blood is superior or its skull is of such and such dimensions; these are not in question.This is fascism, insaneness, disgrace and infertileness and a curse. Whoever thinks about it will be punished by Allah. This ends in a disaster. Such a thing can not happen. A Turkish-Islamic Union supported by the Turkish States in the leadership of Turkey. We are the servants of Allah. People become superior through their fear of Allah. There is no claim for racial superiority. But the Turkish nation is perfectly suited for leadership. Allah created this nation very beautifully. That is, it is the leader nation. It is open to suffering and difficulty; it is open to pain, it is self-sacrificing, brave and faithful. It has good manners, it is brave and honest. This is the attribute of the Turkish nation. We want such a nation to become the leader. Who else willfulfill it? There is no one who will do it. That is, it seems that only the Turkish nation can manage it. There is also the experience inherited from the Ottoman Empire. That is, Allah also granted a genetical experience. As this power, Turkish nation possesses this magnificient accumulation. Turks have the power to perform this leadership magnificiently. It can fulfill this duty. Indeed this is how the destiny proceeds Insha'Allah. This will happen. That is, when we look at the hadith we clearly see that the Turkish nation will assume such a duty. This is clearly seen from the accounts. That is why this is how the history unfolds. No matter what people say this will happen so Insha'Allah.

Sabah, 10 January 2011

We will carry this flag everywhere

In the area where the Sarikamis Disaster happened and 90 thousand soldiers were martyrized diplomats took an oath with their berets with Turkish flags:

“We took an oath together with the ambassadors who came from different corners of the world to Erzurum. Just as how those soldiers in Sarikamis walked until they had no life in their bodies and no energy in their knees, we will likewise carry this flag in all corners of the world, whether it be hot countries or cold, until our bodies lose lives and our knees no longer have any energy.

2011-03-04 09:15:10

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