Prime Minister Erdoğan: Some Don’t Wish To See Turkey Embracing Its Brothers

What He Said?What Happened?

Kocaeli Tv: October 15th, 2010

ADNAN OKTAR:  PALESTINE, SYRIA, IRAQ, EGYPT, WHEN THEY SEE US, THEY REMEMBER  THE OTTOMAN ERA, AND THEY HOPE FOR A TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION. THEY IMMEDIATELY THINK OF FREEDOM, WARMTH, LOVE, REMEMBERING ALLAH AND ALL THE OTHER NICE FEELINGS.  That’s why Turkey succeeds. It is not about its economy or anything else, it is all about faith. We have been working for years to keep this faith alive as the policy of the Turkish Islamic Union. Our friends in the Science Research Association work for such good causes. This is the style of MHP, the style of the Büyük Birlik Party. And Saadet and AKP, and even CHP feel the same way.  This is how our people feels.

A9 TV: June 23rd, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: OUR OFFICIALS SHOULD GET IN CONTACT WITH SYRIA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AND BRING ASSAD TO TURKEY, VERY POLITELY WITHOUT OFFENDING HIM. Let there be a coalition government that includes his people too. Then we should open the borders and get rid of all the passports, visas and everything else and unite with Syria.

SYRIA, ALEPPO, DAMASCUS, THEY WERE FORMER OTTOMAN LANDS. WE SHOULD SOLVE THIS PROBLEM IN A FRIENDLY MANNER.  A delegation from Turkey should go to Syria, talk to them and tell Assad, ‘It’s a mess now, things are very complicated, it will get worse if you stay in  office, that is clear. But no one means to hurt you or insult you or offend you. Come to Turkey with dignity, you’ll be safe there and when things get back to normal, you can go back to your country. Things are complicated now.’ Then under the guarantorship of Turkey, a coalition government could be formed. All the parties should be urged to calm down. We all want the Islamic Union.  LET’S MAKE THE FIRST STEP FOR THE ISLAMIC UNION. OTHERWISE, THE AFFLICTIONS WILL KEEP COMING. THEY WANT TO TURN TURKEY AND SYRIA AGAINST EACH OTHER. IF THAT HAPPENS, NO ONE WILL WIN. IT WILL BE TYRANNY AND CRUELTY. THAT’S ALL.  Such a shame. Both sides have their own beautiful parts. Both sides have their great history, brothers and sisters are on both sides, believers, Muslims are on  both sides. LET US UNITE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WITH THE SPIRIT OF THE MAHDI SYSTEM. THAT WOULD BEFIT OUR PRIME MINISTER. WE ARE KINDLY ASKING MR. TAYYIP TO DO THIS. 


June 26,



Prime Minister Erdoğan answered criticism concerning Turkey’s help for Syrian refugees:

There are some people who don’t want to see Turkey grow, or don’t want to see Turkey embrace its brothers and sisters. Despite their efforts, it is a fact that Damascus and Istanbul are sister cities just like Kurdish people and Turkish people. In this geogprahy, all of us, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, we are as close to each other as the fingers of a hand. We are one, we are brothers and sisters. Those who are unaware of their own history, cannot appreciate this brotherhood”. 

June 26, Zaman 

2013-03-29 01:46:22

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