PM Erdoğan Explained the Growth of Turkey's Economy

What He Said?What Happened?

After Mr. Adnan Oktar talked about it  numerous times, PM Erdoğan gave several speeches  about the services they performed as the government 

June 1st 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: I have said this before, I have said it numerous times that the government should make detailed explanations when they render a service, they should not leave anything ambiguous. Clarify matters and make everything clear. 

This is not difficult to do. They do not do this and leave things ambiguous. This was the case in the time of the Justice Party as well, they never did talk about their activities; no one knew what is going on. Surprise. You would only come to understand what is going on two or three years later. This is something very easy to do, one can explain it in five minutes. Why is there a need to leave things cloudy? Why do you give those people the means to make a fuss about? 




January 21st 2014: Sabah

In his speech in Brussels, Prime Minister Erdoğan stated that Turkey's economy has achieved 5% annual growth since 2002 and that it was 800 billion dollars per annum today, while it was only 200 billion dollars per annum in 2002. He also stated that Turkey has finally paid off her debt to IMF.  Furthermore, PM Erdoğan stated that Turkey's foreign currency reserves exceeded 130 billion dollars and he also spoke about developments regarding health and education.  

2014-01-29 19:15:49

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