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Masked Pandas

Panda yavrusu

You have most probably seen this animal that looks like a huge toy. Do you know that these animals eat bamboo and nothing else? An adult panda, for example, eats about 15 kilograms (33 pounds) of bamboo a day. This makes six tons (13,200 pounds) of bamboo a year. For this reason, they eat all day long. They are insatiable, aren't they?

Pandas have a very interesting feature. Now, have a look at your hand. You have five fingers, right? But pandas have six fingers. Our Lord, Who makes everything easy for every living being, has given pandas six fingers and enabled them to grasp their food tightly, so that they can eat easily.


Pandas always live in cold wet places. Because of this, they deliver their babies in cave-like places. Baby pandas are blind and toothless and to us look like little toys. Usually born in September, they are 10 centimetres (4 inches) high and weigh only 142 grams (5 ounces). New-born pandas grow up very fast and are 800 times smaller than their mothers. But after nine months, they weigh 27 kilograms (59 pounds). Remember that a six year old human being only weighs 27 kilograms (59 pounds)!

Pandas are not ferocious animals. They only scratch trees with their paws in order to clean and rasp their nails. To avoid their enemies, they climb trees with their huge bodies. Pandas are very calm animals. While they are asleep, an approaching human being does not bother them. That is, if you encounter a sleeping panda one day, there is no reason not to caress it.




16 / total 35
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