Darwinists now raise their hopes by importing pagan priests from America

  American import Douglas Futuyma

  American import Andrew Berry
Being defeated in Turkey, Darwinists now bring in American imported Darwinist pagan priests. They preach the Darwinist superstitions unilaterally in closed halls giving no room to the opposing accounts. Making these pagan priests tell ancient Egyptian legends, they try to give the impression that “they are not idle, but doing something.”
However, they cannot hinder Darwinism’s dreadful defeat because:
-          More than 100 million fossils of 250 thousand different species have been excavated. NOT EVEN ONE of them IS A TRANSITIONAL FORM.
-          All of the 100 million excavated fossils belong to intact, perfect, flawless living forms. Most of them are LIVING FOSSILS of living things that are living today. All of these 100 million fossils PROVE THE FACT OF CREATION.
-          It is scientifically proven that it is impossible for a single protein to come into existence by chance.
-          It is scientifically proven that mutations have no evolutionary power and they DEFINITELY DAMAGE the living organism –except for the exceptions in which they remain ineffective.
-          THE EXTRAORDINARY INFORMATION IN THE DNA puts forth with definite and irrefutable proofs in the living body, that there is no place to chance.
-          THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION, in which the living beings’ diversity appeared all of a sudden with perfect forms 540 millions years ago demolished Darwinism.
-          The organs and forms in living organisms with IRREDUCIBLE COMPLEXITY leave Darwinists speechless.
-          In the absence of even one transitional form, DARWINISTS RESORTED TO FRAUDS and exhibited false fossils in the museums for years.
-          It appeared that ALL THE SKULLS that Darwinists put forth to prove the imaginary human evolution ARE INVALID and thus all of them were removed from the scientific literature.
-          The fossils proving the fact of creation HAVE BEEN CONCEALED BY DARWINISTS FOR YEARS.
-          The fact that we are only exposed to THE IMAGE of the matter has refuted the Darwinist philosophy.
While these facts are known to everyone, you vainly pay to bring these shaman priests. Slumbering in closed salons while listening to their Sumerian and ancient Egyptian legends is nothing but vain expense and loss of time. Bringing pagan priests is no solution. Ask these pagan priests if “there is a single intermediate fossil?” If so, ask them to bring and show it. Tell them that they will be rewarded with 10 trillion TL if they can. If they fail to bring, then this means they are telling a lie, do not believe in them. Ask these people if the “all of the 100 million fossils unearthed so far are intact, perfect fossils”. Ask them again if almost all of them are “living fossils” or not. Ask them if the “evolution of horse” is true or not. Ask them if they have “hidden the fossils for years or not.” Ask them if the “formation of a protein by chance is impossible” and “if they are aware of it.”
If they can answer none of these, then this means that they have come here for “sleeping” sessions.
As will be remembered, in the face of the question, “Is there a single intermediate fossil?” Douglas Futuyma escaped from the speaker’s platform in Vatican. Here in closed salons they continue to give trouble to people by telling their superstitions similar to pagan ceremonies. The lectures given by Futuyma drowse people like fairy tales. Indeed, Andrew Berry confessed in an interview he gave to a newspaper that the environment they form is extremely boring.
How long will this POOR, PATHETIC RESISTANCE continue? In the face of clear scientific truths, plain facts this bigoted resistance is the shame of the century. Feigning ignorance to such plain, explicit and substantive facts, deceiving people with fake claims they make from the platforms, trying to make people believe in claims like, “Our ancestors were earthworms”, “Our forefather is a microbe”, “The missing link finally uncovered” is the most desperate hoax of the century.
This is self-deception; they truly resist rationalism. This is an INGLORIOUS ACTION AGAINST rational human thinking. It is high time to see the facts. This poor, primitive rationale is a 150 years-old disgrace. Trying to uphold ancient Mesopotamian superstitions too distant to be scientific only for the sake of obstinacy is pure shame. This action has to be ended in no time.
Ida, is one the extinct species of lemur. It is a perfect developed lemur and it shows no sign of intermediary form. It is an evidence of creation
2009-05-25 08:41:35

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