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Donald Trump

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Is the land of the free at risk?

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Trump’s dangerous rhetoric turns serious

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Message to Trump: real cause of terror must be found

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Trump's following such a loveless policy instead of approaching matters with love, compassion and science would put the US in a difficult situation, both politically and economically.


It will be great if Donald Trump's longing for the old America brings back the sincere, pious American character

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Adnan Oktar's views about Trump’s triumph and defeat of British deep state (simultaneous interpretation)

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Since they have realized that Trump won't fawn over the British Deep State, they give him a hard time by their usual smearing campaigns.


It seems like the British Deep State is organizing the anti-Trump protests and might be planning to overthrow him somehow. It is the British Deep State that caused the recent moral decline and economic recession in the US.


It is not respectful to view supporters of Trump deplorable, while viewing those of Clinton as normal. Everyone’s decisions should be respected in the same way.


It’s good that Trump has the ideal of bringing back the old American dream, which means the US will be religious as it was before.


The US election result was a blow to the plans of the British Deep State. The Islamic world should support Trump against the British Deep State.


We want that old warm, happy, loving and religious American character to come back to the US again. The US will be stronger when it is religious as it was before.


Putin and Erdogan on one hand, and Muslims and Turks in the US on the other hand, should support Trump and should not leave him alone against the conspiracies of the British Deep State.


Donald Trump's vision of renewing the American Dream is wonderful

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Donald Trump's running mate being pious and anti-homosexual will bring blessings to America

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It is very nice that our President Erdoğan invited Trump to Turkey. If Trump comes to Turkey in his first presidential trip, he would receive the support of the whole Turkish-Islamic world.


It appears that Trump has now become the number one target of the British Deep State. So he should be protected very well.


If the British Deep State does not pull a trick, Trump might turn the US to their old religious days and take away the damage Obama caused.


It would be very good if Trump continuously makes positive remarks about African Americans, Muslims and immigrants.


It is great that Mike Pence says the US will be a nation under God and that he brings the American dream to the agenda. The new US government can start by reopening the closed churches. The closing of synagogues and churches shouldn't be considered normal. Reopening places of worship will usher in blessings.

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1-20 / Total: 163
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