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Polarization Can Be Solved by Using the Language of Peace of the Qur’an


PKK militants are being given an extensive political education. They dream about founding a great Kurdistan in the Southeast of Turkey. The great majority of our youth on the other hand is after making preparations for their own marriages, and some of them are simply after getting rich.


People turn towards whichever side they see love from. Love is the greatest blessing, the greatest power in the world.


People generally do not attach necessary importance to the concept of the lower self. Actually it is a special force embedded in humans, it is a negative power; may God forbid it might drive one crazy and might even make one commit murder, it might make one commit suicide. All these troubles happen under the influence of the lower self. People imagine that nothing would happen if they go by their lower selves but actually lots of things happen. It might take one over and drag them into troubles,; the lower self suffocates one.


Polarization Can Be Solved by Using the Language of Peace of the Qur'an


Postpone Unimportant Matters That Trouble You"For a Few Decades"


President Erdogan: ‘It is not acceptable to bring up hostility from the past and cause new conflicts, and it is also not useful for us while building our new common future.’

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Prophets have interceded for many people (08.05.2014)

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PKK is returning after the education

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Prohibitions are divisive


Psychological support for Muslims is very important (18.04.2014)

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Prohibitions are divisive


People Are Looking For A Religious CHP That Is Not Alienated From People’s Values

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President of Georgia: It Is Not Right to Alienate Russia

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Petronas – Conference on ‘The Invalidity of Darwinism - Bintulu


Putra World Trade Center - Kuala Lumpur


Prime minister Erdoğan: No discrimination against Christians or Jews or Atheists

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Prime Minister Erdoğan: I Hope That the Armenians Will Apologize As well

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People die every day. We are living in the world, this is a place of testing. People get sick every day. How do they come up with the idea of mourning? There is no such thing in the Qur'an. There is no such understanding in Islam. It only has a place in idolatry, in the totemist mentality, in the belief system of the idolaters. This is a characteristic of pagan religions, but there is no such thing in Islam.


People will approach the community of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) with suspicion as well. The whole Islamic world will have suspicions about them, and because of those suspicions they will only be 313 people.

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41-60 / Total: 866
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