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There is a huge killing competition going on in Syria at present (01.09.2013)

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The only solution to the suffering in Syria is Islamic Union

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The attempt to collect all chemical weapons in the region is merely a movement to stall things. What should be done is to unite the Islamic countries as soon as possible.


The cloth needs of refugee children must be met immediately (06.10.2013)

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The 30.000 people killed in Syria during the last 6 months were killed by conventional weapons, not chemical weapons (07.10.2013)

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The people of our Prophet (saas) treated the Qur'an as something to be ignored and that is the reason of all the troubles in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and all around the world.


The blood of eleven thousand children killed in Syria would be on the hands of those who denies Islamic Union (24.11.2013)

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The UN must stop the deaths in Syria (08.10.2014)

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The war in Syria is the problem of the Islamic world (21.01.2014)

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There is a struggle between America and Russia in Syria (23.01.2014)

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The problem can be resolved if 70 brigades enter Syria for love from 70 different points (21.01.2013)

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Turkey is like steel, our faith is like steel, and our belief is like steel. We would not let Turkey be divided. Furthermore we would not give way to any other paths like autonomy that would lead to separation. They should forget about it.


The Crime against Humanity in Yarmouk Must Be Ended As a Matter of Urgency!


Turkey, friend of the innocent!


Turkey should immediately and urgently conduct a peace operation in Syria together with the other Islamic countries. If the Islamic countries make a move altogether, no one would ever resist it since it would be evaluated as a faith related, Qur’anic and moral initiative. Even if they did it with five countries, the problem would be solved with only those five countries.


Turkey must take the lead role to end conflict in Syria

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41-56 / Total: 56
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