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We love God very much and may God love us very much.

May God remove evil from the face of the Earth and may God give solace to all our brothers and sisters, be them Muslims, Jews and Christians, and to all good, enlightened, modern, refined, well-meaning people, who want love and peace.

May God protect all good people from cruelty and from bad people.

May God put peace in our hearts and make us richer in every way.

Our Lord, please send us Hazrat Mahdi (AS), the teacher of love. Our Lord, please make all people brothers and sisters, please make all of them love one another.

Our Lord, please allow us to live in peace together with your servants from other faiths and sects, with Shias, Alawites and Sunnis.
Our Lord, please save us from the menace of the dajjal.

Please give peace to the whole world, please give us the deepest love.


Surah Al-Ikhlas

I seek refuge in God from the accursed satan.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

1. Say: He is Allah, the One and Only; 

2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; 

3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; 

4. And there is none like unto Him. 


Surah Al-'Asr

I seek refuge in God from the accursed satan.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

1. By (the Token of) Time (through the ages), 

2. Verily Man is in loss, 

3. Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy. 

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Unending Ordeal of Children

All over the world, kids pay a heavy price when adults make irresponsible choices. As long as there is the will to help, there is virtually no limit to what can be done

Certainly, the world doesn’t have a problem with regards to meeting everyone’s needs in food, shelter and safety. However, there is relentless inequality in the way the world’s resources are distributed; and this affects the children the most.  No matter where we look, children pay a heavy price due to irresponsibility of the adults. Sometimes it is wars; sometimes it is poverty; and sometimes human rights’ violations.

For instance, close to 5.6 million children still die every year due to entirely preventable or treatable diseases, including one million babies who die on the very day they are born. Clearly, with advanced state of medicine and technology today, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Similarly, children are hit the hardest by poverty; according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 19.5 per cent of the world’s children, which amounts to around 387 million  of them, live in extreme poverty; while only 9.2 per cent of the adults live in the same conditions.

Interestingly, in all high-income Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, children’s poverty rates are higher than those of adults. Far more worrying fact is that the youngest children fare the worst. Close to 20 per cent of all children younger than five in the developing world face extreme poverty, versus 15 per cent for 15 to 17-years-old.

Diseases and poverty are not the only culprits behind the ongoing suffering of the children. Many parts of our world are now a place of almost constant conflict, civil wars, fully-fledged wars and, once again, children pay the biggest price.

They are targeted, injured and killed by bombs, chemical attacks, and angry, machete-wielding, house-burning mobs. Most of them who manage to escape death, suffer horrific injuries, lose limbs, or face psychological problems that possibly haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Additionally, when they suffer injuries or are taken ill, they cannot even go to the hospital and get proper medical treatment like most people because usually, there are no real hospitals, doctors, antibiotics or even painkillers at the place where they live.

For instance, in Syria, after so many years of war, children have got used to living with bombs and a persistent lack of food and shelter. And when their families choose to seek refuge in other places of the world — rightly so — another troubling episode begins for most of them.

Many of them, usually children, perish on the way. When they reach their destination, more often than not, they are turned down. If somehow they manage to stay in Europe, they face the danger of being taken away by human traffickers.

As a matter of fact, according to the European Union’s police force Europol, more than at least 10,000 refugee children have gone missing after their arrival in Europe. Europol believes that they might be in the hands of criminal syndicates, including human traffickers and criminal organisations that harvest human organs.

The situation doesn’t change in other parts of the world. Since 2013, Boko Haram has abducted more than 1,000 children in Nigeria. Unrest in the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo has led to the displacement of more than eight million people, half of whom are children.

In the Sahel, 5.4 million children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition, while cholera outbreaks are reported across the region, with 48,700 cases in 2017.

In Yemen, an average of five children are killed or injured every day since March 2015; and “nearly every child in Yemen” needs humanitarian aid, according to the United Nation’s children’s agency. The agency also reported that ongoing clashes have led to death or injury of 5,000 children.

Furthermore, 1.8 million children under the age of five face acute malnourishment, while 8.2 million children need humanitarian assistance to access safe drinking water and adequate sanitation in the country.

In Central America, wracked by poverty and high crime rates, every month, thousands of children try to reach the US in search of better, more dignified lives, but many are injured or die on the way. If at all they reach the US, like their Middle-Eastern peers, they are rejected in many parts of the country.

In Myanmar, the Army continues its brazen ethnic genocide, and as a result, thousands of Rohingya children were horribly hurt or killed, including being burnt to death. At the moment, some 7,20,000 Rohingya children in Bangladesh and Myanmar are in serious need of humanitarian assistance.

This is only a brief summary of the situation in only a few countries, as a representative of the ongoing ordeal of the children of the world.

However, no problem is unsolvable. Although international bodies usually fell short so far in their responsibilities, they still can make up for the lost time by taking swift action. They can launch campaigns to raise funds for each country; and apply sanctions against those who are unwilling to support humanitarian causes in a manner proportional to the respective country’s economic power.

Refugees of the world can be equally and fairly distributed between the nations of the world, with particular emphasis on richer countries. People can be encouraged to donate and help the refugees through various payment schemes like one dollar per month on their credit card; laws can be amended to ensure that the refugees are treated humanely, with dignity in a number of countries.

As long as there is the will to help, there is virtually no limit to what can be done. Let’s make the decision to change the situation; to choose morality over materialistic goals and do everything in our power to help the children and everyone else who needs  our help. 

Adnan Oktar's piece in The Pioneer (India):


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The Horrific Return Of Racism. Or Was It Always There?

Racism was supposed to be finished in Europe. Europe and the Western world were supposed to have learned from the horrific consequences of their past. According to the official narrative in the Western world, the acceptance of racism is not even a question. They are the foremost defenders of human rights and they would never tolerate racism. But the facts contradict them and the similarities between today’s racists and their forefathers are nothing short of eerie.

The world is painfully aware that the racism is once again rearing its ugly head, especially after millions of Syrians were forced to become refugees and sought safety elsewhere. Europe always boasted of embracing everyone, regardless of their gender, faith or ethnicity. So when these new refugees turned to Europe for help and saw the cold face of rejection, they understood that reality significantly differed from the painted image.

We have repeatedly written about the refugees’ ordeal and the rising tide of xenophobia. However, there is another and less discussed aspect of the problem and that is how colored or Muslim athletes have to put up with ceaseless racist harassment. 

Unbelievable as it may sound, it is common for colored football players being harassed during games, or Muslim players being attacked with racist slurs.

In the UK, Newcastle winger Yasin Ben El-Mhanni explains that Islamophobic abuse has become a regular thing for him and his friends. He says, "When I was playing grassroots level, a lot of my friends and me got comments along the lines of “suicide bomber” and “terrorist,”, stuff like that. It was quite overwhelming and disturbing. It does affect you mentally on and off the pitch. Sometimes when you get the abuse on the pitch, it affects you in the coming days, even weeks. It was very difficult to experience."

In France, a footballer of Algerian origin, Samir Nasri has a similar problem and he talks about the growing animosity in French society;  “French people turned against the Muslims. Ten to fifteen years ago, it wasn’t like this. I don’t like the way the mentality is in France now.” Barcelona’s striker Samuel Eto is from Cameroon and he is regularly taunted by fans when he comes on the pitch. Even world famous names can’t escape the brutality of racism, which became clear when Roberto Carlos was harassed during a game in Russia, which made him leave the pitch in frustration. Another disturbing episode took place in the USA, when Muslim Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah scored a point and bowed in prayer on the pitch. Later he was penalized for the action, but many of his Christian peers had done the same previously and never faced a penalty.

These are just a few examples and there is no doubt that such ugly displays reflect a deep-rooted problem that has managed to seep through the superficially laid anti-racism barrier after decades of disgraceful acts. Moreover, the racist rhetoric began to echo those of the past. For example, we all have heard about those people who claim that presence of refugees is a threat to white ladies or that newcomers are secretly trying to take over their countries. Interestingly, someone else made similar remarks decades ago (Africans are beyond such disgraceful remarks):

“These savages are a terrible danger,” a joint declaration of the German national assembly warned in 1920, to “German women.” Writing in ‘Mein Kampf’ in the 1920s, Adolf Hitler would describe African soldiers on German soil as a Jewish conspiracy aimed to topple white people “from their cultural and political heights”.

Obviously no sensible person would agree with the bizarre and outlandish ideas of the Nazis today, but it seems like such evil ideas have found a way to come back. Is whiteness once again turning into a pseudo-religion, as American political activist Du Bois observed in the 1900’s?

The western world claims that it has overcome the sins and mistakes of its past. It now claims that it is the center of modernism, freedom and everything desirable. But is it?

These incidents show that in every era of history, there will always be people of dubious morals and questionable judgment. However, today’s generations have an advantage. We saw what happened the last time the world gave in to the madness of racism. We saw how the waves of madness swallowed millions, no matter how sensible those people were previously We also saw what happened in the end and how racism, xenophobia and the most flagrant forms of prejudice and bigotry caused the most appalling and unthinkable crimes. Therefore, if despite this knowledge, we allow ourselves to be swallowed by a similar tide of hatred and allow this shameful history to repeat itself, there will be no excuse. This time, it will be a deliberately made mistake.

Adnan Oktar's piece in BERNAMA (Malaysia) :


http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274173/the-horrific-return-of-racismhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274173/the-horrific-return-of-racismhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/bernama_adnan_oktar_the_horrific_return_of_racism_or_was_it_always_there2.jpgSat, 26 May 2018 01:17:57 +0300
Competing in (and for) Good Deeds in Ramadan

The blessed Month of Ramadan we are experiencing is a holy month in which the beauty of Islamic moral values is observed by the society in general, the hearts are mellowed, and believers’ efforts in this regard are redoubled. In the Qur’an, the Month of Ramadan is defined to be “better than a thousand months.” (Surah al-Qadr, 3). Muslims should make the best of this wonderful opportunity and take the right decisions with regards to this world and the Hereafter towards overcoming their flaws, compensating for their shortcomings, reinforcing their faith and further elevate their morals.

One of the most prominent characteristics of believers is their willingness and effort to lead all people by example in good moral values, as stated in this verse of the Qur’an, “…make us a good example for those who guard against evil…” (Surah al-Furqan, 74)

Fulfilling this responsibility, however, requires making great sacrifices in a lot of matters. For example, individuals are expected to prioritize taking care of the problems and needs of others over their own and to exert all their means to that end. They are expected to face up to any hardship when necessary and exercise patience and conviction in the face of adversity without losing heart.

The Qur’an tells about how all prophets and believers throughout history mightily strove towards spreading good moral values. Despite encountering myriad challenges to do so, these venerable people kept on teaching good moral values to all with exceptional enthusiasm and dedication. They expended such effort to gain the approval and affection of God alone, without expecting anything in return. The only recompense Muslims expect for their self-sacrifice is only that of God. Many verses of the Qur’an tell about the sincere behaviors of prophets that set an example for all mankind. For example, the following verses depict the Prophet Noah’s selfless effort to convey the good moral values without seeking any compensation other than the approval of God:

When their brother Noah said to them, ‘Will you not guard against evil?’
‘I am a faithful Messenger to you.’
‘So have fear of God and obey me.’
I do not ask you for any wage for it. My wage is the responsibility of no one but the Lord of all the worlds.’ (Surah ash-Shu’ara’, 106-109)

My people! I do not ask you for any wealth for it. My wage is the responsibility of God alone. (Surah Hud, 29)

Most people refused to heed this call that would help them attain salvation both in this world and the Hereafter and ensure them happy and pleasant lives and resisted the message that was conveyed to them. Prophets and other believers who preached good moral values endured this hardship as well, exhibiting a superior morality by saying “the best of words.” Without demanding any gain for themselves, they spared no effort just to deliver people from a painful punishment in the Hereafter. Patiently reiterating the truth to those who insist on not hearing it and seeking out rationalistic methods to help them see the truth is a moral behavior particular only to conscientious people. His endeavor to spread the religion to his tribe is an indisputable testament of Prophet Noah’s sincerity, altruism and patience in this regard.

Just like Prophet Noah, all prophets and believers encountered similar incidents in their respective communities. But , they did not let any of these dishearten them and dissuade them from their resolve to practice their faith and good moral values.

The blessed Ramadan is an opportunity for the believers to reflect the self-control they exercise in observing fast, for earning God’s approval to all other prayers as well, which, in turn, brings them closer to God. This awareness may lead people observing fast to thoroughly practice the morality favored by God, adjust their behavior to suit the teachings of the Qur’an, and flawlessly carry out the commandments of God. Our Lord grants countless means to His subjects, for He is All-Merciful and All-Forgiving.

Through Our Lord’s mercy, this Month of Ramadan we are about to welcome, too, will lead to many good things for all people. It will prove an opportunity for the Muslims throughout the world to acquire a deeper sense of faith, prayer and good moral values as well as to compete in piety and good deeds.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Kashmir Reader (India):


http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274166/competing-in-(and-for)-goodhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274166/competing-in-(and-for)-goodhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/kashmir_reader_adnan_oktar_competing_in_good_deeds_in_Ramadan2.jpgFri, 25 May 2018 17:59:01 +0300
Ramadan: Then and now

Everyone loves Ramadan. The thrilling wait during the day, the delicious Iftar meals at the end of the day, nightlong celebrations and festivities that go on for a whole month, happy times with friends and family, delicious sweets like halwa and zalabiya, the joy of waking up all together in the middle of the night to eat sahur and surely, that beautiful, very visible air of security and warmth that settles over everyone and everywhere the Ramadan touches. 

That’s why one and a half billion Muslims around the world are excitedly working on their finishing touches for Ramadan preparations. No one wants to be left behind. 

Yes, today Ramadan is joyful and exuberant all around the world. But how was it in the past?

Ramadan was awaited and welcomed with great joy and enthusiasm in the past, too. Sultans made sure that everyone was well fed, well taken care of and spent the Ramadan as it should be spent: With joy, with loved ones and with great food. Streets and marketplaces, already busy and full of life, would explode with activity once Ramadan knocked on the door. Merchants would show off their products and the latest exotic imports in a bid to get the attention of shoppers, while ladies wandered trying to pick the best products for their delicious Iftar feasts. Bags of rice and colourful spices, sweets and juices appealed to enthusiastic Ramadan shoppers even centuries ago just like they do today. 

In the past, Ramadan was again a time of celebration in the Islamic world. The preparations would start months before and when the holy month came, life in the Islamic world would become nocturnal. The businesses would open in the afternoon and work only until the Iftar. City squares would host large feasts for thousands, with appetisers, vegetable dishes cooked in olive oil, whole roasted lambs with delicious rice cooked in butter and mouth-watering desserts were served. 

Rich families would also host Iftar meals and arrange the seating so skilfully that there would be no separation between the rich and the poor. After the Iftar, people would rush to mosques to express their gratitude with salat. According to historians, some nights more than 100,000 people would attend the salat at the famous Hagia Sophia mosque. 

Today, the scenery has changed, technology has advanced and we have a very different Ramadan. But the happiness, appreciation, excitement and warmth of Ramadan hasn’t changed; it is still there and very much alive, to be found in the streets, in family houses, even on TV. From Moscow, where 200,000 Muslims celebrate Ramadan together, to Manama where the fast is broken with traditional cannon fire and tents are set up for delicious Iftar feasts, the joy of Ramadan is everywhere. 

As a matter of fact, in today’s world where people are seemingly drawn apart from each other due to the Internet, TV and smart phones, Ramadan effectively brings them together and builds unshakable bonds of love, friendship and kindness, especially at Iftar feasts, during prayers at mosques after Iftar and the Eid Al Fitr celebrations. 

Once again, Muslims will practise self-discipline for the sake of God, question themselves in terms of their compassion, altruism and self-sacrifice and work to be better versions of themselves. They will also pray for the peace of the whole world, and especially for the relief of their pain-stricken fellow Muslims in many parts of the world, who will be fasting in very difficult conditions. May God bestow peace and calm to our world soon.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Gulf Daily News :


http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274164/ramadan-then-and-nowhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274164/ramadan-then-and-nowhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/gulf_daily_news_adnan_oktar_ramadan_then_and_now2.jpgFri, 25 May 2018 16:00:21 +0300
World cocooned by the peace of Ramadan

The peaceful touch of Ramadan has once again lovingly descended on Russia, home to 23 million Muslims. Although many people think that Ramadan is only a holy month of Muslims, it is also a great blessing for Christians and Jews, who also believe in one God. As a representation of this fact, people from different faiths frequently attend packed iftar and festival dinners to celebrate this beautiful time alongside Muslims.

This spirit of solidarity is everywhere. For example, when Moscow Cathedral Mosque was opened by President Putin with the participation of President Erdogan in late 2015., the grand opening was celebrated not only by the four million Muslims of Moscow, but by the entire Russian nation. During his speech, President Putin quoted the 148th verse in the second surah of the Qur'an and emphasized the significance of 'outdoing each other in goodness' and referred to Russia's multi-ethnic, multi-confessional character and how its strength came from that spirit of union.

Many people in the world don't know that shortly after President Putin took office, he brought upon significant spiritual changes in the Russian national anthem. For example, the phrase " Хранимая Богом родная земля!" (this native land protected by God) was added to the national anthem of Russia, which had no references to spiritual values before Putin. This is a clear example of President Putin's reverence for the common sacred values of all Russian nationals, be they Christians, Muslims or Jews. 

As a matter of fact, it is this attentiveness to sacred values as much as the policies of President Putin that keep Russian people together, despite the enormous pressure of the Western world to create the opposite effect. In a 2015 speech, Putin said, '...this mutual enrichment of different cultures, traditions and religions has always been our country's distinguishing feature and strength', effectively pointing to importance of the unifying quality of sacred values.

Famous American director Oliver Stone's successful documentary 'Putin Interviews' also revealed some interesting details about the private life of Putin. For example, Putin has a large, beautifully made painting of Jesus in his private study at Kremlin, which is a clear testimony of his love and admiration for Jesus. Putin also expressed the importance of faith for him by saying that he never took off his cross, which was blessed in Jerusalem.

 Putin, who also visited the spiritual center of the Old Believers in Moscow, as the first head of the state  in 350 years, frequently meets with Christian and Muslim community leaders and discusses with them important topics. Especially during Muslim festivals and Ramadan iftar dinners, Putin meets with Muslim leaders and praises them for their contributions to peace and stability, which is another indication of the multi-ethnic structure of Russia. The warm relations between Turkey and Russia are mostly due to President Putin's and President Erdogan's aligned policies and joint emphasis on sacred values. Even though  relations were briefly strained for a while due to FETO's plots,  Russian-Turkish relations are at the moment, probably at their highest. In addition to large energy deals signed, the two countries have agreed on many other deals in military and trade and reinforced their old friendship.

Islam, despite being based on love and peace, has been the target of a global scheme for a very long time. However, the efforts to associate Islam with terrorism has hurt not only Muslims, but also created devastating spiritual and physical effects in the entire world. Nevertheless, it is possible to repair this damage, through an 'alliance of the good' like Russia and Turkey's friendship, which once again proved that 'every cloud does indeed have a silver lining'.

With the arrival of Ramadan, 1.6 billion Muslims will begin their 30-day fasting on the same day, as a beautiful religious observation done to please God, and this will no doubt create a spiritual effect that will embrace the entire world. When a person tames and controls one's own desires, that person achieves a deeper level of understanding and wisdom. When a large amount of people is trained like this simultaneously, the resulting positive effect on the society will be significant. The positivity will outweigh negativity, creating a domino effect of brightness in every aspect of life.

No matter which faith they belong to, believers, who are the leaders of goodness, will once again enjoy this great spiritual strength and their shared happiness will turn into a union of love with iftars to be held in Russia once again this year. We hope that the spirit of unity that will emerge from these iftars, which are well-attended by all Russians regardless of their faiths, will lead to great friendships that will become long-lasting relationships.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Pravda:


http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274162/world-cocooned-by-the-peacehttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274162/world-cocooned-by-the-peacehttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/pravda_adnan_oktar_world_cocooned_by_the_peace_of_Ramadan_2.jpgFri, 25 May 2018 15:05:41 +0300
We must Become Us Instead of Me During Ramadan

We are honored with the holy month of Ramadan, the month the whole Muslim world looks forward to in enthusiasm. Fasting in this blessed month, we will fulfill a prayer, which our Lord rendered as a religious duty in the Qur’an. The month of Ramadan, every day of which is a feast, a comfort, and a cure for the soul, is an important occasion to earn the favor of God.

This spiritual aspect of Ramadan is reinforced with the iftar dinners we have together with friends and family every evening. The tables prepared cheerfully are full of many blessings and people break their fasts with prayers for health, happiness and peace.

While we spend Ramadan with our loved ones in peace, with the blessings God has bestowed upon us, there is a fact that we should remember: The fact that our brothers in Syria, East Turkestan, Afghanistan, Chad, Kirkuk, Kashmir and Arakan who cannot find food to break their fasts and suffer under oppression, persecution and oppression
Therefore, we should not forget our fellow believers when we are grateful to God for all the good things we have and when we wish for more. The moral values of the Qur’an teach us to wish for blessings and beauties “as much as possible” for our brothers and sisters too, and to pray for them. God definitely responds to prayers made in a sincere state of mind. It is very easy to respond to the prayer of any person for God, Who created mankind from just a drop of water, and created the earth from nothing. The only thing necessary is to ask for something from God with faith, patience, sincerity, and by trusting in God.

One of the most beautiful times that reflects the spirit of unity, friendship, love, respect and kind thoughts which are the foundation of our religion, is Ramadan. Almost everyone in Ramadan, even if they do not realize it, ceases to be just ‘me’ and tries to become ’us.’ The ifthar tables, the meetings held in the mosques, the people helping each other, are all beautiful things caused by being ’us.’ In fasting, there is also a surprisingly amazing collective blessing in both the spiritual and material sense. It is therefore important for us to all pray together at this blessed time.

All Muslims who want oppression to stop should pray for the salvation of the world of Islam in the following way; “Oh Lord, mend the dissension between the Muslims, end the unrest on earth, quicken the unity of believers, and bless all our brothers and sisters as or better than you bless us.” As for putting prayer into practice, they should support all kinds of activities and projects that promote believers helping each other.

Ramadan is a beautiful occasion for all Muslims to think and understand that they are all brothers and sisters. It is a month of compassion, forgiveness, purification and blessing for Muslims. It increases the solidarity of those who believe, reminds us of the abundance unity brings and show us the beauty of sharing. Unity and solidarity are key to strengthening the love among those who have faith, empowering the bonds between them, and making it easier to seek solutions to each and every problem together.


http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274015/we-must-become-us-insteadhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/274015/we-must-become-us-insteadhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/kashmir_reader_adnan_oktar_being_us_instead_of_me_during_ramadan2.jpgSat, 19 May 2018 03:59:10 +0300
Science Has Once Again Declared: ‘We Were Created’

All those who are true friends of God, who are loyal to Him by heart and who rejoice by striving on His path, are the bright faces of this world. Regardless of their beliefs, religions and ethnicities, the friends of God are the force that keeps the world standing. If it were not for the existence of people who have a respectful fear of God, submit to His will and love Him more than anything, the world would be plunged into darkness. The earth would be left without love, friendship, mercy and compassion. The woe, pessimism and the oppression encouraging aspects of disbelief would lay waste to all mankind.

For these reasons, people who love God and who don't want the world to face such darkness came together on April 28, 2018 at the Istanbul Fairmont Quasar Hotel for the Third International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe. Scientists and theologians from the USA, Italy, Austria and Germany contributed to a historical meeting. Co-hosted by The Technics and Science Research Foundation, The Foundation for the Preservation of National Values and The Foundation of National Values, the speakers once again announced to the whole world that science shows universe and life were created out of nothingness and proved that there was no further tolerance for Darwinist dictatorship. During the conference, which had two coffee and one lunch break, eight esteemed speakers offered breathtaking details about God's beautiful creation of the universe and life. In between the sessions, Istanbul Dance Factory displayed an amazing dance performance, and famous percussionist Onur Seçki stunned the attendants with his spectacular show. The Third  International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe was a success not only with the topics it dealt with or in its impeccable organization, but also with an elite lineup of speakers and its modern and sophisticated attendants. The flawless organization, which saw close to 500 guests, was praised by guests from the scientific, political and artistic communities.

Esteemed scientists who spoke during the conference touched on many crucial points. While Dr. Bijan Nemati explained why Earth has a very special and privileged place in the universe, Professor Ken Keathley mentioned the seven days of creation as explained in the Bible and explained why the new 'Young Earth' movement is wrong. Dr. Fazale Rana showed how the human genome is a very intricate, elaborate creation, while Ms. Anna Manja Larcher demonstrated that love and compassion cannot be accounted for by evolutionary ideas. Professor David Snoke showed that those who use the phrase 'Intelligent Design' to avoid using the name 'creation' were conflicted and sociologist Fabrizio Fratus made it clear that evolution was not science but a mere ideology. Dr. Oktar Babuna explained that the Qur'an pointed to creation and not evolution and Professor Hans Koechler analyzed monotheism and the meaning of co-existence.

Needless to say, there is a crucial reason why such an elite and large international gathering was organized.

The world today is faced with an unprecedented bloodshed. People live in fear and apprehension. While many countries have remained untouched by war,  they too are wrestling against the plague of terrorism. The world has been effectively deprived of happiness, joy, cheerfulness and tranquility. People lead tense, stressful and anxious lives.

But they do not know what to do or how to put an end to the current state of affairs. They feel helpless against the power that incites wars, that somehow orchestrates and propagates evil. They are waiting for a helping hand to reach them.

At this point, we, the friends of God, are obliged to step into action and fulfill our responsibility. We have to be a strong wind that will sweep through the dark clouds spawned by disbelief looming over the world and usher in the bright, luminous, warm and peaceful days.

For that reason, the people who hold this heart, came together for the Third International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe and foiled the sinister plot of the materialist dictatorship around the world. This was a crucial response to those who sought violence, discord and division; it was shown that Darwinism was the source of the evil.

However, this is not the only reason why the conference was a great achievement.

The Third International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe brought together  Mormons, Muslims, Catholics, Evangelists Presbyterians, and welcomed diverse nationalities and religions under a single roof. A common language was used to declare Almighty God as the Creator of all universes from nothing. The beauty in unity, friendship and solidarity was shown to the whole world.

There is no doubt that no matter how great the plot of the evil, the alliance of the good, the right will always be triumphant. It is impossible to live with hatred while love and sincerity are very easy to achieve. It is for this reason crucial to show these facts to the world through such events. Love is the most amazing value in the world and it should be shown that love can be honestly and sincerely experienced without any ill-intentions or ulterior motives. This event was one of those rare incidents where this love and spirit of solidarity were displayed.

The International Conference on Origin of Life and the Universe, which has been an annual event for the past three years, once again proved to be a spectacular event to usher in love and solidarity to the world. This beautiful effort will continue and gather strength every year.

The world, now a scene of constant aggression, anger, fear and death, urgently needs love, solidarity and a beautiful future. Societies who were made to believe that everything is a product of coincidences, should be saved from this deception. People who fell into a the cycle of desperation due to the deception of coincidental formation, will now discover the beauty of seeing God's existence and relying on Him. Showing this fact to the world using science and with the warmth and modernism of religion will help open up a whole new leaf of beauty for our world.


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Justifying Wars Never Brings Peace

The history of mankind is fraught with massive destruction brought about by wars. Of the 9.5 million people who died in World War I, 95% were soldiers and 5% were civilians. In World War II, however, the total number of casualties were a staggering 65 million, of which only 33% were soldiers while 67% percent were civilians. The total expenditure on military equipment and weapons in World War II is estimated to be over 1.154 trillion US dollars but the cost of the destruction wrought by these weapons is far greater than this number.

On a quest to minimize the destruction caused by wars, a group of politicians, philosophers, academics and diplomats carried out intense work on the principles and laws of war. This work led to the idea that war should be pursued with the ultimate goal of establishing peace and justice. Thus, in terms of its reasons and conduct, a new conception of war arose. Today, this idea, the so-called “Just War,” has established a set of principles regarding the causes for resorting to and the conduct of war. Some of these principles are as follows:

– War needs to have a just cause; the reason of war must be to correct a suffered injustice.
– All non-violent options must have been exhausted and war must be seen as the last resort.
– War waged against an attack must be proportionate. For example, a border violation should not be responded to with total war.
– In war, a clear distinction must be made between combatants and non-combatants in order to prevent civilian casualties.
– Humanity should be preserved throughout the war, in other words, prisoners of war should not be mistreated or tortured. (This principle provides the basis of the modern Law of War.)
– War must be conducted by a legitimate authority, that is, a sovereign state.

Although, these principles are universally agreed upon, considering recent history, it is not possible to say that they are fully practiced. For example, although the war waged against the Nazi Germany was based upon just causes, the British still conducted heavy air bombardments against German cities such as Dresden, which lacked any form of military utility. Likewise, the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki resulted in the death of 132,000 civilians.

Despite the 50 years that have passed since then and the existence of the UN, which was founded with the goal of settling disputes that may lead to war, the unjust and massive destruction brought about by wars have largely remained unabated. Certain countries’ efforts towards fabricating a casus belli instead of being forced into war over a just cause plays a particularly major role in this.

Consider the example of Iraq. The claims prior to the invasion of Iraq’s possession of chemical weapons turned out to be false. Over two million people died in post-invasion Iraq. After these two wars, the detainees in both Abu Ghraib Prison and Guantanamo were subjected to severe torture in what was a complete violation of the laws of war. Today, stability has yet to be fully achieved in Iraq, and violence spilled over into Syria, sparking a war, wherein more than 700,000 people lost their lives only in Syria.
One step that could be employed is a campaign that intends to improve the social and economic condition of Muslims residing in Europe and the Middle East. This campaign should be accompanied by a message conveying the fact that Islam does not equate to radicalism, therefore Muslims should not be regarded as potential terrorists. Government officials in Europe must be prevented from treating Muslims as second-class citizens, and legislative regulations that oppress or persecute Muslims need to be abolished.

If all these points are not taken into consideration and the insistence on an adherence to policies that (supposedly) justify futile, and all-too-familiar, wars is not abandoned, violence will only thrive further and the Middle East will have to face new, violent wars.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Kashmir Reader (India):


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Grey propaganda and insidious operations

Disinformation employed by certain groups is increasing. Negating them is required. It is essential for every country to have a strong state system and citizens should maintain national loyalty in the face of any attack whether from external or internal enemies

It is no longer a secret that in modern times, wars, internal strife, coups and uprisings are largely incited towards a certain end. Street riots, including the Arab Spring, were fomented in various countries that occasionally resulted in a change of Governments or, as it was with Yugoslavia, in the fragmentation of countries, have turned out to be orchestrated and manufactured by organised masterminds. Of course, there are a variety of reasons behind this, such as causing instability in countries that are planned to be exploited for their natural resources; toppling undesired or rogue Governments; and sparking wars.

For certain circles, wars are considered a necessity to stimulate the economy during times of economic crises or to reinvigorate the weapons’ market. To this end, sectarian disputes are instigated, previously unmentioned ‘democracy’ movements are organised, or as it was in Iraq, actions are taken under the pretense of ‘possession of chemical weapons’. And the method employed is to wage a disinformation propaganda effort involving the use of media, particularly  social media, to further this goal.

In wars, conflicts and uprisings, propaganda always plays a key role. Propaganda can be grouped into three categories: White, black and grey. White propaganda has a clear source; and regardless of its content, it never poses a serious threat. Black propaganda is the type of propaganda that comes from a friendly source but is conducted with a hostile attitude. Grey propaganda, however, is the most insidious among them. In addition to having an ambiguous source, it usually relies on fabricated stories, in other words, disinformation. It is produced by enemy sources and conducted via the use of collaborators within. The aim is often to smear and disparage the enemy and to defeat the adversarial party by arousing public interest.

One of its most distinct examples was seen in the Gulf War. The oil-covered cormorant frequently featured by certain international mainstream media outlets became the symbol of the period. Through this said cormorant, a fiction was created over the ill-effects of Saddam’s oil on the world; and the image effectively paved the way for the Gulf War which would result with the US’s victory.

But the true story behind the cormorant photograph was revealed only after the war. As it turned out, the said photograph was taken after a petroleum tanker had foundered off the French Coast. The cormorant was covered in the oil spilt from a tanker off the French coast; it had nothing to do with neither the Gulf nor Saddam.

Another example of this kind of propaganda is the disinformation that was used as an excuse for the Iraq War. The Chilcot Report, disclosed in 2016, revealed the fact that chemical weapons, presented as a justification for the Iraq War, had actually never been in Iraq’s possession. The apology offered by Blair, the perpetrator of the said attacks, could not prevent the loss of two million innocent lives.

The Libya War, just like the one in Iraq, emerged as a part of the ‘New Design of the Middle East’ project. The fact that this war, just as the Iraq War, was “based on lies, bogus intelligence and NATO supported and armed rebels in Libya” was confirmed by a report of the British Parliament. However, until the disclosure of the report, British warplanes, acting upon false justifications, took off from Britain’s Akrotiri and Dhekelia bases on Cyprus and dropped bombs on 15,000 civilians in Libya. Once again, the British Government admitted to the falsehood of the situation only after the damage had been done, and this scenario came at the expense of 15,000 martyrs and a Libya that would never recover its stability.

The Mossadegh coup d’etat in Iran and the subsequent unsuccessful coup attempts against Gaddafi are other prominent examples of grey propaganda. It needs to be emphasised here that these examples provided are in no way intend to justify dictatorships like those of Saddam or Gaddafi; they are only to reveal the horrifying anti-democratic, particularly violent method spread by gray propaganda and its organised conduct. The coup attempt of July 15 that took place in Turkey was also subjected to grey propaganda in support of the Fetullah Terrorist Organisation through fake news. While the coup attempt was still underway, the fake news that the coup attempt was successful began appearing on certain international mainstream media, while certain well-known names disseminated the news that President Erdogan had fled the country. As the coup attempt went on, New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, BBC, The Washington Post, The Times and Der Spiegel, in particular, many media outlets made numerous supportive broadcasts in favour of the coup attempt. These news reports, that were essentially presented in an apparent confidence towards the imminent success of the coup attempt, were met with a massive public outcry in Turkey.

Lately, there has been a conspicuous effort of intensive disinformation and grey propaganda that is also pursued within the scope of the Afrin operation conducted by Turkey in Syria. The fake news being disseminated over social media, in particular, is a picture that we have come to know from the Gezi incidents. Likewise, the propaganda articles, particularly those published in mainstream media outlets that denounce the Afrin operation — and Turkey in general —are all part of an organised effort conceived against Turkey’s perfectly justified operation.

This is not the first, nor will it be the last time we are faced with the methods of disinformation employed by certain groups. We sincerely hope that these will not lead to massive wars and uprisings in the future. We hope that the people of the Middle East have learned from their experiences and no longer fall for these schemes. There are also ways to negate disinformation. The chief among them is the immediate disclosure of the fake news and all kinds of propaganda, especially at the hands of the Government that is subjected to it. The second and the most vital method is by way of winning people’s hearts and building a national awareness.

Against the Turkish people who have developed a national awareness, the disinformation efforts proved utterly ineffective in the Gezi incidents, the coup attempt of July 15 and the Afrin operation. In nations with a developed national awareness, people retain an unswerving allegiance to their State that no external influence can undermine. This is why it, is absolutely essential that every country has a strong State system and people maintain keen national and spiritual loyalty in the face of any and all attacks carried out both externally and internally through insidious spies.

Adnan Oktar's piece in The Pioneer (India) & GIDSS (USA) & Al Bilad (Canada):



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Promises for the future of women’s rights

Indonesia’s Voice of Baceprot, an all-girl heavy metal band making music in hijabs recently grabbed the international attention and gave a strong message about women’s emancipation. It was refreshing to see that three teenage girls bravely stood up for themselves and showed that they had the right to live their lives the way they wanted. They delivered a strong message, which said that women certainly don't need anyone to tell them what to do, or how to do their lives. They reminded everyone that men and women are created equally and both are equally free to make their own decisions.

Their show of defiance is promising but doesn't change the fact that after thousands of years, our world is still a place of prevailing misogyny. Mind-boggling as it is, women in many countries today are still seen as temptresses, dangerous beings that need to be hidden from sight. Regrettably, this attitude is most common in the Islamic geography because some people wrongly try to attribute this horrible attitude to Islam. In complete opposition to their outrageous claims, God makes it very clear in the Qur’an that women are incredibly valuable beings, and that men and women are equal. As a matter of fact, God places the burden and difficulties on men, while ensuring that women are respected, cherished, loved, valued and protected all the time.

Nevertheless, this behavior prevails and most of the time, these misogynists do not realize that oppression of women is also making their countries vulnerable. There is a direct correlation between the welfare and development state of a country and the level of respect shown to women in that country. Misogynist societies are unfailingly the uncivilized and backward ones and oppression of women leads the offending countries to their downfall. Today, it is no wonder that countries that oppress the women the most, are the ones that constantly battle with problems in education, and fall short in art, technology, science, not to mention their constant problems with civil unrest.

However, amidst this background, a slow transformation for the better is taking place across the Islamic geography. For example, in Turkey, when some earlier remarks of a few so-called scholars surfaced, where they encouraged violence against women and suggested that women were inferior and were property of men, the Turkish public reacted very strongly. But the strongest reaction came from Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who said that there was absolutely no place for misogyny in the Qur’an and that the Qur’an was our sole guide in religion. This was an incredibly important milestone that put a complete and official end to all misogynistic tendencies wrongly attributed to Islam, by the Turkish state. Following in the footsteps of the President, the head of the Turkish Religious Affairs Department said that they officially rejected all misogynistic remarks and statements attributed to religion.

Similar promising developments are taking place across the Islamic world, especially where this change is needed the most. For example, in Saudi Arabia, a country that has long had truly embarrassing practices against women, a truly surprising and positive change is taking place. For the first time this year, Saudi women celebrated International Women’s Day, and held triathlons. Furthermore, they will be allowed to drive and will no longer need a male guardian’s permission in order to obtain a driver’s license. Also, since 2017, they have been allowed to enter sports stadiums. Some Saudi universities introduced sports programs for women and soon, women will be able to go to school or work without permission from their fathers or husbands. These are things that many women in the world don't even have to think about, but for Saudi women, they represent a revolution.[i]

Iran is another country that shows very promising changes. Although President Rouhani still doesn't have any women in his Council of Ministers, he appointed many ladies to important positions and many women currently serve as vice-presidents, presidential assistants, ambassadors among other positions.[ii]

These are only a few examples of this slow but firm change that is taking place in the Islamic world and they are crucial because as mentioned before, oppression of women is a threat not only to ladies but to the entirety of the societies. No country that represses its female population can be civilized. Therefore, it is crucial that Islamic countries continue to push on with these good steps. Hopefully, these developments will usher in a new age, an age of freedom and equality for all and bring a future where no one attempts to control or subjugate women.

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Ever growing long-standing Turkish-Russian relationship

Mr. Putin, Mr. Erdoğan and Mr. Rouhani, the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran respectively, the three guarantor countries of the Astana peace process, convened last week at the Ankara summit. The meeting, which was scheduled, was particularly significant in terms of Turkey being the destination of Mr. Putin's first international visit following his election victory.

In addition to finding wide coverage in the Russian, Turkish and Iranian press, the tripartite summit attracted worldwide attention as well. In the final session of the Astana process, which will play a defining role in Syria's future, the leaders put particular emphasis on ensuring the territorial sovereignty and integrity of the country as well as achieving a political resolution of the crisis through the neutralization of the terrorist elements in the region. The leaders also underlined the fact that the three countries are committed to working together on the issue and will maintain this cooperation without backing down from it in the future as well.

Indeed, the most concrete peaceful steps towards ending the years of bloodshed in Syria to date could only be taken after Russia, Turkey and Iran, the three most powerful actors in the region, stepped in. These steps enabled ceasefires, the establishment of de-conflict zones and major and "actual" neutralization of the terrorist elements in quick succession. On the other hand, the years of delay, reluctance and irresolution that is the 'Geneva Talks on Syria" clearly turned out to be a failure.

All of these are a clear indication of the fact that peace and resolution can be achieved through the initiative of the regional powers led by Turkey, Russia and Iran, not through those powers that have pursued unjust policies of occupation and self-interest and brought nothing but destruction, massacres, separation and discord to the region for the sake of economic and political exploitation projects over the last 30 years.

Mr. Putin's Ankara visit, which was reported by Russian state television Russia 1 TV as "historical" and "the closest the two countries have ever been", also bore a message to certain deep power groups, the British deep state in particular, that have sought to create enmity between the two countries at every opportunity.

After all, it should be remembered that Turkey and Russia's most recent attempt at forging closer relations led to severe consequences. For example, former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes having been toppled on May 27, 1960, just before his planned visit to Russia Likewise, another former Prime Minister, Süleyman Demirel, was ousted on March 12 for banning the U-2 spy planes stationed in Turkey from performing reconnaissance missions over Russia and contracting with the Russians for the construction of Seydişehir Aluminum Facilities, the İskenderun Iron-Steel Factory and the Aliağa Refinery.

However, thanks to the powerful leaderships of Mr. Erdoğan and Mr. Putin and their firm friendship, the said deep power groups this time failed to overthrow the leaders. The current state in the rapidly escalating friendship and cooperation between the two countries was a testimony to the fact that the insidious provocation and antagonization policies pursued for almost two centuries under the guidance of the region's invisible hand, the British deep state, came to naught.

The black propaganda efforts lately carried out by the same groups against both Russia and Mr. Putin, and Turkey and Mr. Erdoğan as well, is another indication of these moribund dirty politics. From now on, the international public should give up their attempts to prevent the most natural and rightful neighborly relations, friendship, cooperation and alliances between Turkey, Russia and Iran, and learn to live with this reality, just as the USA's close neighborly relations with Canada and alliance and cooperation with Britain do not cause any resentment.

The fact that being a NATO member country does not prove an obstacle for Turkey to maintaining its good relations with its long standing neighbors Russia and Iran, with which it shares geographical and strategic ties. As a matter of fact, Turkey has never taken part in any of the pressure and sanction campaigns led by Britain and backed by NATO countries that target Russia. It did not decide to deport Russian diplomats from the country like the NATO allies did.

Furthermore, the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant project, the groundbreaking ceremony of which Mr. Erdoğan and Mr. Putin attended via teleconference, has been undertaken by Russia. Likewise, the S-400 air defense system deal Turkey made with Russia as a NATO member was finalized among the bewildered gaze of the NATO countries.

On the other hand, during the July 15 coup attempt, while many NATO countries were waiting in silence for the outcome -in fact, some of them were issuing statements and messages in overt or covert support of the coup plotters- it was Mr. Putin who came out in support of Mr. Erdoğan in the most explicit and unyielding manner. It was again Russia that expressed the strongest support in the operations carried out by Turkey with the aim of purging the YPG/PKK terrorist organization deployed across its southern border by the UK-US collaboration. Mr. Putin provided Turkey with invaluable assistance in Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations launched to clear the region from terrorists by giving the order to open the Syrian airspace to Turkish warplanes.

Of course, all these developments do not mean that Turkey has turned its back on the West and NATO. It is simply an indication that Turkey has a strong character, is aware of its regional rights and responsibilities, and determined to play an active role in tackling issues in close alliance and solidarity with its neighbors and develop rationalistic and peaceful policies that protect the region's interests. In this sense, Turkish-Russian friendship and cooperation also serves as a great example for healthy international and neighborly relations.

The rational and prudent policies pursued by the two countries that respect each other's interests and sensibilities are also a contributing factor in this friendship and improving relations. From this standpoint,  Turkish-Russian relations are a wonderful model that proves it is possible for neighboring countries affiliated with different alliances or unions to pursue joint policies and develop highly successful relations based on mutual respect, friendship and understanding.

It should also be kept in mind how the genuine personal dialog and friendship between Mr. Putin and Mr. Erdoğan has played a defining role in bringing the ever-improving Turkish-Russian relations to a long-awaited level.  This cordial friendship between the two leaders has also become an important symbol of the Russian and Turkish friendship.

It certainly goes without saying that this situation totally conflicts with the goals of the imperialist deep state mechanism and poses a threat to the global exploitation system that it has gradually established over the centuries. It is also a historically proven fact that it is in this mechanism's capacity to employ all sorts of preposterous, inhumane methods, moral and material alike, against the elements it perceives as a threat to preserve this system.

In the light of all these, it is extremely crucial that these two esteemed and historical leaders are watched over with great care by taking every possible precaution for their safety and well-being, that the Turkish and Russian nations protect these two important figures in every way they can, and express and show their support for them at every opportunity.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Pravda (Russia):


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Six-trillion-dollar grave

Fifteen years ago, on March 20, 2003, a multinational military coalition led by the United States and Britain invaded Iraq. The asserted main reason was to destroy the weapons of mass destruction that were supposedly being developed in the country.

Additionally, overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial regime and establishing democracy and human rights in its stead were stated as being among the main reasons for the invasion. For this reason, the operation was dubbed “Operation: Iraqi Freedom.”

Prior to the operation, British prime minister Tony Blair presented an intelligence report purportedly from MI6 to then US president George W. Bush to be used as a casus belli against Iraq. The aim of this document was to convince the UN and the coalition countries of the supposed existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Then US secretary of state Colin Powell attempted to sway the United Nations Security Council to act against Iraq on Feb 5 2003 by presenting the alleged evidence that he termed “irrefutable and undeniable” to the council.

Despite the supposed proof presented by MI6, the Security Council did not approve the operation, largely on the grounds of insufficient and valid evidence.

The invasion was launched in the absence of a UN Security Council decision and was a blatant violation of international law.

During the invasion and subsequent occupation, which lasted nine years, not one single weapon of mass destruction was found in Iraq. As a matter of fact, this reality was also laid bare by the 12-volume Chilcot Report that was compiled over the course of seven years and published on July 6 2016 by the Iraq Inquiry Committee.

Perhaps the most damaging conclusion drawn by the Chilcot Report is that the intelligence community began with the assumption that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

The report also rejected Blair’s claim that the chaos and sectarian conflicts that came to pass could not have been predicted.

Saddam was without doubt one of the most ruthless dictators in modern history and mercilessly tyrannised his people. After the invasion, however, the people of Iraq were plunged into a catastrophe far greater than that under Saddam’s rule, suffering horrific oppression, torture and injustice.

Iraq, which possesses the fourth largest oil reserves in the world, has become one of the most impoverished and miserable societies on earth. The whole country has been beset with instability, distrust, fear and terror.

Misconduct such as corruption, bribery, embezzlement and blatant thievery of state assets reached immense proportions. The Iraqi people’s billions of dollars’ worth of wealth flowed into the coffers of the occupying powers and some of their local collaborators; a great deal more of it has simply vanished into thin air, including several billion dollars in cash which has never been found.

In his article titled “Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country” featured in the New York Times, an Iraqi author residing in the US, Sinan Atoon, wrote, “ I never thought that Iraq could ever be worse than it was during Saddam’s reign, but that is what America’s war achieved and bequeathed to Iraqis”.

No one to this day can give an accurate estimate of the death toll from the invasion and occupation.

According to the most realistic estimates, the number is over one million. The British medical journal, The Lancet, reports that the number of civilian casualties alone due to violence had reached 600,000 up to June 2006.

The era of destruction and disaster that began with the invasion of Iraq subsequently enveloped the whole region. Ranging from the Arabian Peninsula to the heart of Africa, a sea of fire and blood came about, fraught with wars, riots and massacres.

Terrorist groups that were formed during the invasion, extended the reach of radical terrorism to a global level. Artificial strife and hostilities were created and civil wars were fuelled by inciting denominational schisms.

This atmosphere was the very climate that was sought to be created by the invasion of Iraq, one of the major steps in the design of “The Greater Middle East” project, a plan by the Western powers and Israel to redraw the map of the Middle East.

In the end, it was realised once again that it is impossible to establish an environment of peace, democracy, tranquility and safety and completely eliminate terrorism in the Middle East through war, military invasion and outright occupation.

In countries such as Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Yemen that faced such intervention, the outcomes became even worse than what had existed before.

The harmful consequences of this violence had a negative impact on the invading countries as well. According to official numbers, during the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the US suffered more than 4,000 military casualties, thousands more were injured, and scores of soldiers were driven to depression and suicide after returning to their country.

The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the US a staggering six trillion dollars (RM23.22 trillion) to date. That six trillion dollars achieved nothing other than turning the Middle East into a mass graveyard.

If that six trillion dollars had been used for the education of people and raising their awareness and economic development and advancement, today we would be living in a completely different world.

As for the Middle Eastern countries that have been constantly raided by the Western powers for one reason or another, it is time for reflection and introspection.

It is time for us Muslims to trace our way back to the straight path of Islam through Quranic teachings and the Sunnah. There is no other option.

Adnan Oktar's piece in New Straits Times (Malaysia):


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There Is No 'invisible Hand' In The Economy

In the interesting story of the city of Nogales in Why Nations Fail, when you pass through a fence, you can find a completely different lifestyle on the other side. In the northern side of the city, called Nogales Arizona, and within the border of the United States, the average person's income is $30,000 per year.

Most of the adults are at least high school graduates and the majority of the young people are educated in schools. The citizens are healthy with high life expectancy. On the other hand, life in the south of the fence is completely different.

Most adults in Nogales Sonora (located in Mexico) don't have a degree and majority of the youth do not go to school. The crime rate is high and democracy is something of a novelty. The residents live in poor health conditions.

What causes these extreme differences in lifestyles, despite being so close geographically. The answer goes back to early colonialism period in the way different societies formed. An institutional divergence took place at that time and its repercussions endure till today.

The cruel mindset of colonialism has inflicted pain around the globe, especially in the Islamic world. To protect nations from being harmed, international unions have been formed in the interests of their own national security and economy.

Similar to the UN, the EU, the Islamic world may well create a central organization of its own. The economic wealth obtained by an Islamic alliance will put an end to global social injustice, poverty, hunger, drought or conflicts. This unity will also bring nations to a higher educational level and be the means to form new unions based on energy, technology or trade.

The OIC, consisting of 56 Islamic countries does not function in the desired way and does not really provide any solid solutions. The majority of Muslim countries, being in a favorable geo-strategic position, also possess valuable energy resources such as natural gas or oil.

However, due to the lack of unity, these valuable resources are not used productively and there is a good deal of suffering and poverty. For example, the Persian Gulf alone holds two-thirds of the world's discovered oil reserves.

Saudi Arabia possesses 19 percent of the world's oil reserves, or 266.58 billion barrels. A further 11 percent is found in Iraq, seven percent in the UAE, nine percent in Kuwait, 10 percent in Iran, 25 percent in other OPEC member states. Research commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy shows that between 2000 and 2020, oil exports from the region will increase by 125%.

This is an important indication that the world will continue to meet most of its energy needs from the Gulf region. Moreover, the Middle East has 40% of the world's natural gas reserves; 35 percent of these reserves are in the Gulf region. When these and other valuable resources of the other Islamic countries are used effectively, then they will supply the necessary means to meet the needs of the Islamic world.

It is a known fact that during the process of Western industrialization and development, countless unfair practices became the norm. Islamic morality, on the other hand, encourages people not to be only energetic and dynamic, but also compassionate, selfless and just, thus eliminating such possibilities.

During the rise of Islamic civilization, Muslims led the world economy and made great achievements, especially in trade. However, when they built prosperity, it wasn't merely a few wealthy individuals who enjoyed it, as it was the case in the Western world. On the contrary, it was distributed throughout society, as a requirement of Islamic morality.

Regretfully, today another reason underlying the problem of poverty is that the richest one percent of the world's population has accumulated about half of total global wealth. During the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in 2016, Oxfam cautioned.The combined wealth of the richest one percent will overtake that of the other 99 percent of people next year unless the current trend of rising inequality is checked.

Moreover, the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider every day. In the popular book Capital, Thomas Piketty gives statistical data regarding how the increase of the global wealth surpassed the income: "If we now consider the one-hundredth-millionth wealthiest part of the world's population, or about 30 people out of three billion in the late 1980's and 45 out of 4.5 billion in the early 2010's, we find that their average wealth increased from just over three billion dollars to almost 35 billion dollars, for an even higher growth rate of 6.8 percent above inflation."

To find a solution to this ever-increasing income inequality, a few countries can form an organization to iron out the details of their cooperation and set up standards whereby others can join the union. As an emerging market with good economic growth, Turkey could initiate and start the process.

Islamic states - including Turkey - should increase their production levels so that the economy will be ample for their people and even be able to export. The Islamic world must work hard to change the system so that money is not simply being hoarded in the hands of only few people. There is no 'invisible hand', as the British economist Adam Smith claims.

Islamic states should present an alternative to this system that tries to exploit others, thus what needs to be done is to form a union that is based on self-sacrifice, generosity and commitment.

[1] Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson, Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty, Crown Publishers, New York, pp. 7-9
[2] OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin 2015
[3] Anthony H. Cordesman and Arleigh A. Burke, ?The US Military and the Evolving Challenges in the Middle East (March 9, 2002), pp. 3-4
[4] "https://www.oxfam.org/en/pressroom/pressreleases/2015-01-19/richest-1-will-own-more-all-rest-2016
[5] Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, p. 549

Adnan Oktar's piece in the BERNAMA (Malaysia) & OANA (Azerbaijan):



http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272968/there-is-no-invisible-handhttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272968/there-is-no-invisible-handhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/bernama_adnan_oktar_there_is_no_invisible_hand_in_the_economy2.jpgTue, 17 Apr 2018 14:13:52 +0300
The Disinformation And Facts Regarding The Afrin Operation

Operation Olive Branch, launched by the Turkish Armed Forces on January 20, 2018 with the objective to purge Afrin city and its surroundings in Northern Syria from the YPG/PKK and DAESH terrorists, achieved its goal on the 58th day of the operation. As of Sunday morning, March 18th, all terrorist elements were cleared from the Afrin city center and its villages, thus ensuring total control by the Turkish armed forces.

When the YPG/PKK terrorists sustained heavy losses in the skirmishes, the PKK commanders, who had been dispatched by Kandil to assist Afrin, fled the city and headed towards al-Raqqah and Manbij. Following the senior commanders' flight, the rest of the terrorist militants quickly disbanded as well, joining in the collective escape.

Throughout Operation Olive Branch, a total of 4,000 terrorists were neutralized. The YPG/PKK, which had been brought forward as the USA's so-called chief actor in the fight against DAESH with an allegedly undefeated streak in the region, turned out to be nothing but a big, over-inflated balloon. Specializing in areas such as terrorizing civilian populations, ethnic cleansing, extortion, looting, pillaging and smuggling rather than real military prowess, the terrorists of the YPG/PKK proved utterly impotent in the face of the Turkish army and FSA forces.

Right from the onset of the operation, certain Western media outlets reported various speculations regarding Operation Olive Branch, laying particular emphasis on the prospect of Turkey's failure. However, the control of Afrin being wrested in such a short period of time followed by the purging of the city and its surroundings from all terrorist elements have disproved many analyses on the issue, and invalidated the arguments on how Afrin would turn into some sort of 'Vietnam' for Turkey.

For example, the Independent newspaper journalist Patrick Cockburn's predictions on the YPG/PKK launching a powerful counterattack against the Turkish army in Afrin and Turkey's eventual failure in the operation offered a brief glimpse of the Western media's stance on the operation.

In response to the Turkish Army's decisive and successful advance in the Afrin campaign, the said press this time has resorted to fake news and black propaganda. The false reports alleging that Turkey was targeting civilians, hitting hospitals, and perpetrating massacres and genocide began circulating in the same media organizations. Attempts were made to back this fake news by bogus interviews held with dubious individuals.

For example, the picture of a child injured in Aleppo in August 2016, similarly the footage belonging to the 2012 military exercise in Russia and the footage taken in a F16 belonging to the Dutch Air Forces, together with the doctored audio recording of a police chief from 2015, a picture of a torn body from an explosion that took place in Egypt in 2015 and even pictures from the video game  ‘Medal of Honor’ were all used to discredit the Afrin operation as part of this black propaganda effort.

In addition, a fire that broke out in Kuwait in 2017, a tank in the Gaza Strip in 2014, a picture that shows ‘a woman freezing to death’, who was actually a lady trying to cross the border into Lebanon on January 18, the picture of an injured child, which was taken in Mare, Syria on August 29, 2017, were all shown as if they were scenes from the Afrin operation, as clear examples of further disinformation attempts.  Furthermore, a picture that was spread with the claim of showing people fleeing from the Turkish operation turned out to be from 2016.  Even more interestingly, the PYD showed on its social media accounts its own attack against two Turkish hospitals as an attack by Turks.

However, it is a well-known fact that it is actually the YPG/PKK who oppresses and perpetrates ethnic cleansing on the civilian population in the region, a fact attested by myriad witnesses and numerous relief and non-governmental organizations. Lawyer Fehid Musa, who carries out humanitarian diplomacy work in Syria, revealed that more than a thousand civilians were jailed by the YPG/PKK and that the group inflicts the heaviest torture on Kurdish dissidents. He also stated that he presented all the details of this oppression to the UN’s organizations, the delegations in Astana and the NGO’s, but has not had any results so far.

Moreover, the use of civilians as human shields to save their own lives, even forcefully relocating the civilians in the surrounding villages into the Afrin city center are some of the inhumane practices YPG/PKK resorted to during the Afrin campaign as also confirmed by the UN. In fact, Farhan Haq, one of the UN Secretary General's spokespersons, noted in his statement on February 6 that the YPG/PKK was imposing a blockade on Afrin, not allowing civilians passage to safe areas. Lowcock, the Assistant Secretary General of the UN, said in his statement on February 28 that the terrorist organization was preventing civilians' access to safer regions. On the other hand, by ensuring that the aid convoy sent by the Red Cross for 50 thousand civilians safely arrived at its destination, the TAF once again demonstrated its sensitivity for civilian life.

The testimonies from the local population of now terrorist-free Afrin further substantiate the YPG/PKK cruelty. Abdulmenan Muhammad remarks, "Life was hard in here. The organization would ask everyone for their children. After spending a year in a dungeon, I left for Turkey. I could return only after three years,” while Ismail Halil says, “The organization has been here for 5 years. They horribly mistreated the Arabs. But Turkey is here now.

On the other hand, rather than mistreating the civilians, the Turkish army drew out the operation, which could have normally been concluded without effort through deploying heavy bombardment, to plan its advance in accordance with the measures taken to assure that no civilians are harmed. In other words, the Turkish armed forces did not follow the method of launching bombardments without any regard to civilian casualties to capture a city at all costs, as the US did in al-Raqqah, Tell Abyad, etc. ...

It is for this reason that the Turkish army and the accompanying FSA forces were welcomed into Afrin with demonstrations of affection and joy. The civilians of Afrin greeted the troops with the sounds of ululations. Cemal Hemo, one of the civilians who ran to greet the Turkish soldiers and the FSA members, expressed his joy, saying, "Where have you been for the last 6 years? Why did you leave us alone? Thank God, we are finally saved today."

In the end, Operation Olive Branch was carried out in a manner that reflects the moral values, customs, traditions, superior conscience, and guiding principles of the Turkish nation and the Turkish army, and with great consideration for the safety and security of all innocent civilians, women, children and the elderly alike. The operation was brought to a successful conclusion by solely targeting the terrorists and their positions, hideouts, supplies and equipment. The disinformation and black propaganda efforts made by the YPG/PKK and certain media outlets supporting this terrorist organization as a part of their propaganda operation utterly lack any sound, factual basis.


http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272904/the-disinformation-and-facts-regardinghttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272904/the-disinformation-and-facts-regardinghttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/wtx_news_adnan_oktar_perspective_the_disinformation_and_facts_regarding_the_Afrin_operation2.jpgFri, 13 Apr 2018 07:49:22 +0300
Adnan Oktar interviewed by Pakistan's daily The Rahnuma

1. In your opinion, would it be correct to suggest Eve was the inspiration of Adam, Hajrah the inspiration of Ishmael, Mary the inspiration of Jesus, Khadija the inspiration of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and Fatima that of Ali?

In my opinion, women are the most beautiful manifestations of God on earth. Most people fail to even realize that women are blessings; they are holding a diamond, yet they take it for a piece of glass. They do not realize how beautiful and precious women are. By their creation, women are superior in terms of elaborate thinking, elegance, patience, compassion, love, passion, profundity, art and countless other virtues. Their perfect sense of love and passion renders them utterly precious. Yet many women pass away without ever experiencing love in their lives. They pursue sincere love their whole lives, but all they find is a shallow, pretentious and senseless mentality. It is truly tragic. Historically, misogyny began with satan, and those who treated women with the utmost and most profound love were the Prophets. In every era, the Prophets' love, respect and attention towards women has always been the primary subject of nuisance for hypocrites and idolaters. In the time of Pharaoh, women's love and loyalty to the Prophet Moses and his appreciation for women would fill Pharaoh with envy for the Prophet Moses. The Prophets Solomon and David were also known for their loving and attentive treatment of women. Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (saas) appreciated women the most. Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Hussein all loved and cherished women and women would fall in love with their faith, sincerity, quality and profundity. Such great love basically drove all hypocrites mad. They harbored extreme envy and resentment towards our Prophet (saas) and the Ahl al-Bayt [the People of the House]. Our Prophet abolished all rules and traditions, the remnants of the era of ignorance, that oppressed women. However, soon after our Prophet (saas) passed away, the hypocrites reintroduced the misogyny of the era of ignorance back into Islam. And what’s more is that they did it through an extremely treacherous method. By making up superstitions in the name of our Prophet (saas), they led to the emergence of a terrible outlook towards women. They not only misrepresented women, the most beautiful of all God's creations, as half-witted, potentially guilty and sinful beings who deserve hell and should be beaten and contradicted in all issues, but also imposed this mistaken mentality upon women as well. However, the Qur'an does not preach such a mentality. On the contrary, God states that women should be safeguarded like a flower. According to the Qur'an, women can become leaders and be at the forefront in every aspect of life. This Qur'an -based sense of freedom and love that marked the time of our Prophet (saas) will occur once again in the End Times by virtue of the Mahdi. Our Prophet (saas) specifically heralded its glad tidings. Women will enjoy utmost freedom in the era of Hazrat Mahdi, insha'Allah.

2. What do you see as a future for Turkey in the Middle East peace process and the realization of an independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital?

Turkey is one of the countries that can play an important role in influencing the international community. Turkey always having a pro-peace attitude, looking out for brotherly relations, especially between Muslim countries, and lending a helping hand to all countries in need without discriminating against any religions, denominations, tribes or ethnicities is one of the great results of this wonderful quality. It is the most wholehearted wish of the entire Islamic world to see our Palestinian brothers and sisters lead their lives completely free in Jerusalem. In our ideal of Jerusalem, not only Muslims, but also Jews and Christians should enjoy the utmost freedom. All of them should be able to pray to God together and co-exist in harmony as brothers and sisters. It was achieved during Saladin's era and during Ottoman rule for 400 years. Why not today? The region is a vast area with enough land for everyone to co-exist peacefully. Let the Jews settle wherever they wish and the Palestinians live anywhere they want. Let us live as brothers and sisters instead of engaging in conflict. But, in order for this to be achieved, the way of God must be followed and this is only possible through abiding by the Qur'an, remembering that all Muslims are brothers and acting in unison.

What can bring salvation to Jerusalem is Islamic Union; otherwise, it will only lead to further wars and chaos. If the Islamic Union was established, Jews, Christians and Muslims would live together in harmony. We would adorn the whole region with verdant gardens, rebuild the Temple of the Prophet Solomon, restore and maintain the sites where the Prophets Abraham and all the other sacred prophets once walked upon; we would transform the entire region into a vibrant, lush, neat landscape. But currently it is only fraught with dissent and conflict, so much so that the whole region is inaccessible.

3. What is your position on the two-state solution endorsed by the Arab League, and 70.5% of the UN General Assembly and the OIC?

Jerusalem belongs to all of humanity, all Muslims, Christians and Jews. It is best that Jerusalem becomes a hub of friendship, brotherhood and worship, where people of all religions can co-exist peacefully, practice their religions and pray to God side by side. Jerusalem is an ancient, religious city, and it should always stay true to its roots.

It should be refrained from turning it into a political center. It will be better if Palestine and Israel declare the outskirts of Jerusalem within their respective borders as their capital. The historical texture of the city should remain unspoiled. The heart of Jerusalem should remain as a city of worship. Let's expand Jerusalem outwards, away from the city center, and relocate the political offices to the outer districts so that the texture of the city remains untouched. Let's gentrify the city center without spoiling its historical fabric. Let's spruce the city up and embellish it with olive groves, gardens and orchards, attracting people from all around the world. Let Christians, Jews and Muslims perform their prayers side by side. Let's live together in Jerusalem peacefully.

I would like to emphasize once more that Jerusalem is a center of worship and holy lands for all three religions. It is vital to refrain from any actions that will throw the city into disarray and avoid falling for any scheme that seeks to provoke conflict between Muslims and Jews. 

4. With the recent modernization efforts in Saudi Arabia, the world has come to believe in the probability of fundamental ideological reforms. In parallel with this, is it possible for Israel to discard its fixed and archaic ideas about Zionism and adopt a more pluralistic approach?  Given its close relations to Israel (minus some major differences relating to the Palestinian issue) as an ally, how can Turkey lead in its implementation as a form of de-radicalizing the State of Israel and thereby subsequently major Western powers [which supports Zionism]?

It would be much more accurate to call it a return to the roots of the religion rather than a reform. Looking closely, one will see that the underlying cause of the issues seen in the Islamic world is the fact that a majority of Muslims have departed from Qur'anic values and adopting some erroneous customs, superstitions and hearsay as religion, which in turn brings about dissents and conflicts. As a matter of fact, in the 30th verse of Surah al-Furqan, God says that our Prophet (saas) only have one complaint about his Umma: "My Lord, my people treat this Qur’an as something (a Book) to be ignored." However, the Qur'an, the Word of God, is sufficient and only the hadiths that are in compliance with the Qur'an are valid. When Muslims adhere to the way of God, they will see that the problems they face in any aspects of life will disappear one by one.

To answer your question, Zionism also has to be defined accurately. The Zionism as believed by pious Jews is the worldly dominion of the party of God and belief in God. In this sense, Zionism is not something that Muslims need to worry about because the Qur'an deems Jews as the People of the Book and allows Muslims to eat their food and marry Jewish women. Therefore, Muslims and Jews are not enemies, but brothers and sisters in their belief in one God and their descent from the line of Prophets. But if the ideology in question is a race-based one that proposes the dominance of a single race and promotes an erroneous mentality that causes injustice, it should be opposed by all conscientious people. I am always against all forms of oppression, no matter whom it is carried out by. I believe that an alliance among, and joint effort by, those who love God, the party of God, will bring about a permanent solution to all problems and completely eliminate radicalism.

As for your question on the de-radicalization of Turkey, to tell the truth, Turkey is the only country in the Islamic world that is capable of undertaking such a mission. Turkey holds an Islamic conception where democracy, secularism, freedom of thought and the Qur'an co-exist in harmony. Atatürk did an invaluable service in this regard. As it is with almost every Islamic country, Turkey, too, occasionally sees the rise of the bigoted mentality, albeit among a very small minority and with no success. Especially the latest statements of President Erdogan on how the Qur'an and the hadiths in compliance with the Qur'an are the only source of reference for Muslims and his explicit criticism of those who come forth with fabricated hadiths falsely attributed to our Prophet (saas) have been a significant step against radicalism. There is no other country except Turkey that follows such a sharp discourse against radicalism on leadership level. Therefore, Turkey is leading the Islamic world by example in this respect.


http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272893/adnan-oktar-interviewed-by-pakistanshttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272893/adnan-oktar-interviewed-by-pakistanshttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/the_rahnuma_daily_adnan_oktar_interview_2.jpgThu, 12 Apr 2018 15:25:24 +0300
Preventable crimes and how to deal with them

Once again, innocent people lost their lives in a tragic school shooting that took place in the USA. On February 14, 17-year-old Nikolas Cruz walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida and set off the fire alarms. When he made sure enough students had filed into the halls, he began firing with his semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle. He killed 17 people and injured another 14.

However, this school shooting was different than previous ones because Nikolas Cruz couldn’t have raised more red flags if he tried. It was so clearly obvious that Nikolas Cruz was a deeply troubled person, and the nation is rightly asking how law enforcement couldn’t stop him before the crime transpired.

His neighbors describe him as a deeply troubled child, who was aggressive and violent. Many times he tortured and killed small animals including squirrels, frogs and chickens. He boasted about this on his social media accounts and posted the pictures of tortured animals. In a private chat group, he frequently said he hated Muslims, Jews, immigrants, Mexicans and black people to the point that he wanted to torture and kill them. He also said that he hated white women, specifically those in interracial relationships. He frequently purchased guns and tactical wear and posed in them. He blatantly said that he could do a ‘much better shooting,’ referring to previous shooting incidents at schools. There are videos of him firing his gun in his neighborhood.

As a matter of fact, Cruz had long been on law enforcement’s radar. When in 2016, he posted a video where he was shown cutting himself, Florida’s Department of Children and Families launched an investigation but decided that he was stable enough not to be hospitalized.

This was not the only time the alarm bells rang. According to CNN, over a seven-year period, police was called 39 times to Cruz’s home with codes like ‘mentally ill person,’ ‘abuse’ and ‘domestic disturbance.’ During the fall semester, Cruz brought bullets to school in his backpack and after the incident, he was banned from bringing a backpack lest he might bring weapons to school. He was also known to be physically abusive to his mother.

Therefore, when he went to a school and carried out the massacre, it wasn’t a surprise to the people who knew him, or to the authorities that were warned so many times. It is clear as daylight there are serious problems in the way potential threats are identified and stopped before they can carry out their crimes. But how can this be possible? In the age of the Internet and mass surveillance as revealed in the Snowden leaks, we know now that nothing shared online goes missing. On that account, the inevitable question arises: Why don’t the authorities make an effort to identify potential threats like Cruz, even though they have the resources? Cruz could have been easily detected, monitored and somehow prevented from carrying out this horrible massacre.

More questions come to mind: The USA and its ally the UK started a worldwide war against terrorism, which includes full-on war in many countries. As a result of these wars, millions of people have lost their lives, economies fell, and millions of people have been turned into refugees. The US has spent more than $5.6 trillion since 2011, always with the slogan of preventing terrorism on US soil and with the promise that this way terrorists wouldn’t be able to kill Americans. But what about Americans killing Americans, which happens a great deal more often? According to CNN, for every American killed in the US or abroad by an act of terror, gun violence killed more than 1,049. Furthermore, between 2001-2014, 440,095 people died by gun violence on US soil. However, number of US citizens killed in the USA and overseas due to acts of terrorism during the same period of time was 3,412, the bulk of that number being victims of the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

In other words, while wars are started, millions are killed and countries are targeted to stop terrorism, which is responsible for far less deaths, the authorities are strangely quiet and reluctant to take action about gun violence.

It is now clear to almost everyone that gun sales in the USA will continue unless the political will decides to stand against it. However, this doesn’t mean that nothing can be done to at least reduce the possibility of such crimes.

For instance, when someone begins boasting about torturing animals, or starts to threaten people, law enforcement should consider this as sufficient proof to begin monitoring the person and intervene if necessary. Furthermore, it is crucial that every school are assigned at least one undercover police officer specially trained for such incidents.  Students, teachers and parents should look out for disturbed children who give warning signs and take proper action according to the requirements of the individual case.

On a broader scale, the glorification of violence through movies and video games must come to an end. No one can deny the immense effect this has on the psyche of young people and how this plays a role in their increasingly violent behavior. Last but not least, the media should stop covering these incidents so widely. Every time this happens, somewhere some disturbed person gets excited with the idea of doing the same and getting the same kind of attention. We extend our deepest condolences to the people of America and hope that with proper preventive measures, such horrible incidents will be a thing of the past.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Daily News (Pakistan):


http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272692/preventable-crimes-and-how-tohttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272692/preventable-crimes-and-how-tohttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/daily_mail_adnan_oktar_preventable_crimes_and_how_to_deal_with_them2.jpgWed, 04 Apr 2018 22:42:11 +0300
Turkish traces in India

The emergence of artistic and cultural heritage of a country is a process that extends over centuries. Yet, sometimes, it can just take just a few days for it to vanish irrevocably. Care must be taken to preserve our heritage

Indian civilisation is one of the foremost in the world in terms of cultural wealth and the great works it produced. The indigenous people of India played a major role in the creation of the civilisation. However, people of diverse cultures from outside the peninsula have also doubtlessly contributed to the creation of this tremendous cultural wealth. One among such people are the Turks who led an amiable coexistence alongside the Indian people for decades.

In the first half of the 11th century, a great Turkish Sultanate was founded in northern India and subsequently Turkish influence extended further south. The foundation of this state had a notable impact on the history and culture of India. As a result of this impact, Delhi flourished to the point of competing with Baghdad, Cairo and Istanbul — the leading commercial and cultural centers of the world at that time.

Here onwards, the Turkish-Islamic influence began to shape all cultural areas from architecture and literature to arts and cuisine.  Concrete examples of this impact can still be seen today. The centuries-long co-existence of both Indian and Turkish culture led to the exchange of words between the Turkish and Indian languages despite their vast structural differences. Some Turkish words were directly adopted as they were, while some words were transcribed according to their Indian pronunciations.

The most prominent aspect of the Turkish influence in India, however, is reflected in architectural works, with its myriad examples. One such example is the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque that was constructed by Qutab Ud-Din-Aibak, the founder of the Delhi Sultanate. It was the construction of this mosque that laid the foundation of the Indo-Islamic architecture in India. The famous ‘Qutb Minar’ minaret, which was constructed by Qutab Ud-Din-Aibak in 1500, is a 72.6 meter tall tower built of red sandstones, based on the Mamluk architectural style.

Following the Qutb Minar, many castles, palaces, tombs, granaries, bathhouses, ponds, mosques and even cities were built throughout India during the Mughal period. Akbar Shah’s rule was particularly marked by the mixed use of Persian style and Indian/Buddhist style architectural design, thus giving rise to a new and unique type of architecture. Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, the Fatehpur Sikri Fortress, which was declared the capital of the Mughal Empire by Akbar Shah, and Akbar’s own tomb in Agra are some of the chief examples of this style. And, of course, let us not forget the exceptionally beautiful Taj Mahal.

Although the Indian state is seemingly responsible for the preservation of all these great works, there are examples reflecting the importance of personal initiatives. Esra Birgen Jah, the former princess of Hyderabad, is one such example. Born as the daughter of a family from the Ottoman Dynasty, and the first wife of Barkat Jah, the Nizam of Hyderabad, Esra Birgen Jah successfully restored the Chowmahalla Palace to its former glory after lengthy efforts.

A great many people from diverse disciplines such as architect, textile specialists, conservationists and historians took part in the restoration efforts. The palace, which was turned into a museum housing historical artifacts, costumes and documents, was presented with a UNESCO award.

Whether their origins date back to Turkish or other cultures, all historical monuments in India should be recognised as ‘cultural heritage,’ and provided with the protection they deserve. For this reason, the great works in India, which have seen the rise and fall of the civilisations of the past, witnessed countless major events and developments in the history of humankind, and stood as a testament to ‘history’ itself, needs to be restored and conversed so that the human history can be preserved and passed down to the next generations.

Today, the Turkish heritage on the Indian peninsula is considered India’s own property. Their preservation should be viewed as a key factor that will help reinforce Turkish-Indian relations and friendship, and Turkey should provide the necessary support to the Indian Government in this regard.

The emergence of the artistic and cultural heritage of a country is a process that extends over the course of centuries yet sometimes, it can take just a few days for this cultural heritage to vanish irrevocably. Be it Indian or Turkish, all nations should take good care of the historical works within their domains and consider them as the common heritage of humankind.

Wherever this common heritage may be located in the world, it should be preserved to the utmost from ethnic and religious conflicts, exploitation, negligence and, of course, the destructive forces of time. This will awaken interest in different cultures among nations and render peace. In this way, the Indian and Turkish people, already linked by a historically strong bond of brotherhood, can usher in a new era that will recapture and consolidate the spirit of fraternity.

Adnan Oktar's piece in The Pioneer (India) :


http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272680/turkish-traces-in-indiahttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272680/turkish-traces-in-indiahttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/the_pioneer_adnan_oktar_Turkish_traces_in_India2.jpgWed, 04 Apr 2018 18:43:42 +0300
Adnan Oktar interviewed by Hespress News Agency of Morocco

1- Is Harun Yahya, who has been providing documentaries for 30 years, the same person who sits today during dancing and wine gatherings?

Before we start, I would like to clear up a misunderstanding in your question. Neither my friends nor I drink wine or any other kind of alcoholic beverage in any way. According to our belief as Muslims, alcohol is deemed unlawful. I always express in my programs and daily life at every opportunity how alcohol is unlawful, and scientifically explain the harms of consuming alcohol. There was a studio we used to broadcast our live programs, and there were nice, aesthetically pleasing juice bottles placed on the tables as decoration. As there is a common misconception that beverages in nice bottles and packaging are ought wine bottles or other kinds of alcohol, some people initially thought them to be alcoholic beverages.

In order to clear up the misunderstanding, we immediately began to shoot each bottle in close-up in every broadcast to let the viewers see the "non-alcoholic juice" labels. They are commonly sold in almost all markets. In time, we dispelled all doubt regarding this issue.

To answer your original question, and if I understood it right, what you mean is "if preparing faith-related documentaries and writing books on religious topics contradict with dancing and having fun." First of all, I have to say that the Qur'an, the Book of God, is the only resource I abide by, and I believe that this should be the case for everyone. Therefore, we have to refer to the Qur'an to come to a conclusion about whether there is a contradiction here. When we examine the Qur'an, we see that there is no mention of such a contradiction or prohibition.

In fact, the Qur'an makes mention of very few unlawful and forbidden deeds and everything that is not named as unlawful is considered lawful. This is where most people are mistaken; they believe that religion should be difficult and that beauty, joy and cheerfulness have no place in religion, and thus, anything that brings people joy should be forbidden. However, God emphasizes in the Qur'an that religion is easy. God wants His servants to have happy and comfortable lives. And the current situation this misconception has led to is an Islamic world that is plagued by countless prohibitions, limitations, restrictions and fanaticism that lacks progress and development in almost all regards, and relies on and is under the overt - and covert - sway of Western powers.

So, while the majority of Muslims believe that they are living by Islam, their practice of the religion is actually different from, even in contradiction with, the Qur'an, which is something they are unaware of. This is a traditionalist orthodox religious conception that is very complicated and fraught with erroneous traditions, customs, superstitions, distorted religious interpretations, contradictions, alterations and controversies.

However, our All-Wise, All-Merciful, All-Gracious Lord would not and did not hold people responsible for such a complicated and complex religion that is impossible to practice even in total seclusion from the worldly life. It can be clearly seen in the verses of the Qur'an that Islam is an easy and pure religion, that what God wants for His servants is not hardship, controversy or complexity, but peace and comfort.

The number of Muslims who share my opinion on this subject is increasing exponentially every day. There is a strong worldwide re-gravitation towards the Qur'an, the essence of the religion, which has remained abandoned for centuries. Of course, I must say that the numerous books I wrote on these topics also played a significant role in this beautiful development. The reply to your question would actually exceed the limits of this interview and should best be extensively covered in a book. The readers can refer to my book on this subject titled "Bigotry: the Dark Danger" for the answers to all their questions.

2. We know that your real name is Adnan Oktar; what is the secret of your choice of the name of Harun Yahya?

God informs the believers in the Qur'an that Prophet Aaron (as) and Prophet John (as) were sent to help Prophet Moses (as) and Prophet Jesus (as) respectively. Likewise, Muslims are the helpers, friends and brothers and sisters of the Messenger of God. I am using the pen name Harun Yahya as a sign of my prayers and intention to be a helper of the Messenger of God in the End Times. It is a name chosen with the intention to become a person who helps, supports, protects and watches over the prophets as Aaron and John did.

3- What has changed in Harun Yahya in recent years? And what is reason behind such change?

Since the day I dedicated myself to the cause of Islam, there has been no change in my resolve, determination, and enthusiasm for the commitment to my fundamental principles –except for the fact that they only grew day by day. What are my fundamental principles? Pursuing the most of God's approval, carrying out His commands as meticulously as I can, preaching God's religion to people through evidence and rationalistic and scientific methods, practicing the superior conception of morality and love presented by the religion of Islam in the most proper way, and lastly, spreading and preaching all of these beautiful notions to the entire world.

Of course, like many people, I better myself and broaden my knowledge and culture. I try to achieve a better insight on the Qur'an, and abide by its teachings as best as I can. I constantly strive after a greater love, a closer connection, sincerity and a greater fear for God. Without doubt, this helps me gain a better understanding and insight of the Qur'an, have a good grasp of its profundity and secrets, and improve my ability to better analyze events. It is quite abnormal and a grave loss for a person to spend his entire life without undergoing any change.

What some of our brothers and sisters perceive of as change is in fact a wonderful manifestation of the conception of quality, beauty, art, and freedom the Qur'an offers. This change is the direct result of me getting a better grasp of this conception with each passing day and implementing it in my day-to-day life.

4- Do you consider yourself a thinker, an Islamic preacher or otherwise?

I am a sincere, pious Muslim; I am not a preacher, a scholar, a tariqa leader, nor am I a member of a certain tariqa. I cannot even speak Arabic. I have not received any theological training. So, I have never made any such claims.

The reason I am frequently asked this question is the fact that, in the first news report about me in the 1980’s, I was addressed as 'Adnan Hodja' [Preacher Adnan]. It is common in Islamic communities to address people who abide by and preach religion as 'preachers', 'scholars', etc. Thus, due to the frequent use of the title 'Adnan Hodja' by the press, in time the title has found common use among people. When I go out, many people I am not acquainted with approach me, to meet, converse and have their photos taken with me, addressing me as 'Hodja'. But as I have said, this is not a self-proclaimed title.

My friends do not see me as a cult leader either; they see me as a friend whom they love dearly and I see them as my beloved friends. I am a person who really enjoys having fun, joy, beauty and art. I think people should live their lives to the fullest with enthusiasm, and with a love and passion for God, without overstepping the boundaries drawn by God in the Qur'an.

5- People who were watching you in the past have questions about yourself dancing in wine gatherings. How would you respond to this?

I have just mentioned that neither my circle of friends nor I consume wine, a drink rendered unlawful by the Qur'an, and that I always advise people against it.

The traditionalist Orthodox Islamic conception, which is based on the false hadiths attributed to our Prophet (saas), and on erroneous interpretations and superstitions, considers dancing and entertainment unlawful. In my younger years when I had yet to acquire sufficient knowledge and research on the Qur'an, I, too, advocated and shared the same misconception. However, as I broadened my knowledge, I realized that, just like many issues that are deemed forbidden by the traditionalist Orthodox Islamic conception, dancing and having fun are completely harmless actions so long as they remain within the limits defined in the Qur'an. Besides, many brothers and sisters who criticize us in this regard are the same people who are the first to jump onto the dance floor at weddings or other such occasions and perform exuberant dances. Yet, for some reason, when it comes to my friends and I, the same actions are deemed forbidden to us. They say, "You are a preacher, a scholar; you should not be involved in dancing and entertainment." I have said over and over again that I am not a preacher nor a scholar. Besides, even if one is a preacher or a scholar, why should the blessings that are lawful for everyone be forbidden for them?

If you take a look at my live conversations on A9 TV, you will see that I answer the questions of many people on religious, daily, political, social, personal and various other subjects. People pose their questions via street interviews or email. And I share my knowledge with them and try to be helpful under the guidance of the Qur'an to the extent that God wills. In addition to this, we understand that my comments and views on current political and social developments are also shared by political circles and the authorities since they are put into practice in a very short time. This is another fact that demonstrates – as a blessing from God- the effectiveness, impact and significance of my views and ideas.

However certain people and circles disregard all the beneficial and positive aspects of my live broadcasts and dwell on occasional dance videos, which do not even comprise the one tenth of my programs, and the clothing styles and low-cut dresses of some of my female friends who are among the audience. Based solely on these images, they wage a hateful smear campaign that is way beyond the acceptable level of criticism. As I have said numerous times; "If anyone presents a single verse of the Qur’an which would prove that any one of my actions is unlawful in religion, I will immediately agree with it and heed the advice." But they have yet to provide any such evidence, because there are none. These are nothing more than criticisms and accusations resting on prejudices and an understanding of religion that is solely based on hearsay that lacks any Qur'anic basis.

If I am called mentally unstable for taking only the Book of God as basis and for my stance against the man-made religion of bigotry, then I consider it a great honor and pride. Because throughout history, every messenger, guardian and the believers following them, the steadfast practitioners of God's religion, were accused of mental instability. Our Prophet (saas) decreed that, "A believer's faith is not absolute until they are called insane."

6- Are you still composing books and how many books have you written so far and in what languages?

All my efforts on faith-related, scientific, political books, brochures and documentaries continue unabated. To date, I have written over 300 books that have been translated into 73 languages. They are available at bookstores in over 100 countries. 30 million copies of my books were sold globally and that many were distributed for free in great many countries. There are about 1,000 websites based on these books and my conversations on my television programs. These websites receive 47 million monthly visitors from 167 countries and over one million daily visitors. The films and documentaries featured on these sites receive over 10 million views each month.

My articles are regularly featured on 216 newspapers, journals and websites in 47 countries. My live broadcasts reach millions of viewers every day in English, Arabic, Russian and French. God willing, as a result of this major effort, far fewer people believe in Darwinism today. Even the most famous advocates of Darwinism have taken a step back. Public surveys clearly attest to this fact as well. Thank God that me and my friends have been influential in spreading Qur'anic Islam to the world.

7- Arabs and Muslims have been shocked in recent years by the videos that show you with girls who are said to be dancers. Are they really dancers? What relationship do you have with them?

Those ladies are not professional dancers; they are my friends. They like dancing, music and entertainment just like many of us do. Some among them are particularly skillful and apt in this regard. They are delighted to practice this wonderful artistry on A9 TV broadcasts. And they are also delighted to see me, a person whom they cherish and love, watching and occasionally dancing along with them. Thousands are fondly watching their dancing videos, as we can deduce it from their congratulation and complimentary messages.

What I cannot get my head around is that why the Arab world would be shocked by these videos. Since ancient times, dance, music and entertainment are notions that have been associated with the Arab world. There are many world-renowned professional Arab dancers and singers; all of them are widely loved and celebrated by people around the world.

Besides, belly dancing originated in the Arabian world. From Morocco, Tunis, Algeria to Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, millions of people fondly watch belly dancers on TV. Not only artists, but thousands of common people dance, sing, listen to music in entertainment venues; they sing and dance along singers in concerts. We frequently come across such images on Arab TV channels and watch them fondly.

For this reason, I do not believe that –with the exception of certain groups– the Arab community would be shocked by these images on our channel. On the contrary, I think that they found these videos entertaining and dance along to them. Arabs are quite friendly, level-headed people, the majority of whom are pious Muslims. Therefore, it would be against reason to say that they feel as if they are committing a sin when they dance and have fun. Because none of these behaviors go against the teachings of the Qur'an and Islam; on the contrary, they are perfectly natural and lawful. I have myriad Arab friends in many Arab countries, and all of them are of the same opinion.

The Arab world has recently entered a period of casting bigotry aside. Saudi Arabia, a country particularly known for its extremely strict and conservative stance and laws regarding women, undertaking modernist and libertarian initiatives, gradually abolishing the prohibitions and restrictions on women, and sending the message that these initiatives are not just temporary are very promising developments concerning the near future of the Islamic community. Likewise, we have lately been hearing similar pleasing news from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and even Iran.

8- How come that you sit with them that way and sometimes dance with them. Aren't grooming and nudity forbidden in Islam?

Up to this point, I have expressed my views on dance, music and entertainment in detail. According to the Qur’an, there is nothing wrong with men and women being in the same place. Moreover, I am before hundreds of thousands of people during my broadcasts. My every move, every word is being watched each second; it is not possible for anything covert, dubious or objectionable to exist in such an environment.

Once again, we learn from the Qur'an about what nudity is and the standards about how women should dress and cover themselves. When we examine the Qur'an, we see in the 31st verse of Surat an-Nur that women are given complete freedom. According to the Qur'an, women are obliged to temporarily cover themselves from head to toe with a burqa only when they think they might be subjected to harassment. If they feel safe, merely covering their adornments, that is their breasts and genitals, as stated in the 31st verse of Surat an-Nur, will suffice. We can clearly deduce the most basic way of covering one's self from the verses that describe the Prophet Adam and Eve covering their relevant body parts with large leaves. This detailed information is particularly given in the Qur'an.

Additionally, in the 59th verse of Surat al-Ahzab, God commands women to rely upon their own conscious and judgment to cover their bodies with a burqa in certain situations and conditions such as avoiding harassment and harm or in unsafe places.

But one should pay attention to the fact that God leaves it up to the woman's conscience to decide in which conditions a burqa should be worn. If a woman feels safe and believes that she is in the company of people whose wisdom, faith and consciences she trusts, she can even wear a bikini in that setting. There is nothing about such a situation that is incompatible with the Qur'an. In fact, not only in the Western world, but also in the Arab world and other Muslim countries, millions of Muslim women wear bikinis on the beach and for swimming. So long as their peace, safety, lives and chastity are not threatened, they can use their freedom to their hearts content. (For further and extensive information on this subject, our brothers and sisters can refer to the following book: Bigotry: The Dark Danger).

Regarding women as potential sinners, dictating to them what they must and must not do, surrounding them with prohibitions and restrictions are the parts of a foul tradition passed down to Islamic societies from the ancient bigoted tribal cultures. However, God wants women to become free of all pressures and grants them great freedom in the Qur'an. Suppressing women, curtailing their freedoms, seeing them as second-class people, confining them to a life of slavery, and virtually turning them into the living dead as a result of the practices in certain regions of the world is terrible oppression and a grave crime committed against God. One can deduce from the disaster bringing clouds looming over the Islamic world for centuries the consequences of abandoning the commandments of the Qur'an and fabricating a religion that is completely different from what had been sent down by God.

9- You like gold as it looks and wear it, too. In Islam, men are not allowed to wear gold. What do you think?

Gold and silk are blessings of heaven that are praised in the Qur'an. There are no verses in the Qur'an that forbid men from using these blessings as jewelry, accessories etc. Therefore, this prohibition, just like thousands of others, is not imposed by Islam, but the traditionalist Orthodox Islamic conception that is a far cry from the Qur'an.

Our Prophet (saas) was the one in command, that is, the head of the Islamic state during his era. As far as we understand from the historical record, due to the warlike atmosphere and economic difficulties of the time, gold was most likely incorporated into the economy and abstained from in terms of ornamental usage. However, this in no way indicates that gold is unlawful. Moreover, our Prophet (saas) did not have any permission to amend or abolish what is established as lawful and unlawful by God in the Qur'an. So the matter of gold was a temporary decision taken as a financial measure as necessitated by the circumstances of the time.

Equating the orders and prohibitions issued by our Prophet (saas) in his capacity of the head of the state at the time with the absolute commandments of the Qur'an and confusing them with each other is one of the biggest mistakes of the traditionalist Orthodox religious conception. For example, in the story of Talut (pbuh) in the Qur'an, as the then leader of the believers, he prohibited the army from excessively drinking water from a river they crossed during a military campaign, only allowing drinking in small amounts. It is quite clear that this is merely a temporary prohibition and wartime precaution and that it does not mean water is forbidden at all times. From this perspective, if our Prophet (saas) had temporarily forbidden drinking water from a place for a similar purpose, the traditionalist Orthodox conception would come out and claim that water has been rendered unlawful until the Day of Judgment: This mentality is obviously illogical.

10- Do you see that your ideas are accepted in Turkish society?

Yes, in fact, they find significantly increasing acceptance. Especially the young people show great interest, adherence and support for my publications. This is also apparent with the more than one hundred-thousand street interviews we have been conducting over the last few years. We receive messages of support and appreciation from all walks of life.

Through our views and lifestyle based on the Qur'an, we have shown not only in Turkey but the whole world that Muslims can lead beautiful, lively, high-quality lives where arts and science are given great importance. God willing, we have become the bright face of Muslims. Islam used to be associated with unkempt, introverted, unhygienic, ghetto-dwelling, antisocial individuals who do not appreciate music, paintings, sculptures, or a life of joy and beauty.

We have shown that this is not the real Islam, and that Islam is the religion described in the Qur'an. Islam is the religion that brings beauty into people's lives. Thus, we have eliminated the influence of the evil system that alienates people from Islam and inclining them towards atheism. There used to be a large group of people who were involuntarily alienated from Islam due to prejudices and the model presented by the traditionalist Orthodox religious conception. God willing, we’ve played a significant role in reigniting their sympathy, enthusiasm and fervor for Islam.

11- How does Harun Yahya institution operate? Where do you receive funding from, particularly as you have a satellite channel in Turkey with dozens of employees in your organization?

Asking for payment in return for preaching God's religion is forbidden in the Qur'an. In Surah Yasin, God commands "Follow those who do not ask you any wage..." Therefore, neither my friends nor I do not ever ask for any payment in return for preaching Islam and we never did so. Our sole purpose is to establish the reign of Islamic moral values, love, peace and brotherhood across the entire world through the guidance of the Qur'an. Most of my friends are renowned and wealthy traders and businessmen. I personally do not ask for any fees or royalties from the books I write, which makes it possible for the publishing house to distribute millions of free books worldwide.

Like all other similar institutions in Turkey, both the publishing house and A9 TV are official and registered institutions and are subject to periodic audits by the relevant governmental agencies.

12- What is your objective in your activities?

My objective is to gain God's approval and wage a struggle through science, knowledge and love until mischief is wiped off the face of the earth and the global reign of Qur'anic moral values is established.

13- Are you are watching the political situations in Arab countries? And how do you see the disputes and the divisions among Muslims?

Yes, I am indeed watching the situation very closely. I also keep our viewers informed about developments in the Islamic world, and express my views, opinions and suggestions in this regard. I constantly suggest measures, methods and policies that can be implemented which might benefit Muslims and keep them from harm's way.

The dissents, disputes and conflicts plaguing the Muslim world stem from abandoning the duty of constituting a single, united community around the tenets of the Qur'an. Muslims insistence on disregarding this greatest religious duty which God commands in the Qur'an is a mistake that incurs God's wrath and endless disasters upon the Islamic world. It is a major trick of satan that some Muslims are very particular about the fabricated commandments not found in the Qur'an, while they act in complete disregard and abandonment of their greatest religious duty. The dajjal seeks to alienate Muslims from the Qur'an and the unity. He aims to tear the Islamic community apart by dividing it into myriad factions and groups. Satan tries to devastate the Islamic world by pitting brothers against each other.

The dajjal movement, in other words, the British deep state, is utilizing British Shiism and British Sunnism to incite further discord. The British Shiites despise Sunnis and the British Sunnis despise Shiites; they consider it an obligation to kill the members of the other denomination. Muslims should never accept such an evil mentality. Our God, our Qibla and the Prophet are one and the same.

It is the time that Muslims awaken to and pull away from these evil indoctrinations.

However, both the hadiths and the ongoing state of affairs, which has remained insoluble for years, indicate that it is none other than the Mahdi movement that can establish the unity. Only by virtue of Hazrat Mahdi (as), whose appearance is anticipated soon, that Muslims will form a grand Islamic unity, the like of which has never been seen throughout history. And the system of dajjal will suffer a devastating defeat and be wiped out from the face of the earth, insha'Allah.

14- Do you travel outside Turkey? Have you performed Hajj pilgrimage?

I have never traveled abroad. I have been in İstanbul for almost 40 years and carry out my activities of spreading Islam from Istanbul. Within that 40 years, let alone traveling abroad, I have never been out of Istanbul more than a total of perhaps 10 days.

We are currently going through a period that is critical both for the Islamic community and Turkey. Major incidents and developments seem to be close at hand. We may face times of great hardship; not just us, but the whole world. In such an atmosphere, I think that the place where I am now is where I can prove most useful, share my opinions, views, suggestions with the masses, and carry on my intellectual efforts most efficiently. There may come a time in the future, but in these critical times, I have no time to spare on traveling.

As I have stated many times, I consider myself a spiritual student of Hazrat Mahdi and I pray that I can become one of his personal students when he comes. The hadiths about the End Times say that Hazrat Mahdi will not leave the Roman realm. The Roman realm, that is, the Byzantine territory of the time, refers to modern-day Istanbul and a portion of Turkey. Likewise, another hadith foretells that Hazrat Mahdi will appear in Constantinople, in other words, İstanbul. Based on what the hadiths tell about the portends of Hazrat Mahdi's coming, I believe that, as of today, he has already appeared and is carrying out his actives here in Istanbul. Therefore, me leaving the place where he is already present - even for a second unless I absolutely have to - is out of the question.

I have not had the opportunity to fulfill my religious duty of going on a pilgrimage to Mecca. I hope that God will soon grant me the possibility to carry out this wonderful worship.

15- Do you have any messages to address to Arabs and Muslims?

Arabs are our brothers and sisters. They are a pure, beautiful people. We are on the eve of a blessed, auspicious era and the anguish and disasters that are still being suffered on earth, particularly in the Muslim community, are the labor pains of the birth of this era, so to speak. Together, we will very soon witness the end of the system of dajjal, the chief perpetrator behind these disasters. This will be closely followed by the dawning of the Mahdi movement era, where the world will be relieved of all the pain and misery and enter into a period of peace, tranquility, happiness, safety, prosperity and opulence, insha'Allah.

A great majority of the numerous portents regarding the End Times foretold 1,400 years ago by our Prophet (saas) has subsequently come true in the last 40 years and still continue to come true. All of these miraculous developments signify the fact that we are on the eve of this blessed era.

But right before this, the dajjal movement, on the verge of defeat, will launch its final desperate and vicious attacks. For that reason, we will clearly go through one last challenging phase of trial in the next few years. Such wonderful trials are the religious duties assigned by God to Muslims in every era. The hadiths, indications of the Qur'an, predictions of renowned scholars such as Said Nursi, and the current course of global events that are miraculously in parallel with this information all point to this vital truth. Of course, the true knowledge of all things lies with God.

What I wish for all my believer brothers and sisters during this period is to maintain a hopeful, stoic and resilient attitude in complete reliance on God. Sincere believers who only fear God, who serve only Him and seek only His assistance, who only rely on and trust in Him, and who exercise patience will honorably and successfully pass this trial without any harm. God willing, wonderful days await us, insha'Allah.

My dear brothers and sisters can access my books about the End Times and download them for free over the website 'harunyahya.com' to acquire further extensive information on the subjects I have mentioned above.

16- You mentioned that the advent of Mahdi is near and you pointed out that he might be located in Istanbul! We want to understand your opinion clearly and we want you to explain in detail what you mean by this talk. Do you think that he has shown up or hasn't shown up yet?

When we look at the Qur'an, we see that all Muslims have had a leader throughout history. At no point in history have Muslims been without a leader. From the smallest companies to the largest communities, everyone has a leader. Catholics have their Pope, Orthodox Christians have their Patriarch, Masons have masters, even ants have a queen, but the Islamic world of 1.5 billion people has no leader. Muslims should not consider this as normal. Getting together through a leader is a Sunnah that God proclaimed in the Qur'an. We call the person who will realize this Sunnah during the End Times on Earth and become the leader of the Islamic world, as the Mahdi. And it's the Messenger of God (saas) who told us that the Islamic world would only come together around the Mahdi. At the moment, no denomination wants a leader from another denomination and no sect wants a leader from another sect. The only person whom everyone can unanimously accept is Hazrat Mahdi, the coming of whom was heralded in the hadith.

Our Prophet (saas) told us what qualities Mahdi will have, what his activities will be and where he will appear. Our Prophet (saas) depicted the Mahdi with such great detail from the events that will take place at his time, to his physical appearance and his morality. When we examine the hadiths with the questions such as "where will the Mahdi be, where will the Mahdi operate" in mind, we come up with one answer: Istanbul. Many hadiths state that the Mahdi will emerge in the city where the sacred relics are located. What are these holy relics? The blessed belongings from the time of the Messenger of God (saas), like the mantle and the battle standard of our Prophet. Where are these sacred relics located? in Istanbul. In addition, our Prophet also clearly gave the name of Istanbul as the city where Mahdi will carry out his activities:

Narrated from Ibn Amr: Our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said: Oh Umma! There are six things that will happen and before those six things happen, the apocalypse will not arrive. The sixth is the conquest of Medina (the city). "Which Medina?" it was asked. (Which city?) -It was stated: Constantinople. (Allâme Muhammed b. Rasul al-Husayni al- Barzenci from Medina, Signs of Apocalypse, 204 Ramuz-el-Ehadis, 296)

Our readers can read all of the related hadiths on this website: http://www.awaitedmahdi.com/

I understand, based on the hadiths and the accounts of the great Islamic scholars, and from the sociological, political and economic situation in which the world is in now, that the Mahdi is currently engaged in his activities. Everyone who carefully examines the events sees that the Mahdi is on duty and that there is a historical intellectual struggle between the followers of dajjal’s and the Mahdi. In three to five years, our brothers and sisters will understand what I mean more clearly.

17- If it's like this. What is your evidence on the appearance of the awaited Mahdi?

With over 600 hadiths, our Prophet (saas) drew a timeline of the events that will happen at the time of Mahdi, detailing what events will follow what other ones, and upon witnessing these events the believers will realize that the Mahdi has appeared.

The main characteristic of these events of the End Times is that they happen consecutively like a string of beads, which is a very important; some of these events may have happened at some other time, but what is important is that this is the first time when all these events have happened consecutively at the End Tmes which we are experiencing right now. Now let's take a look at some of the events which were reported in the hadiths and have happened since the Hijri year 1400 (ie 1979):

  1. Euphrates drying up
  2. The occupation of Afghanistan
  3. The raid and bloodshed at the Kaaba
  4. Iran-Iraq war
  5. Lunar and solar eclipses that took place consecutively during Ramadan
  6. The birth of Halley's Comet
  7. The occupation of Azerbaijan
  8. The emergence of a two-pointed star that resembles horns (Lulin comet)
  9. The Bethlehem star passing close to the Earth
  10. Syrian civil war
  11. The occupation of Iraq
  12. The burning of Baghdad
  13. The unrest in Damascus
  14. The events in Haresta region in Damascus
  15. The turmoil in Damascus, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia
  16. Embargo on Iraq and Damascus
  17. The murder of the kings of Damascus and Egypt
  18. Anarchy and terror everywhere
  19. Great economic crises
  20. The emergence of false Mahdis and messiahs
  21. The disappearance of peace on Earth
  22. Destruction of big cities in wars
  23. Conflicts in Kufa, the destruction of the dome and the wall of the Kufa Masjid
  24. The chaos and unrest in Egypt
  25. The increase of massacres
  26. The increase of civil wars and conflicts
  27. Brothers fighting brothers
  28. The killing of innocent children
  29. The killing of people for no reason

These and over 600 more signs have happened and continue to happen. One who assesses the situation reasonably and rationally will draw the conclusion that the Mahdi is alive and active right now. If you think about it, our Prophet (saas) explained what will happen in a way as he saw it with his own eyes and the things he said are happening exactly as he told. This is something that Muslims should be very excited and happy about, because they are witnessing to the miracles of the Prophet (saas). When something Nostradamus said comes true, it makes a tremendous impact all over the world. Over 600 of the events that our Prophet (saas) foretold have come true, and what is strange and astonishing is that some Muslims do not want that these are being proven correct. The events our Prophet (saas) heralded are coming true and this is not a matter to hide.

You may find more information in my book, Portents and Features of the Mahdi's Coming.

18- In the previous interview, in most cases you gave proof from Qur’an and said that you are "Qura’nic" and don't believe in Hadiths attributed to the Prophet (saas), while all the evidence you brought about the Mahdi belongs to the Hadiths, and actually to hadiths that most specialists doubt.  How do you explain this?

I am not a person who denies the hadiths. I think there has been a misunderstanding about this issue. The Qur'an is the Word of God and the Word of God is complete, the Qur'an is sufficient. Still, there is no such thing as hadiths are totally invalid. There are two ways to tell whether a hadith is valid or not. First, we look at whether the hadith is in conformity with the Qur'an. Our Prophet (saas) did not utter a single word that is not in conformity with the Qur'an. Our Prophet did not add a commandment to the religion outside the Qur'an. For example, if there is a hadith saying that women are half beings, this does not conform with the Qur'an, so that is a slander to our Prophet (saas). And it might be that our Prophet (saas) temporarily banned silk and gold to his Umma due to the conditions of the warfare at his time. This does not mean that silk and gold are haram. Our Prophet (saas) does not forbid something that is not forbidden in the Qur'an. Another way to understand the authenticity of a hadith is to see whether the events told in the hadith has become true or not. If an event that our Prophet (saas) foretold is realized, for instance let’s take "There will be conflicts in Syria," and we see that this happens now, so we understand that this hadith is authentic. The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) about the Day of Judgment and Hazrat Mahdi are valid.

19- Is there evidence in the Qur’an on the appearance of the Mahdi? Can you tell us about it?

The Qur'an and the Mahdi movement are integrated with one another. God revealed the Mahdi movement to us in countless verses of the Qur'an. To those who say "The Qur'an does not make any mention of the Mahdi movement; thus, there is no savior in Islam” our Lord has given the best and most profound answer. In the Qur’an, God mentions that believers asked for a helper, a savior from God in times of hardship, pointing Muslims to the fact that anticipating and willing the coming of Mahdi is right:

"What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of God: – for those men, women and children who are oppressed and say, ‘Our Lord, take us out of this city whose inhabitants are wrongdoers! Give us a protector from You! Give us a helper from You!’?" (Surah an-Nisa, 75)

Stemming from the root "h-d-y" in Arabic, the word Mahdi means "he who is guided in the right way" and the name is used to refer to the spiritual leader who will come before  Judgement Day and in the Qur'an, the words "hadi" (he who guides to the right way" and "muhtadoon" (he who is in the right way" are frequently used as a synonym of Mahdi. For example, in the 21st verse of Surah Yasin, God commands: "Follow those who do not ask you for any wage (for preaching religion) and who have received guidance." This verse clearly and doubtlessly points to the Mahdi movement. There are many verses like this. Then again, every verse in the Qur'an which informs Muslims about the necessity of being united and heralds the glad tidings that Islamic moral values will prevail in the world, are in fact pointing to the Mahdi movement. When Muslims unite and the reign of Islam is established on Earth, the Mahdi is the one who will be the leader. Likewise, as heralded in the hadiths, the story of the Prophet Solomon, the life of the Prophet Joseph, the experiences of the Companions of the Cave (al-Kahf), and the struggle of Dhul-Qarnayn all contain significant symbolism about the Mahdi movement.

20- Is it true that you had said that you were the Mahdi? Why?

It is not true. I have never had, nor will I ever have any claim of being the Mahdi. I have sworn in the name of God many times that I would never have any claim of being the Mahdi. I am a sincere Muslim. I love God dearly. And I want people to also love God and lead peaceful, pleasant lives as brothers and sisters. I enjoy life, arts, aesthetics, beautiful people and everything that is beautiful. I have no claims of being a preacher, scholar or the Mahdi.

Even if all the signs heralded in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) fits a person, that person cannot make any claims about being the Mahdi. Doing so is unlawful according to our religion. By doing so, a person would be renouncing his religion because saying "I am the Mahdi" means "I am a pure, innocent person, so I do not have to go through the trial as I am already deserving of Heaven." A Muslim cannot make such a statement for the rest of his life.

Also, the rank of Mahdi is not attained through making a claim. Yes, it is true that many of my physical qualities perfectly fits the Mahdi (as) as heralded in the hadiths. However, a person having green and slightly slanted eyes, a small nose, curved eyebrows, a large body, a big head, a perfect set of teeth, a light-colored mole on the cheek, a single frown line and carrying many other similarities do not offer any basis for being the Mahdi. We can only surely know that a person is actually the Mahdi after Islam prevails on earth, after Islamic Unity is established, and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) comes and performs prayer behind that person. 

21- Many believe that the idea of Mahdi is superstitious, and that helpless people depend on it as a hope to deceive them that there should come one day without them having to exert any effort. Don't you believe they are right?

This is an irrational and unreasonable discourse those who seek to cover up the Mahdi movement resort to. If it was really risky or wrong to anticipate the Mahdi, would our Prophet (saas) herald the glad tidings of his coming? God has planned out the entire End Times in accordance with the Mahdi movement, and we can see this through the successively occurring incidents. Our Prophet (saas) mentioned Hazrat Mahdi (as) in hundreds of hadiths. The Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh), an Ulu'l Azm [who possess a great responsibility] prophet will decent from heaven to assist the Mahdi (as). The Mahdi movement is the most vital subject of the end times. We see that those who do not anticipate the coming of Mahdi are in a state of apathy and indifference whereas those who anticipate his coming are full of vigor, enthusiasm and diligence. Not anticipating and rejecting the coming of the Mahdi is actually what leads to lethargy.

A person who anticipates the coming of the Mahdi puts in a tremendous effort to be able to assist him and become one of his students. Such a person is always full of enthusiasm. Our Prophet gives believers the glad tidings of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi, saying, "He is a person from the Tribe Quraysh and among my Ahl al-Bayt." (Al-Kitab Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 13) The great Islamic scholars such as Abdul-Qadir Gilani and Imam al-Rabbani had anticipated and heralded the coming of Mahdi with tremendous anticipation. Who can claim that these great individuals were in a state of lethargy? Who can claim that these individuals encouraged Muslims to be lazy? On the contrary, all scholars who anticipated and heralded the coming of Mahdi did tremendous service to Muslims. The anticipation of the Mahdi's coming did pave the way for the development of believers. Both my friends and I are anticipating the Mahdi's coming and we want to become his students; this is why we wage an intellectual struggle with all our strength. And you can as well see the spectacular worldwide impact and success God has granted us as a result of this.

22- In the previous interview we had with you, you were focusing on the British Shiites, and that they are plotting against your nation. Why do you focus only on Shiites in Britain, while the most important Shiite State is Iran?

I think there has been a misunderstanding here. My criticism is not about the Shiites living in Britain. The Shiites are a people as pure as divine light. They are perfectly loyal to our Prophet (saas) and his family. My criticism is towards a philosophy, a mindset called "British Shiism." This mentality is an insidious ploy of the British deep state, with an aim to create a conflict between Shia and the Sunnis. As a matter of fact, Iran is also concerned about British Shiism. In many of his speeches, Khamenei warned the public about some of the Shiite TV channels in central London. Khamenei mentioned these channels as "a group of mercenaries adding fuel to the Sunni-Shiite conflict."

The concepts of British Shiism and British Sunnism are the ideologies developed by the British deep state to divide Muslims. The aim is to provoke dissent between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims and tear the Middle East apart through sectarian wars, causing bloodshed. These sectarian wars are one of the most insidious schemes the British deep state has ever devised to bring about the collapse of the Islamic world.

It is up to Muslims to thwart this plan. These hostile games, which have been devised under the concepts of British Shiism and British Sunnism and flies in the face of Islam, should not be allowed to come to fruition. It is up to the alliance of Shiites and Sunnis to frustrate these schemes. Especially if our Shiite brothers and Sunni brothers come together, Shia and Sunni countries form an alliance and new friendship agreements are signed, and Muslims cooperate in solving their problems, then the British deep state will definitely not succeed. It is important that these alliances are forged to be strong and in public.

23- Why is this focus on Britain; why not America or any other country?

First of all, I must say that the issue is not Britain or the British people. And it's not the British state, but it's the British deep state. The British deep state is not the British state itself, but a secret organization that was formed within the British state and has been maintaining its existence for centuries, causing turmoil, wars, and misery in the world. Both the British state and the British people are also victims of this dark organization, or indeed, any other state you might point out, including the USA. There would not be chaos, conflict, oppression or injustice anywhere if it were not for the incitements, pressure games and manipulations of the British deep state. When you look at the news, you will see the name of  “Country X”; but upon closer inspection, you will realize that there is actually the design of the British deep state behind it. The British deep state has been able to avoid public detection to date because it is usually quite good at disguising itself. However, after we have exposed the real meaning of the events and unmasked this organization with thousands of evidential documents, it has initiated an awakening in the world at large. Therefore, the schemes of this insidious organization, which harasses both the people of Britain itself and the people of other countries, should be exposed nonstop. Thus, it will be easier to eliminate the influence of the conniving underground organizations, put an end to the disagreements between the states and the people, and establish the reign of love.




http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272657/adnan-oktar-interviewed-by-hespresshttp://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/272657/adnan-oktar-interviewed-by-hespresshttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/hespress_adnan_oktar_interview_morocco_2.jpgTue, 03 Apr 2018 21:58:15 +0300
Mr. Tarkan Yavaş, the Chairman of the Board of Technics and Science Research Foundation, responds to the libelous story on Haaretz newspaper regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar and his friendsOUR RESPONSE TO THE




On March 29, 2018, a news story by Asaf Ronel titled “Orgies, Blackmail and anti-Semitism: Inside the Islamic Cult Whose Leader Is Embraced by Israeli Figures” was featured on the English and Hebrew website of Haaretz Newspaper, as well as in their weekend supplement.

The aforementioned news article regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar, the honorary president of our charitable foundation, and other members of our foundation, is entirely based on baseless allegations in an attempt at black propaganda.

The libelous story is based mainly on slanders of the person that was called 'Fulya' in the article, whose actual name is Ceylan Özgül. These completely absurd claims and lies related by Ceylan Özgül were reported without any prior investigation and with utter dismissal of our opinions on the issue, displaying an example of unethical, one-sided journalism.

Since the article constitutes a gross violation of the principles of honesty, impartiality and factuality, we wish to exercise our right to respond to these baseless claims. Following are our responses regarding the black propaganda lies that have been clearly prepared with the intention of defaming Mr. Adnan Oktar and his friends, as well as a political agenda to attack right-wing Israeli politicians and religious people:



In the news article published on Haaretz Newspaper, it was wrongly claimed that Ceylan Özgül was held against her will in Mr. Adnan Oktar's circle for years and it was again wrongly claimed that she had to escape. Moreover, the article offered completely wrong details about Ceylan Özgül. Ceylan Özgül's story about how she left our group is pure fiction:

First of all, our foundation community is entirely comprised of a group of friends who loves each other dearly. It is a place where intellectual activities are carried out on a volunteer basis. As of today, more than 7,000 people have joined and left our community freely till now.  Therefore, Ceylan Özgül's claims that she was kept in a house against her will and that she snuck out wearing nothing but her pajamas and slippers are completely fictitious; just like all our other friends, Ceylan Özgül, too, had willingly and voluntarily remained a part of our group for some 15 years, and later parted her relation with us completely of her own accord and with great ease.

FIRST: During the 40 years of Mr. Adnan Oktar's intellectual struggle, he has had many friends who met him and left afterwards. There are thousands of politicians, academics, businessmen, TV personalities, journalists and writers who have been brought up within the vicinity of Mr. Adnan Oktar and then attained significant positions both in Turkey and abroad. None of these persons were held captive against their will and they were not prevented from leaving. The gates of the TSRF community are always open to all to come or go as they wish.

As a matter of fact, Ceylan Özgül took part in live broadcasts in Turkey and in the world media such as the BBC, RT, Show TV, CNN Türk and Beyaz TV during her stay with Mr. Adnan Oktar and friends. If she had been subjected to any pressure as alleged, she would have made calls saying "save me" before the eyes of millions and could easily have asked for help from the authorities. On the contrary, all through these programs she attended, Ceylan Özgül praised Mr. Adnan Oktar and his intellectual efforts, books, articles, television broadcasts in detail, and supported him and his friends with all her strength.[1]

Even more, at the time when she claimed being abducted by her father, she sought refuge in the Gendarmerie and gave her testimony with her free will that "she was happy being together with Mr. Adnan Oktar and his friends and that she was kidnapped by her father at gunpoint". Then she gave detailed accounts regarding her willingness to stay among our friend circle to the Turkish media.

The news article published in Haaretz is ridden with contradictions. It is astounding that a journalist was easily deceived by such simple lies. The article claims that Ceylan Özgül has been a journalistic commentator on Turkey and the Middle East on television and in print media for over ten years; the article also suggests that Ceylan Özgül has been doing all this while being held captive at a house. What Asaf Ronel failed to see is that how a person who has been held captive in a house manages to keep working as a journalist for 10 years. How can such a person, who has every means available to communicate with the whole world, be held captive?

SECOND: Furthermore, this is not the first time Ceylan Özgül claimed to have been held captive. In 2007, Ceylan Özgül said on Turkish television channels how she had been kidnapped barefoot by her father and several armed accomplices with nothing but her ID, taken to an unknown location and held captive there. Regarding this incident, she reported her own father to the gendarme, and thus the incident became a legal matter.[2]

While Ceylan Özgül was talking about how her own father kidnapped her, she also stated that she had never faced any pressure from Mr. Adnan Oktar and his friends and added that if there had been such an issue, she would have filed a complaint to the gendarme and the prosecutor's office, thus expressing how she would exercise free will.[3]

Ceylan Özgül's allegations about her own father do not end with the claim that he had kidnapped her. Ceylan Özgül went even further and claimed in 2007 that she had suffered sexual abuse by her father for years, which she recounted on-air in great detail on major national television channels in Turkey.[4] This is not how someone in her right mind would behave.

THIRD: Many live broadcasts that featured Ceylan Özgül as a guest on TV stations also stand as the proof of the free and unrestricted life she led. Ceylan Özgül appeared before millions of Turkish viewers on these programs. Her cheerful, tranquil and healthy appearance immediately caught the attention of anyone watching her.[5] Unlike the allegations, Ceylan Özgül repeatedly expressed on those programs she participated how much she loved, trusted and respected Mr. Adnan Oktar and that it was 'the best place to be for a woman to be' on internationally watched VICE News.[6]

FOURTH: The footage obtained from the security cameras of the building complex dated February 14, 2017, the date Ceylan Özgül left our community, utterly refutes her lies that "she was held against her will and that she had to escape." The security camera footage showing Ceylan Özgül leaving her friend's house on February 14, 2017, proves Ceylan Özgül's narrative to be untrue.

As can be seen from the camera footages provided in the appendix[7], Ceylan Özgül did not leave the house wearing pajamas and slippers, but her casual outfit. On the footage, she does not appear to be making any escape attempts; on the contrary, she is acting extremely calm and relaxed. She did not hastily run through a door into her father's car, as she claims, but she casually left through the site's garage door in her friend's car. All these events that transpired were also witnessed by the neighbors, the two caretakers of the house and the site's security guard. This is also confirmed by the security camera footages obtained from all the houses located within the site.[8]

Three separate official expert reports have been obtained that verify the authenticity of the site security camera footages showing Ceylan Özgül peacefully leaving her friend Mine Kalca's house on February 14, 2017 without any indication of escape and driving away from the compound in her friend's car.[9]

The footage also confirms that Pınar Akkaş and Mine Kalca, Ceylan Özgül's two friends, gave her a ride to her desired destination, where they met with her father. Ceylan Özgül's father treated her friends quite politely, telling them that "he loved and respected them and that they could meet again anytime they wished." This meeting between Mine Kalca and Pınar Akkaş with Ceylan Özgül's father in Kısıklı, Üsküdar, was also captured by Mobese cameras (Municipality surveillance cameras) in three different locations.

In addition, her father's statement is very clear in that Ceylan Özgül left our community on February 14, 2017 to meet with him, after which she started staying with him. Furthermore, he explicitly states that no escape incident transpired. All of this information can also be confirmed with Ceylan Özgül's father.

In addition, later that evening, Ceylan Özgül sent text messages to Mine Kalca, and repeatedly expressed her regret for leaving and her wish to come back.[10]

FIFTH: After the  footage obtained from the site security cameras was presented to the public, exposing the fake escape story she had made up in a blatant mockery of the media, this time she fabricated a mise-en-scene "escape" video.[11] Although the date of the video clearly read '2023', many members of the press still mistakenly believed that it was Ceylan Özgül's escape video. Yet no one came out and asked the question of how Ceylan Özgül had come in to possession of security footage showing her escape from a house where she had allegedly been held captive, or pointed out that the date 2023 clearly gives away the fact that the footage was bogus.

On these videos, which were shot at one of her friends' workplace as a sham, a man is seen crawling behind Ceylan Özgül faking an escape, which is yet another attempt at mocking the members of the press.[12]

SIXTH: Ceylan Özgül had been a part of our group of friends for some 15 years. During her stay with us, she led an extremely free, comfortable and luxurious life. Ceylan Özgül's social media accounts are full of her photographs, showing her living the free, comfortable and luxurious life, also in crowded city centers and streets.



Contrary to what was claimed in the newscast, Mr. Adnan Oktar is one of the most prominent names in the Muslim world that puts up a strong intellectual struggle against anti-Jewish sentiment. His articles are currently published in top Israeli publications including The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, Israel Hayom, Israel National News (Arutz Sheva), The Jewish Press, The Jewish Journal, Makor Rishon, Maariv, Jerusalem Online, JSS News, Ynet and Channel 9, and these pieces clearly demonstrate Mr. Adnan Oktar’s views on Israel and Jewish people.[13]

God calls Jews ‘the People of the Book’ in the Holy Qur'an and advices an alliance with them. Mr. Adnan Oktar extensively explains the subject in his book entitled ‘A Call for Unity[14], which has an associated website[15] and a documentary movie[16] bearing the same title. Anti-Semitism is tantamount to racism and is therefore directly against the principles of the Qur'an. Mr. Adnan Oktar is famous for his widespread efforts in explaining how anti-Semitism is against Qura'nic moral values with his books, articles[17] and websites.[18]

He is also the most vocal Muslim author to say that Turkey should be allies with Israel: Indeed, his staunch defense of Israel’s right to exist and the Jewish people’s rights in the face of rising anti-Semitism around the world has put him right in the crosshairs of a good many radical groups. There are countless websites based on the works of Mr. Adnan Oktar with the aim of contributing to Muslim-Jew friendship by helping people understand Judaism correctly.[19]

Therefore, contrary to the claims made, Mr. Adnan Oktar is a friend of Israel and the Jews. For this very reason, over the years, many religious figures, academicians and politicians from Israel have come to Turkey as Mr. Adnan Oktar’s guests.[20] The representatives of Mr. Oktar have paid many visits to the Knesset, Israeli universities, and think-tanks as ambassadors of goodwill. Mr. Adnan Oktar acted as a mediator in the Mavi Marmara crisis and worked to mitigate the resulting tension between the two countries in the aftermath of the incident.[21]



In the aforementioned newscast, Mr. Adnan Oktar was wrongly accused of being a ‘Holocaust denier’. This allegation is also completely baseless. The truth is Mr. Adnan Oktar has numerous scientific works putting forth the atrocity practiced on the Jews. He wrote a book on the subject entitled Holocaust Violence[22] where he provided detailed historical accounts of the genocide the Jews were subjected to under the rule of Hitler and the Nazis. His website [to be found at http://www.holocaustviolence.com also in Farsi and Arabic][23], his documentaries entitled ‘The Shame of the 20th Century: The Holocaust Violence’[24] and The Jewish Holocaust, An Islamic Perspective[25] and numerous articles on the topic[26] clearly refute these allegations. Mr. Adnan Oktar is the most prominent Muslim author that tells the Muslim and Arab communities the truth about the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews.[27] This baseless allegation of Asaf Ronel, regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar clearly stems from the fact that an individual named Nuri Özbudak published a book that reflected his own ideas in 1995, but used Mr. Adnan Oktar’s name without his consent. Indeed, Mr. Adnan Oktar later filed a complaint about this book, called ‘The Holocaust Deceit’ that was published under his pen name without his knowledge and consent. Mr. Oktar officially revoked the powers of Nuri Özbudak from editing his books, translating them into foreign languages, making contract with foreign publishers, and using the pen name ‘Harun Yahya’ independently. The notary approved documents that show the revocation of Nuri Ozbudak’s powers can be presented to you if you wish so. Mr. Adnan Oktar has also explained numerous times on the international media that he had not written the book in question.[28]

Indeed, the German Der Spiegel published Mr. Adnan Oktar's statements explaining how the book entitled The Holocaust Deceit had not been written by him[29] and that the book he wrote, which is entitled The Holocaust Violence, provided extensive details about Hitler’s atrocities towards the Jews.[30]



Asaf Ronel, the author of the article in Haaretz, used the phrase ‘cult’ to describe Mr. Adnan Oktar and his group of friends. The Technical Scientific Research Foundation is not a cult, but a completely legal, civil society organization that is engaged in cultural, social and scientific efforts. Contrary to what Asaf Ronel claims, the Technical Scientific Research Foundation has no relationship whatsoever to any cults. Since there is no cult or a ‘tariqa’, Mr. Adnan Oktar is not a ‘sheikh’.



Mr. Adnan Oktar was slandered in this report by falsely claiming that he was convicted of the ‘exploitation of women’. This declaration is also completely inaccurate, because Mr. Adnan Oktar does not have any conviction for such a matter, just like he doesn't have conviction for any other crimes. This slander regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar was made by a former police chief, who was banned from police duty after he was sentenced to 16.5 years for being a member of a criminal organization and against whom the prosecutor now seeks 128 years of imprisonment on charges of torture. This person received numerous disciplinary actions during his service. No court, or prosecutor until now paid any attention to these fictional tales of the aforementioned former police chief.[31]



The report displayed a judgmental tone towards the ladies who appear as guests on Adnan Oktar’s show and their choice of clothing style. Mr. Adnan Oktar embraces and reaches out to a wide range of audiences and invites everyone to peace and brotherhood, regardless of them being a right or left, Shia or Sunni, conservative or modern, Christian or Jew. Music, dance and modern clothes are inseparable parts of life in civilized societies, including Turkey and Israel; everyone is free to choose what they wish to wear and it can never be considered a criterion of morality. Furthermore, there is nothing in the Qur'an that bans chatting with ladies wearing revealing clothes or indeed, dancing with them. Some people with bigoted mindset, (and based on certain fake hadiths) claim that dancing, music and modern clothes are banned in Islam. The simple truth is that there is no Qur'anic basis for their allegations.



The black propaganda techniques of Goebbels were put to use in the report of Haaretz that involved arbitrary publication of fabricated allegations to mislead the public regardless of their being logical or not. One of these is the false allegation of a "FETÖ connection". It was conjectured that the judges who had ruled in favor of Mr. Adnan Oktar and his friends were sentenced to prison due to their supposed connections with FETÖ, and with this presumption, Haaretz ventured at depicting Mr. Adnan Oktar to be supported by the FETÖ. However, the facts are in direct opposition to what Haaretz fancies. It was the police officers, public prosecutors and judges that were members of FETÖ who slanderously defamed Mr. Adnan Oktar - and us - in 1999 and 2006, carried out torture at security headquarters, conspired through false court cases and carried out unfair prosecutions for years, and attempted to open numerous investigations based on groundless accusations. The public prosecutors Fikret Seçen and Selçuk Sayıldı, judge Ali Alçık, polis chiefs Mutlu Ekizoğlu, Yakub Saygılı, Nazmi Ardıç, Adil Serdar Saçan, Ahmet Davulcu and Mustafa Kılıçaslan are only some of these persons. These mentioned people were either put under arrest consequent to FETÖ court hearings, fled outside the country or were discharged from their offices.

In order to understand that Mr. Adnan Oktar has no relations whatsoever with the FETÖ, examining his broadcasts and statements made on the night of the 15th July coup attempt is adequate. Right from the moment the coup attempt began, Mr. Oktar remained on his live broadcast for more than 12 hours until the moment the attempted putsch failed, and throughout his live program he made calls to the Turkish people to resist the coup plotters and to take sides and give support to democratically elected President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.



The smear of Haaretz is not limited to the aforementioned: the newspaper also cast aspersions on the TSRF community telling lies through groundless accusations that it was supposedly a cult, blackmailing people, brainwashing the members of the foundation and exploiting them, both sexually and economically. Those who would like to learn the facts of such ill-founded scenarios of the past may refer to the references below to see the documents revealing this disparagement.[32] [33]



In conclusion, the reports of the Haaretz newspaper are baseless and without foundation. All the allegations and words written in the news story are lies, part of a black propaganda campaign. Mr. Adnan Oktar, a true friend of Israel and the Jewish people, was viciously smeared through denigration and unsubstantiated lies of certain anti-Semites who are, in fact, opposed to the Israeli nation.

We respectfully submit this to the attention of the public.






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