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Hilal TV-January 24, 2009

Adnan Oktar: But Muslims are rather reluctant to talk about union and unity. When I speak, they ask, ‘BUT WHAT WILL THEY SAY?’  But, my brother, if you are as afraid as that, it means you will put up with all kinds of attack on your character, your honor, your virtue, your faith and your beliefs... If you are as afraid as that, if you are so cowardly, why are you living at all? If you have come into such a position? It is like sitting and watching as someone kills one’s mother and father. The worst thing they can do is to kill you, in which case you will be a martyr. What more do you want? Do you have to live at all costs? “BUT WHAT IF THEY ATTACK US?” Let them, my brother, it is better to be a martyr than suffer such misery...  HAVE COURAGE, FEAR IS A CORRUPTION OF THE END TIMES AND IS A SCOURGE AFFLICTING MANY MUSLIMS. "But what if I am imprisoned, or beaten, or cursed, or killed?’ Then you will be rewarded accordingly, my brother.  Is not your aim to earn Allah’s approval? But what are you doing? You are defending yourself. Moreover,  you are not doing anything wrong.

Türkiye Newspaper-February 4, 2009

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan: "What are these files? These are the EU, Cyprus and Middle East files, the Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Armenia files, the Africa, Caucasus and Balkans files.  THEY TALK ABOUT “PROBLEM AREAS” BUT WE HAVE GREAT DETERMINATION. WE HAVE A DEBT TO ALLAH, NOT TO HIS SERVANTS."

2009-02-07 16:46:02

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