We need your leadership

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Crimean Golos Newspaper-November 2, 2008

Adnan Oktar: This is a burden for Turkey, a service, in other words. But at the end of the day, IT WILL BE A GREAT BLESSING FOR EUROPE WHEN TURKEY BECOMES THE LEADER OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD, WHEN IT PLAYS THE ROLE OF OLDER BROTHER FOR THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD.  Europe will be much better off economically. It will enjoy great support in terms of minerals, petrol and labor force. And Europe needs this badly. It needs human resources, and it needs minerals and oil. The Turkish-Islamic Union can easily provide these, and will do so, in a very powerful way. But this also means a huge market. It will also be a great blessing for Turks; it will enrich them, and will enrich the Turkish-Islamic world and will enrich Europe. Terror, violence and conflict will disappear. For example, America is spending billions in Iraq. It is spending billions in Afghanistan. And its energetic young people are being wasted there. Hundreds of thousands of people are being wasted. Then America will be in a position to employ the labor power of these people, it will include these people in economy. And it will be able to spend the money spent there on its own regeneration. The global economy is in crisis. When the American economy was damaged, the other economies in the world were damaged, too. The reason for this is that so much money is invested in the fight against terror, on arms, on sending so many troops all over the place, and these are really energetic people. The result will be events of this kind. Such things will happen when selfishness and egoism spreads. But these things are all events that our Prophet (saas) has spoken of in the hadith. In the End Times, he even says, you will go to the market and people will complain they have sold nothing and earned no money all day. He says that such a time will come, and that is the time we are in now. 

Türkiye Newspaper-February 1, 2009

We Need Your Leadership
Supporting Erdogan's stand at Davos, U.N. Secretary-General Moon said, “WE NEED YOUR LEADERSHIP IN THE MIDDLE EAST.” "
"But what I wish to state with greater importance is this; You know the Middle East is going through a very difficult and troubled time. THE REGION NEEDS YOUR LEADERSHIP, YOUR MISSION OF MEDIATION AND FOR YOU TO USE YOUR INITIATIVE,” he said. 

2009-02-07 17:01:04

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