Applause for interest rates being lowered

What He Said?What Happened?

IANS (Indo-Asian News Service)-November 14, 2008
Adnan Oktar: INTEREST RATES MUST BE DONE AWAY WITH, taxes must be lowered, taxes are very high, taxes must be lowered by half, the markets need a high money supply and people must be freed from this air of panic. In other words, they must spend the money they keep hidden away, and that must be encouraged. In that event, the markets will automatically be restored to life.  PRODUCTION WILL BE EASIER BECAUSE INTEREST RATES HAVE FALLEN. Manufacturers will be able to manufacture easier because taxes have been reduced. Consumption must be encouraged. People must be told clearly why it is wrong to keep money, sufficient money must be supplied for the markets, and if people are explained why this panic is unnecessary, this collapse will be overcome.

Bugün-January 17, 2009

Applause for Interest Rate REDUCTION

Sabah-January 17, 2009

Aydin: Interest rate reduction will be beneficial

Halkbank General Director Aydın described the Central Bank 200 base point INTEREST RATE REDUCTION as a surprise and said, ‘I was expecting a reduction of 100 base points. REDUCTION WILL BE POSITIVELY REFLECTED IN PRODUCTION AND CONSUMER CONFIDENCE WILL GROW. I APPLAUD THE DECISION.’  

2009-02-07 17:16:35

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