Iran: Nuclear bombs are illicit

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Iran Seher TV, October 2008
Adnan Oktar: Iran is a staid, historical country with a long-established past. That is to say it has history and a state experience of thousands of years and most important of all, it is a religious state full fear of Allah. And it is made up of lucid people. So why should it launch atomic bombs here and there? Can this even be possible? Russia has nuclear weapons and it has enough to destroy the world ten times over, so should we be hopping mad about that?  Nothing will happen. But in any case Iran has no intention of building an atomic bomb. I mean, why should Iran build something it would never use? Which country can make use of an atomic bomb at the moment? I mean, let’s assume Turkey had 100 atomic bombs and Iran had 1000, where could they use them? When an atomic bomb is dropped on a place, it is not possible to use the area after that anyway. FIRST OFF IT WOULD BE COMMITTING A SIN, there are Muslims living in that area, people who believe in Allah, there are the People of the Book.  The atomic bomb cannot be dropped anywhere, I mean it is illicit and religiously forbidden, that is to say no such thing can ever be done. Consequently this is something that cannot happen in practical terms. And Iran openly states as much, they say “we have no intention of building a nuclear bomb”. But from what I can tell, America has a bee in its bonnet, I mean they are very uneasy. However the fact that such a thing is impossible in terms of our religious belief, should be explained to them thoroughly.  Because, for instance Pakistan has the bomb, they do have an atomic bomb. But Pakistan would not launch that bomb against anyone. No matter what you do, they would not use it. India has bomb, Israel has atomic bombs, but Israel would not launch it against anyone either. That is to say, this really is an unnecessary anxiety. Turkey can of course act as guarantor on this issue. Turkey could convince America on behalf of Iran, could promise on their behalf, saying;  “These people will definitely not construct a nuclear bomb, we are in the scene, we do receive information and we have our intelligence and we do know just what is going on. Trust us, and accept us, our word, as a guarantee and set your hearts at ease on this subject.”  

Hurriyet Newspaper, October 23rd-2009

Salihi said; “I am declaring this to the beloved Turkish nation that I do love dearly with all my sincerity. We are not producing nuclear bombs because that is illicit and is not to our benefit.”
 Hurriyet Newspaper, October 23rd-2009

It is profoundly illogical for Iran to produce a nuclear bomb.  I am saying this very openly, without any hesitations: If Iran were to believe that producing a nuclear bomb would be to its benefit, it would produce it and would never keep it a secret.Iran would not be ashamed of that. But we have decided that it does not comply with the defence doctrine of our country.  Let us suppose that we do have a nuclear bomb,  please tell us where are we to use it? Are we going to go and shoot Israel with it? Israel means the USA.Who would be able to cope with the nuclear power of the USA? We are utterly reasonable people.

2009-10-25 02:58:06

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