Visa between Turkey and united Arap Emirates is being lifted

What He Said?What Happened?

Kuşadası TV, July 14-2008

Narrator: What can you tell us about the Turkish Islamic Union? I mean many people think this idea to be an utopia. Do you really believe this will happen?

Adnan Oktar:  What if the cities of Konya, Izmir, Adana were separated from us and we said “We are brothers, we will unite” and someone came up and said “this is utopic, it can’t happen as these cities are separated from each other”? Does this have any logic? No it doesn’t. In the same way, there is no logic in being separated from other Turkish countries. We have the same religion, we talk the same language and we are from the same race. We are all alike. Our culture, tradition and customs are common, so there is no reason for any kind of separation. Therefore, as a starting point we should cancel the obligation of passport and visa among Turkish and Muslim countries. People should be able to come and go as they please. Trade and commerce should be free as it can be. This is so in the E.U, so why should not be so in the Turkish Islamic Union? In the E.U people can go and reside in any country they want, without the need for a passport and visa. So why can’t we do that as brothers and sisters? There is no reason not to. It can happen. THE COUNTRIES OF THE TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION ARE THE COUNTRIES WITH THE BEST SCENERY, THE BEST GEOGRAPHY AND ALSO THE RICHEST MINERAL RESOURCES. THE RICHEST PETROLEUM RESERVES ARE ALSO IN THESE COUNTRIES. SO WE HAVE FLOUR, OIL AND SUGAR. WE ONLY NEED TO MAKE THE HALVA. This is the common will of the Turkish people.

Haber Kahramanmaraş, January 29-2010

Bülent Arınç gave the good news in Dubai and said that visas with United Arab Emirates will be lifted. Arınç stated the following:

“Sheikh Nahayan stated his love for Turkey. We requested to lift visas with this country. I mentioned that. And he said, ‘I will personally work on this. We all want to lift visas with Turkey. As the Gulf countries there may be some trouble. But as UAE, we are in favour of and eager for this.’ He gave these good news.”, January 29-2010

2010-04-01 19:18:09

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