A9 TV; 11 November 2012


(It is stated that  Israeli jet fighters and choppers bombed the cities of Palestine on the border. Israel said that it is Hamas who is solely responsible of all the attacks made from Gaza. Hamas, on the other hand, said that they can not remain silent in the face of the murder of civilians.)

This is such an unnecessary blind fight. First and foremost, Palestinians are the sons of Ishmael. The others, the sons of Jacob, are also the sons of Ishmael. They are both of the same lineage of the prophet. Both parties believe in a single Allah. What happened to you? That is a vast land and there is a handful of Jews there. Only 3 or 4 million. Only a handful, very few. Stop that fight, open the borders, embrace one another. May Allah show us Prophet Jesus (as) as soon as possible. Set aside these fights, open the borders, embrace one another, so that everyone will feel at ease. There is nothing wrong. May Allah make Hazrat Mahdi (as) appear, insha’Allah. May Allah show us Prophet Jesus (as) as soon as possible.

A9 TV; 22 September 2011

I am always saying that “Muslims must be brothers.” “The Palestinians must be free,” I say. “The prisons will be emptied out,” I say. “The bloodshed will cease, not a drop will be spilled,” I say. “The sleeper will not be wakened,” I say. But what does all that mean? If there is no bloodshed in Palestine, if they are completely free, if they can use the whole region as they wish, if the sleeper is not wakened, if the prisons are emptied out, apart from people who have killed… I say, “The prisons will be emptied out. Is that not answer enough? What else do I have to say? Should I say, “Israel be damned?” To say “Israel be damned” is disbelief. Israel is the name of a prophet. That is a wrong thing to say. Why should I want Israel to be devastated? I want it to be well off. And Palestine, too. I want everyone to live in peace. What do they want me to do? I guess they want me to say that Israel should be bombed into oblivion, wiped from the face of history, that its children and everyone should be slaughtered. Is that what you want me to say? What kind of thinking is that? Where does it all end? Why do I bother talking at all? “The Palestinians must be brothers, and we will embrace them all,” I say. Young Israelis and Palestinians will embrace one another. I say there will be peace. What do we need to do? Seek revenge? In that case we would have to slaughter all of Israel. Do you want us to draw our swords? Forgive me, but that would be utterly foolish talk. Mindless talk. Islam is all about peace. Its name means peace. It is a characteristic of paradise. Of course, we must call people to peace. What do we need to do? Should we demand conflict? They want bloodshed day and night. I am trying to stop bloodshed. But they want more of it. It is terrible persecution, immorality and lack of good conscience to bomb and slaughter innocent men, women and children in Israel. What else could it be? The same goes for Palestine. It is equally immoral. What I am saying, is that it must all stop. Have I ever said, “One side must stop while the other carries on regardless?” In other words, have I ever said: “People in Palestine are evil while those in Israel are good”, “Let Israel go and butcher people in Palestine as it pleases”? All the persecution here must stop. All of it.” That is sufficient answer. I have always said, “Let there be peace and brotherhood; they must embrace one another.” I say, “There is plenty of land, so let them use it as they like.” Let them live freely, as brothers. I have always said, “One people are the sons of Ishmael and the others the sons of Israel. They are the children of the prophets Ishmael (pbuh) and Israel (pbuh).” That is word for word what I said. It is on the tapes. But these psychopaths are crazy for blood. They insist on bloodshed. They are also base and cowardly people, who will flee at once if fighting starts. They throw their weight around, but things are not as you might imagine. They threw their weight around in Iraq. Then they provided girls and women for the American troops. They sell drugs. They sell Marlboro. They engage in wrongdoing of all kinds. The Iraqi Army disappeared overnight. In one night, when the U.S. invasion began. They used to throw their weight around, but then tried to find burrows to hide in. The newspapers described how “the huge Iraqi Army vanished overnight.” But that it one of the omens of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). And this has also come about. They also threw their weight around in Afghanistan. Now they are selling drugs to U.S. troops. That is how they make a living. Do not imagine that those who throw their weight around will stand up if anything happens. They will immediately go and hide. The way of the Mahdi means love, peace and brotherhood. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is coming to stop the bloodshed. We are followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

A9 TV; 26 September 2011

It is true that Israel has killed Palestinians. No question about it. Palestine has also fired rockets at them and killed people there. Suicide bombers have killed women and children there. Both these are true. I am striving to put an end to both. To eliminate bloodshed and build peace and love. Because one side are the children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) and the others the children of the Prophet Israel (pbuh). We are striving to get them to embrace one another, to live happily in a festive environment in that vast region. It is Shiloh who will do that, the King Messiah or Muhammed Mahdi (pbuh), in other words. Nobody else can do it. We are Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) pioneers. I am a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), a follower of the King Messiah. That is why I am doing all this, for Allah’s approval.

The truth is that genuine, pure, devout Jews are in Israel. My apologies to the Jews in Turkey, but some of them do not seem all that devout to me. They are not at all religious. The chief rabbi said as much himself. The chief rabbi in Turkey said: “Some of them have nothing to do with religion. A really large number of them.” I have dealings with devout Jews. My true contacts are with them. What can I talk about with someone who is not devout? Because if I talk about the King Messiah, they will wonder who I am talking about. If I talk about the Qur’an or the Torah, they will again wonder what I am talking about. We will have nothing in common. We can have human contact, of course and chat and talk like friends. And I can strive for their well-being and preach. But it is devout Jews I have real contacts with. I love the chief rabbi, for instance. I love the devout rabbis there. I have a wide, devout circle of people in Israel. And a wide circle of Muslim brothers, and one of Christians. I love them all.

Allah governs the world. There are irreligious Jews and freemasons, godless ones. There are irreligious, atheist freemasons. They are the committee of the dajjal [antichrist]. There are also irreligious Christians among them, and irreligious Muslims. They are the committee of the dajjal. The ones opposed to the Messiah, the antichrists. The way of the Mahdi is currently striving against them. True and devout Jews, Christians and Muslims have formed an alliance and are striving against this godless, Bookless, horde of the dajjal with love, knowledge, science and reason. Atheist, godless Jews are making life horribly difficult for devout Jews in Israel. We are aware of this.

The views of the Turkish people are important. All of the Turkish people are warm, loving, compassionate, affectionate and good-natured. Members of the [ruling] AKP are also highly sincere and loving. The people in the government are good-natured. Mr. Tayyip [Erdoğan] sometimes uses harsh language. But his heart is gentle. He is a compassionate and affectionate person. He loves children, the elderly and people in general. He loathes bloodshed. You did not notice today’s statement. Through that statement he emphasized what I have been saying about the way of the Mahdi.

A9 TV;  September 18th 2011

Both the sons of Prophet Ishmael (as) and the sons of Prophet Israel (as) are my brothers. I surely have love for all of them. I would surely not want any fights and tension to happen between them. We make efforts for this end.

A9 TV; September 14th, 2011

We want both the Palestinians and the Israelis to live fraternally, friendly, amicably in the region in wealth and abundance. Not only them, we want the Christians and other people, all of them, all these people who are the servants of Allan to live nicely. And Islam will progress in such an environment. They can observe the beauty of Islam, the height of  Islamic morality in such an environment. In the war environment, in the anarchy environment, in the tension environment, the human brain  practically stops. It is very difficult and the Qur'an does not accept that. Islam would not accept bloodshed.  Being anti-blood is a characteristic of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), he is the Mahdi adh-Dam; the Mahdi who stops bloodshed. Since we are living in the time of the Mahdi, neither a sleeper would ever be woken up, nor person's nose would ever made to bleed. These are the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (saas). Not even a drop of blood would be shed. We, as the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), are after this, insha'Allah. There will be an accord on the least common denominator. Disputes will be solved by talking. Instead of solving disputes by fighting, solving disputes through agreement, through talking is the most wise, most accurate solution. In some places they are creating a tempest in a teapot; this is done in many places of the Islamic world. In our relations with Israel, in our relations with Armenia, in our relations with other countries, we will strive to follow the wisest, the most peaceful, the truest path insha'Allah. 

We feel compassion towards the Jews, we want them to be well. We want them to live in the region in abundance, in beauty and in peace. They should be able to perform their religious observances in comfort. They should be able to wander around in comfort. Let them do business comfortably. Let them live there nicely in comfort. The same for our Palestinian brothers as well; let the Palestinian children wander around as they like, let their youngsters perform their religious observances as they like, let them have fun, the whole region is theirs, insha'Allah. We will ensure this beauty, insha'Allah. The prisons will be emptied. Except for those who commit murders or those who give grievous bodily harm, etc., there will be no one left in the prisons, this is the hadith of our Prophet (saas). Everyone will enjoy democracy, freedom, beauty in peace and in safety, in the true sense of the word. The magnificent spirit of Islam, the beautiful spirit of Islam, that pleasant spirit will pervade all around like the beautiful scent of roses, insha'Allah. We are expecting both the Chief Rabbi and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Israel, insha'Allah as our guests. We will, insha'Allah, be in a calming, peacemaking, loving effort that aims beauty, friendship and companionship, insha'Allah.

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