Divers of deepest seas: Beaked whales

Scientists have discovered that beaked whales, a species of cetaceans which we know little about and are the current subjects of a variety of researches, are making deeper and more prolonged dives than any other air breathing species. The fact which draws the most attention of scientists is the beaked whales never suffer from decompression during their deep dives in their search for food. The created features of these whales which renders them immune to decompression sickness has become an important subject of research in the scientific world.
The Biggest hazard during deep dives: Decompression sickness

The most significant danger facing divers of the sea is getting decompression sickness because the human bodies' respiratory and circulatory systems are created in accordance with a life on the land, as was ordained for us by Almighty Allah. According to the measure determined by our Lord, the ideal air pressure for human life is called "One Atmosphere" at sea level; this is calculated at approximately 1.03 kg/cm². However, in the seas and oceans when going deeper this pressure increases one atmosphere for every ten meters. For example, water pressure at a depth of 30 meters is three atmospheres; therefore the pressure of water on every square centimeter of the divers body is three times more than at the surface.

When a human dives to 30 meters deep without using any accessories:


* Lung capacity decreases to one quarter.

* Blood pressure rises.

* The heart rate increases while body temperature falls.

* Consciousness is negatively affected.


Because of this reason, diving to a depth of 30 meters without using auxiliary equipment is dangerous. Beaked whales nonetheless make repeated dives to depths of 30-80 meters. Normally they should suffer from decompression during these dives because they are using their lungs for breathing. However there is no risk for these creatures and they can dive up to a depth of 1900 meters for as long as 85 minute periods. 1900 meter is the deepest and longest dive ever observed amongst air breathing mammals.

Beaked Whales have the knowledge of divers.

Beaked whales swim very slowly towards the sea surface for breathing after their record dives and don't make any sudden or rapid upward movements. So what is the reason behind these creatures slow ascent towards the surface? There is only one reason for the whales to behave like this; protection from decompression, as the primary cause for decompression sickness is too rapid an ascent after deep diving.

Why is ascending slowly from a deep dive is a must ?

Nitrogen gas (Nitrogen - N2) which exits in the atmosphere in the highest proportion (78 %) liquifies under pressure and depending on time, mixes with the bloodstream when inhaled. This gas is not usable like oxygen. Time is needed after a dive for the elimination of this gas through re-breathing. In deep levels, gases such as oxygen and nitrogen in the air inhaled from the scuba tanks disperses to tissues in small volumes because of high external pressure. These gases rapidly expand because of pressure reduction if the diver ascends rapidly. Because of this reason divers ascend towards the surface slowly (10 m / min. speed- the last part of ascent at 10 to 6 m / min.)

Features of Beaked Whales which prevents decompression.

The lungs of the beaked whales are created suitably for the pressures in the depths of sea. Gases like oxygen and nitrogen in the air, which the whale inhales before the start of the dive, disperse to the tissues in small volumes during deep dives but when the whale ascends, these gases expand in the blood vessels rapidly. At this time, the lungs of the whale shrink and prevent the gases, especially nitrogen gas, from mix into the bloodstream and thus eliminate the risk of decompression. This feature of their lungs is, without a doubt a proof of Almighty Allah's creation. Therefore, Almighty Allah's power of creation and art of creation is revealed in one of the verses of Quran.


"He is Allah — the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise." (Surat al-Hashr, 24)

How does the human body react when ascending too rapidly?

* Nitrogen, which resides in the blood of the diver in liquid form, turns into a gaseous form because of the rapid pressure change. This is like the foaming of soda when a shaken bottle of soda is suddenly opened.

* Nitrogen molecules turned into gas come together and cause blockages in the joints, blood vessels and vital organs like the heart and brain.

* Blockages appearing in the body can result in pain, atherosclerosis, lung rupture and stroke which can cause death according to the severity of the illness.


Because of all these reasons, divers get a very broad education about basic diving rules and precautions against the dangers of decompression. Beaked whales did not get any training about what to do against decompression, but they literally "know" they can suffer from decompression f they make a fast exit from the water. Without a doubt it is impossible that a creature which has no reason and consciousness can take preventive measures against decompression sickness by itself. The One Who inspires this creature to take precautions is our Lord, Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah reveals in Surat al Jatiyah that miraculous features of the living beings should be reflected upon like this :

"In your own creation and all the creatures He has spread about, there are signs for people of sure faith" (Surat al-Jatiyah, 4)

Beaked Whales undermine Darwin's claims.

The extraordinary dives of the beaked whales, their knowledge of how to prevent decompression sickness like a trained diver and the special system of its lungs cannot be explained with the words of Darwin: (“I do not see any difficulty in a bear type gaining suitable features to live more in water by the way of natural selection and having bigger mouths by the time and lastly transforming into a giant whale”) (Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey, Vintage Books, 1958, p.186)

No diver can imprint his experiences about diving to his genes and thereby provide his child this knowledge at the moment of birth. He needs to teach the child this information. However, the offspring of beaked whales have all the necessary information related to diving at the moment of their birth because these creatures did not learn this knowledge as a result of the so-called “evolutionary process”. It is true that mutations (which have invariably harmful results) cannot transform a bear into a whale, much less an expert diver. It is simply impossible that beaked whales descended from another creature as Darwin claims, because beaked whales were created by Almighty Allah with these features already present and have continued their existence unchanged from the time they first appeared with the inspiration of Almighty Allah.

"He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth, and when He decrees something, He says only, Be! and it is." (Surat al-Baqara, 117)

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