Fiberglass technique in alligator skin

The fiberglass building technique was just created technologically in the 20th Century. However, this substance has existed in some living beings since the first day they were created. For example, alligator skin has the same structure as fiberglass.

Scientists did not know why alligator skin, which cannot be pierced with an arrow, knife or even sometimes bullets, was so strong until very recently. However, the studies done on this subject have yielded some very interesting results:

There is a special tissue in the alligator’s skin. The substance that gives strength to this tissue is the collagen protein fibers used inside. The specialty of these fibers is that they enter inside the tissues and strengthen its structure. There is no doubt that this substance (collagen) did not acquire so much detail and characteristics through respective coincidences over long years as is claimed by evolutionists. On the contrary, when it first came into existence on Earth, it was created together with its perfect features by Allah.

2011-10-07 00:32:05

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