Believers lead peaceful lives out of reach of stress and its harmful consequences

People who do not trust in and submit to Allah live their lives in a constant state of regret, panic and distress. They therefore suffer diseases that are psychological in origin, wear out very fast physically, and age much faster than normal. The effects of their impaired states of mind manifest themselves all over their bodies.

Too much stress kills brain cells

One person in 4 is mentally ill

But believers who take Allah as their friend, who love Him and fear Him are always mentally and physically healthy and robust as they are never troubled or saddened by any event. The positive effects of placing their trust in Allah, regarding everything that happens as being for the best and harboring the hope of attaining paradise are physically reflected on them. This does not, of course, mean that believers will never fall ill; believers too can suffer from illnesses and grow old, but this would not be a psychologically-based collapse.


Stress is a cause of disease

The psychological impact and troubles that stem from failure to place one’s trust in Allah, to trust in Allah and His destiny, manifest themselves in the psychological tension nowadays known as “stress.” Stress is a condition caused by emotions such as fear, distrust, despair, overexcitement, doubt and pressure that impairs the body’s equilibrium. When people become stressed their bodies react to it and sound the alarm. Various biochemical reactions start taking place. These include an increase in the level of adrenalin in the blood, energy consumption and bodily reactions reaching the maximum level, sugar, cholesterol and fatty acids being released into the blood stream, raised blood pressure and an elevated pulse rate. Problems such as certain mental illnesses, drug addiction, insomnia, skin, digestive or blood pressure disorders, colds, migraine, various bone disorders, kidney insufficiency, respiratory difficulties, allergies, heart attacks or brain swelling can all arise in connection with stress.  Of course it is not possible to state that stress is the only cause of such illnesses, but it is a scientifically proven fact that they usually are psychological in origin.

This difficult and troubled kind of life is a natural consequence of failure to submit to Allah and to abide by the moral virtues He commands. A pleasant and peaceful life is only possible with faith and moral virtues.

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